There have been extensive sources written about the impact and involvement of youth in the environmental cause, and in this post three will be presented in order to further understand this occurrence. 

The first of the sources by Julia Olson, linked here, talks about the history of the awareness of climate change. The author takes a very clear stance regarding the environmental cause and claims that it is unacceptable to remain inactive about it. In this source it is expressed that the US government has been aware about widespread climate change influencing the world in a negative way for over 50 years, and that attempting to cause change only recently is not right. Many examples of young individuals making efforts to pressure eco-friendly legislations to go through are given, and toward the end of the document the author points out that this is a problem beyond social constructs and is about basic human decency and respect for future generations. 

The second source is a more personal article written by Al Gore. In this article there is a more scientific approach to the issue and a thorough yet easily comprehensible explanation of the cause and reality of climate change. The author then points out that he finds hope in the youth that have taken it upon themselves to become the change that needs to happen, claiming that this demand for action has caused a chain-like reaction. Other people have joined the youth and adopted interest in the climate issue, further pressuring legislators around the world to do more for the planet. 

The third and final source is an article by Stephen Sawchuk, looking more into protests as a means of education for the youth and not so deeply into the environmental issue itself. In this article the author points out that many students learn more from personal experiences with protesting than they would in a standard classroom. This then, apart from creating a more politically involved generation, creates a well informed youth with knowledge of the governmental and legislative system. 

The environmental challenges faced today are a source of worry and perhaps fear for many, especially the youth of the world. For this reason, many young world citizens find themselves involved in causes that advocate for immediate action, and these sources help to better understand rationale as well as the agenda and the actual problems surrounding this global issue. 


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