The power of language – an integral way that humans communicate. It shapes the world and culture through speech, writing, and language. These forms are primary tools of communication in everyday life. If you take a second to think about our world, you will realize the phenomenal power that words have on others. It gives you control over how you connect with others, create relationships, and ultimately express your unique self. The beautiful aspect of this is that people can reveal themselves through facial expressions, gestures, words, and sentences. Our society has created a system where even those who are deaf, blind, or just have a hard time being understood have a way to associate with those around them. 

More specifically those can use the AAC or the augmentative and alternative communication. This is “communication devices, systems, strategies and tools that replace or support natural speech.” The AAC is very powerful in helping kids feel a part of the class in school setting or essential to adults in the workplace. It is very frustrating to those who need to communicate without speech. Therefore, this system is very important and beneficial. It allows for stronger relationships, richer relationships, improved mental health, and much more. It inspires them to pursue their dreams and to never give up. Nonetheless, this system shows those who cannot rely on speech that anything is possible. 

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  1. Camille 2 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed this blog post and agree that language is so powerful because it allows all people to communicate, even those who can not use speech. I really like how you mentioned that it gives one control over the way that they interact with others because I agree that language gives the speaker control over their attitude, opinions, and judgement of others which all impact the overall interaction between two people.

  2. Peyton 2 weeks ago

    I agree and support this blog post because I also think that the power of language stems from communication. Language creating relationships is a common I see throughout our everyday world. I like how you mentioned that even the deaf and blind have a way to communicate with others because it shows how strong the power of language is.

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