In my opinion, Autobiographies don’t truly show what a person is like or who they are. It is my understanding that biographies only show the facts not the personality of a person. So, as is probably evident- this is not my favorite pastime, anyhow, here is a little bit about myself. My given name is Maximiliana, I was named after my Grandfather. I have a messy ethnic background most simply described as a ‘New Yorker’. 

One of the most prominent parts of myself would have to be that I am an artist. I work mainly in Pen, pencil, however I have done many pieces in all types of mediums ranging from Ceramics, to Carving. One could argue I inherited my love of art from my mother and Grandmothers who are painters. This is only partially true as Abstraction is not my goto approach, I mainly focus on more realistic figure drawings or paintings when I can. I also have a soft spot for fluffy creatures as I have always lived with dogs, sometimes multiple at a time. Currently, I have one dog by the name of Pickle. Additionally, I am not an athletic person, I fail at most sports due to my apathy of such activities, and because of my poor eyesight. The only sport I can do well would be swimming which I enjoy immensely. 

Well, I think that should be enough about my hobbies. I do enjoy reading and writing on my own time, and I am an avid fan of the Sci-fi genre. I am open to practically any genre of film or book, as long as the writing is palatable. I am hoping to finish the Earthsea Cycle (by Ursula K. Le Guin) sooner than later, and I also hope to finally get around to reading Dune again. I am not a particularly fast reading, despite my affinity for complex novels. I do not tear through books like other people, I prefer to savor the story and writing as such hard work should not be overlooked with a glance. The way that I write is not what I see conventionally in more modern writing. I have a deep love for a long descriptive passage about one person, or one place.  

Anyways, I think that is all I’m at liberty to share at this point in time. Hopefully, this was enough material to get a grasp of what I am like as a person.

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November 7, 2019 8:02 pm

I find it interesting how you don’t believe autobiographies paint a true picture of a person. In a sense I guess you’re right! A writer can cherry-pick through all the fact of their lives to find the ones they would like to be know by. This makes me curious, how effective do you believe your short autobiography is or did you knowingly leave out some details, or perhaps even mistakenly? Speaking from experience I too am an artist, particularly via the medium of acrylic paint and I used to only paint landscapes but now I am experimenting with portraiture. However, in an autobiography I might leave out the fact that my singing voice is awful and I can’t hold a tune to save my life! Overall you gave me some very interesting things to think about in just a sentence or two and I’d love to come back and find an essay about reality and fallacy… you could even go a little sci-fi on it! Happy writing and hey maybe you’ll enjoy this

October 14, 2019 11:40 pm

Oh! Another sci fi fan! Ever seen any Star Trek? Or Battlestar Galactica, those are two of my favorite sci fi shows. I prefer TV shows for the genre. I similarly disdain writing bio’s so I feel you on that. XP

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