Why is depression and stress hard for teens to overcome ?

My friend’s uncle had to deal with stress because he  was getting divorce from his wife and had bills to pay on his own. His wife and him use to go half and half on the bills and now he has to pay it on his own.Also, he has to move out and find a new home for himself and has to give his wife child support and half of his belongings.This caused him a lot of stress because he had to many responsibilities to deal with all at once.This stress can lead to depression but he was lucky and got support from his family and got back on his feet.

Teens find it hard to overcome depression because they are traumatized of a old experience that they could not handle.Also, the obstacle is to hard to deal with that the person just keeps everything inside which makes the person go through depression.Stress is another thing people struggle to overcome because they have a lot they dealing with in life. For example when a person has to “take care of an elderly or a sick family member” causes people to be stress.Also, when you lose a job or are getting “divorce” because people need to have money to be able to pay their bills and sometimes  people are deeply in love with the person and can not be focused in anything except that loved one.Also they are losing everything like their belongings to that loved one and their time.These problems are usually overcome by having support by a family member or a therapist.

I would like to know what are questions that therapist asked to help the person in need. Also, how can we be stress and depression free.Another thing is how did depression become discovered.

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January 18, 2018 8:46 pm

Dear John,
I am impressed by your post, “Causes of Depression” because it is very true. Teen nowadays like to keep things inside because we feel like we can not trust anyone or no one will understand.
One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is, “Stress is another thing people struggle to overcome because they have a lot they dealing with in life “ I think this is also true because stress does come from having a lot of things to handle by yourself especially when it is hard to do it on your own. It does become a struggle because we want everyone to see that we can do it even when we can not. Sometimes you do need someone to tell you what to do.
Another sentence that I read was, “These problems are usually overcome by having support by a family member or a therapist”. This stood out for me because having someone very close to that you can tell everything too can be very helpful with letting go of stress.
Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next because you are very smart for knowing and explaining what us teens and different people may be going through.

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