Dear Future President,

It would be great if you could address the high costs of colleges, because students all over the US are struggling with student debt during and after college. Education is greatly valued in the US, but the cost of college is becoming too high for students. According to Student Loan Hero’s statistics, “US has 1.26 trillion dollars in student loan debt.” Tuition costs keep rising every year, and students are being affected by this problem years and years after they graduate. But what if they decide to change their major or don’t get the job they want? According to Khan Academy, “even having a four-year degree from college can nearly double the average amount of money you make in your lifetime.”

Although colleges add more classes to provide more variety, I think it’s a great idea to cut some unnecessary classes to reduce the price of tuition. When a college adds more classes, they need more faculty to teach in those classes, which would lead to needing more students. When there are more students, the tuition will rise up even more because space is being occupied. It is a never-ending cycle that will continue to increase tuition if these useless classes are not eliminated.

Moreover, some might say there are scholarships to cover college expenses. However, not many students are able to qualify for scholarships. They might even begin to wonder if college is really worth the price and enter into workforce by skipping college. People want to look forward to their futures, not on their future debt.

Again, I believe the high price of college tuition and the rising college debt in the US is overwhelming to the students and there must be a way to lower the cost. I really hope you consider this problem seriously, because we need your help in reducing the amount of student debt for a better future in the US.



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March 10, 2017 1:59 pm

Hi Irene, I’m your secret writing pal. I also really agree with your point that college tuition is too high and needs to be lowered. Have a nice day!

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