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I believe that teachers have a negative impact on student lives such as bad teachers and toxic environments such as school and or parish. We all know that kids will always remember their favorite teacher or administrator but we all remember that one teacher and or administrator that completely ruined school and had such a negative impact. Now these teachers shouldn’t be teachers and I will explain why I think so.

The reason I say these words is because these teachers in a way made us feel as if we were stuipd as if we felt targeted in a way or were flat out not to usel. We have these teachers that we could never go up to because they made us feel this type of fear of going up to them or such as asking a question and the teachers not really even explaining the sleeves instead of helping they just blow them off. But on top of that teachers don’t care about mental or physical health. Evey teacher as always said that they were a teenager once which is true but i feel like as if being a teenager in there time was different and the way we dealt with things were different we were taught differently 

A statement I found that can help prove that bad teachers affect lives. according to this article about how math teacher shows’ that lack willing to teach and and try showed adults in their 30’s and 40’s, were still convinced that they were bad at math due to experiences they had in their formative years. It was too late to change their minds”. This shows the impact I had on students 20- to 30 years out of school that they still don’t believe is good.

“coding” my view!

What is coding ? People usually say that Coding is a skill where you take instructions (the steps in a task) and translate it into a language the computer understands since computers do not communicate like humans. , but I believe coding is a creative way of using computer keys and commands in a creative manner to create simplified and engaging programs to better explain  situation or make challenging phenomenon easy to visualize? Does this mean that  coding is for only people who are computer geeks or people who are interested in stem and computer science or technology? no!

When coding is mentioned  ,people tend to think of geeks and it specialist but in taking this course i have come to the realization that coding is for everyone and can be use d in a creative and fun manner .but how can we make coding to appear easy and interesting to people other than those in the technological field? how can e male it easy for them to understand the directives and instruction as well as the concepts and also let them see the feasibility of using coding in a creative ,computational ,and a problem solving tool or asset. people might how can we do this ? This makes me think that using Resnick’s 4 p of project peers passion and play  to enable people see the simplicity as well as encourage them to use coding(scratch ) as a computational tool.

how can we make coding relevant in early childhood education? we can use the same approach of the 4 p but in this considering the age of kids in the early child hood setting make the project more fun game but educational at the same time From this, I also believe that we can use coding to teach children who are fluent in languages other than English using the coding system or picture language coordination so they can have fun with it but learn at the same time. I believe early childhood educator should have the option of introducing coding in their setting not as a mandatory content but as an option in the technology center in the classroom to develop the interest of children in coding before they reach the elementary or higher levels and also for them to see it as a fun content for every one and not geeks only

Paste the URL to your scratch program below as a text response. ☞ What does the Stage have in common with Sprites? the common factor in the stages is that it all shows even or location of the spirits day at every point in time. ☞ How is the Stage different from Sprites? the stages are where the event the spirit engages in takes place . ☞ How is the “change backdrop” block similar to the “broadcast” block? these two blocks are similar in the sense that they both allow you to change an aspect of your program at a command or allow you to sequence speech or events

Paste the URL to your Scratch program below as a text response. ☞ How would you describe broadcast and receive blocks to someone else? a broadcast block is an even block that ensures that the current element is broadcast to any linked targets. A receive block activates its script when the specified broadcast has been sent by a calling script ☞ In this project, you remixed another creator’s program. Explain what remixing is in less than 3 sentences remixing is Changing project as desired, such as changing costumes, or fixing bugs caused by errors in scripting. the Modifications must be done to the projects before uploading. and they can be changed to your desire

Did you find yourself following the individual steps of the debugging process? Why or why not? yes, I followed it because it made it easier for me to identify the bug and fix it ☞ Paste a link to your favorite Debug it! program

Am I Capable of Computer Science?

How can we encourage a growth mindset amongst students regarding Computer Science? How can we motivate students to believe that they too can engage in Computer Science? People usually say that those able to do Computer Science are those that are either of a certain race, gender, economic standing or level of intellect, but I wonder what has made them come to such conclusions? Does this mean that our personal beliefs on whether or not a student is capable or worthy of being taught the subject area could affect our ability to teach them? How then can we dismantle such biases and do our best to provide them with the same opportunities as others?

When Computer Science is seen as a subject that is only exclusive to a certain kind of student, are we truly providing an inclusive education to all students? In describing what a student interested in Computer Science might look like, we may describe them as a person of a certain apprearance and even ethnicity, reflecting a very limited representation of other types of students within this realm. Many educators might suggest that the lack of teaching Computer Science may be a result of scarce resources or a lack of interest on behalf of students. This makes me think that they are not willing to take a step further and try to overcome the obstacles that could potentially hold a student back from tapping into their full and for some, dormant potential of excelling in the areas of computational thinking.

How can we truly overcome the bias, economic and social obstacles to help students see themselves as capable enough to engage in Computer Science? Encouraging students while providing them with the opportunities to engage in Computer Science is what can set a student on a path to break down barriers and discover a new subject that they may have not even knew of.  From this, I also believe that as educators, we can be driving forcing that mark the difference in our student’s beliefs about themselves through the additional supports we provide.

Computational Thinkers NOT Robots

How can parents support the development of computational thinking in young children? People usually say that children are too young to develop computational thinking, but there are age-appropriate computer programs and activities that can help introduce computational thinking in young children. Computational thinking can be defined as taking a complex problem, breaking it down, and finding possible solutions to it. Computational thinking is important because it fosters problem-solving and creative thinking.

When people think about computational thinking, they immediately associate it with computer science or math. Does this mean that in order for young children to be computational thinkers they have to be good with computers and math? This is not necessarily true. Young children can use their computational thinking across different content areas and everyday context that do not require the use of a computer. An example of how young children can activate their computational thinking skills is through simple daily activities. For example, when picking up their toys after play children are problem solving by thinking and reflecting on their cleaning by making sure that the toys are put back to the place where they were originally found. Another example is when getting ready for school children are taking small steps such as brushing their teeth, getting dress, gathering their materials and more to complete a more complex activity. This makes me think that parents should be more involved in learning about computational thinking and how they can help their children develop this skill in order for them to be able to find possible solutions in any given situation.   

How can teachers encourage parents to incorporate computational thinking in everyday activities? Teachers should work together with parents to help develop computational thinking in young children. Teachers can provide parents with examples of activities or games they can perform with their children to help them use their computational thinking skills.  I believe that if teachers and parents work together, they will not only prepare children to think creatively and define and solve their own problems, they will also help strengthen their relationship with that child.

A sprite is a special character image and a costume can be described as different movements/poses that can be made by the sprite. 

 My Scratch Program includes my family composition, things I like to eat, and things I like to do.

This is a project I created by following one of the tutorials in Scratch. Scratch has many step-by-step tutorials that can help users learn about new skills they can use in Scratch.

All the sounds I incorporated in my build a band program were taken from the Scratch website. I included instrument sounds such as C Trumpet, Tap Conga, and C2 Elec Guitar to better represent each instrument in the band. Also, I included other sounds like Drum Funky and Hi Beatbox to make it sound more like a real band.

 In this project, I remixed another creator’s program. Remixing refers to modifying an existing program on Scratch to contribute to the creators ideas.

Why it is important to be introduced to Scratch?

Why is important to know Scratch? People usually do not agree with the idea that Scratch he’s students to develop computational thinking, but I all the time propose parents to let their kids express their ideas and what they know through Scratch, where their learning can become more attractive while they use their thinking. I explain that some topics in math, biology, or other sciences course where students feel frustrated to understand the concept, by using the scratch they can build different games where they can learn those concepts. One of the examples is how a water molecule is formed and I how my project in Scratch to have it as an example for them.  Does this mean that SCratch is only used for subjects in school, I can say no. Scratch can be a useful way to connect with others, through projects people can interact with each other by giving ideas or help each other to build a project. By using their thinking and coding, our brain is more active, by rising self-esteem and pride for what you have built in your project. Today is very important to interact with each other, even though you do not live in the same state, through Scratch you can have friends around he works and see other people’s world.

When I first learned about Scratch, I was questioning why I need to know this program.  this program helped me to be more confident using computer skills and also to see it as another mode of how to create and express my thoughts.  Scratch is a way to bring out what we really want to say or express by using sprites and putting our world in them. It is not an easy program, but through steps, it gives os many find rent ways to create games, an interactive program. the challenging part is to try out how blocks work with each other to present a cation, and this took me a while to learn it, still, I am learning.  This makes me think that Scratch is a program that helps my brain to think more and to be more creative. The scratch project About me was the one that grabbed my attention since is a way that students can interact with each other. Some of us can be shy to talk and say things in front others, so with Scratch they can express themselves by choosing sprites, backgrounds, and adding sentences while using different blocks.

Why do we need to incorporate Scratch in our curriculum? Today that I am more related to students and I can see how boring sometimes can be just giving lectures and doing the assignment, Scratch is a very useful program. Students can learn how to be creative and use their ability to use this program  From this, I also believe that teachers need to know how to use scratch in their curriculum, how to incorporate computational thinking based also on the subject that they teach. It is important to give our students space to express themselves, and I see scratch as the best possibility.

Paste the URL to your scratch program below as a text response. ☞ In a few sentences describe what your Scratch Program says about you. The Scratch program allowed me to use backgrounds and sprites while I was writing about myself. It allowed you to express your words by using different sprites and blocks. ☞ What is one new thing in Scratch you learned while creating this program? I learned how to use more than one background while changing my thoughts. If I want to connect my sentence with the right background I was able to do it, by using the blocks wait and change the background.

Credit for the Featured Image: From “The Learning Partnership

Coding for Children

Will teaching children to code in early educational settings have a positive impact on students’ education performance? People usually say that children are very young to learn to code. They might agree that coding is complicated for children and a  very difficult task from which they would not benefit. But when young children are exposed to coding in the classrooms, this promotes and supports children’s inquiry development. Does this mean educators should implement coding as part of the children’s learning curriculum? I believe learning and teaching how to code will help students to achieve their educational success. Therefore, educators must be prepared to support students with the appropriate materials to make this learning experience enjoyable.

When coding is introduced and implemented in the classrooms, children could develop their critical thinking,  and also gain confidence in their problem-solving abilities. Does coding only support students’ computational development? Teaching children to code is an important skill that children should learn because it provides opportunities for young learners to grow and expand their knowledge in different academic subjects such as math, writing, reading, and other skills, which are valuable in life. In addition, coding encourages children to be creative. This makes me think that in educational school settings, children should be engaged and learn to code. Children learn a lot through play and, with a program such as Scratch, they would have fun and learn. For instance, a coding program as Scratch allows children to learn different skills that will improve their performance while they are learning to code. In addition, educators can take advantage of this program because they can create lessons that involve students working in collaboration with their peers. Also, educators would be able to learn more about their students because they can create projects in which they would share their culture and personal interests.

Should more schools embrace Scratch as part of students’ learning and academic success? I believe programs such as Scratch should be incorporated into the curriculum because this program will help students to have a better understanding of different academic areas, and also reach a maximum learning potential.

Students could find this project fun, also it gives the opportunity to be unique creating their own project. 

I feel good because I could pause it and repeat it as many times as I wanted. Also, having a step-by-step instruction for something that I have never done before it feel excites me because I did not feel lost.

My Scratch Program tells where I came from. what I love and enjoy. Also, it tells about my family composition.  I spent a lot of hours creating this short program but I really enjoyed it. I learned that you can draw your own sprite, add sound, and upload your own backgrounds.

Scratch Programming: My Starting Journey

Why should students learn through examples rather than through direct information? People usually say that students do not need to learn abstract concepts at early ages and just need to know how to prepare for exams, but instead examples should be used a building blocks to help students reach an engagement towards abstract learning.? Does this mean that students can independently reach towards deeper learning but being more engaged with the material?

When an example is put on the board without context, it has little meaning., at the end of the day do we want students to pass the exams and move on, or do we want them to learn and flourish? Our job as teachers is to help students prepare for their futures, this means helping the knowledge we give them stay with them. Many people will say students do not need to remember most of what they learn in school. This makes me think that if this is truly the majority opinion shouldn’t we teach students in a way that emphasizes what they should use in their futures.

Should the school curriculum be revamped to have a balance between standard academics and life skills? Showing that we care is how we prepare students for independent success. From this, I also believe that education should be a seen as a powerful tool that students can feel confidence in using to reach for their own goals.

☞ Did you find yourself following the individual steps of the debugging process? Why or why not?

– I tried my best to follow the individual steps since I know they are a good practice, I made sure to at least compare what the program was doing and what it should be doing. I have some programming background so it was hard for me to just jump right into it.

☞ Paste a link to your favorite Debug it! program – , I had a bit of a trouble with this one the edge bouncing confused me but I decided to revisit what the program wanted and then work with the commands I had.

Marina’s Scratch Funhouse

How can computational thinking be authentically integrated into writing workshop? People usually say that computational thinking is more connected to math and science, but I think that the inclusion of computational thinking, computer science, and coding into a writing unit will open a tremendous amount of doors for young writers who may have never considered the possibility of Scratch as an entry point for written expression.

When narrative writing, specifically play-writing, is introduced to students, what if students were able to use Scratch to support the writing process – brainstorming, composition, revision, editing and publishing? I think that this would be a powerful way for students to have their words come to life through the animated characters, engaging backgrounds, and even interactivity for their audience. Not only that, it seems as though parts of the writing process are similar to computational thinking and it would be worth the time to work with students to notice the similarities and differences.  Some people might say that writing has a specific structure and way that it needs to be done in an paragraph format or an essay. This makes me think that it would be important to emphasize that structure lives within computational thinking as well in the form of algorithms and careful attention must be given the sequence of blocks and commands so that the story is cohesive and focused. It may be beneficial for many writers to have the visual component side by side while they compose so that they can clearly identify places or moments that they are glossing over or they do not make sense. This is an area that can be challenging for writers of all ages and experiences.

Can a writing unit be taught using the language of computational thinking rather than the language typically associated with the writing process?  Algorithms are at the heart of strategy instruction and task initiation and completion. If students are given a writing task from the start (write a play), with support and guidance from an educator, they can decompose the task into smaller pieces to establish the ordering that needs to be followed to get from brainstorming to publishing. With Scratch, this may look like – Select a background for the setting, choose two sprites as characters, identify a conflict that the two will encounter, etc. Instead of brainstorming, planning and drafting, the writer could say that they they are decomposing, From this, I also believe that revision could be explained as abstraction – We look back at the story and take out what is unnecessary

Scratch Surprise – I could see the language within the blocks posing a challenge to all learners. Not only is coding a language in itself, the written language has vocabulary that may need to be explicitly taught to students. However, I think students would enjoy Scratch as a playground to experiment with and perhaps discovering on their own what each block means and does which in turn would support their independent building of vocabulary in an implicit manner.

I did not feel limited by the 10 blocks. It was a fun challenge. On my first round, I used 11 blocks and upon review, I realized that there was a block that I could eliminate and still get the effect that I wanted.

I like tutorials and use them often but I often feel impulsive and impatient when I am waiting. I found that pausing and working through a tutorial side by side helps me to be more productive. It’s hard to compare the projects. I feel that even though there were specific objectives, they were still open ended enough to create something unique.

The Scratch program shows that I like to have fun with new tools. I tried out a bunch of new blocks and sprites including using the drawing tool for to draw a sprite and uploading a png file to add a sprite. Thanks for that tip Tom! One new thing that I learned while creating this project is that I can change the effect of a sprite. For example, I had arrows appear to point to a purple balloon after I said that my favorite color is purple. I used a mosaic setting.


Declawing cats is a serious matter that should be thought about twice before going through with the decisions. Many people don’t understand what’s so bad about taking the claws off a cat but once they realize that their claws are unable to grow back, they also realize that their only proper defense has been stripped away which leaves them to hiss and bite.

As a former cat owner, it really stresses me out, knowing other cat owners are declawing their cats because they can’t afford to replace the furniture or don’t want to get hurt. With proper training, cats will not attack you unless you provoke them first. Having proper toys is also important since a scratching tower will wear down their sharp claws and cat towers would improve their mood and behavior. Trimming claws are always an option, much more friendly and safe.

A scratch presentation was made in order to spread awareness of this topic. While making this animation I actually found out about cosmetic declawing. Even though it may be safer than tendonectomy and laser surgery, it’s not recommended at all. Cosmetic declawing may appear to be harmless but the procedure can always go wrong and without their claws, cats will end up more aggressive than before. Some side effects of declawing can impact their stance which can shorten their life span.

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Is It Worth It? (The Little Mermaid)

In this retelling of the classic fairy tale The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen, you, as the reader, get to influence the story. Controlling the main decision the mermaid makes, you get to decide whether she will take the risk and become human…or remain a mermaid, at the cost of losing her chances at love.

Creating this was a time-consuming effort. Coming up with a concept, while difficult, turned out to be the easiest of any component. Writing believable dialogue that didn’t take up too much time was difficult, and subsequently cutting out some was also not easy. Storyboarding, while easier, was still a challenge, and the constant lag didn’t help. Creating the final product did not require much creativity, as everything had been written already, but making sure that everything happened at the right times proved to be a major challenge. I had to constantly edit the amount of seconds waited, or add new boxes to ensure that a sprite would be in the right spot at the right time. It was also time-consuming and repetitive, as most of it was a matter of copy-pasting dialogue and calculating the waiting time necessary

[iframe src=”″]

A link to my project

Click this link to view the full process!

To Procrastinate, or Not to Procrastinate? That is the Question

I adapted the classic story “The Ant and the Grasshopper” by Aesop and turned it into an interactive scratch animation. The story was originally about a lazy grasshopper and a hardworking ant. The ant was hard at work during the summer to collect food for the winter. When the ant suggested that the grasshopper begin preparing, he was ignored. However, when the winter came, the grasshopper, who procrastinated so much that he had forgotten to collect food for winter, had found himself dying of hunger. The ants on the other hand, who were working hard all summer, had plenty of food and when winter came, thus they were prepared. Using scratch, I created an animation that gives you the original story, along with an option to see how things might have worked out if the grasshopper had done his work when he was supposed to. At first the grasshopper might’ve been exhausted from working in the hot summer sun, but in the end he would’ve been prepared for when winter came. Furthermore, the grasshopper might have been able to befriend the ant. In order to complete the animation, I first had to create a script containing both the original and alternate endings to the story. I then had to create storyboards to plan out what everything would look like in my animation. Finally, I used scratch to bring my story to life!

