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In the article “the covid economy” I learned how Covid has affected many jobs and the way that they handle and work things now. It has affected the economy and stock market and other to decrease. The jobs of many people went from working from their office to working permanently at home. It is best because it is for our safety but it brought many others to less jobs and a little more difficult due to being stressed or like frustration. Before covid only 20% of the economy worked from home, and now it is the whole other way, 70% of jobs are now working from home, either temporarily or permanently.

I think that this situation is just making things more difficult for others and that it has created a crisis now. Many struggle now with situations going on at home. For business people that travel for meeting they are not allowed anymore to travel, they rely to do those things by using zoom now. The only good things about that is that it is less spending but when it comes to meetings and making decisions it’s best to do those things in person because I feel like others get a better understanding that way. Wiesel mentioned if things continue like this there will be a huge decline in business travels and that really affects the economy.

What are the benefits of this at least? Is there hope things will go back to how they were?

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