Dear Oakland community,

Did you know that in Alameda county we have 1,917 Covid-19 cases as of April 28.

Well now you know. I am writing this because almost everyday people are getting Covid-19 and my partner and I want to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself during this pandemic.

Based on our research we’ve found that COVID-19 is mainly passed through droplets when someone who is infected coughs, sneezes, or speaks, because of this many people have started to wear masks when going out in public. Covid-19 is a public health crisis because many people are buying unnecessary things and many businesses are losing employees and it is hurting the economy. 

Covid-19 in our community is a really big deal because many people have been struggling to get food and water to feed their families. Some citizens think that they need every item in the store that they have been leaving many people with nothing. In the article titled “Coronavirus: Why Are People Buying So Much Toilet Paper?” by Gabrielia Arevalo, Content Producer for Latino, and she wrote “When you see someone in the store, panic buying, that can cause a fear contagion effect” (Arevalo). Arevalo is explaining that if people see fear in someone else, they copy the action. This is what happened with the toilet paper. Even my own parents went out and bought extra because they saw other people doing it. This shows that people are overreacting by buying almost every single item when they should really just wash their hands and wear masks.

Another problem that is affecting the community is how many businesses are in need of help such as Animal shelters, Food banks, ect because employees are losing jobs and people aren’t shopping. Animal shelters are having a hard time because they are running out of pet food for the animals they’re taking care of, food banks are also running out of food because of how many people need it. In an article titled “How to Help Your Community During the Coronavirus Crisis” by Scott Medintz and Laura Murphy, they listed ways to help out Food banks, Animal shelters, and ect. They said, “Donate money or food directly to local food banks.” and “Call their local animal shelter to find out what’s needed. Many shelters are facing reduced staff and volunteer support. If you can, consider fostering” (Medintz and Murphy). These are ways to help out your community during this pandemic. It is important to help because for animal shelters it helps spread the need. It also helps the economy if people donate because then the money allows the shelters to buy things for parents and anyone in need.

My partner and I made a survey on google forms to see if people know anything about Covid-19. We’ve gotten 21 responses, from mostly adults, and turned them into graphs to see if people had the same thinking.

As you can see in figure 1, a lot of people said that when they go out they sometimes see people not wearing a mask to protect themselves from getting infected. This can be changed if people knew more about Covid-19 and how it can spread through talking, sneezing, coughing, ect. 

In figure 2 you can see that many participants said that they always wear their mask but if you look at the other bar graph you can see that almost half of the participants said that they sometimes wear their mask when you should always wear your mask.

In figure 3 there were three options and only two were used. Many people think that Covid-19 will last until 2021 and the other half think that there is a possibility that it won’t last until 2021.

Based on the responses from people in our community, to be an upstander for covid 19 we will educate our community to prevent more Covid 19 cases in Alameda county and help students with their boredom.

Based on the survey and research, to be an upstander for the Covid-19 we will use the tactics of social change of media and education because most people don’t know that when you get Covid-19 you’re able to recover instead of dying instantly. We can also post updates on the virus through social media to let people know what’s going on. 

Aim #1: Expand the Survey through Community Organizing

We are going to use community organizing to get more survey responses. We will try to aim for around 30 survey responses because we want to know if people know what Covid-19 is and what it does. We also want to see if they wear masks to protect themselves and their community. We want to see if the people have the same ideas so we can add that to our data and analyze it. To be successful we have to ask people on social media if they can fill the survey out and if we get over 30 then it would be better. A challenge we may have is that people saying they don’t have time or interest to take the survey.

Aim #2: Education

If schools were still open then our plan would’ve been to walk up to people and ask if they can name anything Covid-19 can do to the human body and write it down in a notebook or a piece of paper and later on we will analyze it to use in our work. We’ll give them a link to our survey if they want to fill it out. To be successful our goal would’ve been to get 20 people to answer. 10 teachers and 10 students and then my partner and I will compare them. We can also hang up posters with a list of facts about Covid-19 and how people should be washing their hands after touching things from outside and that they should always wear their mask when going out. A challenge that we will face would be people ruining the posters by drawing on them, destroying them, and just taking them off the wall.

Aim #3: Alternative Institution

Our third Aim would be to make a Kahoot game for friends and family to join because we want people to have fun during this break because staying at home for a long time is boring. To be successful we need 15 people to join because having a lot of people to interact with is fun. The Kahoot would have some Covid-19 questions and towards the end there would be some out of topic questions to not make it look like a teacher made them.

Thank you so much for listening to me talk about the community problems, Bar graphs, and Aims to be successful and help out our community during this really hard time and we hope that people can help out others.

Sincerely, Joshua Cruz

Work cited

Arevalo, Gabriela. Coronavirus: Why Are People Buying So Much Toilet Paper? Coronavirus: Why Are People Buying So Much Toilet Paper?

Alameda governor. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases.

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May 19, 2020 2:01 am

I agree when you mentioned that fear is another virus that gets people to panic uncontrollably, causing a shortage of supplies for those who actually need it the most. In my community, the closure of schools has affected those and many who depend on the meals provided every day to survive. Though, a lack of education and selfishness is truly what is affecting every community. It’s important to bring awareness about health and other situations that we are unaware of to positively grow as a community and not leave anyone behind.

May 19, 2020 12:56 am

Hey Joshua
I think the most telling and accurate part about this post is the survey asking people if the pandemic will last into 2021, because according to the definition of pandemic (prevalent over a whole country or the world.) you could say that we aren’t in a pandemic right now, or you could say we were already in a pandemic in 2019. The way we talk about viruses is very much based on our own fears and conceptions of them. If we want to claim that a virus is “defeated” for example, it would have to be completely gone right? Well, in that case, we haven’t defeated AIDS, polio, cholera, or even the bubonic plague. The way we discuss disease really isn’t in line with how it really works and is much more in line with fostering a fear of potential infection. This is represented well by media coverage of the current virus, as well as your survey.

May 17, 2020 9:36 pm

Hi Joshua,
My name is Olivia and I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. When I was reading your post I noticed that both of our communities are suffering from the COVID 19 outbreak in similar ways. Business owners and all workers are suffering economically from the virus since they have been forced to shut down. This is scary for so many Americans because without a job it is hard to put food on the table or keep a roof over your head. I also thought it was interesting that you brought up the fact that non-profits such as animal shelters and food banks are also suffering. I hadn’t thought about that before. If you are curious to know how my community is dealing with the virus here is an article for you to check out: .
Best wishes,

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