This shadow box represents me in the inside and how the world sees me on the outside. The outside of my box represents the dominant narrative which is what society sees. Society thinks that all girls are supposed to wear dresses and their gender expression is “super girly.” They also see women as weak or all girls like pink, whereas I myself see me as a strong female that likes the color blue and likes wearing sweatpants. This is a counter narrative because I’m interrupting what society thinks by using my own voice and speaking for myself. I have chosen to include a lei of flowers because as a native Hawaiian I grew up making and wearing leis for festivals or traditions. My ethnicities are Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Filipina, and Vietnamese. I have chosen to include a keychain that says love and blessed from a temple gathering I went to with the Tzu Chi foundation. This foundation is amazing and helps everyone from all around the world. The Ohana in the middle of the sparkly blue “water” means family and I chose to put in the water because out of everything I choose to love I choose to love my family. Family first.

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April 18, 2019 4:33 pm

Dear Christy,
I agree with the way that you say that people tend to base everything off of your gender or the way that we look often trying to guess our ethnicities. I also put my family before anything so I love that you mentioned the little part about your family.

April 17, 2019 5:52 pm

Hello Christy,
I agree with you when you mentioned that society tries to box people in based on their gender, especially for girls. It’s great that you recognize that being yourself is the best way to be!

Also, I love that simple, yet effective statement at the end, “Family first.” Thanks for sharing!

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