“coding” my view! by Abigail

August 20, 2021



“coding” my view!


What is coding ? People usually say that Coding is a skill where you take instructions (the steps in a task) and translate it into a language the computer understands since computers do not communicate like humans. , but I believe coding is a creative way of using computer keys and commands in a creative manner to create simplified and engaging programs to better explain  situation or make challenging phenomenon easy to visualize? Does this mean that  coding is for only people who are computer geeks or people who are interested in stem and computer science or technology? no!

When coding is mentioned  ,people tend to think of geeks and it specialist but in taking this course i have come to the realization that coding is for everyone and can be use d in a creative and fun manner .but how can we make coding to appear easy and interesting to people other than those in the technological field? how can e male it easy for them to understand the directives and instruction as well as the concepts and also let them see the feasibility of using coding in a creative ,computational ,and a problem solving tool or asset. people might how can we do this ? This makes me think that using Resnick‚Äôs 4 p of project peers passion and play  to enable people see the simplicity as well as encourage them to use coding(scratch ) as a computational tool.

how can we make coding relevant in early childhood education? we can use the same approach of the 4 p but in this considering the age of kids in the early child hood setting make the project more fun game but educational at the same time From this, I also believe that we can use coding to teach children who are fluent in languages other than English using the coding system or picture language coordination so they can have fun with it but learn at the same time. I believe early childhood educator should have the option of introducing coding in their setting not as a mandatory content but as an option in the technology center in the classroom to develop the interest of children in coding before they reach the elementary or higher levels and also for them to see it as a fun content for every one and not geeks only