Laura is a dynamic character. Her archetype changes over the course of the play. At the beginning of the play, she is the archetypal she is the underdog person. This can be seen, where the author writes: “[The back door is pushed weakly open and LAURA comes in. She is obviously quite faint, her lips trembling, her eyes wide and staring. She moves unsteadily toward the table. Outside a summer storm is coming abruptly. The white curtains billow inward at the windows and there is a sorrowful murmur and deep blue dusk. LAURA suddenly stumbles – she catches at a chair with a faint moan.] TOM: Laura!  AMANDA: Laura !217 LEGEND: ‘ AH!’] [Despairingly] Why, Laura, you are sick, darling! Tom, help your sister into the living-room, dear! Sit in the living-room, Laura – rest on the sofa. Well.” Laura have little chance to show that she is a different lady but she is showing her weakness 

But in the same chapter, Laura has begun to transform into the archetypal nobody. She didn’t change her archetypal but she mentioned from the beginning that she wouldn’t sit at the table for dinner. “LAURA: I don’t know, Mother. All I know is I couldn’t sit at the table if it was him!”

Laura is no longer the person who was shy in the beginning of the play. If the reader reads into the end of the play we can find out that Laura talks with Mr.O’Connor as a regular person without feeling embarrassed. 

A reader might predict that the turning point for Laura comes when Jim kisses her. We see that Laura changes automatically after Jim told her that he is going to get married soon. 

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