Coping with Music by Jada

April 8, 2019


Coping with Music

My name is Jada it’s pronounced “Jay-da” in english, “yah-da” in spanish and hebrew.” My mother picked my name out of the bible. My middle name is the most unique name. Its “Ja-el” it’s also picked out the bible. I prefer to be called “Hael”  as my nickname. It means “kindness, beauty and art” and it is pronounced “HI-EL”. So my full name is Jada Hael Jones. The most general traits you should know about me is i’m shy, quiet, reserved, practical and really weird and mostly very witty. My worst traits is I worry a lot, I like to daydream a lot,  i get agitated easily and lastly i’m detached when it comes to my surroundings. I was born in Austin but I was raised in Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, and Oakdale Louisiana my whole life. We moved a lot in my family mostly because of poverty. I mostly was raised by my grandmother, my mother was out of the picture for a little period of my childhood. I lived with my grandmother since I was 7 to 15. But i decided I wanted a closer connection to my mother so i decided to go stay with her instead of staying with my grandmother. I thought it wouldn’t get along with my mom at all but we got closer as mother and daughter. We had this thing called mother and daughter day every Saturday. We would go out to eat and talk about things and goals.  We decided to come back to Austin because jobs in Louisiana was scarce.

I’m mostly good at typing, writing, and lastly playing violin. My imagination is so flexible and so creative that I can easily type out what i’m thinking about always. Orchestra is my comfort place and its where I connect how I feel and how to understand me as a whole. I enjoy reading about adventure and romance on wattpad when i’m on my me time. Also love listening to music four of my favorite artist is Blackbear, The neighborhood, and lastly, the chainsmokers. I have trouble coping with disasters in my life, so it motivated me to get good at something I love and that’s music.

This survey mostly focuses on dangers of communities and neighborhoods. I agree with them asking about young parents. I connect with this Item because they’re are so many young parents out there and some of them are struggling due to their on poor decisions. I believe that no teen should have a child or plan to have a child while they’re in high school.  Even though birth control has been made to prevent pregnancy. There young teen pregnancy is still a pregnancy. One of my friends decided to get pregnant while she’s in high school. But when she had the baby she realized that a baby is a big responsibility and babies also cost money.