a large fire is burning in the mountains

In this text the central idea is talking about the causes of climate change.  In support of their central idea, the author writes ,”Since the Industrial Revolution, human activities have released large amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, which has changed the earth’s climate.”  This supports the central idea because it talks about carbon dioxide gasses.  The author also writes ,”Natural processes, such as changes in the sun’s energy and volcanic eruptions, also affect the earth’s climate.”  This supports their central idea because it talks about some causes of climate change and it is caused by natural causes.  A final piece of evidence that supports their central idea is when the author writes Scientists have pieced together a record of the earth’s climate by analyzing a number of indirect measures of climate, such as ice cores, tree rings, glacier lengths, pollen remains, and ocean sediments, and by studying changes in the earth’s orbit around the sun.”This supports the central idea because it talks about the sun melts glaciers and climate change is not caused by humans it’s caused by both natural resources and humans..

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