Author: Bryan

Covid-19 Volunteers

Some teenagers volunteered for the covid-19 trial vaccines, according to Jan Hoffman’s article “The Volunteers.” Alexandra and Isabelle King, two young teenagers, skipped science class for a good cause (The Trial Vaccinations). They also say that when they assisted with the testing of the vaccines, they were hoping to be exempt from taking their science test because they were already involved in a scientific activity. Teenagers seem to be one of the key causes of Covid-19 cases continuing to spread. Adolescents aged 16 and up received Pfizer vaccines. Adults aged 18 and up received vaccines from Johnson & Johnson. Parents had to give their permission for their children to be guinea pigs in order to engage in these tests. However, when parents saw the repercussions of Their actions, they regretted their decision. Headaches, Chills, Low-Grade Fevers, and Muscle Aches were typical side effects for teenagers during Their session. The majority of teens, on the other hand, expressed gratitude for being able to contribute to the end of the pandemic.

In my opinion, the vaccine’s side effects are terrible, but it was the only way to get closer to overcoming the Pandemic. If I had the option, I would not volunteer to be a vaccine test subject, and I doubt my parents would give me their permission to do so. Anyway, let me know what you think about the subject. 

Will you ever be willing to take part in the Covid-19 Vaccine Trial?

May 9, 2021