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Don’t let life’s boundaries stop you
To the teachers who told you, you are not smart enough
To the coches who told you, you are not fast enough
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To the little girls comparing themselves to unrealistic expectations
To little boys being told they are not tough enough
You are enough
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To the single mothers working three jobs to support her children
To all the children whose voices are told they don’t matter
To the young teen who one day hopes to chase his dreams
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To the young girl fighting cancer
To the old man living alone
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There is no limit to what you can do
Don’t let barriers get in your way
You are worth more than you know
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In this assignment, we were asked to write a poem sending an important message to people. We recently read a poem called shake the dust, inspiring our “speak it” poems. For my poem, the message for people is to continue working hard despite the challenges. I enjoyed this assignment because it was a simple message that almost everyone can relate too. When I read this poem it makes think about working hard for what you want. When other people read this poem, I hope that people feel inspired to keep working hard. Overall do not let the world determine what you can do, continue taking risks and working hard.

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April 5, 2019 4:12 am

Dear Anna Merk,

I am extremely intrigued by your poem,”Continue On” because I can really relate to some of the struggles that you mention in your poem. Not only that but you were inclusive with the problems you mentioned because you added problems that people from all ages can be going through, therefore, you are reaching many different groups and not just one. To me the main message of your poem is that whatever that is going on in your life, you shouldn’t let it stop you from continuing with your journey and doing great things. I know this because of the way that you mention all of these problems that are going on but you still make sure to end it with “Continue On” so the person that may be going through this problem at the moment knows that they shouldn’t let this define where they are going to go in life. One line of your poem that truly stood out to me is, “To the little girls comparing themselves to unrealistic expectations”. I think this line is very interesting because due to social media and what it is perceived as beautiful many young women are trying to reach that unrealistic goal that the world is portraying as beautiful. I really like that you added this line because it connects to things that you may see on the daily or that other young girls may be doing without actually realizing and your poem can help them see what’s really happening. I really liked how you used the literary device of anaphora when you kept saying “Continue On”. I really liked that you kept saying “Continue On” because you were naming all this problems that people may feel that they will never be able to go through but you always ended with telling them that this doesn’t have to be a struggle as long as they keep going. Your poem sends an important message about advancing in life even when you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders because you ended with that motivational section in the end that told the reader that they can make it through even if right now it feels impossible. Thank you for your poem. I look forward to seeing what you make next. Your writing is very motivational and eye opening. It really points out the true things that others can be going through in their lives. I hope that you keep on writing and posting. =)

April 3, 2019 4:25 pm

Dear Anna

I am super happy about your poem “Continue On” because the message you bring with this poem. It also seems like you tried really hard on your poem to make it a strong piece of writing. And it seems like you really meant every word on the poem and tried to bring a strong message to people when their in struggles. One set of lines that stand out to me was “To the single mothers working three jobs to support her children, To all the children whose voices are told they don’t matter, To the young teen who one day hopes to chase his dreams, Continue on” I think these lines are powerful because its sending a very motivational message to the people that are struggling and are living in tough situations and a message to say anything is possible.Thanks for your poem. I am really excited and looking forward to see what you write next.

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