There are 3 different types of cloning.gene cloning, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. Gene cloning is the process of cloning DNA to create a different organism. Therapeutic cloning is making another copy of of cells for medicine. And finally, reproductive cloning is the process of cloning animals. Scientist have been cloning animals for the past 50 years.We still haven’t learn how to clone humans today. When cloning  animals happen they don’t always look identical because the environment plays a huge role on the animal. If we can clone animals then we would be able to produce more medicine. The cons of cloning animals is that  the low efficiency rate is not worth producing. There is a low opportunity cost of cloning animals.The pros of Therapeutic cloning are that we are able to clone all type of cells. The cons of  this type of cloning is that its going to be hard to tell the difference between good cells and bad cells.This is a helpful source because it is reliable and it gives you plenty of useful information. The goal of this source is to inform you the different types of cloning. This source helps shape my argument by telling me the different types of cloning and what they used for.  It also tells me the pros and cons of the different types of cloning.


In this source it tells you what cloning is. It gives multiple examples of cloning done over the years for example frogs, salamanders,and sheep. It also talks about reproductive cloning which mean they take an Embryo and put it in a uterus. They get into the success  rate of cloning  and also some of the famous people who were able to successfully clone an organism. Another  thing that they talk is Therapeutic  cloning as well. Finally they tell you the dangers of reproductive  cloning such life loss and failure in attempting to clone  things. This is a useful source because it goes in depth of  cloning that has to do with humans and animals more than medicine. It also shows you that cloning really is possible by giving multiple examples of cloning in the past. I can use this source in my argument by  using it as evidence.


In this source they mostly talk about the reasons why it is good to clone things.  They also  give a brief summary behind cloning and who first started and why. This a helpful source because it names multiple reasons why cloning can be useful r helpful. This is a reliable source because it cites all its sources.

In this source they tell you the reasons why cloning is bad. They say that clonign can lead to many bad things such deformed organs,damaged immune system, or even death. The source really talks about how countries  are coming together to ban cloning because of these negatives side effects or possibilities. I can use this source as a counterargument after reading this  I started to second guess my strong opinion  for cloning because In the other sources they don’t really talk about those kind of things.

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