1. In this text, the central idea is that people will do anything to try to get into a country whether they have to risk a child’s life or not.  In support of their central idea, the author writes “He also pointed to how families risk their children’s lives either by bringing those kids with them or by “renting”(Davis 2022b).  This supports the central idea because it clearly says that parents are selling their kids even though they know they’re risking the kid but just want the money.  The author also writes “These children are vulnerable; they’re actually the ones who need the help,”(Davis 2022b).  This supports their central idea because the central idea is basically talking about how parents risk their children just for someone to get into a different country without any regard for the child well being.  A final piece of evidence that supports their central idea is when the author writes whether it’s mom or dad, aunt or uncle, or some stranger getting something out of it. (Davis 2022b)”  This supports the central idea because it really mainly focuses on the issues of the border and families exploiting children just to try to get into the United States which is basically the central idea is all about that people will do anything to try to get into a country whether they have to risk a child’s life or not.

2. My thoughts on this issue are that it does need to be solved because these are kids being used just for money and to try to get families that are not even related to citizenship. My reaction to this is I feel sad and angry because no kids should be used just to get another family citizenship and for money. Some people who rent their children might have a different perspective on it and might say that it is good to sell your kids. This information helps me further answer my question on why there are border issues because of the many children being sold just to get someone else citizenship.

One question I still have is “What is being done to solve child exploitation.” “ Another question I still have is “ What other issues are still going on the border?

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