Crisis in Minnesota and California by Leslie

March 10, 2021


Crisis in Minnesota and California

The pandemic has brought several changes in our lives. A year has passed and the pandemic continues. In many schools, there were many changes in education. For reasons of Covid, they had to suspend schools and start our routines through computers. But currently, since it started on March 11, 2020, exact date, to date there have been many cases of Covid.

The person I spoke with about this pandemic problem was Jonathan from Minnesota. His age is 17 and he studies High School. I decided to interview Jonathan because I liked the way he expresses himself because he is a person who thinks the same as I do.”When I first heard about the COVID-19 virus. I was surprised because I thought this virus was going to be something simple like a flu or something like that.”

When I asked Johathan about life before the pandemic, he said, ¨I used to go out to the parks, attending school a normal routine has changed a lot. Since there are so many people in the parks.  That way  we must comply with the rules if we want to go out in a public place, otherwise we can have serious problems with the government or with the people. Things have changed over the months. “Before you received responses when you sheezet , and now you receive bad treatment from people for thinking that it  you can have virus¨ 

Now due to COVID, he stopped doing things that he used to do. He feels a little bad about that but at the same time, he begins to think about before and after, about things as they were. He realizes that he should have enjoyed the moments he spent with his family because he never thought this would happen. For Jonathan since the pandemic began, everything has been very different and sad because he cannot see his family, he cannot go out, he is simply alone with his dog at home and he does not like it since. When I asked Jonathan about his routine, he answered, “In part, the government says that for people it is already normal to have to do these things since it has become a daily routine.“ 

If we compare where he and I live. things are similar since here it is clearly necessary to have a mask, to be 6 feet away, but the best thing is that we will go back to school.

Another part of which he commented was that in his city where he lives they look at people in a bad situation on the street, But the government does nothing. Jonathan said  Right now it is an unpleasant temperature where I live and f cannot believe that the government does not do anything Nothing.”

After interviewing my friend.I learned that the pandemic can be difficult for other people. One thing that I really liked was that “I commented that despite everything the world is going through, it is still standing bad it is a bit discouraging to see how every day, every hour, people die, from adults to children. Just as we should not take the pandemic to play as some people do who think that this is only so that the government has us at home o that there is no overpopulation this is not so.  It is real, every day hundreds of people die because of this virus and people take it as if nothing. Despite what is happening people, do their meetings, go out, then others would like to be able to have your relatives again, to be able to go free without fear.  Let’s take a little conscience on this”

When I thought about my life as it was before a year ago, I never thought that a virus could have people in these situations. I never thought that life could change from one moment to another.  I was waiting for the news because I thought I was going to be in quarantine for few months. The government said it would end soon, but we have already been like this for a year, from knowing how to learn to value.“  

“My life afterward has been a bit hard, but not quite, since this pandemic left a lesson. and he thanks him that now he has been able to appreciate the smallest things, appreciate family and friends, But thanks to the doctors found a cure that can save hundreds of lives in the world making it clear that they are currently risking their lives for us, risking their families, we should be grateful for that, become aware of who is risking their lives so that we when we can help, doing what is required so it would finish faster.  Despite that, he does not lose hope that conditions will improve.“