people gathered outside buildings holding Climate Justice Now signage

In this article, “Climate Change Impacts”(2021). I learned some reasons why climate change is occurring. This is horrible because a lot of people aren’t taking action and it’s affecting a lot of things like melting glaciers that were never supposed to melt but due to climate change, they are getting melted. Glaciers are shrinking: the average thickness of 30 well-studied glaciers has decreased more than 60 feet since 1980. The area covered by sea ice in the Arctic at the end of summer has shrunk by about 40% since 1979.

I think what is happening right now should be solved because our planet is going to get worse and worse slowly. Knowing that people aren’t taking action to stop it that means that it’s going to get worse.

As I continue to research about climate change I wnt to know about more causes.

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November 30, 2023 2:06 am

I’ve also noticed climate change as an urgent issue of the world. Glacier melting has took away food sources and shelters from animals such as polar bears and seals. Furthermore, climate change has resulted in issues such as extreme weathers, drought, rising sea levels and so on. Although climate change has been an issue that was acknowledged for a while, more action has to be made in order to prevent climate change from getting worse. If the issue continues to get ignored and not taken seriously, it would eventually affect the whole world.

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