Author: Litzy

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Covid Vaccines

In the article, “Should Covid Vaccines Be Mandatory” I learned that about 2 million people have died from Covid-19 worldwide as of mid-January. Which is more than 380,000 people in the United States. The U.S finally approved two covid vaccines in December and have begun to give them to vulnerable health care workers. These vaccines are still being tested and reviewed, and have the potential to end the pandemic. However the vaccines only have the potential to end the pandemic if enough people take them to stop covid-19. 

I think this topic is very controversial. This topic can go in two ways: you either believe the covid vaccines should be mandatory or you don’t. I believe that these covid-19 vaccines should not be mandatory until they have officially been reviewed and tested to become good and effective. These vaccines should only be taken by those who are willing to take the vaccine. As long as there are people taking the vaccine we would be able to achieve “herd immunity” without making the vaccine mandatory. There are also many people who cannot take this vaccine because of their medical conditions. Therefore, the covid-19 vaccine should not be mandatory.

Do you think the covid-19 vaccine should be mandatory?