“To wrong’d Othello’s service! Let him command, And to obey shall be in me remorse, What bloody business ever.”(pg.70 ln.517). Shakespeare start the sentence with “wrong’d” that was Iago speaking to Othello which he don’t want to go against his word and order. He also want to “obey” in what he want by him “me” but in the bad way. “Bloody business” in which he work with blood with violence to destroy things he don’t want around him and not with respect or with language to calm and control what is happening. He want to destroy in his way of pleasure. “Ever” which mean he is not the first time nor it will be the last time he will do it.. He knows what he doing but acts like it will be the first time and it will be under Othello order and decision. He want to see blood run and what the blood to be his torture and wanted blood to be his passion and admire of what he do he is proud of to do and be.

Feth me the handkerchief, my mind misgives.”(pg.73 ln.96). This was the moment when Othello lost his mind and Iago burst his mind with Desdemona and the lost of the handkerchief. “Feth” is landing something to someone and he want her to give what was yis a first give during their marriage and he want to proof that she wasn’t dishonest or cheater by “Feth”him the handkerchief. If Desdemona do give him the handkerchief his mind will be “misgives” will change and forget what was in mind and see the true and not let his mind take over of him and not trust it either. Ye won’t let nobody to make him think wrong of her but in this situation she didn’t had the handkerchief anymore and that is when he distrust her and start to hate her.

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