Coronavirus Vs. The World by Carter

April 1, 2020


Coronavirus Vs. The World

Diseases are around us all the time and they are usually not that much of a deal. We have our seasonal flu’s and occasional diseases that are different than that. CoronaVirus, or COVID-19, is the disease that has caused a worldwide pandemic in 2020. The pandemic that was like Corona Virus was in 1918 from the Spanish Flu. 

Corona Virus originated in Wuhan, China (the nation’s capital) and has globally infected 826,000 people in the world and the infection number is still increasing. This is not only a problem in Asia or third world countries either. The United States is also affected by CoronaVirus. The U.S. has reported 174,000 positive cases and over 3,000 deaths. The US leads the world in the most confirmed cases. We are the third most populous nation, with 330 million people, which allows for the disease to spread a lot faster and to more people. The largest hotspots now for the United States is the Midwest, which accounts for 40% of the population and only around 200 cases have been tested positive. People with the significant symptoms of the virus are being tested and around 86% of the people that have been tested are showing up as negative. California, Washington, and New York are the states with the most amount of cases in the United States. New York has 75,795 cases, Washington has 5,239 cases, and California has 7,477 cases

So what does this mean for the world? Since the pandemic was announced, many athletics and other things have either been postponed or they have been moved to at home. A lot of people’s school and work have been moved to home. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed until 2021 and is even affecting the government with many senators and nation leaders testing positive. The FDA and other health organizations have made protocols and other ways to help stop the spread of the disease, like social distancing and the 6 feet separation from one another.