Covid-19 Volunteers by Gerardo

May 7, 2021


Covid-19 Volunteers

In the article ” The Volunteers” by Jan Hoffman it talks about how some teens volunteered for the covid-19 trial vaccinations. 2 young adolescents named Alexandra and Isabelle King got out of their science class for a good cause (The Trial Vaccinations). And they believe since they helped try out the Vaccinations they didn’t have to take their science test Since they were already participating in something science related. Teenagers seem to be one of the main causes for the continuous spread of Covid-19 cases. Pfizer Vaccinations were given to adolescents 16 and up. And the Adults ages 18 and up were given the Johnson & Johnson vaccinations. But in order to be able to participate in these test trials parents had to give their consent for there teens to be lab rats. But When parents saw what consequences Thierry children were recurving they regretted their decision. The adults regretted Thierry session because the common side effects were Headaches, Chills, Low-Grade Fevers, and Muscle Aches. But most teenagers said they were glad to be useful and helping bring the pandemic to an end.

In my perspective the side effects of this Vaccinations are horrible but it was the only way to get closer to overthrowing the Pandemic. If I had the decision I wouldn’t Volunteer to be a test subject for the vaccine and I doubt my parents would give me Their consent to participate in this. Anyways give me your thoughts about the subject.

Would you be a Covid-19 Vaccine Participant?