Here is the link to my animation and my script so that you can check it out:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

What if the princess lied? “The Princess and the Pea”

Hi there! Have you ever heard of the tale of “The Princess and the Pea.” If not, then you are missing out on a bunch. Go out to the real world and buy yourself the book and enjoy it. Or you can watch my take on the story as I give you a choice on whether the princess lies to the queen or the princess tells the truth to the queen even though the consequences may be bad. When the Queen asks the princess whether she had a good night’s sleep or not, the princess gives you the ability to respond to the Queen whether she did or she didn’t, you can do this by typing “A” or “B.”

“The Princess and the Pea” was originally written by Hans Christian Andersen, but was later adapted by many people, then I adapted it.The original ending was where the princess spoke the truth, where she told the queen the truth, where the bed was so uncomfortable, she couldn’t sleep at all. The alternate ending was where the princess lied to the queen, where she didn’t want to offend the queen, so she lied and said that it was the comfiest bed she had ever slept on.

This animation started off slow, but as the code got more and more complicated, it took a longer period of time. First, I started off by searching for a fairytale, then came to a consensus that I would do “The Princess and the Pea.” Next, I wrote a script for Act I, Act IIA, and Act IIB. Act I being the beginning, Act IIA being one of the options the viewers decide to make, and Act IIB being the other option the viewer can make. Then, I made storyboards on Act I. Then, I made storyboards Act IIA and Act IIB together. Finally, came the coding on Scratch, which in my opinion was the hardest part.

I could go on and on and tell you all about the animation, but you can simply go watch it.

[iframe src=””]

To watch my animation and to see the script click here:

“The Boy Who Drew Cats”

Introduction To My Animation:
I am posting my scratch animation which is about the story “The Boy Who Drew Cats” by Hasegawa Takejirō. The idea behind this project is identifying major moral decisions in the text and creating an alternate choice or decision. “The Boy Who Drew Cats” is about a boy who must decide whether or not to return to his family after being kicked out of a temple. The boy’s passion save a whole town from a huge threat. But in my alternate ending where he chooses to return home, the threat continues to terrorize the village. The boy is a little boy who has a passion for drawing cats. His father is a stern man who doesn’t tolerate children who can’t help him in life. The boy’s brothers are all excellent farmers who make fun of the boy’s lack of skill. The priest is kind and recognizes the boy’s real skill. The giant goblin-rat is menacing and threatening. I chose this fairy tale because it is about a boy who’s passions and his love for his passion helped save a village. It has a strong moral about not giving up on what you love, which is what I was trying to portray in my alternate ending, when he gives up on his passion.

Embed Code For Animation:

This code will take you to my animation when copied and pasted into a browser search bar.

Here is the link to my Final Project planning page.


I’d like to tell you about my wonderful fairy tale project Aladdin. I used scratch to bring the story to life.This fairy tale is about a boy called Aladdin that is being used to get a lamp that will allow the person holding it to make any wishes because of the genie inside. Aladdin does get the lamp but he used it himself to get what he wanted. However the sorcerer got mad and wanted to take tall of it away. In my ending, Aladdin doesn’t get the lamp and he doesn’t make any wishes. Instead him mother betrayed him and went with the sorcerer a so Aladdin made them disappear. To make this project I first found a story and I chose Aladdin. I read the story through and found a part where Aladdin makes a big decision that could affect the outcome and I made a different ending depending on what the viewers choice Aladdin to do. I wrote my script and I did storyboards for both act I and act II. After that I started programming on scratch.
The reason for this link is to show the process of making this animation and what changes I made.

The Thief and His Mother Animation

New Animation Based on Aesop’s “The Farmer And His Sons”

From the producer of “The Witch’s Dilemma” comes a brand-new animation… this time based on a fable!
Presenting the adapted “The Farmer And His Sons”…

My animation is based on a fable by Aesop. It is called “The Farmer And His Sons”. It is very interesting. Once upon a time, there was a farmer who owned a large estate. He has two sons. One day, he called them into his room, ready to break the news. He had gotten very old and knew that he was dying. He told his sons that there was treasure buried somewhere around the farm! Before he could say more, “Father” passed away. In the original version, there was only that one outcome. I added an outcome where the sons choose not to listen to their father (thus they do not respect their elders- the moral of the story). They do not dig for any treasure, disagree over this and don’t do any work all summer. I won’t spoil the ending, but there is one “happy” and one “sad” ever after, so to speak.
I choose this fable/fairy tale because it wasn’t too over complicated and the decision that had to be made wasn’t so much of a stretch, it came naturally. Many people had to make up decisions because they choose fairy tales that were long and not really based on a choice, more of an adventure. “The Farmer And His Sons” already had a good implication for a choice to be made! And it is clear which ending is the morally correct one and which one is wrong.
To make this project, I first wrote a script based on the original fable. I scripted two endings- one following the original story and an alternative that I made up. Then I made storyboards showing the action in the acts. This was the planning stage. Finally, I made the animation part by part, animating the characters to have conversations and move around until it became an actual story. When I made the animation, I used the script and storyboards as guidelines to help me build the final animation. In total, it took about 4 hours.

Here is the link to my storyboards and script-

I linked this so anyone can see what work went into my animation and learn how to do it themselves. They can see my storyboards and script. It may be an interesting experience.

The Children of Hameln (The Pied Piper of Hamelin): Animation by Yours Truly

Hey! Are you bored? Then watch my “wonderful, amazing, spectacular, fabulous, beautiful” animation based off of the hit fairytale, ‘The Children of Hameln’ by the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. You won’t regret it. I promise! (DISCLAIMER: NO MONEY BACK GUARANTEED)

The Children of Hameln is a fairytale about keeping your promise. The once peaceful city of Hameln was plagued by rats. The distraught citizens seek out the help of the Pied Piper, a man in bright colored clothing, who promises them the extermination of the rats in exchange for guilders (money). The Piper gets rid of the rats using his fife, which controls the rats and drowns them into the River Weser. The citizens promise, but they never intended to keep it, leaving the Piper exiting in rage. In return the Piper kidnapped the children of Hameln, showing that promises should be kept.

In my animation, the alternative ending includes the citizens keeping their promise, ultimately leading to the protection of the city, as the Piper provided the citizens with a conch shell. The conch shell calls upon him when they are in harm’s way or in trouble.

Through a periods of weeks, I created this animation by creating the concept, writing the script, creating the storyboards and making the final animation. Creating the concept was easy, and I researched about fairytales to find the appropriate one for me to adapt upon. After that was the script and I used the original story to base my script off of. The storyboard was made by taking what I wrote in the script and reflecting it in pictures. And finally making the animation, which is made using Scratch.

Project Submission:

^ The link above sends you to my project submission if you want to take a closer look at my script and storyboard mentioned above.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears: What would happen if Goldilocks didn’t eat the porridge?

I made an interactive scratch animation. I took the classic fairytale Goldilocks and the Three Bears and adapted it. Goldilocks and the Three Bears was originally made by Robert Southey. The story is that 3 bears live in a cottage. A big bear, a medium bear, and a small bear. One day the bears make some porridge and go for a walk. A little girl comes into their house and eats their porridge, sits on their chairs, and sleeps in their beds. The story has a moral decision that the little girl, Goldilocks, makes. Whether to or whether to not eat the bear’s porridge. In my animation, I decided to question what would happen if Goldilocks didn’t eat the porridge. I had Goldilocks wait till the bears got home and ask for some porridge. She ended up becoming friends with the Bears. To make my animation I had many steps to do before I could actually start creating the finished product. I treated my animation like a movie. I had a script. Then I had storyboards. Once the script and storyboards matched each other I made sure that the animation would be satisfactory. Then I started creating the animation. To make sure I didn’t lose my mind, I decided to do parts of my animation each day. I ended up finishing my project before I needed to and was very happy with the overall result.

To see my script and storyboards go here:

My Fairy tale Remix of The Princess and the Pea




In order to make this animation work click the green flag.

Intro to my fairy tale remixes The Princess and the Pea.
I remixed The Princess and the Pea making it much longer and I had an alternate ending. The Princess and the Pea is about a princess who is stuck outside on a rainy night and gets welcomed into the home of the king and queen when they found her outside. When she gets welcomed into the home of the king and queen the queen doubted the princess, not believing she was a real princess. To make sure she was a real princess she put a pea under 20 eider beds and waited until the morning. The queen knew that only a princess would be as sensitive as to leave the pea under the 20 eider beds. When the princess woke up she told the queen that she slept terribly and now that the queen knew that she was a real princess she allowed the prince to propose to her. However, in my alternate ending the princess told the queen that she slept good and with that she left the palace right after she changed into clean clothes with the prince never proposing to her. The process to making this animation was very hard. First I had to make a script that had to be revised over and over again to fit the constraints and design specification I needed to meet in order to complete this animation. I also had to create multiple storyboards making backdrops and editing characters in order to sketch out my animation. The process of making the actual animation was very challenging. There was a lot of coding involved and I had to make sure the timing was perfect and make sure I included everything including their movements.
Here is the link to my script and storyboards

The Fountain of Youth turned into an interactive animation for kids

^ This is my modified script and storyboard. I decided that people can use the script and background as a starting point for their own ideas and such.  ^

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to look at this post! This post is about my fairy-tale scratch animation. The story is called The Fountain of Youth. In the story, there is an old couple lived in the mountains. The man cut wood, and the woman wove every day. One day, the man found a spring and drank from it. He became a young man. Delighted, he ran home. His wife said a young man needed a young wife, so she would go and drink, but they should not both be away, so he should wait. He did wait, but when she did not come back, he went after her. He found a baby by the spring; his wife had drunk too eagerly. Saddened, he carried her back. I wrote an alternate ending to this story “The wife said “A young man needs a young wife” so she wanted to go drink from the spring as well. But the man said “ I should go in case something happens” So the man and the women went to the spring. The women were about to drink a big gulp, but the men stopped her saying that if she drank too much she would become too young. So the woman drinks a few small sips, and become young again. The men and women went back home happy and young.

The process of making the final project wasn’t difficult. By following the script I made and looking at the storyboards, the project was done. Timing the code correctly was a bit hard though, but I managed.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff~ Adaptation

Hello, I would like to tell you about my remix of the famous fairy tale, “The three Billy Goats Gruff”. This was an assignment for technology where I had to go through a series of steps in order to make a final animation of an adaptation of a fairy tale. If you have not heard of this famous fairy tale, I will give a short summary. Basically, there were three goats, each of different size. They were starving as their land was deprived of any vegetation. So one day they decided to cross a bridge to get to land where there was plants and grass and they could eat before they starved to death. However, on the bridge was a hungry vicious troll. The first goats was clever enough to persuade the troll to let him go as he told the troll that the goat behind him was bigger and tastier. The second troll had done the same and the troll let him go as well. Then the third and biggest goat was brave and decided not to do the same as his brothers so he defeated the troll with his horns. However, I created an alternate ending to fit the assignment, where the goat had to decide to whether lie to the goat and say that his grandfather who was even larger would shortly be there, or just defeat the troll. If the goat decided to lie to the troll, when the goats would come back home and through the bridge, the troll would still be there but this time merciless where he would eat up all the goats.
To make this, I had to make a script of the two acts and the two endings. Then, I had to make a storyboard on storyboard that for both acts. Finally, I had to make the animation which took me quite a while on

~My animation This is my link to my script to show you one of the steps I took to plan out the final animation I made of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”


The Bride’s Death-Song

People read fairy tales all the time and usually, they all have a moral learned through a bad decision the main character makes. In “The Bride’s Death-Song,” by Lady Francesca Wilde a story about a girl who has powers to know the weather as long as she doesn’t tell anyone about it. She decided to not tell her betrothed about it even when she knows the weather conditions will be so bad that he will die because of them. She chose a morally bad decision and ended up paying the consequences by dying alone in depression with no one to love, not letting go of what happened. In my scratch animation in addition to the original ending, I display the alternative ending in which she chooses to tell her betrothed and sacrifice her powers for him. She ended up dying happily. This may not seem like a hard process to make this animation, but it was. I made a script, revised it, made storyboards for the first act, one for the original ending and, one for the alternative ending. Including all the dialogue in my script and the actions and backgrounds from the storyboards, I managed to make my animation.

Check it out down below, it’s pretty interesting and entertaining!

If you check out the document below, it shows all my hard work required to make this scratch animation. It included my script with the multiple edits and my storyboards.

The Frog Prince Remix

This is my scratch project, that is a remix of a fairytale. The project is based on the story, The Frog Prince, by the brothers grimm. In the story, a princess drops her ball that she was playing with into a pond. A frog decided to make a deal with the princess, where in exchange for the frog retrieving that ball for her, the princess had to take care of the frog. Although the princess did not want to, she ended up taking care of the frog. Later, when the princess got annoyed by the from, she threw him into a wall and the frog turned into a prince. The princess and prince married, and lived happily ever after. My alternate ending for this story was the princess not keeping her promise, so she did not get to live happily ever after. To complete this project, first, I made a summary of the project. Then, I did a script that included all the dialogue and actions that the sprites do. After the script, I made 2 storyboards, for the 2 acts of the story. This helped me picture what the animation would look like better finally, I began my project with the work spread out into a couple of days. When I finished, I shared the project on the scratch website, and it was done.
Embed code:

Here is my script and storyboards:

The Ugly Duckling


This is my scratch project animation I did during class as a project. It is about The Ugly Duckling, adapted by me. The story was originally made by Christian Hans Andersen. In this fairytale, he tries to teach children that you shouldn’t judge people by external appearances. Just a quick heads up, I made an alternative ending so it is your decision which should the duckling look like. Enjoy 😉

Here is a link to my Storyboards and Scripts:

The Ugly Duckling Animation- Kindness and Reality

Do you like ducks going in adventures? Well, you’re in for a ride! My animation is based off the fairytale “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen. The duckling is bullied his whole life for having gray feathers. All the farm animals refuse to play with him because of his looks. One day, when the duck is walking he is captured by an old woman greedy to receive eggs from him. The woman, her cat, and then hen make fun of the Ugly Duckling for not being able to do anything but be his ugly self. Later as the nights pass, he escapes and lives in the reed bushes for months. He matures into a beautiful swan and finds a new family who cares about him. My alternate ending is where the Ugly Duckling finds no escape and has to live with the torture of the old woman and the cat. He is then exposed for being a male and kicked out of his only shelter. He suffers in the harsh weather and slowly matures into a bird. When he talks with the other swans he is still rejected. Fed up with being looked down always, he decided to leave to the West and start a new life. I worked on writing the script and making changes in red to cut out parts and in blue to add any new changes. I used storyboards to plan out how the setting and the characters would look. Then I began programming on Scratch.

I linked this document, so readers can see my work process behind the animation.

Animating ‘The Princess on the Pea’

Believe it or not, one minute of animating can take up at least one page of coding. I experienced this firsthand when I was animating The Princess on the Pea on Scratch. The Princess on the Pea is a story written by Hans Christian Andersen. Although it is ridiculous and can be nonsensical at times like most fairy tales, Andersen teaches the valuable lesson of not judging people too quickly through it. It starts off with a prince who is looking for a princess to marry. However, his mother fears that most women will lie about their status to manipulate the prince. When a stranger approaches their castle on a rainy day, the queen is faced with a decision of whether to trust the girl or not. She also places a pea underneath the princess’ bed to test how delicate she is, hence the title of the story. The queen’s trust is rewarded with the prince and the princess getting married under their kingdom and living happily ever after.

Our Technology assignment was to create an alternate ending if the protagonist chose otherwise. Therefore, if the queen chose to not let the princess stay in the castle for the night, then the story would’ve taken an entirely different turn. When I conjured up the alternate ending, I showed that too much pride can be harmful and can cause you to drive away the people close to you. At the end of the alternate version, the prince still marries the princess, but they are in a kingdom far away from the queen, who is now left with nothing but a dying husband.

It was a very difficult process putting ideas into codes. First, we had to create a script to visualize the flow or length of our story. Next, we had to put it into storyboards using Storyboard.That. Last but not least, it was obviously required for us to synthesize our work into Scratch. One thing that I’ve learned from this project is to never procrastinate and put off work to the last minute. Things can get more hectic than a fairy tale if you are forced to finish up three days’ worth of work in one evening.

Here is a link to the original script, where it all began.

Cinderella Remix

Cinderella Remix

Everyone loves Disney’s Cinderella movie. I took my own spin on the story in my scratch animation. The original story by Charles Perrault features a young maiden who is forced to be a servant to her mean stepfamily. The Prince of the kingdom holds a ball to choose his wife. Cinderella’s stepfamily doesn’t let her go. However the Fairy Godmother comes to Cinderella and gives her a dress to wear and a carriage to take her to the ball. At the ball she meets the Prince. But there was a restriction, she had to leave by midnight. In the rush to get home, she loses her glass slipper. The following day, the Prince goes around to every lady in the kingdom trying the slipper on their foot to see if it fits. Eventually, he finds Cinderella and they live happily ever after.

But what if Cinderella wasn’t patient with her stepfamily. In my interactive animation, the viewer has the power to choose Cinderella’s path. If the viewer chooses to be kind, the original ending will play. But if the viewer chooses to be mean, Cinderella is prohibited to go to the ball and is locked in her room. Her fairy godmother doesn’t arrive, and her stepsister ends up marrying the Prince instead. For the rest of life she is forced into being her stepfamily’s servant.

To get to the final product, I first made a script, containing the dialogue and stage directions. Then I created a storyboards for the first act and each of the endings on Finally, I created the finished animation on scratch.

Here is a link to the script and storyboards:

Echo and Narcissus- With a Special Twist

In the fairytale “Echo and Narcissus” written by Ovid. The main character, Echo, who is a nymph living in a forest comes upon the goddess Hera. Hera asks her if she had seen her husband, but he had told her to keep quiet. She did so and got punished with not being able to start the conversation and can only say the words someone else said. Later, she stumbles upon a beautiful prince and starts to follow him. With her new curse, she is unable to communicate her love for him and he quickly leaves her. He stops by a pond and looks at himself and falls in love. He sits there for days with Echo hiding in the brush behind him. He slowly turned into a flower and Echo soon after. In my alternate ending, Echo had exposed Zeus’s location to Hera and was rewarded with the power to sing with her mighty voice all throughout the land. Her and had also commended her on her singing abilities. I had first created a script, which I changed throughout the rest of the project. Next came the storyboard, which is a collection of pictures to show the story. Afterwards, I started the animation process. I chose this story because i thought it would be interesting if I added a twist with dinosaurs. Enjoy!

I included a chart of what I did and changed to help the reader understand the process better and show the reader what I did.

