Location: Bronx zoo, Bronx, NY.

I’ve been here for a long time. I have heard, seen and felt many things, and  I have had the time to think about how much I would like to have life and not be a “Fake Rock” as everyone calls me. Many think that my falsehood has taken away my feelings. Well actually, I’m not so false, since I was made by the human hand, but still I could swear that I feel more than many. I feel the weight of the sea lions, the sunlight, also I feel the ridicule of my friends. All those thoughts make me wonder what would be if I were not here? If they really need me? I was thinking until I decided to ask to Marine the sea lion, and she makes me realized that this is my home where I belong. Now all is well and I do not accept the joks of the others rocks because now I understood that I was designed with this function, and that makes me perfect.
-The rock.

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July 26, 2017 3:45 pm

Dear Clarismar,

I am fascinated by your story, called “Clarismar’s Story,” because I got what are you trying to express about how someone feels when they are been ridiculed for their appearance.

One part of your Story that stands out for me is where the rock asked Marine, the sea lion, if she thinks that the rock belongs to that place. I think this is beautiful because the sea lion said to the rock that she is really needed in that place because she is special.

Another part that I enjoyed is where The Fake Rock don’t listen to the insults that the real rocks make. This stood out for me because that is what every person needs to do in that situation.

Your Story reminds me of something that I witnessed before. One time many guys were saying bad things to a girl and she just defends herself and doesn’t listen to them.

Thanks for your story I look forward to seeing what you make next because you make that everybody really concentrate in your writing that is very powerful too. I love it!!

Best wishes with your art,
Yehara Gutierrez

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