Celebrating Christmas During Covid by Molly

December 3, 2020


Celebrating Christmas During Covid

2020 has brought us closer together than ever before; however, the way we celebrate the holidays this year is anything but together. People love celebrating the Christmas season and look forward to their family gatherings and traditions every year; however, this may not be possible this year. With the Covid-19 pandemic still a major influence in our world today, people all around the world are wondering what the beloved Christmas holiday will look like. Although there may be no Christmas parties or New Years Eve celebrations, there are still multiple ways to enjoy the holiday season. With concerns of the Covid-19 pandemic surging, families are finding innovative ways to connect with their friends and family and spread holiday cheer.

Christmas is a holiday strictly dedicated to spreading joy to those around and joining together with family to celebrate your Christmas cheer. This year is anything but normal and the holiday season is no different. Additionally, “A major concern during the holiday season is coronavirus spread related to dinner parties, with households moving into tight quarters with friends or family that don’t live in their home” (Krstic). The typical large family gatherings and parties to celebrate the holidays can no longer happen with concerns over interactions with others. Although the quintessential holiday traditions are not possible, experts are encouraging families to create new memories for their families to look back on for years to come. Many people are looking forward to their family zoom calls or outdoor activities to create some normalcy during the holiday season. However, “Zoom fatigue is real, though: If you can, make events in-person and outdoors, even if it means a quick chat while everyone’s bundled up” (Milbrand). Even a small amount of time spent with family, even in cold weather, will offer a sense of a typical holiday season. We now know that this time spent together is more precious than ever, and people should not take for granted the time they have together. Furthermore, “If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how much the people in our lives mean to us, so go ahead and spread some happiness where you can” (Milbrand). Even a small act of kindness can brighten someone’s day and offer some holiday cheer into their life. This year we can find meaning in the little things and be grateful for what we have. Although this year may look different for the holiday celebrations, we can still find creative ways to come together and celebrate our blessings. 

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