Dear Dr. Phillip Williamson,

My team and I are choosing to write to you because in your article “Climeworks Capturing  CO2 , from Air” you’re taking the Carbon Dioxide out the air and filtering it to CO2 gas and releasing the CO2 gas into the atmosphere to continue this cycle”. We would also like to remove CO2 from the air to have a healthier planet. Therefore, we were engrossed by your article. . What was extremely interesting in your article was when you stated “Climeworks has developed the first commercial carbon removal technology on the market today, allowing us to physically remove any organisation’s or individual’s past, present and future CO2 emissions” because your company is the first to make this endeavor to remove Carbon Dioxide out the atmosphere with technology. This is really important because individuals are getting enlightened about what they are breathing every single day and how it affects people that have asthma. Also it’s astonishing that you’re a ‘NERC Science Coordinator’ and you toil to fix the air because it exhibits that you’re passionate about the environment and others by making sure people have clean and filtered air to breath. We believe you and your team can be supporter of what me and my team are trying to do with climate change because both of our teams are trying to remove Carbon Dioxide out the air, so sense we’re both working to remove CO2 from the atmosphere, so, we could be accessories to one another.

Our climate is changing and people might ask “Why”? Other individuals may think that climate change is not real, that it’s a hoaxs because they believe there is no real evidence to show how the climate is changing, but it has been debunk, climate change is real(Sitemap.). The issues that we’re having with our planet is the climate is changing and it’s causing temperatures to rise. What’s causing our climate to change is large amounts of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere making earth’s temperature rise. This is explained further by co-author David Rind and Carbon Dioxcide Controlls Earth Tempeture “When Carbon Dioxcide increases, more water vapor retures to the atmosphere. This is what helps melt the glacires that once covered New York City and humans are the one being affected by this problem(Dunbar, Brian.). Human are being affected by this issue because climate change is causing frequent heat waves, tornados, hurricanes, floods, wind storms, lightening, cold waves, and winter storms. The amount of money that the government lose was extremely elevated. Due to climate change $392 billion dollars were lost due to hurricanes, $78 billion dollar were loss due to heat waves/droughts, $46 billion dollars were lost due to tornadoes/severe storms, $30 billion dollars were lost due to flooding/severe storms(Usgcrp.). Also Alameda County communities are being affected by the poor air quality with increasing smog that can lead to respiratory problems for kids, and heat exhaustion that lead to stroke (AirPollution_Climate_Health_Factsheet.pdf). Another alternative effect on the communities that climate change can have is people losing their home due to rising sea level which will cause home to go under water, and big companies might think they benefits off of global warming because they’re losing a large sum of money, but, in reality the whole world suffer by our planet dying and water rising. Unite States president Trump is using ideological oppression and being an impediment to the United States by not wanting to have a law that benefit the United States and the world by decreasing the chances of climate change(Endicott, Marisa, and Marisa Endicott.).

Many people and organizations endeavor to enlighten others on the issue of climate change. An organization called  “Climate Interactive” has used building alternative institution as a tactic of social change to produce a game called World Climate Simulation to teach individual and to make individuals more aware about climate change. More than 2,000 participants from different countries that played the game World Climate Simulation have become more emotionally engage about the issue on climate change (Rooney-Varga, Juliette N.). This tactic was very successful because it has brought more attention and awareness to the issue from different parts of the world to help make an impact on climate change, and, made people more emotionally involved about this issue and that emotion can turn into passion about wanting to save our planet. Also a Swedish student Greta Thunberg went on strike for climate change, she stood outside the Swedish Parliament with a handmade signs that stated “Climate change is here, it’s threatening the future” in September on Friday(Borunda, Alejandra.). Since then, her movement had reached Poland to Colombia to Australia and thousands of young people have spent their Fridays striking for climate change. On Friday, March 15, young youth across the world will congergate to strike together to demonstrate their commitment to bringing attention to a climate changing crisis(Borunda, Alejandra.) . The striking movement was successful because it got the attention of young people to help make a difference on climate change and, created new young activist for our generation to speak on different problems that we have.

As upstanders and organizers my team and I will use public art and performance, building alternative institutions, community organizing, and propaganda as a act of social change to make people aware about climate change. The steps my Team and I will need to take are making poster to infuse our peers at school to wear a certain color each day of the week to represent the different ways the world is affecting the climate. Next my team and I will have to go to different classes to do little activities and presentations to show how the climate is being affected and what’s happening as the climate is being affected. Another step my team and I will have to take is passing out flyer to the community to persuade them to coming to our presentation night at Peralta Park where we’ll give more documentations on climate change. Lastly we will make a social media account on instagram to get individuals more interested on our topic of climate change and wanting to be an ally with us. I will need support from my family by having them buy me the supplies I need and being my motivation to keep going so Im able to be successful in my process of work, the supplies my team and I will need are paper, markers, water, baby powder, a computer, prenter, boxes, phone, trifold, timer, fan, and a bowl. My team and I action measure up to the rubic by having multiple perspective from different organization to show what tactics are the most effective on others to get them more involved on our topic. Ultimately my team and I are confident on our plan because we know that we are taking steps to making an impact on climate change and notifying other future leaders on the big problem we are having now so we don’t come across them in the future.

In conclusion, we’re  going to present to middle school classe to get them aware on climate change and also are going to present to the community at Peralta Park on May 8,2019. If any individuals would like to stay updated on our next movements and action days, follow my team and I at #StopGlobalWarming and #RemoveCarbonDioxide.

Kanika Carey _Annotated Bibliography

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This article is about how the weather will be affected by climate change if we don’t make a change. This source is credible because it is only a page about global warming and climate change. The domain is .gov

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May 6, 2019 6:04 pm

Dr. Williamson knows about climate change. There is no need to explain what it is and it’s repercussions to him. If I were him, I would be wondering who exactly is part of your team and how you guys are actively working to reduce the severity of climate change. Sure, you may be making posters and presenting to middle schoolers, but what are you going to present and how. He also knows what his own writing is so there is no need to summarize it. Cut to the chase and explain why you are writing to him. Is it for funding to buy supplies or is it to have support from a scientist? If nothing else, I would suggest proof reading because there are a lot of errors that can be easily fixed.

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