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24 June 2016


Dear future President,

My name is Destiny Delgado and I believe that there are challenges in life that should considered being changed. I’m attending California State University of Chico and being a non-wealthy student gives other students and I a struggle of being able to pay for our tuition. The challenges we face in college is not only the school work, but mostly the expenses. The only money I’m receiving to help me with my tuition is from Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which is only helping me pay for my classes. I still have other expenses to worry about, plus a loan. The main aspect that I’m so worried about is housing; Where I’m going to live? How will I pay for it? Where will I do work study? So many things to think about during everyone’s first year of college. We are the future, we are the next generation that is going to change the world but we can not succeed that with the highly cost of tuition. With the motivation students in college give, to never give up should give you the reason of changing college tuition, to a much lower price so that every student can succeed. Students who come from low-income backgrounds are even less likely to graduate, if they even begin at all. Although, there are many scholarships out there to apply to, but we only get so much to barely help us continue college. Nearly every student owes about $20,000 by the time they graduate, Students with low-income only want to succeed like the rich.  The rich are more likely to graduate because they can afford many things that the poor cannot. I believe either or should not have to pay to want to continue school to pursue their dreams and education. It’s not only the cost of tuition, but we also have to worry about the cost of books, materials, transportation, food, and housing. Students like myself who are the first person to graduate High School, and attend a University need help from you to help us succeed. You will be the reason why we’re successful in the life we’re living in. All people should be able to attend college whether they afford it or not. It should be a law that every student who wants to be successful in life deserve to attend college with a free tuition. The world would be so much different in a very good way, there would be so many successful people who can really change the world but can’t at the moment because of the cost of tuition. Students deemed deserving of help receive aid that is usually far short of the resources required to effectively pursue their studies and graduate. Please help change the life of others and help us be successful.  



Destiny Delgado

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