Dear Future President,


I would like to talk about the issue of college debt. College debt is one of the many fears why students do not go to college. Seventy percent of students who go to college will be in debt of at least twenty thousand dollars after graduating. Even after having a career it will still be hard to pay off because the debt is so high. College graduates are still paying off their debts after ten to twenty years or longer. I do not think that it is reasonable for a person pursuing in a higher education and trying to better themselves to be in debt. Although affording college is hard, which is one of the many reasons people drop out in college. Even when a student drops out they would still have to pay the debt because they would take out loans just to pay for college. I believe that the cost of affording college should be lowered so more occupations can be filled. This contributes to the fact that if there are more occupations filled it could change the world. Having more doctors, nurses, scientists, engineers, and etc. can make a difference. But the reasons why we don’t have as many people in these careers or field is because many people are not financially stable and could not afford college. The government can make these changes if they choose, but they would spend money elsewhere instead of the possibilities it could lead to. The government spends ten billion dollars on prisons but only five billion on higher education. It would average out to be nine thousand dollars spent on a student a year, while the money spent on a inmate is fifty thousand a year. With knowing this fact it is unfair for the people pursuing a higher education. The inmates cannot make a change in the world because of their status in prison but a student pursuing in a high education can make a change. I have heard of stories from relatives, friends, and advisers that gave me an insight on how to avoid college loans, but sometimes you cannot avoid it. Coming from a low income family I know that I cannot afford college. Even though there are ways to get money for college, some people would have to pay for college thirty five percent of college students would have to pay for pursuing in a higher education. There are some other factors that college student will use money on which are transportation, housings, and necessities to live. Renting an apartment will be expensive for most college students, which is why some students take loans. Overall, we should make college cheaper so we could have more people do what they have wanted to do after college. Also not being in the fear of debt will make more students go to college to pursue a higher education, while being able to pay off bills.



Kongphteng, Freshman in College

CA, Marysville

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