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The pandemic is a very strong virus that began to be highlighted  in November  2019 but no one took any notice, because it was only in China. The rest of the world did not take it into account. They thought it was just like a flu, cough something like that because we did not believe in that but only three months later on 13 of March 2020, the Infections by that virus began to grow and spread throughout the world.

The pandemic  has affected us in the way that we cannot go out very often for  food or orders, just like my family because in an interview with Marlon Brandon, my brother, from Michoacan Mexico, we talked about how we have changed  while you were  studying. The university if you are a student  and you work to support his wife and daughter  just like my family told me, that it is very difficult to work because the pandemic does not let him work well just like dad and my brother strive every day to.

I made comparisons between the virus  in Mexico and the virus  in the United States. In Mexico, the precautions are not taken so rules  by people until something happens to a relative. In the  United States it is different. Are respected a little more and people understand more. Brother said it is a bad experience for him and his wife since they have one year old daughter because my brother already had the covid 19 against his wife because they say it is a bad experience.

After the interview I learned that in this year we learned that we have to take care of ourselves seriously. It is not a game and we already know that we have family, friends who can be taken away from us. Hopefully this will end soon with the vaccine or without it so that everything returns to normal. We  have to take care of ourselves. 

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March 17, 2021 4:09 pm

Dear Orlando
I can relate to your post, ” Covid in Michoacan, Mexico ” because we are all going through this situation that is very difficult for everyone and that affects us every day.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “the virus in Mexico and the virus in the United States. In Mexico, the precautions are not taken so rules.” I think this is worrying because people ignore the rules about covid and we can see that Mexico is one of the countries that are affected by that since many people do not believe and simply do not take care of themselves we hope this is over soon and we can have a better life.

Thanks for you writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next,because i am quite interested in your blog and I would like to know a little more about what the situation is like and what each country is facing. I would like to continue telling about your country.

Andrea A.

March 11, 2021 5:55 pm

Hi Orlando
I feel empathic with your post ”Covid in Michoacan, Mexico”. I specifically have empathy with the quote ”In Mexico, the precuations are not taken so rules by people untl it happens to a relative”. I can corroborate what you are saying because I have experienced quarentine in Mexico and in the US. And I would say the same, in the US, the population is aware of the covid, whereas in Mexico, when I was there, the percentage of the population that respects the confinement was too low compared to the population that did not respect the necessary rules to stop the contagion of Covid.

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