In the article, “College Athletes to pay or not to pay”, it explains that football players should start getting paid for working hard. Although athletes get scholarship[s, they spend most of their time working hard and making the sport their “full time job”. Therefore, they should receive a check for being out their and putting their time and effort. The coaches do not go out and play it is the players that helps the team win. The NCCAA recently took this situation into consideration by passing a law that football plays should receive money for what they do.

Do you think that football players should be paid?
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I think that this a good decision to make considering that the players do make it their full time job and take the sport seriously. Money would also help them to get their needs or pay for important things. This should also motivate them to try even harder knowing that they are getting paid to do something that love to do.

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November 8, 2021 8:51 pm

Hi Destiny,

I say athletes should be paid. Between games and practices, as an athlete hustling as a full-time job should be hit with a check. People feel like this is a great idea because it feels like the right thing to do, therefore promoting it. As athletes keep their own motives up, they push towards their goal… their own mission to success. Full-time athletes deserve to get paid, only if they actually put in work for the community. As they make an impact on the economy.

For a New Era, NCAA made an announcement to allow athletes to receive payment. This must feel nice because when they heard this type of news, I bet excitement was taken part, one to one, back to back, emotions bang on each other. Happy lifestyle for good things happening while you get paid for doing something you love. Getting paid adds an extra greater feeling. On the other hand, if they didn’t get paid there would be different types of emotions.

What would you think?…or feel

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