The Most Amazing Version of, “Little Red Riding Hood” Ever Told- With Alternate Ending

Intro- Almost everyone knows the public fairy tale of “Little Red Riding Hood” made by the Brothers Grimm. Until now, a all new alternate ending is made through scratch. Org. Make a decision of whether Red should speak to the wold or run away, experience the consequences Red deals with throughout the animation. Should she listen to her mother and not talk to the wolf, or follow her own good willed heart/ personal instinct? The stories starts with Red in her own house, then she goes onto meet the wolf in the woods. The viewer interacts with the animation when a typing bar is presented at the bottom of the page. The animation is truly engaging especially with the option to choose an alternate moral ending for the story, with a separate set of consequences. The first ending has Red speak to the wolf disobeying her mother. The wolf then goes to her grandma’s house dressing like Red’s grandma deceiving the little girl. Eventually Red goes to the house and when she is about to be eaten and axemen jumps through the window and kills the wolf with his ax. The alternate ending has Red run away from the wolf, then she feels sorry for him. He continues not to be mean and scary, he admits that he was just hungry. They then go to Red’s grandmother’s house and have a feast becoming great friends. The process of making the animation was quite fun, it required lots of work but I truly enjoyed re-creating the well known fairy tale.

The link above is for accessing my script, and storyboards prior to creating the animation.

The Red Shoes

I’d love to tell you about my fairy tale project. I chose the fairy tale, “The Red Shoes”. It is about a girl named Karen who just lost her mom, an old lady adopts her. After being adopted she becomes vain. When seeing the princess wearing red shoes she must have a pair. She wears them to Church, which I guess is forbidden. The old lady is furious. After a soldier begging for money comments on the shoes Karen does a little dance, but cannot stop. Lucky the Clergyman had time to pull them off her feet. The old lady becomes ill and Karen wants to go to the ball. She wears the red shoes. She dances out of the ballroom all through the night. She sees the old lady being buried in the cemetery. She eventually goes to the executioner to have her feet cut off. In my scratch animation I chose the choice of what shoes to wear the night of the ball. If she chose to wear brown shoes she would have a great time at the ball, then return home and finally talk and say goodbye to the old lady. The next day she would go to the executioner and have the red shoes cut up, but they would hop away and never be seen again. Creating this project took a long time. I had many difficulties and had to work very hard for it to be completed before the deadline. I had to create storyboards and create a scipt. Thank you for taking time to look at my post and see it.

Little Red Riding Hood the Animation

Hello fellow viewer, I would like to introduce you to my fairy tale animation. You’ve heard of Little Red Riding Hood before, right? It’s the story about a little girl who sets out to visit her grandma and meets a wolf. She decides to tell it where she’s going. After that, her grandma is eaten and a little while after, she is as well. My animation provides a choice where you can choose whether or not to tell the wolf where Little Red Riding Hood is going. In my alternate ending where Little Red Riding Hood doesn’t tell the wolf, the wolf ends up dead with axes sticking out of its body. Creating the animation wasn’t a simple process. In fact, I had to first come up with what I was going to make the animation about. I chose a simple, yet meaningful fairy tale and wrote a script based off of the original story, which was written by Charles Perrault. The next step was to create a storyboard for my animation, a reference that I could base my final product off of. After the storyboards were created, I made the actual animation.


     <iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


The link above is there so you could see the script and storyboards I made for my final animation as well as any modifications made throughout the process.

Frau Trude- By the Brothers Grimm Adapted by Tenzin J

Tenzin J
My scratch project is an interactive story based off the the fairy tale Frau Trude by the Brothers Grimm. In the story there is an obstinate and inquisitive little girl who disobeys her parents by going to Frau Trude, a witch, when told not to. On her journey she sees a black man, a green, a blood-red man, and the devil himself. When she arrives at Frau Trudes house, she is greeted with Frau Trudes wicked behavior. Frau Trude turns the little girl into wood and burned the wood.
In my project, the alternative ending is the better. The little girl gathers her village to fight Frau Trude together and they succeed. Frau Trude is killed and the little girl gets praised. She lives lives to the fullest and continues to be that obstinate and inquisitive girl that she is. In the project, when being asked the decision the viewer must click p for the passive way or k for the killer way.

Here is my story script and storyboard

Mercury and the Woodman: Sophie


Recently, I made a fairy tale project in scratch and I would like to share it with you. In my project, I adapted the story of “Mercury and the Woodman” by an unknown author and renamed it “The Witch and the Poor Man.” In the story, a poor man goes looking for bread with one bronze coin. As he walks by a river, he accidentally drops his coin into it. A witch then shows up and tells him that she sees a gold, silver, and a bronze coin. In the original story, the poor man tells her the truth and says that the bronze one was his. The witch is impressed and gifts him an endless amount of coins. In the alternate ending, the poor man lies and says that the gold coin is his. The witch becomes very angry and gets rid of the bronze coin, leaving him with less than before. To create this animation, I searched up many fables and fairytales online until I was inspired. I then had to make a script and create a storyboard. Lastly, I created the animation on Scratch over the span of a week.

Link to script and storyboards:

This is a link to my project script and storyboards so that you can see the whole process of this project. It also shows the original script and storyboard that the animation was based on and follows.

Little Red Riding Hood Animation on Scratch by Tenzin C.


There are some really good fairy tales out there, as well as some… not so good ones. But Little red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault is a classic. In my scratch animation, the original story is animated, but there is an alternative ending for you to view. Briefly, Red lies to the Wolf and sends him out of town, while the Hunter finds the wolf and a perfect opportunity to make some money. The process was not as simple though. I first had to write the script and create the storyboard for the project (link below), and then the coding could start. There were many different problems that I came across but i finally managed to come up with this masterpiece. A preview of the animation is below. Enjoy!

This is the animation scratch!

This link has the script and the storyboards that were made and used.


The Lion and the Mouse

My animation is about the “Lion and the Mouse” by Aesop. I adapted it. In Act I, the lion spares the mouse and when the mouse says he will repay the king, the king laughs heartily. Then 2 hunters come and capture him and the king begs the mouse for help. In Act IIA, the mouse decides to help the king and the king gives him the respect he deserves. In Act IIB, the mouse decides not to help and the king gets very angry. I created this animation in 3 steps. First I wrote my script. After making edits, I started making my storyboards. Then the time came to start working on my actual animation. I did Act I first, then Act IIA, then Act IIB. All of these steps led to me doing and completing my project.

The link to my script and storyboard:

Othello, Close Reading Act IV Scene II



A halter pardon him! and hell gnaw his bones!

Why should he call her whore? who keeps her company?

What place? what time? what form? what likelihood?

The Moor’s abused by some most villainous knave,

Some base notorious knave, some scurvy fellow.

O heaven, that such companions thou’ldst unfold,

And put in every honest hand a whip

To lash the rascals naked through the world

Even from the east to the west!



Curse Othello!

Why would he call Desdemona a whore? Who sleeps with her?

Where, when, how?

Othello must be tricked by the most cunning knave

Some notorious trickster.

Oh heaven, reveal these companions,

And put a whip in the hands of good people to whip them

From the east of the world to the west.


Leading up to these lines were the beginnings of the open fury of Othello. Be accuses Desdemona of dishonesty in their relationship, and he viciously questions Emilia. In this scene, Othello condemns Desdemona while Desdemona and Emilia attempt to reason why Othello acts so strangely now. In the meantime, Iago is attempting to misdirect any suspicion that could point towards him.

These lines demonstrate the gravity of the scene through imagery in hyperbole. These lines are relatively straightforward, condemning whoever is causing Othello grief. Ironically, Iago stands with them in the very same room.




O good Iago,

What shall I do to win my lord again?

Good friend, go to him; for, by this light of heaven,

I know not how I lost him. Here I kneel:

If e’er my will did trespass ‘gainst his love,

Either in discourse of thought or actual deed,

Or that mine eyes, mine ears, or any sense,

Delighted them in any other form;

Or that I do not yet, and ever did.

And ever will–though he do shake me off

To beggarly divorcement–love him dearly,

Comfort forswear me!



Oh good Iago,

How can I improve my relationship with Othello again?

You are his good friend. Go to him. By heaven,

I do not know how I frustrated him. Here, I swear:

If I have ever betrayed his love

Either through any unfaithful thoughts or deeds,

Of if my eyes, ears, or anything

Delighted anyone else in any way,

Or if I will or ever did falsely love,

Even if he were

To divorce me, I will love him

Or else all comfort abandons me.

Immediately following her, Iago, and Emilia’s conversation, Iago ushers Emilia out of the room so as to stop her from further perpetuating her conclusion that someone close to Othello was manipulating him to either take his power or simply commit an act of vengeance. Again, this is a scene plagued by irony.

The Process of the Making: I’m Proud

Rebecca Jane Scoot was an ordinary teenager that was inspired by her cousin to live her life for Jesus. Ever since then, her life became harder but it was worth it. Although many judged her for her weird actions of believing god, she didn’t care. My story starts off with Rebecca in her room .,land changes into her shirt for the day while listening to the radio, it is April 20, 1999 and this was the day of the Columbine massacre, where Rebecca sadly passed away taking a bullet on the arm and one in the head. She turns the radio off after the newsman says that 110 years ago, Adolf Hitler was born. Her mom yells that she would be late, so she tells her mother that she loves her and leaves. Rebecca then drives her brother, Christopher Scoot, and herself to school at Columbine High School. Christopher was a part of the “gang” with all the worst bullies, who all wore a white hat. This is when Rebecca asks him why he wears it and is that who he wanted to be known for. Christopher couldn’t take it anymore and said “Later, lamo” which were his last words to her before she died in the massacre. She later realizes that living a life for Jesus is hard, but by having one person stand out of their way, Rebecca herself, and show compassion, it could start a chain reaction, Mrs. Diaz, the drama teacher, was very helpful during the process of thinking through who she really was.


My story was inspired by a real girl named Rachel Joy Scott who actually died during the Columbine Massacre, producers created a movie about Rachel J. Scott called “I’m Not Ashamed” in 2016. The process of making this animation on Scratch was not easy and took quite a long time to make starting scratch. This process took about a month to make, making the script, comic strips from Storyboard That, and finally making the animation itself. This was not a hard process, it just took quite some time and it took a lot of thought to make it. The concept of this story came from a movie that came out in 2016 called “I’m Not Ashamed that was about a real life girl who died in the Columbine High School shooting/massacre, Rachel J. Scott. Many things are changed throughout the animation and credits were given for the idea. The script took about a week to make, and the ideas may have been taken from the movie, however, the script did not follow how they were in the movie. The storyboards did help with how I would see how the Scratch animation would turn out. The animation probably took the longest time, since all the inserting boxes, copying and pasting scripts, but after all this it was worth it, since it looked AMAZING!


[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

My Scratch Animation- Shades Of Gray

My story, Shades of Grey is a twist on the average plot/fetch quest because the character who “wants” the item, Mr. Dragon, talks about how the actions of the main character, Midnight were morally wrong because the way that he just stole the item from the “antagonist” the Elder Dragon since the Elder Dragon did nothing wrong to anyone else. This explains the title because a good story with a hero doesn’t have the morals of the characters painted in black and white, rather, they are in shades on grey. To create this, I thought of the type of story that I wanted to make, and then I created a storyboard to visually represent the entire plot and setting of the story.
I then went coded the entire animation on Scratch.

What about the Wolf’s perspective?

My Scratch animation explores human morals through a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood, where we get the wolf’s perspective on the situation Little red Riding Hood is in. Little Red is on her way to Granny’s house like in the original tale, but when she arrives, she feels compelled to ask the wolf about his side of the story. She finds out he is actually a starving vegan, and really need food. Her grandmother calls the hunter nonetheless. Can Red find a way to persuade the Huntsman not to commit the crime? The main characters are Little Red, Granny Lee, Wolfie, Midge Hunt, and Wolfie. Little Red is curios and kind hearted, Granny Lee is quick to judge, Midge Hunt follows the leader, and Wolfie is very kind. I had to code quite a bit and ended with probably at least one hundred tiles in my animation. I found one small mistake in the beginning of my animation while I was debugging and had to go back and do a quite a bit of work to find the mistake and fix it. We started off our projects by making a script on google docs in official script format. We had to revise our scripts two to four times. Once we had finally completed our scripts, we began storyboarding. We had to make storyboards for all three acts. We had to do each one separately, and then revise. After that, I finally began my animation. It took a lot of work to assemble because there was so much coding involved in the process. But I persisted and I finished.


Digital Storytellung: Starting from Scratch!

A story is a cluster of words that has the immense power of bringing people together. The story that I wrote and animated represents a part of me that I’ve been reluctant to face for years: the need to please others and “perfect” my work. The protagonist, Annie, symbolizes my heart. In my heart, I feel the need to receive other people’s approval. Annie seeks her mother’s approval, who is one of the side characters and a mathematician, about her artwork. The antagonist represents logic, and her name is Clara, Annie’s older sister. Although she tries her best to foil Annie’s plan of showing their mother Annie’s artwork, she unintentionally teaches Annie the lesson of believing in oneself.

This story was part of a larger Technology project in our class. It was similar to the process of producing a movie. First, I wrote out the story into a script with stage directions and dialogue. Next, we organized a storyboard to visualize where the characters would be. Last but not least, we animated the characters into a Scratch project. It was a long and rigorous process, but the final result was worth it.

Read About this New Amateur Animation: ‘Mirrored Match’

Twins, Harper and Gretel Wellington, are two sides to a coin. With Harper being born with supernatural powers, excelling intellectually and physically, Gretel is constantly being compared to her. This sparks feelings of growing hatred and jealousy. Gretel always lacks in compare to Harper, with only having high intellectual capabilities. The two, being twins, care for one another very much, and bonds deeper than one of mother and daughter. But jealousy blinds Gretel and slowly she forms a plan to put Harper six feet under.

The animation starts off with Mrs.Wellington (Harper and Gretel’s mother), starts berating Gretel over her bad, but not failing, grades, and ends up arguing. Harper comforts and calms down Gretel after their mother leaves. The scene switches to Harper and Gretel coming home from school. However, on the way back, Gretel gets kidnapped by some type of creature. Harper flies and tries to find her sister after the kidnapping.After searching for a while, Harper finds solace in going to her sister’s favorite place to think, only to find that her sister hasn’t been kidnapped and Gretel reveals her malicious plan. Harper defeats Gretel, triumphing reluctantly over her.

The scratch animation itself took about 3-4 weeks in total, with the first step of completing it being creating the concept. My creative juices weren’t really flowing and I was stuck for a while for creating the concept of the story. However, thanks to reading cliche plots, I was able to whip up something. The nest part was creating the script. The script is quite important as it helps you plan out what ‘carries’ or tells the story. The script was divided into 3 acts, with beginning, middle, and end. After the script was done, I used it to make the storyboards that provide the scenes for the animation. Finally, I had to create the animation. I must say, this project grew my already-existing dislike for Scratch. I came across a few problems, with one being using the wrong characters in the first Act, requiring me to restart and exchange dialogues. Editing saved me and helped me along. Procrastination didn’t do much for me though.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Project Submission and Self-Evaluation

The Newest Scratch Project: “The Battle For The County Fair”

In my scratch animation, the protagonist, The Cheese Man, and the antagonist, The Bread Man, both compete in a county fair. The judge of that fair is the governor, who is a pig. The Cupcake Man also plays an important role in my animation because he is The Bread Man’s sidekick. In the first scene of my animation, the governor announces the competition to the Cheese Man and Cupcake Man. Then, in the next scene, the Bread Man and the Cupcake Man team up to steal the Cheese Man’s Cheese. That night, when they steal the cheese, the Cheese Man sees them and accuses them of stealing his cheese. In the last scene, the governor presents the prize to the Bread Man because the Cheese Man has no cheese until Cupcake Man confesses that they stole the Cheese Man’s cheese. The Cheese Man wins the fair and the Bread Man is banished from the town.

I came up with the plot of “The Battle for the County Fair” when the project was first introduced to me because I wanted something entertaining and unusual. When writing the script, I stuck with the same idea of having food and animals as actual characters who can speak. I came up with a conflict between the protagonist and the antagonists as well as two side characters; the governor and The Cupcake Man. After the script was made, I made three different storyboards for each act of the script. The first and third acts all were set in one background while the second act involved three different settings. When making the final animation, I used the storyboards I made to match what I envisioned in my scratch animation. For my character’s lines, I simply copy and pasted from the script while following the stage directions also written there. 

Goob and Bab

Goob and Bab intro:


Goob- the protagonist that helps everyone

Bab- the antagonist that is mean to everyone



Goob and Bab are friends, but Bab does bad things while Goob does good. One day, Bab decides to end his friendship with Goob, and steals Goob’s hat. Goob theaches Bab a lesson and gets his hat back.


The process for making the story:

First I made a summary and got some advice from others. Next, I made a script, and then edited it based on some more advice. Then, I made some storyboards to describe the story, while following the script. Finally, I made the animation on scratch.

Embed code:

<iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Screen shot:

Project submission page:

The Witch’s Dilemma- America’s Newest Magical Adventure

From the producer of teacher-acclaimed “The Surprise Party” comes a new and spellbinding short film- The Witch’s Dilemma!


What would you do if you just found out you were a wizard? And what would you do if you just found out one of your classmates was a wizard as well- a powerful, dark one at that? In “The Witch’s Dilemma”, Abby, a twelve-year-old newly discovered witch, became excited, though confused. With the help of her sister, Ruby, she learns to master the magical arts and sets off to defeat evil once and for all.


Magic and wizardry hit American family screens once again- this time not as full-length movies, but a Scratch animation.


First of all, I must thank Hagrid from the Harry Potter series for introducing J. K. Rowling’s main character to the magical world, giving me inspiration for the concept of my story. As I lolled around on a lazy winter’s day, waiting for genius to come to me, I thought of Hagrid- his kind, caring demeanor, the way he protected Harry and brought him the biggest surprise of his life. Thus, the character of Ruby was born- an elder sister to Abby, helping Abby navigate through her new life. Our main character, Abby is sweet and innocent, always trying to do some good in the world. Avery Smith, on the other hand, though she may appear quite erudite, coyly hides her true identity from everyone around her- until Abby and Ruby stumble upon her secret.


Do not be fooled by the length of the final product. Much effort was spent to bring Abby, Avery, and Ruby to life. First, a script, or screenplay, was created. The screenplay of a play or movie writes out the dialogue and actions the characters must take. Camera cues are also included, though in this was not required in Scratch, as the only the backdrop is able to change. Out script is separated into 3 acts- an introductory act, the climax, and the resolution. After the script was written, three storyboards were made- one for each act. A storyboard is often in the form of a comic strip and shows the shots planned for a movie or television production. Storyboards help directors and camera operators get organized and decide how to film the movie. Storyboards helped our production as the movement and general dialogue of the characters at each point in the animation were all shown in the storyboards, making them a useful reference when creating the animation.


