Education should be something that is available for all, regardless of what your income is. There should be options for anyone that wants it, and student debt is a major issue for many that are planning on pursuing higher education. It turns many away from college just because of how crippling it can be later on in life. One solution is Obama’s system to ease student debts and, like anything, it has its upsides and the downsides. The obvious upside is that it helps people planning on going to college. One of the downsides, however, is that if the debt is forgiven on the part of the student, the money still has to come from somewhere. This is one of the issues that the next president would have to deal with, because college is a serious option for millions of people across the country, and can determine what you do later in life, and shouldn’t be limited or affected by fear of student loans. One possible solution is that the money come from taxes, which again, the president would have to deal with. It would affect the lower to middle classes more if taxes were raised, so instead of raising it, a possible solution would be to reallocate tax money to pay for college.  

Another solution is lessening the cost of college instead of trying to ease the debt caused by it. American students are collectively $1.2 trillion in debt just because of college, which is much more than any other nation. A lot of that is because the tuition money that they pay doesn’t always go towards necessary things. If that extra unnecessary tuition money is eliminated, college could become more affordable. The next president, whether they want to or not, has to find a way to ease the cost of college. It should be a viable option for everyone. People shouldn’t be limited by how much they are able to pay, they should be limited by how hard they are willing to work.

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