Consent by Daniel

March 22, 2018



How has humans and animals experiences help the medical research?Did humans have any consent in the early stages of medical research?

It’s important to be able to experiment on humans with their consent  we can advance in the medical field and have a better understanding on the disease or virus. While research I have came upon this articles about how mices and rats have similar genes as humans. “Biologically, we are similar to species such as mice and rats, because we have practically the same set of genes. Their bodies respond to disease and treatments much as ours do”(tele graph). This article proves that testing on animals improve the research on the medical field. With the testing it helps us develop a cure a medicine for us to take to feel bette and to defeat the diseases we get and boost up our system by the medication created by testing on animals. Therefore, without the mice and rats we would be sick and full of different diseases in our system that will later lead to death. Testing on animals really helps the medical reach to have a better understanding of a disease, and finding a cure or treatment for certain diseases or viruses.

While doing research, I Came across this article that shows how doctors took part of tissue from a Woman’s name Henrietta that had cancer. The doctors didn’t tell the family or the patient. They kept the family in the dark. “Scientists have used HeLa cells to develop the polio vaccine; they have gone into space and have been exposed to nuclear testing and to toxins. The cells have furthered our understanding of cancer, HIV/AIDS and cells in general, and are still widely used today to grow viruses and to test anti-tumour medicines” (telegraph ). This proves that testing on human does help the doctors/scientist have a better understanding on what they dealing with an dhow to stop it. They had discovered HeLa cells from a women name Henrietta Lacks she had died from colon cancer, because of Henrietta she had made the medical research more advance in a way that help make vaccines to fight off polio. Therefore, it was a good thing they have taken a sample from Henrietta to discover the immortal cell that will help create vacancies for other disease. During research, found an article that shows 30 different event that took place in human experiments. None of the humans had any consent on what was going on or what they injected in their bloodstream. “In 1932, the U.S. Public Health Service began working with the Tuskegee Institute to track the natural progression of untreated syphilis. Six hundred poor, illiterate, male sharecroppers were found and hired in Macon County, Alabama. Of the 600 men, only 399 had previously contracted syphilis, and none were told they had a life threatening disease. Instead, they were told they were receiving free healthcare, meals, and burial insurance in exchange for participating. Even after Penicillin was proven an effective cure for syphilis in 1947, the study continued until 1972. In addition to the original subjects, victims of the study included wives who contracted the disease, and children born with congenital syphilis. In 1997, President Bill Clinton formally apologized to those affected by what is often called the “most infamous biomedical experiment in U.S. history.” (Unknown). This stood out to me because during human experiments none of the human that were used did not have no consent on what they were getting tested for. They had no idea how deadly the disease was until they got injected with the disease and later the patient started to die. They never got a full description on what was going to happen. Therefore, it is bad for human to be tested on. If they have no consent on what scientist are doing to them they shouldn’t let them insert any type of needle in them without knowing what they injected inside them. . Also, if they have discover something new they should at least inform the family and not leave them in the dark as if they don’t exist, or as if the Henrietta Lacks family did not wanted information or had any questions about what happened to her They need to get the patient’s consent and if something happen to them, let the family know. Give credit to them for something the scientist discovered in their body or a new cure or anything new to help the medical research get more advance.  




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“The 30 Most Disturbing Human Experiments in History.” Best Psychology Degrees,

This article has so many different information on so many human experiments that have been done throughout the years. This article had a bunch of great evidence that supported my research. It shows how the US movements used humans in many different experiments without their consent and didn’t tell them anything on what they was getting tested on for


“Quick Guide to HeLa Cells.” Big Picture,

In this article I have found its gave so much good information. It has steps like tables on why the heLa cell matter. It has different parts explaining about the HeLa cell and when it was discover and what it was used for. Also, what got my attention was it shows what the HeLa cell help the medical research to develop new methods to like vaccine for pollen and research for cancer