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We have seen the pandemic and it has been a year that has passed since it started. I believe the government made people more afraid of the virus. Many things change because of Covid-19 a example is that because of the virus the schools were closed and people started working less or remotely. This includes my cousin Andy. Before the virus existed .

I decided to interview Andy Landeros because I wanted to know how she has been since the pandemic began. Some things she had told me are that she has been more cautious and cared more for protecting herself from that virus and she has changed a lot since this pandemic began. She no longer goes out with her friends, parents, or grandparents. She has gotten frustrated a bit but she believes that the end of this pandemic will come soon and this will become a learning experience for everyone including the government on how to properly react to a pandemic. 

            Andy experiences  an example of the differences  between the pandemic and people from where she lives in Aguascalientes, Mexico, compared to over here. there has been a little less contamination by Covid because here in orange cove  there are not so many people who generate infections of that disease.

            I learned that we must take care of ourselves about this pandemic so that it will soon end and I also learned to interview people and make a couple of questionnaires towards others. When I think about my life a year ago I felt very happy during those times before Covid. What I can appreciate now is that I am going to go to school again and now it will be different.

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