The final animation was relatively simple to make, as the script and storyboards had already done much of the work in creating the story. All that was left was to program it. Scratch uses “blocks” of code which can be attached to create a string of code. These enable a character (“sprite”), backdrop, or both to do anything imaginable, from changing colors to telling a long story, complete with speech, sounds, and movement. The movie took around 5 hours to create as I tried to make the animation as perfectly coordinated as possible- one of the drawbacks of being a perfectionist. Scratch can oftentimes be frustrating. A glitch or mistake in your code may cause the entire animation to play incoherently, and you only discover this when you play the entire animation afterward. It can also be difficult to get the code right, and time-consuming.


Despite this, I had an enjoyable time being a producer, director, screenwriter, and editor. By using creativity and perseverance, and constantly drawing on my imagination, The Witch’s Dilemma turned from a crazy bubble of an idea I was harboring as a last resort in the depths of my mind, small and fragile, to what it is today. Pressing the play button when I was finally done and watching my creation for the final time… it was all worth it.


Here is the link to my storyboards and script-

Coming to computers on April 20, 2018.

Scratch Animation: The Cookie Conundrum

Scratch is a website that allows people to create animations and games through block based coding. In a Scratch animation I created, called “The Cookie Conundrum,” Chewy the cookie monster was the antagonist, and Bailey the baker was the protagonist. Chewy can’t seem to bake cookies right, and needs to satisfy her craving by putting on a disguise and stealing cookies from Bailey, baker of the world’s best cookies. But Bailey catches Chewy chomping on some of her cookies, and hit her in the head with a pan. Bailey realizes that Chewy only wanted a cookies, and they ended up becoming friends. 5 years later, Chewy becomes a successful owner of her own Cookie Factory with Chip.

The process of making the animation included many steps, not just coding. First, I had to create the concept and plot. Then, I wrote a script that included dialogue and stage directions. I created storyboards to plan out how my animation would look using the website This helped me develop the visuals. Finally, I used to make the final animation.

The planning page for the animation:

I hope you enjoy my animation! It was a challenge to make, but it’s an amazing experience once you have an animation that you created on your own!

“The Fish Who Lived” – Enticing Animation by Daniella L.

In my story the main character is Blue, who lives in the ocean with his best friend Guppy. Guppy is a secondary character who is a big influence on Blue’s life. He is a resemblance of an older brother figure to Blue, and helps him view things more realistically. Overall, the story takes place when Blue and Guppy are enjoying each other’s company. Blue then becomes upset revealing to Guppy that he wants to sail around the world. Guppy then points out that he is a fish and that is impossible. Blue grows upset and tells Guppy that he will go see Electra the witch so he could become human. Guppy tries to warn Blue but he soon runs away. Upset and distraught Blue is walking on when Electra appears to him. She tells him that she thinks his dream is great, and she could possibly turn him human. But for a cost, she must own Guppy for one day only. Hesitantly after a lot of thinking Blue agrees to the deal. When Guppy appears in Electra’s possession, Blue realizes that he has made a mistake. But he is already human and sitting on the boat of the ocean. Without much thinking he dives in the water to rescue Guppy. He finds Electra’s cave and throws a potion on Electra turning her to ash and dust. Blue turns back and to a fish and reunites with Guppy. Guppy understands why Blue did what he did. Blue then comes to a conclusion that his friend Guppy is more important than his impossible desires. I wanted the script to be playful and light hearted, but to also convey a deeper insight. Creating this concept was fairly easy. I didn’t want it to be ordinary with regular backdrops. But I wanted it to be full of action, and I also wanted to use animals in the animation. Creating the animation was fairly difficult because of all the movement and costume changes I added to my fairly detailed script. But I divided my time well, and the animation ran fairly well.

Unit 2 Project Submission and Self-Evaluation

Instructions: Replace the questions/instructions in square brackets with your responses.
Your First Name
Title of
your Story
The Fish Who Lived
Finished Story URL

Final Developer’s Log
Your Script
The Fish Who Lived




Blue- the protagonist in the story who has a deep desire to sail around the world and truly, “see” it.Yet the boundaries of the ocean and him being a fish make it difficult for him to do so.
Guppy- He is rather a secondary character in the story. Guppy is Blue’s closest campion. He is not as ambitious as Blue and sees the world realistically rather than a fantasy. He helps blue make major decisions in his life and is rather an older brother figure to put him on the right track in his life.

Electra- she is the antagonist in the story who attempts to persuade blue into trading ownership of Guppy for his dream. Electra manipulates Blue into thinking she will allow him to be human if she can have Guppy for one day.Electra is truly an evil witch who wants to use the fish for experiments. She is nothing but the epitome of cruelty and heartlessness.


Scene 1- the bottom of the atlantic ocean, with plants and other fish in the background.
Scene 2- A ocean bottom background with a shimmer of light coming from the surface of the ocean.

[Blue enters from top stage right and moves down to center stage, 2 seconds later Guppy follows him in the same direction]

Wow Guppy you were right this is definitely a faster way home! [Blue moves from upper stage right to center stage].

Do I ever let you down Blue? [Guppy immediately follows behind Blue towards center stage]

Well, I should be getting home now, see you Guppy. [Blue faces turns around from Guppy and slowly starts to move right left out of the picture]

Well, see you tomorrow Blue![Guppy smiles and moves forward towards Blue]

Yeah,I guess I’ll see you tomorrow.[Blue’s tone turns plaintive and he races off to the left into the next scene]

Hey Blue wait a second![Guppy races off to the right left in Blue’s direction]

Scene 2- Backdrop change

I just want to go home Guppy… please just go away.[Guppy catches up with Blue and realizes that Guppy is not going away]

Dude, I feel like every time we hang out, you’ve just been so down. Did I do something to upset you? [Guppy moves closer to Blue]

[Blue continues to be silent and starts to move away from Guppy again]

[Guppy races in front of Blue trying to talk to him] Please tell me what’s going on with you Blue.

Do you ever get tired of this stupid ocean? Everything looks the same. We do the same thing every single day, there’s nothing to enjoy anymore.

We do lots of things! I mean you have family, friends, and me! We just went diving for pearls yesterday.

I need something more than diving for pearls. I need to live, I need to see something. [Blue moves backwards from Guppy]

Well if your not happy here, then where will you be happy? [Guppy slightly backs away from Blue]

Guppy I need to tell you my biggest secret.


I want to sail, I want to see the world. I want to experience, smell, touch and hear all these different things. [Blue rushed to Guppy with a wide smile]

Okay then… but Blue we’re fish. We’re just fish, we can’t sail around the world. [Guppy backs away from Blue]

I don’t care what you say, I’m going to sail and I’m not going to rot in this ocean. [Blue moves backwards]
But Blue…

I’m going to go see Electra the witch. [Blue makes his way to the right almost out of the picture]

You can’t see her, it’s a trap Blue can’t you see that? [Guppy rushes towards Blue in a hurry]

Even if it is a trap, I have nothing else exciting in my life anyways. [Blue storms off out of the picture leaving Guppy alone]


Scene 1- a black blue ocean backdrop with a dark cave to the bottom right corner. Scene 2- A background above the surface of the water, with a bright blue sky and a small boat sitting on the surface.

I’m going to be stuck being a stupid fish for the rest of my life! [Blue enters from the left of the stage and crosses over towards the middle slowly. Tears streamed down his face and a snivelling sound effect is played]

Who says you have to be a fish for the rest of your life Blue? [The dialogue is in a low hissing noise, The dialogue is coming from the right of the stage]

Who was that? Who are you? How do you know my name? [Blue gasps Blue quickly moves backwards to the left side of the stage]

Oh, I know you Blue and your little plan to sail around the world, I think it’s quite brilliant. [the volume of the voice grows louder as Electra begins to step into the picture until her full body is revealed]

It’s you Electra! What do you want with me? Leave me alone [Blue begins to cry with terror, his voice grows angry]

I just want to help you Blue, I want to help you live. [Electra moves closer to blue]

How are you going to help me?

By making you human,so you can sail around the world, get out of this stupid ocean, isn’t that what you want Blue?[Electra nears closer to Blue and goes around him in a circle slowly]

No, there’s a catch I know what you do Electra, people have gone into your cave and never came out [Blue stands up and faces Electra]

There is no catch, I simply desire something of yours temporarily.

What would I have that you want?

Let me think, your little friend Guppy.

No way, Guppy is my friend [Blue steps backwards from Electra towards the left of the stage]

Just for one day, think of how he didn’t believe in you, couldn’t understand. Plus it would just be for one day. [Electra draws closer and comforts Blue]

Just one day… alright [Blue says his first line and there is a big pause. He says “alright” softly and quietly]

Then the deal is done [Electra snaps her fingers instantly and Guppy appears in her hands]

Blue what’s going on?[Guppy shrinks down to a very small size.Guppy begins to scream with terror and squirms in Electra’s grasp.]

Guppy I’m sorry, Electra take it back. [Blue has a pained face and runs towards Guppy a few seconds after he appears]

Too late. [Electra snaps her fingers]

Blue help me! Why am I here?

Scene 2-

Guppy I’m so sorry![Blue shoots up to the top of the ocean, where his costume is changed to a human and he sits on a boat at the surface of the ocean]


{The surface of the ocean with a close up of a small row boat}

I can’t believe Guppy’s gone! [Blue looks up towards the sky, moves to the front of the boat and out to the ocean].

I can’t believe I’m human, the ocean is so beautiful… But I’d rather have Guppy [Blue hesitates for a few seconds then dives off the front of the boat to the bottom of the ocean]

Scene 2- Setting- switch backdrop to a dark cave inside, there is bottles, scrolls and chests

Yes, I found the cave now where’s Guppy [Blue finds Electra’s cave and peeks into it from the right, he then sees Guppy]

Blue! Help me! [Guppy is in a cage, whispers softly to Blue, and looks in his direction]

Yes Guppy you will do perfectly for my new potion [She turns around to mix bottles]

Never! [Blue steps into the room]

You silly fish, when will you ever learn? [Electra begins to walk towards Blue]

I’m getting Guppy back, now move aside

Okay then [Blue charges forward, grabs a potion and throws it on Electra]

Yes, go Blue!

No![Electra turns to dust and ash on the floor, blue turns back into a fish]

[Releases the cage for Guppy] I’m so sorry.

It’s okay, what made you come back, that was your dream?

Good friendship is worth more than any dream, your so much more important to me Guppy.
[The two fish leave the cave smiling and laughing]

Reasons for Changes to the Script
Some of the things I wrote in the script I could not create in scratch such as sound affects and a character snapping her fingers. I mostly made changes to stage directions and not dialogue, because some things such as changing a direction from left to right was more appropriate and was better fitting for the animation. Science the characters would walk away in different directions when they should be in the next scene together didn’t make sense.
Your Storyboards

Self Evaluation
In your self-evaluation, you must present evidence that you have satisfied the requirements and constraints in the project Design Specification. This evidence can be in the form of a description, copying/pasting from your script, or screenshots of your storyboards/scratch animation/scratch code.
1. The animation must have a Three Act Structure. Act 1 (Introduction), Act 2 (Climax), Act 3 (Conclusion).
The story starts out with Blue being upset that he can’t sail. Then in the climax where he makes decisions that ultimately affect the rest of the story he trades Guppy’s ownership to fulfill his own dream. In Act 3 he learns that having friendship with Guppy is more than a dream to him. Here there is a clear presented solution.
2. The animation must have at least two characters, a protagonist and an antagonist.
The protagonist is Blue, he learns a listen in the story and is present in every scene of the animation. The antagonist is Electra who tries to trick and lure Blue into her trap. She also means to harm one of the secondary characters Guppy, and is the main source of conflict.
3. The animation must have at least one backdrop per Act.
As seen here I have more backdrops than I have acts.
4. The animation must have a conflict.
The conflict is between Blue and his self conscience but also with Electra.
5. The animation must be repeatable.
The characters begin with the same costumes and background with the touch of the green flag.
6. The animation must mostly use words understandable to speakers of English, or at least no long acronyms.
The entire script is in English and the most complex sentence is the following –

  1. Each major character must have a minimum number of lines (5) to speak in the story.
    My script if viewed above is 8 pages long, the animation code contains more than 5 lines.
  2. The conflict must be resolved by the end of the animation.

  3. The animation must have a title screen that announces the story before the plot begins.

1. All materials used in the creation of the animation must be original (made by you), stock characters/backdrops, or used under Creative Commons (and must be credited at the end of the animation).
All materials are under scratch and storyboard, everything created was under the license.
2. Any credits that are necessary must appear at the end of the animation in a credits roll.

  1. The animation must be between 3 minutes and 6 minutes long, including titles and credits.
    This time was taken only at Act 2 the total time was 215 seconds.
  2. Interaction by the viewer must be limited to starting the animation (clicking the Green Flag).

    Grading Rubric for Criterion D: Creation — The Final Product
    Skill A: Following the Design Cycle
    All requirements and constraints in the Design Specification are followed in the final product. (12-13 elements must be satisfied)
    The majority of the requirements and constraints in the Design Specification are followed in the final product. ( from 7-11 elements must be satisfied)
    Less than half of the requirements and constraints in the Design Specification are followed in the final product. (from 2-6 elements must be satisfied)
    The design does not follow the Design Specification. (no more than one element satisfied)
    Your Self-Evaluation
    I believe I deserve a 3 because I satisfied 12-13 elements.

Skill B: Following the Script
The final product closely follows the script. All dialogue and stage directions in the final script are fully reflected in the final product. Changes in the script are fully justified to align the project better to the Design Specification.
The final product generally follows the script. The majority of the dialogue and stage directions in the final script are reflected in the final product. Changes in the script are generally explained to align the project somewhat better to the Design Specification, though some may be made for convenience.
The final product does not follow the script well. The dialogue and stage directions in the script are only somewhat reflected in the final product. Changes in the script were not documented well or made to align the project to the Design Specification.
The final product does not reflect the script. The script does not exist. The final product does not exist.
Your Self-Evaluation
I believe I deserve a 3 because my animation closely matches my script and changes are justified.

My Scratch Animation

I made an animation for a tech project which was indeed a rollercoaster of emotions. It was about a school shooting which is a major problem in today’s society. There was exactly 6 characters who had lines. The first one being Ms. Hefter, who was an English teacher for some reason I don’t know. It’s pretty ironic because she could barely speak it herself, hence the accent. Then there’s the director, he has to deal with over 300 bratty kids. The shooter who is actually a demon. Dean and Sam Winchester who were there because there was a supernatural being, and they’re in a show called “Supernatural” (please don’t sue me). Lastly, there was a police officer. So, it started with Ms. Hefter getting a phone call about a death threat. Then, she told the director. The day of the “shooting” the shooter enters, get knocked out and interrogated. He is then disintegrated. It took me about 3 days to make it leisurely. But, due to technical difficulties, I had to start from scratch. It was like pulling teeth to make it because it was so frustrating.

The embed code:

Link to the script and side information:

Click here for the best time of your life 100 % entertainment guarenteed (no refunds)

My scratch animation is a humorous story on how two food spy agents try to save their fellow food agents that are being held captive by The Human Chef who tries to eat all of these agents. To get to this final production, I went through a series of steps: creating the concept, writing the script and creating the storyboards to get to the final animation. I took the longest on just thinking of an idea because I wanted it to be something that can be funny. The storyboards helped with determining te positioning of the characters.
In my animation, the protagonist, Agent Bagel (the character is literally a bagel) is assigned by his head, Agent Ice-Cream (the character is literally an ice- cream) to go on a mission to save his fellow food agents. Agent Bagel wears a disguise, a pasta costume while Cream-Cheese (the character is literally a Cream- cheese), Bagel’s sidekick just tags along. They make a long journey to reach the Human’s Chef’s place…


… where they have been caught escaping the other foods from. The Human Chef gets beat up by the foods badly. He later apologies and the agents accept his mistake. But out of the blue, he goes back on his word and eat them all up alive. Sadly, the Human Chef wins. The end.

Embeded code:

Link for awesomeness:

“The Chess Game” A New and Exciting Scratch Animation!

There are four main Characters in “The Chess Game”; the white queen, the black queen, the white bishop, and the black bishop. The white queen is content in her lifestyle of fighting the black chess pieces, and has no intention of changing the circumstances of her life at the moment. The black queen has clear views of who the white chess pieces are, and has no intention of finding out if they are true. The white bishop from the beginning questions the system, and learns that the preconceptions laid out to her from society were wrong and that it is time to step up and do the right thing. The Black Bishop goes through a transformation as well, learning that society had the wrong views and that being different isn’t bad.

“The Chess Game” by Abigail Rees is about not judging people for their differences and how everyone is equal. In the beginning you see the white and black bishops are questioning their community about the views laid out before them that they are supposed to just accept. The queens assure them their is complete logic to the system. In the middle when the chess game begins the white bishop and black bishop meet, when they figure out that they are both equal pieces the queens come over. The queens remember when they first saw each other and were afraid of their differences. In the end both colors of chess pieces lived together in harmony respecting each other’s differences.

When Abigail was creating “The Chess Game” she was inspired by other scratch animations to make one about inanimate objects. Abigail decided to center her project about equality because it was a major issue in the world. Once Abigail had her idea she began to create her script. Once she finished her script she began her storyboard. The storyboard really helped Abigail plan out her animation. She then began coding her project. She had many challenges and overcame them. Finally this resulted in the project Abigail has today.


<iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Mean Girls: First on Broadway, Now Fruit

I made a scratch animation called Rotten Fruit. . It is a Mean Girls parody, but all the characters are fruit. Cady is a Tomato, Regina is a Green Apple, Karen is a Lime, Gretchen is a Kiwi, Damian is an Orange, Janis is a Blackberry and Aaron is a Coconut. I knew I wanted to do a Mean Girls parody but I wanted to make it my own, while keeping some classic scenes and not getting sued for copyright infringement. All the characters have similar personalities to the original Mean Girls characters. For example, Lime thinks she is a Lemon that is overripe. Many Mean Girls quotes are also incorporated into the animation. For example, “on wednesdays we wear green.” This is because all the plastics, or in this case the metals, are all green fruit and the animation takes place on a wednesday. Although many aspects are similar, the plot is slightly less complicated and more straightforward. After all, the animation can’t be an hour and a half long. The beginning is the same. Tomato comes to class on her first day of school, she meets Orange and Blackberry and they explain to her who the Metals are and how to deal with high school. Then Tomato is walking in the cafeteria and the Metals start talking to her. They accept her into their group and tell her all the rules that come along with sitting with them. Later Tomato is in class mooning over Coconut and decides the only way to be able to talk to him is to act stupid. Coconut invites her to a party and she is very excited. At the party Green Apple tells Coconut all this bad stuff about Tomato. However, Orange and Blackberry overhear and tells Tomato to meet them at the school so they can talk in privacy. Orange and Blackberry tell Tomato what they overheard and Tomato is furious. She confronts Green Apple and tells her the only way that she can be forgiven is if she tells Coconut all the stuff she said about Tomato wasn’t true. Green Apple does that and Tomato hugs her. Tomato has a moment of reminiscence and says that they had their fair share of fights during the rest of the school year. Tomato tells of one of the sabotages she does to Green Apple during the rest of the year. These are the sabotages she does during the movie.
Making the actual animation was harder than writing it. Writing the animation mostly consisted of taking Mean Girl ideas, putting a little spin on it and making sure it was compact. To help with how the animation was supposed to look, I used to make storyboards about how the animation would look. They were pretty straight forward and I had fun using different fruit as background characters. I decided to use some characters and backgrounds from for my scratch animation. I screenshotted the backgrounds and uploaded them to Scratch. I did the same with the characters, only difference is I also deleted the backgrounds so the characters would be able to move anywhere without a big screen behind them. Coding was fairly simple, I used the broadcast button several times. I went to the broadcast closest to the section I was working on, removed it from the main code and then started playing the animation from there, just to see that everything was running smoothly. I ran into several problems but putting all the coding side by side helped with that. You can watch this now at

A Best’s Betrayal

In this story the main characters are Grace and Brittany. Grace and Brittany are best friends since they were little kids. Grace is on the side of the spies that want to protect the president from Brittany’s side of that want to harm the president. However, Grace and Brittany doesn’t know that each other is the enemy. Grace is at her office talking to her boss about what mission she will have while Brittany is at her office talking to her boss about her mission as well. Both got told that it was something involving the president. Brittany and Grace both went to the White House to meet the president. When Brittany wanted to kill the president, Grace stopped her and both got really surprised to see each other as spys. Grace and Brittany got into a fight with one side wanting to kill the president, and the other side wanting to protect the president. The two of them fought and at last Grace won and Brittany got taken away by the police.

I needed to know what I wanted to do first and at first I thought about having problems between best friends and I thought about making it more interesting and more of friends betraying each other. When I was writing my script, I thought of how best friends talk to each other and how they act. But I also thought of how they can be cruel and heartless when they need to do something that was ordered to them. So I thought that in order for someone to achieve something and get it done but there are people in your way, then that person would fight and win to finish their mission especially in movies there is the good guy trying to finish the mission and save someone and the bad guy always in their way.

When I was creating my storyboard, I had to show what might it look when it is actually being shown,I showed some important movement that the characters make and include the facial expression and the actions including the dialogue from my script to give an idea what that character looks like and the background they are in.

When doing the animation, I had to make the characters move the way they were shown in the storyboard. I entered the dialogue and I showed the movement to different place they move to make it more realistic and interesting. I also had to make sure that everything goes smoothly and no characters are moving when they aren’t supposed to and disappearing when needed.

Animation Abyss: A Bullying Story

Olivia is a bullied high schooler who survives endless hours of name calling and verbal abuse. Evelyn, Olivia’s best friend, makes sure that Olivia doesn’t endure her situation alone. Olivia trusts Evelyn and believes that with her, she can last through the school year. What she doesn’t know is that Evelyn has another side behind the mask. Evelyn enjoys sticking up for Olivia, just a little too much. Evelyn kills Olivia’s bullies one by one. Olivia finds out about Evelyn’s murderous intentions on what will turn out to be her last birthday. Evelyn’s secret side can’t be revealed, and Olivia’s dead body ends up on her living room floor with Evelyn’s knife sticking out of her chest.


To create my animation, I had to first go through the process of creating the concept, writing the script, creating the storyboard, and then making the final product. I came up with my concept by taking problems I’ve had in my life. Since an animation simply about bullying would be a bore to watch, I added a twist to make it more interesting. Once I had the concept and plot down, I wrote the script. I made sure the conversations flowed and didn’t sound forced or choppy. After the script came the storyboard, also known as the outline or guideline. Using the stage directions from the script I created, I made a plan of how the animation would look like without doing the actual animation yet. The last step was making the final product, in other words, the animation. Using my script and my storyboard, I created the animation, edited, and was finished.


     <iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Animation Project: Scratch It!

Project Submission and Self-Evaluation

Hi! My story is called “ Me and the Flawless Blind Boy.” The story is about this girl, Sara Quen, who meets Eli Zan. He is blind and needs Sara’s help. They become friends, but Eli betrays Sara’s trust by leading her to a group of bad people. Sara and the people fight, while Eli saves his sister who was kidnapped by them. Sara escapes the gang of people. The next day, Eli goes to Sara’s house. Sara yells that Eli for doing that, so Eli leaves after he gives Sara his phone number. Sara calls him, explaining how she now understands why he would do that. She forgives him, and they become friends again. Sara is my protagonist in the story, while Eli is the antagonist who eventually becomes a good friend of the protagonist, Sara. Sara and Eli are both in 9th grade. Sara is known a the Girl who beats boys for fun, even though she has a good cause for hitting people. Eli is notoriously handsome, and his remaining sense are very powerful compared to the average human’s.

The process of making the animation was fun, different, and sometimes seemed unnecessary. I enjoyed making a script for the animation. Thinking about the characters and their reactions/emotions was fun. The storyboards we had to do felt very unnecessary, but I did like making them. As for the animation itself, it was difficult. I drew my main characters by hand. I had many broadcasts and dialogue, so it was a pain transferring them and coding it. But all in all, I really liked making the animation.

Bullying needs to end!

In my Scratch animation, I have two main characters and one secondary character. My two main characters are Lily and Anna. They are best friends and have been best friends for 3 years. Lily is holding a Sweet 16th birthday party and she is inviting a couple of her old friends and Anna to the party. Anna has mixed feeling about this because she won’t know anyone there and everyone else will because they all went to the same elementary school. Once she goes to the birthday party she finds out that it wasn’t the best idea because she started getting bullied which she had never experienced in her life.


To create this animation I had to go through many steps because it took quite a while to include everything that it needed. I needed to include many different things such as a time limit. All of these restricted me from having a very ‘good’ animation.


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The Eternal Conflict

To whomever may come upon this post:


Hello, recently I created a scratch animation, which I put a lot of work and effort into. While it may have been for a school project, I believe I should put it out into the internet for others to look upon it as they wish.


The story, named “The Eternal Conflict,” is about a conflict which has come up for centuries: dogs or cats. Instead of the traditional argument, I decided to turn this into a story which personifies the two species as one “pet kingdom.” Everything is peaceful, when suddenly, Prince Richardi, heir to his father, Richard’s, throne. He wishes for independence, rather than still being “slaves” to their owners, humans. Rather than the simple disentanglement, Richardi wanted to eradicate the species, which the protagonist, Eren, strongly disagreed with.


Eren is a dog, which is oddly a friend of the antagonist, Richardi. He lived alone, briefly as a pet to a loving family. There is also Richardi’s dad, King Richard, who at the end, decides to give Eren the throne, rather than his son.


My storyboards were a short summary about this, with a edit to the script, which I later refined. However, in act 2, I changed the characters to be sitting down, using different sprites also.


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The not so lucky Tom

Hello, this is about my animation made on for a school assignment. It was very annoying to make it, by the way. The name of my animation is called, ”The not so lucky Tom”. In my animation, the protagonist is called Tom which is a cat sprite from scratch. Tom is both playful and tries to be kind by making a lot of jokes and is from Earth. My antagonist in my animation is called Lucifer, and he is a robot character from Lucifer is proud and will do anything to make sure that he gets revenge. Some other characters are Larry and a Red Goolbarian. My animation had three acts where act one was the introduction, act 2 was the climax, and act 3 was the conclusion.

In act 1, Tom lands on the moon in his rocket ship and meets an alien (red Goolbarian) from the moon and meets Tom. Tom and the Red Goolbarian converse with each other as Tom is so enthusiastic and joyful to be on the moon. However, then the red goolbarian and Tom get into an argument as to who is an alien as to each other, they are both aliens. Then Larry flies down next to Tom and breaks the argument by saying he was an alien from another universe. The red Goolbarian gets mad as both Larry and Tom start to insult the moon until she leaves. Tom then has a flashback where he also insulted somebody which was one Jupiter’s moon. This is where Act 2 begins.

In Act 2 which is a flashback, Tom encounters another robot named Lucifer. Tom and Lucifer converse until Lucifer insults Tom and then Tom insults Lucifer back. Both of them get mad to the point that Lucifer starts to shoot lasers at Tom. They chase each other and then Tom comes back from his flashback.

Now its Act 3. Tom finds himself aimlessly floating in space and Lucifer in front of him. They confront each other until they chase each other again until they reach Earth. Then, Lucifer kills Tom with his lasers since there was a traffic jam and Tom could not escape.

When I was creating a concept and plot, I wanted to include space since that would mean that they would have to fly which is cool in animation. Then I thought about aliens and thought that conflict between the aliens and one other character from Earth would be the conflict. Overall, I took three stages to making my animation. First I made a script with all the dialogue of the characters and the stage direction of all the characters including the rocket ship, although it doesn’t really count as a character. Then, I made a storyboard on I made a storyboard for each act. In each storyboard which is like a comic strip, I pictured the outline of my plot and main action of characters. Finally when it was time to make my final animation which was done on, I had to upload characters from and backgrounds. Then, by using blocks and many hours, I made my final animation.


The Problem With School

This is a normal story, dont expect anything really interesting.

Choez and Tenz are “best friends.” Then one day, Tenz gets really mad that Choez is always better than her, and starts to spread a rumor that Choez is cheating on her tests. People start to not like her. Choez finds out that Tenz is the one behind it, and starts to go tell on her. But then someone already tattle-tailed on them. The teacher comes, and then “grounds” Tenz from watching Kpop, or K-dramas, or listening to kpop. Tenz is devastated, because she feels that she will not be able to live.

I was able to make this digital story by first coming up with the story. I just wanted to write a normal story and Bullying is the first thing that came in my head, as there are a lot of stories about bullying.The next step was to outline, and come up with the script of the story. After that, I had to use the website to make a storyboard, we were able to change the positions of the characters so that the emotions were really able to be shown. The last step was probably the longest, which was coding. With the coding website Scratch, I brought the story to life.

For details about the project, go to the link below

Lit tech project, won’t believe what I created

Hello, this is Tenzin J typing. I made this story called “The War Within Natalia” for a tech project, which I enjoyed doing.

Character Description
In my story there are 3 main characters. One, Natalia, who is a workaholic on her way to work, two, Devil Natalia, who is the bad side of Natalia and Three, Angel Natalia, who is the good side of the Natalia. These characters are all the same person, Natalia, but they are different versions of them. You can guess that Angel Natalia and regular Natalia is the protagonist and the Devil Natalia is the antagonist. I created these characters with theses traits because the day before I made my characters I had read about children not having time to spend with their parents because of work, therefore, I created Natalia.

Plot and summary of the story(CONTAINS SPOILERS)
The plot of the story is that Natalia who is late for work runs out. On her way out she sees a dying bird. Conflicted as to if she should help or run to work, Natalia has her Devil and Angel side of her appear on her shoulder. The two shoulder angel and devil argue as to what Natalia should do. They try to convince Natalia that helping it or killing it is the right thing to do. Later as the story goes on the three argue for a long period of time that the bird dies in front of them. The shoulder angel and devil disappear and Natalia goes to work.

Work process(Behind the scenes)
I the animator and script writer of the animation spent about 5 hours in total creating the project. The budget for the video was 0 dollars(YEAH). The creation required the stamina of looking at a computer screen for quite a long time. Since my animation contained a lot of backdrop switching I took a long time to finish. There really wasn’t any problem during the making.
Thank You for reading
Tenzin J

This is my script and project details

What Goes Around Comes Around

The following story is about a girl named Giga who is constantly hurt by the actions and feelings of her crush, Pico. She is the protagonist who will encounter difficult situations where she is hurt by the ‘love of her life’. She has red pixie hair cut, and is the character that gets upset easily and is very persistent. Pico is the antagonist of this story who is the typical player seen in highschool dramas. He has this orange hair and has the obnoxious and arrogant vibe. Nano is an acquaintance of Giga’s and is nice and collected. He comforts Giga and holds easy conversations with her. Terra met with Giga once before and the two fought about their crush for Pico and she is the sassy and cliche “mean girl”. The characters are at a party, and Giga encounters with Pico and the two get into an intense conversation. Giga is hurt and leaves the bedroom, back to her friend Nano and they met his sister, Terra. Terra confesses that she is cheating on Pico, and Pico gets the karma he deserves. The rest are equally shocked. I wanted to show the emotion and movements these characters did, so I planned out the story on Storyboards and decided to use Scratch characters because those characters made the story realistic and alive. I had to change my script multiple times, in order to show conflict and then replayed my animation so it would be entertaining!

Sam Robinson and His Hunt For Revenge

-The name of the protagonist is Sam Robinson. He starts off in the animation as a 6 year old who becomes an orphan. The name of the antagonist is Azviel (No last name). He is secretly a demon until it is revealed later in Act I.

-The conflict is that Azviel killed Sam’s parents when he was only 6 which left him an orphan. In act 1 there’s a brief scene of the murder happening, followed by the discovery of their bodies with much weeping. The second act is where Azviel reveals he is a supernatural being but is then cornered by Sam who is now 26 and has a magical revolver that can kill any supernatural being . In act three, Sam shoots and kills Azviel and ends his thirst for vengeance.

– The concept of my animation was based off of a popular show on Netflix and The CW called Supernatural, which had similar plot in which two brothers had lost their mother in a house on fire that was created by the demon to kill their parents. Based off of this I tweaked somethings to avoid copyright issues and began writing my story.


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Animal Wars: My experience

Have you been waiting for a battle in space? A battle that has prehistoric dinosaurs and evil dog’s? Well my animation has just that: “Animal Wars”! In my story the heroic and courageous Duke Skywalker is trying to lead the Rebellion on a mission to deliver a package to Princess Dino. They are interrupted by a Dogo ship which has the infamous and evil Darth Dogo aboard. The rebellion constructs a sneak attack from their ship which includes Duke and a very skilled mechanic and marksman, “Jake”. They are able to sneak into the core of the ship when they engage in a battle with Darth Dogo.

The process of making this animation consisted of making a script, storyboard, and then doing the project itself. The script had looked at what our characters would be saying as well as their places on the screen. This took many attempts to get it to how I wanted it, but in the end I was satisfied. The storyboard was a visual interpretation of the story and showed the key parts of the story and how they would be played out. The storyboard stayed the same throughout the creation process since all the parts of it fit in with the script.

The last part of the creation process was the animation. I had created all my characters first and then coded them to say and move where I wanted them to. It took a bit of troubleshooting to fix the minor bugs in between scenes and acts, but I was satisfied with the final product. You may see it here:

<iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//

Thank you for reading and I hoped you enjoyed my article!

Father’s Wish

Armaan S.

Here are the characters in my story:
George:An eighteen year old trying to complete his father’s wish for him which is to become the best soccer player in the world. Bob Junior: Another eighteen year old trying to complete his father’s wish which is to make sure Thomas, who is his dad’s mortal enemy, doesn’t get his wish fulfilled. Thomas (George’s Father):A forty year old who was scammed out of millions of dollars from his best friend, Bob Senior, when he was younger. Since then, the ex-best friends became mortal enemies. Bob Senior (Bob Junior’s Father): Another forty year old who scammed his best friend, Thomas, for over millions of dollars when he was twenty four years old.

In my project I will have a protagonist and an antagonist. The protagonist is a boy named George who wants to achieve his father’s wish for him which is to become the world’s best soccer player. However, there George’s father has an enemy. His enemy’s son is named Bob. Bob’s father has one wish too. It’s to make sure his enemy’s wish is never completed so Bob has one goal right now. To make sure George never becomes the world’s best soccer player. In Act I, George’s father tells his wish to George. Then, in a different background, Bob’s father reveals his wish to Bob. Then Act II will begin. George is on a soccer team and there are scouts coming to watch his team play. Bob however is on the other team. Once the game starts Bob tries to injure George so he can’t have a chance of being scouted and even becoming a professional player. Bob succeeds in doing so. But George still played, to everyone’s doubt, and scored. The scouts had left and Bob thought he succeeded. However in Act III, George receives and email. It says he’s a good player and he was accepted to a team in London named Chelsea. Then he became the best.

First I created the concept, then I started on the script, once I finished the skit, I started working on the storyboards. Once all that was done, I started doing my actual animation.

The Three Little Pigs Remixed

This project for me was very fun because I learned a lot of things on the way such as learning how to program things while learning how to tell a story in my own words. It was a little difficult at first but I got the hang of things. I hope you enjoy!
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The Fairies Remixed

Hi, and welcome to my remix of Charles Perrault’s “The Fairies.” This was a project for Tech class– an animation in which the viewer makes the hinging moral decision for either the original ending or an alternate, opposite one to happen. “The Fairies” teaches one that “though — when otherwise inclined –/ It’s a trouble to be kind, / Often it will bring you good/ When you least believed it could.” The final products included a script, storyboard and animation.

First, we learned how to write an alternate ending to a story– make it teach the same moral lesson and similar in length, only with opposite events. Then we dived straight into writing the script. The story was divided in to two acts– Act I, the introductory events before the moral decision, and Act II, with parts A and B for the original and alternate endings, respectively. There we planned out all the events and dialogue of our animation.

Storyboards came next. They are used in Hollywood to request movies inexpensively, in case it is rejected. We used to make ours as cartoon comics. I only have one for Act I, but here it is anyway:

Last but not least was the actual animation. We used Scratch to make one in which the viewer can make the moral decision for the protagonist to play either ending. Of course I did not finish this either, and there is only one ending (the original), but I still worked hard and am proud of it. You can watch below, if you’d like–

View my script in Google Docs:

My Storyboard (with Act I Only:

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The Tortoise and the Hare Remixed

My remix of the Tortoise and the Hare show how there can be different endings of a moral story based on the decisions made. I used this story because it teaches the reader a moral and how are actions can affect outcomes majorly. The tortoise and the Hare can show how bragging won’t help you win but that sportsmanship is the way to go. Before beginning the project I made a script to help me know how the characters will talk and the dialogue for each ending. I used sites like storyboard that to create the base of my animation including simple text, characters, and backgrounds. In order to make my actual animation I used scratch to help make the building blocks of how the story would workout. I made the story interactive by making sure the person watching would choose the character’s destiny.

