As high schoolers approaching college many of us are worried about paying the cost of tuition. College tuition is undeniably going up every single year. Students are struggling more and more to pay the cost for a higher education. Roughly 70% of college students finish their education with some form of debt, and students finish with an average debt of about $30,000. It is statistics like these that cause students to shy away from pursuing a higher education. College is simply not accessible to some students. Something needs to be done about this.

If we want to continue to have a high functioning society we need to educate our youth. However, sometimes people no longer have access to college. The obvious solution would be to simply lower the cost of tuition. Some colleges have already done this, so we can see it isn’t a completely impossible idea. A solution that has been pitched by many, including Barack Obama, is to give students a free two years of college. This would allow for a higher education for much cheaper. Students could then pay tuition if they wish to continue their education even further.

Some would say their isn’t much need to lower tuition as financial aid in also increasing. However the problem with this is that not every student receives financial aid, but every student has to pay tuition. Colleges should be able to spare a slight decrease in tuition. They don’t necessarily need to decrease the cost by a drastic 75%, as even a slight decrease would help students.



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  1. Ben 11 months ago

    Alex, I completely agree with your post. As a high school senior, I have been stressed out about paying for college and have been looking for ways to pay for college. I wish it were cheaper :(. I found this link ( talking about the pros and cons of free college. Thanks! Have a great night!


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