Author: Charlie

China’s Big Secret

For a while now, I’ve always noticed that countries with totalitarian Governments like the Soviet Union and North Korea, have kept secrets.  We’ve all heard stories that in North Korea they do things like block out western culture, and starve their citizens. But something that very few people know about, are the well kept secrets of China.  What is their secret? Well, China has almost 30 concentration camps, where they keep millions of muslims in efforts to “re-educate them”.  Many people are calling this the largest mass incarceration of people in the world today, and the territories where these camps are in, span the size of Mexico.  

These internment camps are said to construct the detainees into “Prototypical Chinese Citizens.”  This may sound relatively harmless, but in fact it’s quite the contrary.  Some have said that “It echoes one of the worst human rights violations in history,” with an abundance of constant surveillance and brutal torture, it truly is sickening.  In the camps, the Islamic prisoners are subject to forcibly eat pork, drink alcohol, and the women are forced to marry Chinese men, without any consent. (Somethings that go against the Islamic faith)  Those who do not comply, are subject to whippings, solitary confinement, and are even starved.  

These prisoners are going to be subject to PTSD and psychological damage for years to come, and it’s up to us to stop these disgusting acts, and help these people live better, more fulfilling lives with the freedom of religion, and not be tortured or beaten due to what they believe in.