Link to final script:

Link to scratch Animation:

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Little Red Riding Hood–Remixed


For a school project, I had chose to write an alternate ending to the original fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood.” Although there are several versions, I used the version by Charles Perrault, where once the girl tells the wolf she is going, he eats up her grandmother, waiting for the girl to come by the house and disguises as the grandmother. There is a tragic ending where the innocent girl gets killed by the wolf. I the original story, the villain doesn;t get what he deserved, so I allowed the roles to be reversed in my alternate ending of the original story. I used Scratch Animations and Storyboard That to bring my animation to life.


In my script, I was faced with the challenge of coming up with an alternate ending to the original story. This came to me as a hard task, because of how renowned the original story already was. My script was my base and was able to bring what I thought the original story could act as. Through the storyboard and the animation that then came, I was able to bring my interpretation of the story into a real animation that could resemble a show or movie. Revising and editing towards the end took time, but at the end, everything came together pretty well.

For My script, click below:


Final Animation:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The Little Red Hen Remixed

“The Little Red Hen” is a tale that has been for generations. There are several versions of this tale and the original author is Margot Zemach. The version animated in my animation was the version with the hen, goose, dog, and cat.

First, I wrote a script of exactly how I wanted my animation and storyboard planned out. The script had a major decision being taken, however, then I analyzed the story and found my mistake. the first decision the main character makes would impact the entire story. This is the reason why my first decision at end of Act 1 had to be altered and I explained this in my Developer’s Log.

Link to Final Script (with changes made):

The storyboard clearly expressed my final decision and I was very pleased with it. I worked in both school and home, however, more time was spent at home. The final scratch animation gives consequences on both versions of Act 2 based on the main decision made at end of Act 1. In Act 2A, the hen works by herself on making the bread and since she put most effort in, she gets the reward to eat it while other watch her. In Act 2B, the other animals work while the hen watches them. Therefore, in the end, the other animals share the bread while the hen watches. It took quite a long time to complete the animation and my computer gave some difficulties. However, I was able to successfully submit this project with a happy face.



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The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion Remixed

My story “The Ass, the Fox, and the Lion” by Aesop Fables is a story that shows the consequences of one being selfish. The protagonist or the Fox makes the decision to sacrifice his partner for a guaranteed escape, however the Fox gets tricked as well and gets eaten. Even though this is a short story, animating it was a long process. The story is about two animals, the Fox and the Ass, they become partners to look for food and encounter a Lion that wants to eat both of them.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

In my animation there were a lot of broadcast and receive blocks, I did not have many mistakes in animating this story. The biggest problem was the procrastination that I went through because even though I had everything planned out it I did all of the on Saturday and Sunday. The project for me was successful because my animation turned out pretty good, however I saw animations that are unbelievable. My script was shorter than what the characters ended up talking about because I needed more dialogue and more details for my animation to meet the requirements.

The Mouse, the Frog, and the Hawk Remixed

After hours of work (and procrastination) I have completed a remixed version of Aesop’s  famous tale “The Mouse, the Frog, and the Hawk” into an animation. I have completed this masterpiece on Scratch, a website that simplifies coding for kids. I believe that the animation is somewhat cool and humorous. Although I cannot do everything I would like to on Scratch, I did what I could. The animation involves the use of viewer input as it was required in the project.  If you like animations, are interested in the fable, or just have time, check the animation by using the link below.

What is it about?

A Mouse has a very mischievous friend Frog. The Frog likes to enjoy the waters while the Mouse can only stay on land. What happens on a warm day where the Frog wants to enjoy some cool water with his acquaintance? Can you stop before trouble happens or let some catastrophe occur?

My Animation

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

My Process

I started the project off by looking for short stories that looked interesting. After reading many classics, The Mouse, the Frog, and the Hawk looked very intriguing. I thought if the story could be made into an animation and after evaluating the pros and cons of it, I thought it would a great fit. Shortly thereafter, I extended the script to make sure the animation had the correct duration. In doing this, I made two choices the viewer would have to choose in the final animation. One choice would result in the original ending while the opposite one would be an exact alternative.

I then made my storyboards. This is a technique used by many to lay out their animation/movie visually. I applied every important thing from my script to the storyboards and then got a picture of what my final product would look like. Finally, I moved on to Scratch and started working on my masterpiece. I imported all backdrops and sprites from the storyboards to Scratch and used them to animate. Although the process was long and difficult, I thing the outcome justified all the hard-work I put into it. Please check out this adventure between two animals that are trying to have fun but might go overboard.

Link to Script


The Three Little Pigs Remixed

My story is based on the original fairy tale called “The Three Little Pigs.” My animation is only about the third little pig, and the big bad wolf. In the original, the wolf keeps tricking the pig, and eventually eats the pig because he keeps getting tricked and won’t realize it. In the alternate ending that I wrote the wolf tries to trick the pig many times, but instead, the pig starts tricking the wolf and eventually the pig finds out what the wolf intends to do; eat him alive. So he makes a plan and soon kills the wolf and eats the wolf instead of vice versa.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

In the process of making my animation, I had used many wait blocks, so the characters know when to speak. However, I messed up on a few, and that led me to make my animation not to have the right timing. In some of the parts, the charters speak over each other. I also used the if, then, else block to make sure the main characters moral decision was on the spot and they asked and reacted appropriately according to what the viewer decides. Also, I used broadcast blocks to make sure the timing for that part was also correct. In my script, I made many changes and had a lot of narratives. This was because I wanted the viewer to know exactly what was going on and how the characters were moving/acting.


The Cat and the Fox Remixed

“The Cat and the Fox” is a story about and arrogant fox that learns his lesson after being rude to a cat. The story is by the Brothers Grimm.

I first wrote a script to my version of the story. Then I made storyboards based on the script. Both the script and the storyboard had to go through revisions. Afterward, I made my animation using scratch. The animation consists of many broadcasts that send messages to other scratches. Overall, it was a long process but, I was happy with the outcome. The link to the script is below.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The Selfish Horse Remixed

In the Story “The Selfish Horse”, the horse learns that helping someone is always better because something is much easier when 2 people are doing it together. You will have to decide in this story which decision is the best. It is interactive and I hope you enjoy.



[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


It took me a while to finish everything especially my animation but I not only had fun– writing the script and picking characters– but I also learned a valuable lesson while reading, animating, and creating/adapting my story.

The Fox and The Horse REMIXED

This fairytale describes the consequences of what happens when you are arrogant and don’t ask for help. This message revealed through following a horse who knows he has grown old and must decide to ask a fox friend to help him achieve his goals or not. Whether he does or not is completely up to the viewer. However, do understand that there ae two endings based on such decision.                        

To watch the animation press the link:

I chose to animate this fairytale because not only does it show to not be arrogant, but it reveals that you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. It took some time to figure out to make it interactive, but responsive to many answers to the question. The two endings are decided by choosing “yes” or “no”, or any other form of an answer either beginning with “y” or “n” The endings are truly considered the opposite and reveals the consequences of having arrogance. I attempted to portray an important message through a humorous animation.

To see the script I followed press the link:


The Ugly Duckling Remixed

In my story, “The Ugly Duckling Remixed”, there is a mother who gives birth to three ducklings; ducklings 1 and 2 w just like their mother, except smaller. “Ugly Duckling”, however, appears gray and unlike the others. A new duck appears and tells the mother that her gray duck looks just like a newborn turkey. The mother questions this, but eventually realizes that she gave birth to it and that it would be impossible. The other duck flies away and the mother and son go to the pool. At the pool, “Ugly Duck” gets bullied and tormented by being called ugly by Ducklings 1 and 2, along with the new duck (named “Other Duck”). Ugly Ducking leaves and goes to a park to contemplate his reality. Should he stay at the farm? Should he run away? You decide.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

To animate this, I had to use a series of broadcasts. For example, if I was to have a duck broadcast “message1”, I would make another duck “When I receive “duck” and then continue actions like that. Multiple actions like this took place. A costume change and disappearing act took place in the final story of a decision. The ducks pixelated and “hid” when the Ugly Duckling zoomed full speed into them. I also had the Ugly Duck pixelate and change costumes into a swan in another end. This took more than several hours, and the finished product represents that. My script was essentially a “plan” to use for what the characters were to say and do, but the characters ended up saying more than the script intended to be able to follow guidelines for the animation.


The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing Remixed

Aesop was a very famous author known for his short stories that often revealed important morals to the reader. Until now I didn’t realize that often a character’s decision provided the basis for a plot in order to even have the story exist. This is known as the moral decision. From an assignment in technology class, I actually considered for the first time how the course of the story would differ if the character made a different decision. I learned that the whole story would change as a result. I decided to test this out using one of Aesop’s famous stories.

I had fun making my Scratch project. It improved my time management and for once I didn’t do everything on the same day. In technology, I learned how moral decisions affect the outcome of a story. We were told to pick a story that was accessible to the public domain, so the most common one I thought about was a classic fairytale. Thus I chose “The Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing” originally written by Aesop. Now that I picked my story, I would have to decide how to change it so that there was a decision for the viewer to make in my Scratch animation which would affect the rest of the story. The story is about a wolf and how he finds a sheep’s flayed skin and decides to wear it. With his disguise, he fools the sheep of his identity and eats them all, one by one satisfying his hunger. I identified the moral decision being made as putting the sheep over his actual coat if he hadn’t the story would completely change. So my job was to create an alternate story as to what would happen if the wolf didn’t wear the sheepskin. I first wrote the script to my animation on a google document. This helped when creating my storyboards and doing my animation since I could just copy and past the dialogue. To plan out our work, even more, we used a website called Storyboardthat, which helped me to visualize what my final animation would look like. Then we would import all our characters and backdrops and use it to create an animation on Scratch. In making my animation I learned how to use “If, Then, Else” blocks to have the viewer get involved in what happens in the animation. This was very cool and I learned many new things.

This is the link to my script

These are my storyboards from Storyboardthat:

















This is my Scratch animation below (Enjoy!):

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]













The Golden Touch Remixed


I had chosen to write an alternate ending for the story, “The Golden Touch”. In the original version, King Midas is granted a wish and wishes to have everything he touch becomes gold. But through his journey he realizes that his wish is a curse upon himself. The original story was pretty depressing so in my alternate ending King Midas makes a better decision. Using Scratch and StoryboardThat I brought my remixed story to life while allowing the viewer to choose King Midas’s decision.


While writing my script I had to try to write an alternate ending that was as interesting as the original, which proven to be difficult in my script. I mean, what could be more interesting than having everything King Midas touches become gold? My script was the base of bringing my imagination to life. Through my script, storyboard, and animation I was able to depict my interpretation of my story to the viewer. Writing and revising was tedious but it was worth it at the end to see my animation come together. I felt like a director in a movie.

For my script, click here 



[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The Four Oxen and the Lion Remixed

My animation is a re-creation of one of Aesop’s beloved fables. This fable features four oxen that get into a fight, leave each other, and get killed. They had to make a decision, whether or not to stick together. They chose to leave each other which thus results to them getting brutally eaten by the lion, basically dying the most miserable death possible. If they had in fact stuck together, they could have continued to fight off the lion for the rest of their lives or even took it over. My animation demonstrates what would have happened in either of the paths of the decision.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Here is a link to my script:


Androcles and the Lion Remixed


In the story “Androcles and the Lion” Androcles is a run-away slave. He runs into the forest only to find a whimpering Lion asking for help. Androcles has the choice to help or to leave. Androcles helps the Lion and lets him free. However, Androcles gets found and taken back to the slave home by knights. He is sentenced to death. Androcles is in an arena waiting for his opponent, Lion came out. Lion saw that his enemy was the person that saved him. The knights scream kill him while Androcles begs to live. Lion runs at Androcles picks him up and runs. The Lion and Androcles go far and eventually are free.

Scratch Animation: [iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

To make this animation I used the website Scratch and blocks given in Scratch to make the characters move and talk. To know what each character would say I made a script

My script


The Lion and The Mouse Remixed

My story is adapted from the original story The Lion and The Mouse by Aesop. Overall, the story incorporates a mouse going into a lion’s cave, and that lion wanting to eat the mouse. The mouse doesn’t wish to die, so they say that they will help the lion when they need it if they let them go. The lion laughs at this, not believing that such a small rodent could possibly help him. The lion tries to decide if they should eat the mouse or let it live.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

To create this project, I first wrote out my script, with the original beginning, the original outcome, and the alternate outcome. I used StoryboardThat to make my characters, backgrounds, and props for my final animation. This story was based around the idea that no one should be shamed or underestimated, as they may be able to help you in the future.

Here is the link to my script:


Goldilocks and the Three Bears Remixed

I had a wonderful time making my scratch project. Although I faced difficulties sometimes, it was an overall fun experience. It was very enjoyable to learn more about scratch and explore the making choices blocks. It was hard coming up with a very interesting story where Goldilocks does not touch the objects but I am glad that I found a way.




Making the storyboards was very helpful because it allowed me to visual and organize my thoughts. It made me put the ideas I had into an organized poster that showed how I wanted my scratch project to looks like. Although I changed some things around, for the most part most of it stayed the same.

This is a link to my script

Making the scratch project was a very fun experience. While making my script, I had to keep in mind the original ending of the story. I had to make sure the ending was the opposite of the original one. I wanted to make my story interesting regardless of the fact that she decided not to touch the possessions. I had trouble in the beginning but after talking to my peers I realized I wanted to go with a wild and plot twisting ending, so I made Goldilocks die at the ending. Overall, I am very happy that I was able to experience how it feels to make a scratch project that tells a story.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The Dragon and his Grandmother remix

In my animation, I remade the old fairy tale “The Dragon and his Grandmother.”I liked this story because it was short and told a good moral that I liked. I spent a lot of time working with the multiple backdrops and characters. I tried to twist up the story on the alternate ending a little and not keep it so casual. I made my script in order to base it off when I was making my animation. I had to make a few changes to it though because there was too much unnecessary.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


King Midas and The Golden Touch Remixed

In my school, we take a tech class and we had to create and animate on a website called scratch, a new version of a fable and make it interactive; you choose the outcome of the story. We had to split the story in two, before a moral decision and after so we could see the repercussions of the main character’s decisions and animate both endings. The viewer becomes an active part in the story this way. I did the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch where the king must choose whether to accept the power he has been offered or to think about it. In creating this animation we had to create a script along with storyboards above and to the right.

Here is the final Animation from scratch:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


Godfather Death — Remixed

It is a dark, damp gloomy day. The poor farmer stood pondering his greatest problem.  Last night, the farmer’s thirteenth child had been born, however he was not rejoicing in happiness, for he was filled with fear. The farmer was a very poor man and he had no idea how he was supposed to support yet another child, when he could barely support himself. Then, a brilliant thought hit him- he would find an kind and wealthy godfather for his new son- one who would help bring his family to prosperity. He went into town, searching for the right person. He first met the town’s Wise Man, but did not desire him for a godfather because of the way he apportioned the rich and the poor. Then, he met the devil, but was not satisfied because the devil was a deceptive creature. Finally, he met Death, and was satisfied, for death took from everyone, without discrimination, and made all equal…

This unit, in my tech class, we were taught how to create an animation in which the viewer had the choice between two options, each of which would lead the animation’s plot in two completely different directions. As a result of having the choice between a moral decision that a character had to make, we were able to see the consequences our decisions have on life. Throughout the long process of creating this animation, we went through many steps. First, we had to chose which fable we would animate, then we had to comprise a script in order to bring our animation to life. Then, we had to also write an alternate ending (an ending different from the original, so if the viewer chooses a different choice, it will happen instead). Next, in order to further plan our animation, we transferred our scripts and characters onto a website called StoryboardThat. On StoryboardThat, we designed our characters and our backgrounds, then finally after all f that, we went to and began to animate our story. When animating in scratch, we used all the usual commands, however, this time in order to create that choice that the viewer has, we used the command “If…Then….Else”.This block allows for two possible outcomes based on wheat the viewer has chosen. Overall, this process was very fun, interesting, and educational. The fable I chose to adapt was “Godfather Death”, an unusual classic from none other that the Grimm Brothers. This story caught my eye because it has an intriguing concept, good characters, and an important message that is portrayed through the plot.

These are the storyboards that I created in order to visually plan my animation (ENJOY!):

This is the link to my Scratch Animation (ENJOY!):
[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]
This is the link to my Final Script of my Animation (ENJOY!): 

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Remixed

Welcome to my remixed version of the classic tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In my animation YOU, the viewer, can choose the path Goldilocks will go through. I created his animation using Scratch but before that I had to create a script and storyboard for the entire thing. I had to edit this a couple of times but that is normal for anyone creating a story.


This is the link to my Script!

The script was fairly easy to make seeing as I already had a whole outline for the animation itself. This is essential when creating a story, to have a plan. I had to make sure both endings were the same length which was the only struggle I faced while creating the script. After the script I was able to create the storyboards.


Down below are my storyboards for the Animation.

Making the storyboard was also pretty easy as my script was detailed enough for me to know exactly how I wanted it to look. I used the program StoryBoard That to create it. My script closely follows my storyboard which was something I aimed for. After creating the storyboard I was ready to create the animation.


You can test my animation down below!

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Bluebeard Remixed

My animation is based off of a story called Bluebeard.  The story revolves around a rich man who is being controlled by his brother to take many wives and kill them when he is done.  When he takes one girl something special happens, this girl is Wizdra.  The question asks if he should tell Wizdra about his past or not.  If he does he lives and gets rid of his brother but if he does not then he will be killed and Wizdra will take his money.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

My story was written to show the moral that telling the truth is always the right call.  When Bluebeard does tell the truth he lives his life out happily but when he tells a lie he is attacked and his life is taken.  If people were to never tell the truth then learning would be impossible.  Here is the link to my script

Here is my storyboard,


Part 1



Part 2

Goldilocks and the three bears ~remixed~

Welcome to the sanctuary of unforetold knowledge (not really…hehe…)

Quite recently, actually, I made a scratch animation adapted off of Robert Southey’s classic, Goldilocks and the three bears. It was a very tedious process, and even still I managed to mess up, but the end result was decent. The story had to have (at the part where the main character makes the deciding decision) viewer input to tell the character what to do next. Fixing up everything about this point was challenging, but that hard work led the animation to function as intended. Here it is: (if you want to see for yourself 😉 )

Here’s the link to the animation

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

To create the animation, I first had to choose a story to base the animation off of. Then, I drafted a script saying what each character would say and do. If you want to read the script… by all means! Do so! (It’s right down there in blue).

