Civilian Space Travel by Lesly

February 21, 2022


Civilian Space Travel

In the article, “You Decide: Civilian Space Travel,” I learned that there was a group of four civilians who had the opportunity to go around the earth. Some civilians are now allowed to take part in space travel. Even though this might sound exciting or fun there are many things that you have to do before you’re able to do this. You’ll have to go through long training, spend a lot of money, and you’ll be exposed to the dangers of spaceflight. But there are also benefits to this space travel. For example, being able to use space travel for good  purposes, providing information, and being able to experience being in space.

I think that us citizens should not be space traveling. I think I should be left to people who have experience with this, such as professionals that have studied this. Going through the training won’t add up to the same experiences they have. It can be very dangerous for civilians that don’t have the same experience as the professionals. 

What do you think? Would you space travel if you were given the opportunity?