As a high school senior, in less than a year, I will be going to college. However, the cost of college and living in the dorms are expensive. Colleges prices keep increasing and many people, including myself, have difficulty paying for it. Many other countries including Germany, Finland, Norway, Sweden have eliminated tuition because they believed by charging students it will discourage many people to not go to college. In the Article, It’s Time to Make College Tuition free and Debt Free, Bernie Sander had six steps to make college free for citizens in America. Bernie believed in making tuition free at public colleges and universities, stop the federal government from making a profit on student loan, substatiaintly cut student loan interests rates, allow american to refinance  students loans at today’s lowest interest rates, and allow student to use need-based financial aid. I believe these are some ways to reduce the cost of colleges.

In another article I read called How to fix America’s high costs of college, I stumble upon an interesting fact that in 2013, 77% of wealthy children were able to receive college degrees while only 9% of poor children receive college degrees. At a time when college is more essential than ever, I don’t believe that money should be the reason on why people have to quit on their dreams. Millions of people don’t consider college because it doesn’t seem like a realistic option with family and economic burdens. There is no guarantee solution to fixing the cost of colleges but there are ways to help reduce it. In the article it suggest Pell Grants, programs such as SPARK (Students Parents in America Raising Kids) and funding. I believe one way to reduce the cost of colleges is providing more scholarship opportunities for every student, free in-state tuition, and more available grants.

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January 16, 2018 5:28 am


I really enjoyed your post because of how relatable it was for me. I feel the same way about the cost of college, it is a little bit pricey. As a high school senior, waiting to move out and follow his dreams. I feel moving away and going to college is the best choice but, wanting to go out of state is hard for most people to do. The cost is so high just to go out of state. without receiving any kind of financial aid this move may seem impossible. I think college prices should be a little bit lower and we should be given a better opportunity to go out of state. below I left a link of why some kids go to community colleges to get more financial money to be able to expand and go beyond where they desire. thank you for your post.

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