Next, in this long and laborious process, I created storyboards to have a vague idea of how the script will flow with actual characters and scenery. Here are the mentioned storyboards.

If you’d like to see the final product of this lengthy process, go watch the animation! Thanks for reading about my project! BYE!!!!!!!

The Three Little Pigs Remixed


My story “The Three Little Pigs” Is about three pigs that buy houses and are confronted with a wolf that wants to eat them outside their door. At the last pigs house they must make a desicion that is interactive for the watchers and they face the consequences for opening their door or not.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

To create this animation, I spent more that eight hours of coding on the animation and I had to time everything perfectly so that the dialouge would not over lap each other and be messy. I used code blocks like to wait for 3 seconds or to say something, or to talk, or glide to a certain place. I also had to switch their costumes to make them seem alive in a way.

The Crow and the Pitcher Remixed

My Scratch Animation was based on trying to teach lessons about patience. In it, a thirsty crow is looking for water, finds a pitcher, but cannot drink the tiny water that is in it. The crow then gets an idea and is able to successfully get the water to a drinkable height.I present the viewer with 2 choices. 1, the

I present the viewer with 2 choices. 1, the crow would drop pebbles in, and 2, the crow would try to break it open with rocks.

This project took me several hours to finish, mainly due to the crazy amount of actions the crow does to get the water to a drinkable height. I hope you enjoy my animation.



Scratch Script:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

What is Ethonal

My research topic was the addition of up to ten percent corn ethanol into gasoline. Ethanol was added to gasoline with the intention to burn cleaner and also to put out let pollution into the environment. In an article from The Greenhaven Press it is addressed that in order to produce the mandated amount of ethanol for gasoline enough corn to feed three people is being used. This is a waste of resources as also it can take up to five gallons of water to produce a single gallon of ethanol. These are resources easily needed in everyday life. Also it usually goes unstated that petroleum products are required in the production of ethanol. In another article from the New American it discusses how this use of corn and other natural resources is driving the prices of food up. This in the end cost the consumer much more than fossil fuels were. Fossil fuels did not affect food prices and food is something there will always be a high demand for.

The Princess and the Pea (REMIXED)

This story is called, “The Princess and the Pea”

This story was written by Hans Christian Andersen and it was adapted by Kevin (me). This story is about a person, supposedly a princess, being tested to see if she is a real princess by the Queen. I hope you enjoy the adapted version of “The Princess and the Pea”.

Here is the original version of the story:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

First I had to pick a story so I browsed through the web. I search on many different websites but I really like “The Princess and the Pea”. Next I had to modify and add to the story because I needed to show the morals of the story and have two different outcomes to the ending of the story. In addition I had to modify the story to make it flow better it my adapted version of the story. I tweaked act 1 (Beginning of Story) and act 2A (Original Ending) but I had to create an entirely new and different act 2B (Another outcome of act 1).

Here is a link to my script:

After I finished story part of my animation I began to create storyboards. I used the website “” to create my storyboard because it has so many different tools. I began to select characters and backdrops for my various different scenes. After I pieced all the looks of my storyboard together, I added some dialogue. I couldn’t fit all of it in but I tried to. This gave me a visual image of what my animation might resemble. In addition, this also showed me what I needed to change like some dialogue, some actions or even the order of some scenes.

Here are my storyboards:

After my completion of my storyboards, I had to animate my story using ““. This part was one of the easiest parts yet the hardest. I already had a vision of what my animation would look like and I had the script but I needed to code everything. The hardest parts was getting all the actions and location perfect. I had only 480 pixels by 360 pixels to work with. Overall, I thought that my animation turned out pretty well other than my animation being very low quality and choppy.

Here is some of my code I used in scratch:

Rumpelstiltskin (remixed)

(As you can tell from this title), I made an animation based on the folktale “Rumpelstiltskin”. Rumpelstiltskin is about a girl who was told by her father that she could make gold. Due to this, the king held her captive for 3 days and forced her to make gold. If she failed, she would be executed. On the first day, she complains and suddenly, an imp pops up and offers to help. On the other hand, he asks for necklace in return.  On the second day, the innocent girl has to make a choice. She could give the imp her ring(which is the last memory of her mother), or she could fight back.

If she chooses to give the imp her ring, he makes her gold. On the third day, the king says that he would marry the girl if she would make gold. The girl calls for the imp and the imp asks for her first born child in return. Seeing that the girl won’t agree, he offers something and he makes her gold. He says that if she could guess his name in three days, he wouldn’t take her child. The girl guesses completely wrong on the first two days. The night of the second day, the girl decides to walk in the forest because she has nothing better to do. She encounters a small house and a voice saying “My name is Rumpeltiltskin! R-U-M-P-E-L-S-T-I-L-T-S-K-I-N! She’s NEVER going to guess my name!” The third day the girl guesses correct and the imp stomps out angrily.

On the other hand, if the girl chooses not to give her ring, the imp starts to walk off. The girl has a tantrum which really bothers the imp. They make a deal that if the girl never makes the whining sound again, he will make her gold. Regretting his decision, the imp slowly makes gold appear. Then, he comes up with idea that he could give the girl the power to make gold so that he does not have to make himself. The rest of the day and the day after, he gives her “lessons” for how to make gold. Finally, on the last day, the king came in and asked out the girl.

This is an interactive story that allows the audience (you) to make a decision.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

When I got this assignment, I didn’t just start from there and made the animation. First, I had to find folktale where I can base my animation on- Rumpelstiltskin. I then wrote my script for the first act and act 2a and 2b. After that I “summarized” the story and but it to storyboard. This was where I had access to all of the sprites and backdrops. After finishing the storyboards, I transferred all of the “props I needed to start the animation. I worked on Scratch to get the final products.

These are a few screenshots of my scratch animation:

These are my storyboards:

Rumpelstiltskin Act 1

Rumpelstitskin Act 2






The Kin Who Would Be Stronger Than Fate (Remixed)

Once upon a time, the King of the South heard a prophecy that his daughter would marry a slave’s son that belonged to the King of the North. So the King of South asked for the slave from the King of the North. The King of the North was angered by this. He killed the slave, but the boy was left alive.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


I created this animation over the course of a few weeks. First, I created a script. I made an act 1 and act 2. In act 2 I had to make two parts because this animation was interactive and asked the audience to make a decision. This decision would affect the outcome of the animation.

Here is a link to my script.

After creating my scripts, I made storyboards on This helped me pick my characters and backgrounds for my animation.



Then, I used Scratch to make my animation. I made the story come alive by making the characters speak and move.

Jack and The Beanstalk (Remixed)

This is an interactive animation created with Scratch. Using ask blocks I created a fairytale animation based on “Jack and The Beanstalk” in which the viewer decides the outcome.


[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


Before animating my project on Scratch, I planned out everything and made drafts. This is how I planned and created my project:

Link to my Script:


My Storyboards:












Little Red Riding Hood (remixed)

Follow Little Red Riding hood on her journey through the woods to her grandmother’s house. She will have to make a life changing decision and you, the viewer, will help her choose. Watch this interactive animation and play around with the possible outcomes… Enjoy!


[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485

” height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]



Creating this animation took some time planning. I first read through many fairytales and determined which one had the most clear moral decision. Little Red Riding hood by Charles Perrault stood out for this project.

Next I wrote out a script for the animation. Here is a link to my script:

After, I created storyboards for each different scene. This helps create a visual of the final product.

Next, I created a plan for the making of the animation. This is where I could plan out what days I would dedicate time to bringing the visual to life.

Finally, I created the animation using scratch. This program allows us to use building blocks to animate and program our story.  This also helped us make the animation interactive so that the viewer’s opinion affects the outcome of the animation.

Once the project was completeed, I shared it with classmates in hope of everyone learning a valuable life long lesson…Enjoy!

The Emperor’s New Clothes (Remixed)

This is my version of the long told tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Anderson. it describes such a story where two men have the choice to do work or not which could easily impact somebody’s life in great amount. Check it out for yourself.


[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


To create this remixed interactive story I had used one of my most memorable childhood stories that I was taught and knowledge that I had learnt on the way up from my teachers. I had created scripts based on the original as well as creating an alternate ending to fit what I had wanted to see go on in the story and how they may turn out differently. I used the program scratch to create the animation above using all the information and process I had built up to get to where that had ended up being. I also used the program called storyboardthat to help me build a visual view upon my script before I had created the animation. If I were to give future people who would like to recreate something like this would be feedback is KEY. If it weren’t for feedback from my friends my animation wouldn’t be at where it is now. It tok me approximately less than a week to complete the animation itself, but all together it took me about two weeks to get everything I needed in order especially in the plan I had created which is also a KEY element You need to organize your time properly because I know that without my plan I would have procrastinated and would have never gotten this done.


Project Script:

Project Plan:


Brother and Sister (remix)

This story talks about how two siblings (brother and sister) that live in poverty. One day three old women asked them if they could come in and rest and the  sister kindly said yes. As a thank you present the old lady gave the sister powers. The sister thought that it was a ll a joke but when she tried them out, it actually worked. She told the brother that she has made pearls by brushing her hair and the brother quickly went to town to sell the pearls. The king stopped right before he was about to enter the store and accused  him of stealing the pearls. What will the brother do now? Will he tell the truth or lie to the king? Watch the animation to find out.

My animation:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>]

To complete my animation there was a process to do first. At first I had to chose a story that could tell a moral lesson. When I chose Brother and Sister it really didn’t tell a moral lesson so I had to adjust it. I changed the story so that the brother could’ve lied to the king or tell him the truth of his sister having powers. I made my script based around these moral decisions and this is a link to my script so you can look at it.

Based on my script I had to make storyboards. So I got the most significant ideas/parts since their was limited amount of space/cells to fit the story. I made my act 1 with 14 cells which was the most important events that happened. I then made my act 2’s with 10 cells each and that was because they were about the same length each. These was my guideline for making my animation which was the big part.

My storyboards:

This was the guide line of my animation along with everything else. In order to make my animation interactive, I had to use “If the button _ is pressed then” button. I used x to represent the original ending and I used y to represent the alternate ending. I followed my script as much as I could and I made sure that all parts of my storyboard was incorporated into my animation. Both endings was over a minute long which was he requirements.

The Serpent and The Eagle(Remixed)




In this story, my version of Chris Travers The Serpent and The Eagle, a eagle sees a snake that he thinks he will relish for dinner.  He goes in to take the snake, but he finds some difficulty.  Then a countryman comes along and sees the exchange between the eagle and the snake.  He is presented with 2 choices, to help the eagle or walk away from the fight.  The audience then has those options.  If the countryman walks away, the eagle will eventually will the fight and the countryman will fall in a ravine.  If the countryman helps the eagle, the eagle wins the fight and saves the countryman from being poisoned.  The moral of the story is to help those in need.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The process to make this animation was simple.  First I made 2 different results of the alternate moral decision.  Then I took the story and used it to create a script for my animation.  Here is a link to my script:  I then used this script to create storyboards for my script.  These storyboards gave me a general idea of what the animation would look like in different stages.  After I finished the storyboards, I made a project plan to make sure I did everything on track.  Then I used Scratch to make my story.  The script gave my story something to base it off of, and the storyboards showed me what my storyboard would look like.

This is a gallery for my storyboards:


The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter Remixed

The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter is an old Japanese fairy tale telling of the princess of the moon Kaguya, and her adventures on earth when being raised by a bamboo cutter and his wife.


[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


To create the animation, I created a script following the basic storyline of the tale in my own words. Then, I converted that script into a storyboard using storyboardthat and converted the sprites and backgrounds into scratch and made them into a fluid animation.


This is my script.




Hansel and Gretel (remixed)

Many people have loved fairy tales for so many years. But sometimes we wonder, “How could it end differently?” For this project, we made an animation of the original, and also made it interactive; the viewer will be able to make a decision that will impact the ending in a way never seen before…

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Before animation or scripting could be possible, a decision must have been made on: which story we would choose, and also what the alternate decision will be. It is what will make this animation interactive. Second, we made scripts, for the purpose of referring to it while making storyboards.

Here is a link to my script:

Third, we had to create storyboards. These elaborate on the details that will compose the animation visually. They also finalize your design, and, like a script, provide as something to refer to while animating.


After making storyboards, we animated. I had to be very careful not to mix the blocks for the alternate ending with the blocks for the original. I used the “Ask” block for interactivity. Animation helped the viewer to understand the story easily, and also helped them to make a connection to the original story. To make an animation, I had to establish backdrops and sprites that best fit the story. These are important to understand the mood of the story.


The Monkey and the Dolphin (Remixed)

This post is for sharing a story that I created as an animation based off one of Aesop’s stories. In the tale, a Monkey goes out to sea with a sailor, but ends up getting shipwrecked during a violent storm. As the Monkey cries out for help, a Dolphin comes and, thinking it was a man, comes to the Monkey’s help. The Monkey thanks him, asking what he can do to repay back the Dolphin’s kindness. The Dolphin asks what city the Monkey’s from. The Monkey, lying, says that he is from Athens. So, the Dolphin asks a question about Athens, but the Monkey answered incorrectly, so he ends up drowning. I made an alternate ending about this story, where the Monkey still lies, but he does it smartly, so he can live and go back to dry land. Here’s my animation:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Before I could start making my animation, I had to go through some basic steps for making this. First, I had to choose a classic fairy tale, folk tale, legends, and other tales. I decided to go with this ancient tale by Aesop. Then, I had to make an alternate ending, story-wise. Then, I turned all acts and endings of the into scripts, like movies. After that process, I had to create storyboards so that I could see how the scenes looked like. After that, I worked on my animation and debugged along the way, and it was finally ready.

Here is the link below for my script:

Here are the pictures from my storyboards:


Island Story – A trip to China

This is an animation created using Scratch. This story is about a cat and a penguin stranded on an island.


Sample of some Scratch code:



Backdrop: Dark, stormy, snowy weather, Setting: Helicopter over the Bermuda Triangle at night. The helicopter shakes mildly, sometimes violently

Penguin (Pengu): Are you sure we should be flying over the Bermuda Triangle, at night, and in a snow and lightning storm?

Cat (Curio): Sure, of course! As long as someone else is driving, we’re totally safe… I can’t wait to get to China!

[There is a pause, lightning strike, and the helicopter shakes violently]

Pengu: We’re gonna crash! Aaah!

Curio simultaneously: Aaah-Oh…At least I have eight more lives…

[Screen slowly whitens and reveals a beach backdrop, with both Pengu and Curio lying together.]

Pengu: I-I am alive?

Curio: Of course, why not? Think positive. I lost a life, but I’m otherwise unhurt. You on the other hand, landed on ME, killing me and saving YOU.

Pengu: Now what?? We’re stuck here forever! And our pilot’s nowhere to be found!

Curio: Go on and complain, I’ll go look around in the island we’re on and take note of our surroundings.

Pengu thinks: I won’t be surprised if he lose a few more lives. After all, he is very curious. And as always, curiosity kills the cat.

[Curio the cat walks towards the camera and to the left Scene changes (Cove of Coconut Trees) and Act 2 begins]

Curio: Hmm… where can I find some food?

[Curio the cat leans down and picks up some coconuts)

Curio: These are so heavy! Better bring them back to show Pengu.

[Curio walks slowly back to Pengu, (Backdrop changes to afternoon backdrop) who is sitting there glumly]

Curio: I found some coconuts! Want some?

Pengu: No.

Curio: Why not?

Pengu: You can’t open them.

Curio: Of course you can.

[Curio smashes the coconut in the sand a few times. Nothing happens]

Pengu: Told you.

Curio: Don’t be so pessimistic, we’ll find a way.

[Curio walks over to a rock while Pengu watches. Curio smashes the coconut and water pours out]

Oooh! Water and Coconut meat! Never tried this before!

[Curio starts eating and drinking, and Pengu walks over]

Pengu: Hey, umm, I know I was being bad, but… can I have some please?

Curion: Of course! My pleasure!

[Curio smashes another coconut and gives it to Pengu]

Pengu: Mmm… thanks

Curio: You’re welcome.

Curio: We better sleep. It’s getting dark.

Pengu: Yeah.

Curio: Do you think sand is soft enough?

Pengu: Sure. I’m tired. We’ll find proper beds later.

[Both lie down and backdrop changes to night. Screen darkens, then backdrop becomes day Curio wakes up and wakes Pengu in turn]

Curio: Good morning!

Pengu: Mhm…

Curio: Time to go exploring!

Pengu: Go yourself. I’m going to sleep again.

Curio: Are you sure?

Pengu: YES!

Curio: okay.

[Curio walks into the jungle]

Curio: Oooh! Cool! (Flips around a few times)

[Walks over to tree and shakes it. Avocados fall]

Curio: Avocados! My favorite fruit!

[Growling and screeching is heard]

Curio: Uh Oh!

[Act 2 ends and Act 3 begins]

[Backdrop switches to the beach, where Pengu is thinking thoughtfully. Three pieces of driftwood have washed up]

Pengu: I’m starting to admire this island. Maybe this curiosity is good after all!

[Curio comes running out of the jungle, followed by monkeys]

Curio: P-Pengu, th-the there are rabid monkeys chasing us!

Pengu (thinking): Guess curiosity is not that good after all.

Curio: We need to defend ourselves! Grab those pieces of driftwood!

[Curio and Pengu face away from the camera as two monkeys approach. Using their driftwood, they block the attacks]

[A bird comes by and attacks a small crab and eats it]


[Curio turns around with an evil face and and grabs the bird, who tries to fly away, but falls in the ocean with Curio. Pengu is still trying to defend himself]

Pengu: Traitor! Nooo! Help!

[As Curio and the bird fall in the ocean, a shark swallows them up]

Pengu: that serves him right!

[Curio is eaten seven more times]

Pengu: Annnd… all his lives are gone.

[Overhead, a military helicopter comes over and shoots the monkeys, drops down a safety ladder, and Pengu is rescued]

[The helicopter flys over the ocean in a sunset]

Pengu: Goodbye island! Goodbye a traitor of a friend! Off to China good sirs! Off to China!



