So, how about my room? Actually, my room is not much big, but not small. My bed is set close the wall, and two windows top on my bed’s “head” and “foot”. Top on the back side, there put my impossible thing. My wardrobe is on the war and right of the corner, there is an AC set over there, and near my bed’s head is a middle desk. But is used to put debris and snacks, because I have a beautiful tiny desk can let me work on my bed. Outside of the room is the talisman on the door.

              Long years ago, before I was born. My grandmother requests this talisman from an old monk master in an old temple in the mountain of my native town. Then my grandmother gave this to my mom to protect her. If my mom would take any transportation, it will my mom safe.

              When I came to the U.S.A. I met a lot strange things. Like ghost. One time, I can feel the ghost press down my body and I can feel four hands are holding my arms and feet. I met this three times in one week. Also, I dreamed there are 2 million people died in Taiwan and when I  woke up, the ghost is pressing me. Also, I really saw how is she look like, and I met slender-man before, even I don’t know how I survive. So, my mom knows that gave that to me, and put on the door of my bedroom. To let the evil and negative thing out of my room. How to describe the talisman? It made by a yellow fabric and cinnabar, and the monk should pray for it day after day. This is my artifact, is a protection, is my grandmother and my mom’s love.

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