1. In the article “CBP officers in El Paso stop three drug loads in one hour” The Central Idea is “ There is so much effort being put in by the CBP that they can find anything illegal. The author writes “ A secondary search including a non-intrusive inspection resulted in the discovery of 64.33 pounds of methamphetamine”(Maier 2023). This helped their central idea because when they did the second inspection they later found the drugs that would have entered if there was no second inspection, which shows the efforts CBP puts in to find the illegal narcotics. A second piece of evidence is that “a canine performed a screening of the vehicle aiding CBP officers to locate 2.33 pounds of cocaine”(Maier 2023). This also helps support their central idea since it shows another way the CBP is trying to stop contraband from entering as they now have trained dogs to help them. The last piece of evidence that helps build their relationship is “CBP officers conducting pre-primary inspections in the lanes south of the primary inspection booths selected the vehicle for further scrutiny”(Maier 2023). This last piece of evidence helps build the author’s central idea because they even had an inspection before the inspection even began since they suspected a car of having drugs which later went on the inspection, when later inspected it was caught having drugs. This shows another way the drugs are being caught. In Conclusion, the central idea of the author is “ There is so much effort being put in by the CBP that they can find anything illegal.” This is the central idea because these three pieces of evidence show the ways that the drugs are being caught and the efforts they have to put into finding the drugs as they now have dogs, more inspections, and have the hunch of a car having drugs to stop them from coming into the U.S.

2. My thoughts have changed because I used to think that CBP was doing nothing to stop the smuggling of contrabands. They have now changed because I have read that they do stop the smuggling but I think that because it is so stressful that times they might make a mistake and not stop the problem. Really do not have an opinion on it because I could care less about this issue because It is not my problem to deal with but if I had to voice my opinion on this issue if I cared was that I am happy that CBP is really doing something to prevent contraband from coming into the united states. This helps answer my question “What is CBP doing to stop the contrabands from coming into the United States?” It just answered my question because I now have the answer on what they are doing to stop the contrabands, what they are doing is having canines trained to smell and find drugs, and they are also having inspections on cars to make sure to stop the issue, and CBP is being trained to think that a car has drugs or weapons if it matches the criteria to stop the car. Some of the questions that I might have for looking for my 4th source is what happens to the people that are caught with drugs? Do they get sent back to their country to go to trial or do they get trailed in the country they were caught at?

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