Does our country still provide the promise of prosperity regardless of circumstance? Is it still possible to achieve the American Dream? Have recent events concerning COVID 19 changed the American dream? These questions all revolve around the definition of the American dream in today’s society. What you decide to make of your American dream comes from your background and can be heavily influenced by those around you. The American dream can be seen in three sources including The Opportunity Atlas, Barack Obama, Knox College Commencement Address (2005), and The American Dream is Alive and Well: NYTimes Opinion (2019). These three sources clearly show evidence of the American dream 

The Opportunity Atlas shows how the community that individuals live in influence how successful they are going to be in life. Depending on what neighborhood you grow up in can decide your future relating to how much someone growing up in that neighborhood is going to make. For example those who grow in Atlanta Georgia are only projected to have a household income of 27k compared to 35k average in New York City. These statistics show how starting off in a lower income household will set you in a different path than someone starting in a higher income household. The American dream will then change for individuals in both scenarios because those with lower income will have to work harder to accomplish their American dream while those with more income will not.

Lastly, “The American Dream is Alive and Well: NYTimes Opinion” shows information gathered that proves that the American dream is going well for almost all Americans. Most Americans nowadays believe that they are already living the American dream. The most important example is, “Instead, 85 percent indicated that “to have freedom of choice in how to live” was essential to achieving the American dream. In addition, 83 percent indicated that “a good family life” was essential”(NYTimes 1). This quote shows that most Americans are happy with family life and freedom of choice to fulfil their view of the American dream. The American dream is up to the individual to choose it and how to live it.

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April 4, 2020 5:13 am

I just wrote an article about the COVID-19. I am so interested in your essay. I know American stranded for freedom. But before we achieve the American dreams, we have to keep our life healthy. I think American dreams and our health having the same status.

April 3, 2020 9:58 pm

Luke I really liked your essay and I agree with a lot of the facts that you stated especially on how we judge or base our selfs off the success of others, I think you would like this article on how we judge ourselfs based off others

April 3, 2020 7:38 pm

I really liked reading this paper. I actually wrote a paper about this same topic because it is cool. These are strange times for us kids.
read this article-
Love, Sam

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