Dear Life Academy Students, Staff and Families:


We are writing to you because we want to address the topic of child sex trafficking. Child sex trafficking is a big issue in the U.S.A, because there are millions of kids being abducted and sold to others. Child sex trafficking is caused because there are youth who are not able to have the correct and needed resources to take care of themselves and were not fully aware of their surrounding so they end up getting targeted by pimp that want to get children to sell their bodies in order for them to profit off of them.


The issue we are addressing in this letter is the problem of child sex trafficking. We feel the cause of this issue was because a lot of kids our age have family problems and some get kicked out of there home and have nowhere to go. Some decide to become sex workers because they need money. In an article written Nicole a young woman states, “¨She agreed, fearing she had no choice. “Where was I going to go?” said Nicole, now 17 and living here, just down the Interstate from Medford. That first exchange of money for sex led to a downward spiral of prostitution that lasted for 14 months, until she escaped last year from a pimp who she said often locked her in his garage apartment for months¨(IAN URBINA). This shows that there are many runaways they have been victims of child sex trafficking. There are many people that don’t get to express their story. This need to be put out there because they want to be heard and should be heard and speak to the teens that are having problems and think about running away and alert them of the possibilities to be trafficked.If these young women speak out there would more likely be a lot more awareness and be a lot more young woman who don’t get caught upor tricked into child sex trafficking.


 For our week of change we will have allies people who will support us , who were either victims of children sex trafficking themselves  or have seen it happen before. Also, the people who stand with the victims who come as a form of support.

Our opponents will be rapist, pimps, kidnappers, childmolesters,, and other people who engage in this horrible, inhumane process. With having these allies we may be able to enlighten them and others around them in order to bring to light the fact that Child Sex Trafficking is a big deal.  


We will start by informing people by starting a instagram account about child trafficking and informing them. We will be posting facts and links so people could go see how child trafficking is happening on daily bases. Also start Hashtags, so it will be world wide and everyone who support us will be able to spread the word. At school we will ask for permission to use chalk and write down facts and our hashtag around the school so people could see our moment.  This is a movement that will be adding a small drop to the penny, everyone and every movement starts off small. It is just a beginning of our movement. When we get noticed and people start using our hashtag that means we are making a bigger move.


We are confident on our instagram account because we know as soon as someone who  or who has alot of followers or someone who is against child sex trafficking they will give us a shout out and gain us and it will help spread the hashtag and support our movement are supporting our move.  We will also be using chalk and writing out stats on child sex trafficking each day in order to bring awareness to our school campus. Were going to be putting up pictures and posting facts around school campus as well. Alison will be tweeting, and the rest of us posting up pictures using our hashtag.






 Daniel, Jildardo, and Alison


Annotated bibliography


“What Are the Statistics on Human Trafficking of Children?” Ark of Hope for Children,

This website has accurate stats in which are up to date. This is not a biased website which can make this source trustworthy. This source is credible because not only do they have accurate statistics but they are giving information to inform and not change points of view.


Urbina, Ian. “For Runaways, Sex Buys Survival.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 27 Oct. 2009,

This article was published on the New York Times. This is a very trustworthy article to get information, and it has real survales who have been through sex trafficking. They share their story to the world and need to be heard.

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May 30, 2018 5:24 pm

Hi my name is Jessica. Something I like about your article is that this topic is a very important topic and I like how you included social media to start and make kind of a movement to help people with these type of problems. A question I do have is how do you think doing a movement would help this people and what would you plan to do if this goes bigger than just a hashtag.

May 30, 2018 4:33 pm

My name is Naydelin Sanchez and I’m a tenth grader at Oakland Unity High. I enjoy the fact that you included social media in your writing, that part of so many young people’s lives.

May 30, 2018 3:53 pm

My name is Jenny I really liked all the information that you provided and that was given. This shows that children should not be treated the way they’re being treated we all as humans that we are should have are own voice no matter our age. I like the way you are trying to resolve this and make it better. But how exactly??..

LaDaysha Ingram
LaDaysha Ingram
May 24, 2018 9:06 pm

My name is LaDaysha and I am a sophomore at Oakland Unity High school and I really liked your article.It is very heartbreaking when a child is pulled into a situation like this.I like your idea where you want to write stats on sex trafficking.This a serious issue and needs to be solve getting the word out would really help.

May 24, 2018 8:57 pm

Hello, My name is Ariana I really liked your article. I like how you used a lot of details in your reading to justify child trafficking. I agree that this is a big issue in the USA and this issue can be major in other countries too!

May 23, 2018 4:46 pm

I am a sophomore at Oakland Unity i really like your article and it is sad how many children have to do all of those thing because they don’t have other options. In Colombia many man go to columbia just to have sex with girls ages 12 and up, Most of the girls do it because there is no other way to survive and because they don’t have the opportunity to have education.

May 9, 2018 7:21 pm

Hello everyone.

My name is Jada and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project and I have some feedback. One thing I liked about what you wrote was when you said you will post hashtags and stuff on social media and I think it’s great that you will reach out to people on there. Something I have a question about is where did you find all your information from.
Thank you for sharing your project!

May 9, 2018 6:57 pm

Hello everyone.

My name is Jada and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project and I have some feedback. One thing I liked about what you wrote was when you said you will post hashtags and stuff on social media and I think it’s great that you will reach out to people on there. Something I have a question about is where did you find all your information from.
Thank you for sharing your project!

May 9, 2018 6:55 pm

Hello everyone.

My name is Jerry and I am a student at Fremont High School here in Oakland. I just read your project blog post and I have some feedback.
One thing I liked about what you wrote was how you wanted to start a movement. I like how you’re using your hashtag to spread the word, and using social media in a very useful way.

Something I have a question about is how exactly are you planning to solve this issue, or what are you going to do once you come into contact with an activist, and what I can do to help solve this problem.

Thank you for sharing your project! – Jerry

Leslie Young
Leslie Young
May 9, 2018 2:03 am

I really enjoyed reading your plan to address the issue of trafficking. Using social media to bring awareness is a great idea. I would suggest incorporating the statistics into what you wrote. The more explicit you are and the more evidence you can use to back your claims the better. Overall, I can tell that you are very passionate about the issue of trafficking and you have clear ideas regarding your plan of action.

May 9, 2018 1:58 am

This is a great article, about a very important topic thank you for taking this issue seriously. I think your plan of actions is good and will certainly raise awareness of child sex trafficking. I would suggest starting future articles with statistics that that would hook in your audience about the terrible truth of child sex trafficking. I am a little unclear on paragraph 4 where you mention ” They will not care about what we will post” and later say “may be able to turn their life around if they read our posts”. This seems a little confusing, and you may to clear up whether you believe you will be able to reach the predators and have them turn their life around.

Kendall Howard
Kendall Howard
May 9, 2018 1:49 am

I really enjoyed reading your blog post! Child sex trafficking is an important issue that often does not get the attention it needs.

I like your idea about writing stats on sex trafficking at school to bring awareness to the issue. Perhaps you could move that section in your last paragraph to the fourth paragraph where you explain the other steps you are taking to make a stand on this issue. I think it would be more clear if all the steps for your project were in the same paragraph or at least one after another.

I also think you could make your post stronger by being more specific about what you will be posting and sharing with others. Instead of just saying you will post a picture, maybe give an example of the kinds of pictures you will post. Also, what if you posted quotes from sex trafficking victims on your Instagram? I believe that could be extremely powerful!

Overall, I think you all have really great ideas to get the issue more attention. This is a serious issue and I think your plan for using social media will be effective to get people more informed.

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