Dear Future President


Hello, my name is Cruz Marshely Martinez and I attend CSU Chico. The regard, of my letter is to tell you of the seriousness of climate change and why it needs to be brought up to the attention of everyone. As the future president of the free world, you will have many political issues you must deal with, but I personally believe that climate change is a big issue which affects everyone. The main ways that climate change is affecting everyone are by the following problems; pollution, plastic finding it’s way to our oceans and lastly but most importantly global warming.

Pollution affects everyone because there are so many kids suffering from breathing problems due to the pollution in the air caused by increasing amount of cars, factories, and the cutting of trees. I believe that pollution can be decreased by a huge amount if there are days in the month where people ride their bikes or walk to work or school to decrease pollution in the air, and you as the President could get that done. I believe that you as the president could pass it as a law which will force the everyone to do it or that individual will get a ticket.  

Plastic is another big problem that is occurring today because the plastic not being recycled is ending up in the ocean where sea animals think it’s food, so they eat it and end up dying. This may not seem like a big problem but it is because humans end up eating those animals which ends up making the public ill. Lastly the most alerting problem faced with climate change has to be global warming. Global warming is very alerting because it is causing the planet to turn warmer which is the reason why the drought is getting worse, especially in California. Is is caused from the atmosphere trapping heat radiation and certain gases are not able to escape the atmosphere. Those gases come back to pollution since all those gases are coming out of factories, cars and what’s so on. Thank you for listening to me and congratulations on becoming president but please now help us with the problems climate change faces.


Cruz Marshely Martinez

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