Author: Arooj

COVID-19 Around the World: Mexico

It has been one year since the first COVID-19 was reported in the US. The Covid-19 outbreak was announced as a pandemic in March 2020 by the Health Organization. In this world, the coronavirus has infected many people. Due to this virus, several people have died. In Wuhan China, the Covid-19 cases started first, and it soon began to spread across the world. There are now over 100 million global cases of COVID. I assumed that the COVID-19 was going to end soon after it began, but it changed everything. I used to go out every day, but now I do not go out often. Whenever we head out, we have to keep distance from people and wear masks. It has  been a year since I personally met with my classmates, teachers and friends but we have school online.

 I decided to interview my friend Mae who is in Mexico right now. I interviewed her because I wanted to know more about the COVID situation in other countries. There are over 1.8 million COVID cases and over 150,000 deaths in Mexico. She lives in Guadalajara and works at a restaurant. She said that when the virus started spreading the government advised people to stay at home, wear masks and whenever they go outside stay six feet away from others.  Mae said that a lot of people are not taking the virus seriously and they are not wearing masks. She said “I feel really strange when I see a lot of people who are not wearing masks or social distancing properly.” She says that  many people in her city are not following the guidelines and because of them, the virus is spreading.  The lockdown is easy for her because she does not usually go outside.  During lockdown she spent her time watching Netflix, doing homework on the computer, doing chores and spending time with her mom.  The hardest part of the lockdown was that she was not able to see her friends. One positive outcome for her is that people are washing their hands and keeping themselves clean. One negative outcome is that some people are getting depressed and many people are dying because of the virus. 

This interview highlighted the differences and similarities between Mexico and the US. The presidents of both countries did not take precautions against COVID-19 because they did not believe in COVID, and as a result, they both got the virus. In Mexico COVID-19 testing is not free, while in the US it is free for everyone. In Berkeley, where I live, there are several COVID-19 testing locations nearby, but in Mexico there are just a few testing locations. 

After conducting this research I learned a lot about Mexico and how they are living during this hard time. I learned that there are still some people that are not wearing masks and keeping their distance from other people.  Now I appreciate that in Berkeley we have a lot of resources and we have access to free COVID testing.  I hope that the pandemic will  end soon and we will be able to go back to school in person.

February 5, 2021