Coronavirus failed future generations

woman in black mask and white tank top

Covid-19 hit the United States February of 2020, and just like our economy and President, the education system didn’t know how to handle this situation. How will our future generations be affected by Covid-19?

The first recession that many people remember is the one after 9/11. But not Gen Z, since they were so young many don’t remember how greatly they were affected by 9/11. Covid-19 is this generations first recession and we are greatly affected. Covid-19 has affected many areas such as employment, traveling, the economy, and education.

High school and college students are greatly affected. In order to limit the spread, many schools and colleges have chosen to go completely online. Freshman that are currently enrolled have opted out completely from the college experience. Either attending a state or community college instead of a private and expensive school or choosing to take a gap year.