Nowadays pollution is a widely known topic. Especially with global warming happening. As humans, we need to step up and start coming up with better ways to live our lives that minimize or disclude the use of fossil fuels. Before we can make the change though we need to be able to recognize what are the major contributing factors to pollution. Fossil fuels, greenhouse gases, and waste are huge buzz words when talking about human-caused pollution. 

Fossil fuels are a big factor in pollution. They are widely used by humans for energy in cars and factories. “‘Burning fossil fuels releases gases and chemicals into the air’”. Another thing fossil fuels are used and known for is heating as well as providing electricity. The next factor in human pollution is Animal husbandry and Agriculture. This produces greenhouse gases that are a major factor in climate change and air pollution. “Greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture (aka. the cultivation of crops and livestock) are created by a combination of factors, one is the production of methane by cattle. Another cause is deforestation”. Lastly the waste that we create that goes in landfills also contributes to pollution, especially ocean pollution. “Landfills are also known to generate methane, which is not only a major greenhouse gas but also an asphyxiant and highly flammable and potentially hazardous if a landfill grows unchecked”. These are the human causes of pollution. Of course, there are natural pollutants but if humans can diminish their impact on pollution it can help greatly!

There have been many efforts towards lowering the human use and need for pollutants. Acts such as the Clean Air Act have been put in place to help guide the way to clean air. “But the best, most effective way to control air pollution is to speed up our transition to cleaner fuels and industrial processes”. Renewable clean energy sources can help prevent the use of fossil fuels in our daily life. Also living a low waste or waste-free life is a good way to cut back on pollution.

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