Act 1:


Act 2:


Act 3:


Beauty and the Beast~~ReMiXeD

Alyssa P.~~~


My story is about a merchant who is a widower and also the father of six. He goes on a journey one day to gather his belongings from his ship that he thought had sunk. When he comes from the journey, he is very tired, hungry and dirty; basically in need of hospitality. He comes across a castle and decides to enter. The door is opened for him by a hidden figure and he eats and sleeps. The next morning, he wanders around and finds a garden. Before the merchant left, he had asked his children what they had desired. His sons said weapons and his daughters desired silk and clothes. However, one of his daughters, who was the youngest of all children, desired simply a rose. And in that garden, there were many. He picks a  rose and suddenly, a huge beast looms over him. The beast is enraged that after all of his hospitality, the merchant decides to thank him by taking his most prized possession: the roses. The merchant begs to be released. He tells him that the rose was only meant as a gift to his youngest daughter. The beast, however, requires something from the beast in exchange for his freedom. If the merchant leaves, then one of his daughters must come and stay with him in the castle. Regretting and reluctantly, he slowly agrees and shamefully treads home.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


My animation was interactive and the viewer had to make a decision out of two that had an impact on the story. My layout was:

  1. I made the merchant talk to the viewer about their decision.
  2. Then the merchant told them which key to press for which decision.
  3. Then I made ‘When space key pressed…’ and a ‘When up arrow pressed’ and then wrote the things that would come after them.

My script and animation follow each other almost identically. Only somethings are a little different because I was either trying to stretch them out to make it reach the minimum of 1 minute or I was trying to shorten it to not make it seem too long.

The Bad Boy Wolf remixed

The Bad Boy Wolf is a modern retelling of the three little pigs. Written and produced by an independent student, almost all of the assets are created not by scratch but by the student himself with a copy of Photoshop.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

You can read the script here:

The animation was created in a tradition fashion: first, the script was written. Based off the script, the author then created a storyboard per each of two acts. Based off the storyboards, the final script was created. The characters were created in a copy Photoshop dating from 2005 based off of online resources.


The Lion and the Beetle – Remix

Into to the story: The lion and the beetle is about a lion who is greedy for power. He wears heavy gold to a parade and because he wants for power, examines a beetle to see if he is bowing. He has the choice to wear anything or not and if he does, he will get a bad ending while on the other hand, he shall live in peace.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The Lion and the Beetle is a fable created by an unknown author, most believe that it is an Aseop fable. I created an interactive animation by using scripts, planners, and creating storyboards. I chose certain scenes and characters in my storyboards and created an animation with coding.

My script:

Below is a gallery of my storyboard, under it is my actual story board:

The Envious Neighbor Remixed

“The Envious Neighbor” is a Japanese fairy tale that shows the consequences of being good, along with the consequences of being greedy. In the story, there are two good characters and two evil characters and the story shows what will happen to each couple.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

To make this animation, I first created a project plan, which allowed me to make the entire project in a week. First, I copied the settings and sprites from StoryboardThat as an image pack. Then, I created the costumes of each sprite and started the animation. I did each act in, on average, two days. On the final day, I added credits and a title screen and asked someone to watch it. This story has a decision that the viewer can decide, it will change the ending entirely.–eiagj6cLqoNg/view


This is my adaptation about THE GOOSE-GIRL by Brothers Grimm. Its about a princess who is going to get married and along the way she is forced to follow her maid’s orders. Now she has to decide whether or not to kill the maid.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

First, I had to figure out an alternate ending to the story to make it interactive. Then I made a script based on the story by Brothers Grimm.

Using that script and, I made an interactive animation.

The Boy and the Wolf Remixed

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Original Script:

Took about 2 days to do. Sorry it’s too short.

Here are some storyboards to show how much work i did.

Act 1

Kid: Bye Mommy. Why won’t you come to school with me?

Mom: You know why, I have special guests coming today.

Kid: Why don’t they come to school with me?

Mom: You know that they are adults and not kindergarteners.

Kid: Ok

Mom: Bye, I see you tonite

(Kid leaves house)

(Walks a couple miles to school.)

(Wolf stalks lonely child)

(Kid sees Wolf)

(He starts running)

(Wolf starts running after him)

Kid: Help me!!!

Wolf: Ha ha, You will be a delicious dinner.

Kid: Mommy!!!

(Sits down and cries)

Wolf: I’ll put you out of your misery

(Wolf smirks)

Kid: *sniffles* Can you play song that i can dance to?

(Close up of puppy dog eyes)

Act 2A: Original Ending

Wolf: Fine.

(Wolf takes out his recorder)

(Plays Let it Go)

(Kid starts dancing)

Kid: Let’s get groovy!

(Kindergarten teacher comes running out of the school which is literally 20 feet away.)

Kindergarten teacher: What is this noise?

Wolf: It’s Let it Go

Kindergarten teacher: (Finally sees whats going on)Ok. Let me call my other students. Buddy, Buster, Something Wong, and Smelly, come out.

Wolf:(Thinks) Oh boy, more food!

Dogs: Can we listen too?

Dogs: Can we listen in multi-language?

(3 dogs appear and chase Wolf)

Wolf: Noo, I thought I played Let it Go really well!

Act 2B: Alternate Ending

Wolf: I know that trick. Your school is right there. (Points to a building 20 ft away.)

Kid: Pretty please.

(Close up of puppy dog eyes)

Wolf: NO!

Wolf: This will be delicious.

(Screen turns black)

The Wolf and the Seven Little Children Remixed

My Scratch animation is my own version of Aesop’s “The Wolf and the Seven Little Children” where the viewer gets the opportunity to make the moral decision. It also has a bit of humor in it  to lighten the mood.

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

I have made a script that outlines my entire animation. My first act is abridged in my animation and I have also created Act 2A and Act 2B. Act 2A is the rest of my animation when the viewer chooses one of the options while Act 2B is the rest of my animation when the viewer chooses the other option. I have also used storyboard to outline my animation even further and it helped my visualize how my animation will look.


Hansel and Gretel Remixed

This is the my Scratch Project and in this project there is a story where you get to decide the ending. This story was first made by Brother’s Grimm and I remixed it in Scratch. Both sides of the story teach a lesson. It took one week to make the Scratch Project but I did a few things before starting the project such as Story Boards and the Script. I also had a plan to get my Scratch Project done.

This is my Scratch Project: Hope you enjoy:)
[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

This is how I made my project:

  1. First started with making the Scripts and this took about 3 days. One day for each act.
  2. Next I made the story broads. There is one for each act and in each act for every 10 seconds on the Scratch project I made one cell. This took about 3 days. One day for each act.
  3.  This is the part were I start Scratch. I write a plan for what I would do each day. i had to finish it by 12/12/16.
  4. Then I started the project. I did 1/2 of an act everyday for the most part.
  5. To keep in track of what  we did our teacher told us to write developers logs.
  6. Then on 12/11/16 I fixed the problems.
  7. Last but one the least I submitted it on 12/12/16.
    1. Later our teacher made us put the project on

If you want to see my Script go here:

Here are my Story Boards:

If you want to see my plan go here:

The Fox and the Crow (Remixed)

Hi, my name is Alex. In my Scratch animation, I made a remix of the fable “The Fox and the Crow” by Aesop. This fable is about a fox who spots a crow that has a chunk of cheese in her mouth. The fox tries to flatter her into singing so she drops the cheese. However, when she finally does drop the cheese, I extended the ending, and a vulture comes in and steals it. In the end, though, the fox is able to flatter her into dropping the cheese and the fox finally gets it. Both the crow and the vulture learn a valuable lesson: “The flatterer lives at the expense of those who will listen to him”. Here is my project:


[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]


And the link:


I also followed a certain process when creating my animation. First, I made a project script. It described all the characters and the lines they said and some stage directions as well. This was the core and main part of my project. After that, I made storyboards for each part of the animation. It gave me a visual of how my final product would look like and the main and important dialogue lines of the characters. The storyboards basically portrayed the main idea and important details of the animation. The second to last step was making a project plan. My plan stated how much work and what work I would do in school and at home. Finally, before starting my final project, I had to import all the characters from StoryboardThat into sprites on Scratch. Here is the link to my project script:





Finding Lory

Welcome to Finding Lory. Follow this enchanting fish on her dream-like voyage to be reunited with her parents.

here’s a link to my animation:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

Creative process:

An idea: Most are familiar with Pixar’s Finding Dory. A couple of months ago, I saw it in the theaters. It was not my favorite movie but the characters were very intriguing to learn about. Dory stood out for she was a bright yet forgetful character. Then Finding ‘Lory’ came to mind.


Script: After choosing or creating my characters, I got to writing a script. I wrote multiple versions, my final one being this:


Act one: underwater Alexandra oh

Lory: Mom….Dad, DAD MOM!!!!

Side character(fish): Sorry what were you saying?

Lory: oh I was just, I was just…. What was I doing? Oh well

[fish swims away]

Lory: La la la lala we’re a happy family

       – Family? FAMILY that was what I was looking for

       -Excuse me?

Side character 2 [turtle]: Hello darling, how can I help you?

Lory: oh marvelous!!! You want to help me?

  • Well I’m looking for my sanity .. ehhhh wait.. Your majesty.
  • No. I’m in search of bankruptcy

Turtle: uhhhh are you ok?

Lory: I’m fine, i just suffer from term short memory loss

  • Ummm, loss memory short term?

Turtle: short term memory loss?

Lory: yes that’s it!

-term short loss memory!!

Lory: as I was saying, i’ve lost my family

Turtle: What do your parents look like?

Lory: they look just like me

Turtle: dear lord, that’s like finding a needle in a haystack

oh my…. Good luck child

[swims away]

[background slowly gets darker]

Lory:character thinking “Ohhhhhhhh??? why is this area getting pitch black?

Let’s investigate

Then i’ll find my galaxy.. Vanity

Oops i mean family”

Act 2: pitch black.. Characters are hidden

Lory: Hello??? Is anyone here? Mom dad?

Hank: Boo

Lory: ahhhhhhh!!! Who are you? Where am I?

Hank: Wo jiao Hank. wo jia zai, this black tunnel

Lory: Ummmm. What was that? I don’t speak…whatever you just said

Hank: Well that was mandarin, and I am hungry

Lory: Ok. There is no joking around here.. Wait where are we again?

Hank: A dark tunnel

-I am a purple sectapus….or seven legged octopus who is again, very hungry

-Fish are tasty snacks. I will go and find me some..

Lory: uhhhhh yeah.. Sure fish are “great” snacks

Lory thinks “ what is the best way out of here?”

_So hank, where can this tunnel take me?

Hank: well, it can take you to the sewers,..

Lory: eww no

Hank: It can take you to that delicious italian restaurant

Lory: can it take me to my parents?

Hank: where are they?

Lory: well there’s the problem, i’m not very sure. I suffer from short memory term loss…. Uh short term memory loss, and I forget.

Hank: well chances are they are in the aquarium

Lory: oh i’ll go there

Hank: so go right, right, left, and right

Lory: right, right, left and right.. Got it!

Thank you for everything Hank

It was a pleasure meeting you

Hank: No problem.. Just make sure to never to turn left the last time, those deadly humans will hurt you

Lory: Ok, right, right, left and right

Right, left, left and right. No!

Right right left and right

I’m coming mom and dad!

(Lory swims right right left left and is now lost)

Act 3

Lory: So many turns… remember Lory remember

Right right right , left or right?

Oh well, I’ll go right

(lory falls out of the pipe and lands in a fishbowl)

Lory: ummmm hello?

Where am I?

(Lory wakes up)

Lory’s mom: Lory honey, wake up

Lory:(swims to her mom)

Lory: Oh mother!!! I’ve found you

Mom: uhhhh Lory, what in the ocean are you talking about?

Lory: I lost you and then-…

Mom: Lory it was just a bad dream

Lory: whhhhhaaat? But what about… hank,,, and the other fish and the dark tunnel?

Mom: I have no clue honey, it was all a dream.

Lory: But mother, i lost you

Then i had conversation with some rude animals

Next i met a sectapus

Mom: Lory you’re going bonkers. I think i will book an appointment with a psychologist

Lory: Psychologist???




StoryBoard: after writing the script, we started creating the visual aspect of our animation. We used storyboardthat to create this important step in our project.


Bringing our animation to life: Finally, we used scratch to animate our project. We used the most common scratch blocks to obtain a reasonably watchable animation. One difficulty in scratch was getting the timing of my animation on point so that it could flow. To solve tyhis issue, I cautiously used wait and broadcast blocks. 





The Kennel Catastrophe

This Is My Scratch Animation

Here is a link to my animation:

[iframe allowtransparency=”true” width=”485″ height=”402″ src=”//” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen]

The Process: To make this animation, I first created a script and a storyboard. The script was to first make a layout of my scratch animation and the storyboard was to visualize how my animation would look like. I took a week to make a script and revise it with fellow peers. In the following week, I created a storyboard using and revised it other peers. In the final week, I created a schedule to follow so I would know how much of my animation I need to do for each day. In the next few days, I followed my schedule and I completed my scratch animation, leading to the animation shown above.

This is one of my sprites for the animation.


This is my script for my animation.

Setting: In space at Nicholas’ Spaceship

Radio: This is Gatalica Radio News reporting live! We have reports that Kennel is causing terror in New York City! If someone doesn’t stop him, he will pose a huge threat to taking over the galaxy! Military and the Police Department are arriving to New York for protection, but will that be enough? Our only hope right now is Nicholas the Cat! He has a variety of powers like flying and strength, but will the 13 year old be enough to save our galaxy?
Nicholas: Oh No! I must go, my galaxy needs me!
[Nicholas exits in spaceship stage right]

Setting: Above planet earth with New York City below

[Kennel terrorizing the city]
Kennel: Muahahahaha! We meet again Nicholas! And this time, I will be victorious!
[Kennel fires a fireball at Nicholas]
[Nicholas dodges to the side]
Nicholas: Ha! You missed and now I will get you!
[Nicholas chases Kennel]
[Kennel morphs into rocks]
Nicholas: Wait what? Where did he go?
[Wrecked building collapses in front of Nicholas]
Nicholas: Ahhh! That was really close! He’s too strong for me right now. I’m going to have to go to Pixel Bit to learn Kennel’s weaknesses.


Setting: Pixel Bit Palace

Nicholas: Hello King Aurelion. I have come here to seek for a new way to defeat your son, Kennel.
King Aurelion: Ahh. Yes of course. I will give you, the Dranko Ghostblade.
King Aurelion: It wields magical powers, created by some of the strongest mages in Pixel Bit long ago!
King Aurelion: It’s blade is so sharp that it can cut through pixels, slicing them into bits.
King Aurelion: It is made by a rare, red metal called Kreka. It is an extemely strong material with a high durability.
King Aurelion: It was created during the Spell Wars long ago in Pixel Bit. Powerful mages fought each other for power and wisdom.
King Aurelion: One mage named Dranko created the powerful sword. After the Spell Wars, Dranko hid it in a chest in this castle.
[King Aurelion gives Nicholas the Dranko Ghostblade]
Nicholas: Thank you sir. I will now go back to earth to defeat Kennel. I will gives this back when I have defeated him.
[Nicholas exits stage right in spaceship]
[King Aurelion exits stage left]


Setting: New York City

[Kennel terrorizing the city]
Kennel: Muahahaha! Nothing can stop me now! I will take over the world!
Nicholas: Not so fast Kennel! I will defeat you now! Now I have the Dranko Ghostblade!
Kennel: Hahaha! My plan worked!
Kennel: When my father gave you the sword, that was really me! It’s just plastic and it does absolutely nothing!
Kennel: Remember my new power? I can transform into anything!
Nicholas: I knew that sword felt light! I’m just gonna have to resort to my usual weapon!
[Kennel fires a ball of energy at Nicholas]
[Nicholas parries the ball and it explodes]
[Nicholas pants from exhaustion]
Kennel: Tired already? I’m only getting started! Hahaha!
[Kennel fires a fireball at Nicholas]
[Nicholas gets hit by the fireball and is destroyed]
Kennel: Muahaha! Nothing can stop me now!\
Kennel: I will rule the galaxy now, and there are no obstacles!
Kennel: I will take over earth, and soon the whole galaxy!
Kennel: My next target, Pixel Bit! Muahahaha!


Lost At Sea

Introduction: This story is Lost At Sea, made in Scratch. A story about 2 boys lost at sea who have to survive.

I made this project, with many steps. In the beginning, it was only a small idea, but through scripts and storyboards, my idea came alive.

Here’s a link to my project!

Here is my script.


Setting: Inside The Seagull  Characters: Captain Bartholomew, Jake, and Leo

Jake:[ Mopping the floor]

Leo: [Enters the scene]

Jake: Hey! Who are you?

Leo: I am the new crew member of The Seagull!

Leo: The greatest vessel on the sea!

Jake: Oh! Nice to meet you. I am Jake.

Leo: I’m Leo nice to meet you too!

Leo: When can I meet the captain of this beautiful ship?

Jake: I’m not sure, but he is extremely scary and crabby.

Leo: Captain Bartholomew is a honorable man!

Jake: That is what I thought to be true, but he hates me for a reason that I don’t know.

Jake: At the beginning it was my dream to come on this ship.

Jake: Since only one person can enter a ship every year, the competition for a spot is insane!

Jake: I studied every day for countless hours just to land a spot on this ship.

Jake: But then when I meet the man who I respected, he despised me beyond compare!

Leo: Why don’t you just leave?

Jake: I signed a paper that forces me to work on this ship for the rest of my life!

Captain Bartholomew:[He comes into view.]

Captain Bartholomew: Do you know why I hate you Jake?

Jake: No! I have no idea why.

Captain Bartholomew: It’s because you took my son, Theo, place on this ship!

Captain Bartholomew: He worked extremely hard to get a spot when you just came in  and crushed his dream!

Jake: Theo’s your son?! I remember Theo from my sailing lessons!

Captain Bartholomew: He actually looked up to you!

Captain Bartholomew: Because of this, I will banish you from my crew!

Captain Bartholomew: But I will strike a wager with you.

Captain Bartholomew: If you survive on a small boat in the middle of the sea for three days, I will allow you to live and stay on my vessel.

Captain Bartholomew: If you don’t survive, you would die in the middle of the ocean with no one to help you.

Captain Bartholomew: It is the start of winter so it would be very cold!

Jake: What!?

Leo: Why would you do this!

Captain Bartholomew:[Ignores them, and throws them out of the ship.]

Leo and Jake: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

End of Act 1

Act 2 Setting: On a boat in the middle of the sea.

Jake and Leo:[ Land in the ocean]

Leo: Look! There is a small boat!

Jake and Leo: [Swim toward the boat and go into it.]

Jake: Captain Bartholomew is such a evil man!

Leo: This is all your fault!

Jake: What! It was not my fault that he threw us off the ship!

Leo: It is your fault!

Leo: Now we are going to die in the middle of the sea!

Leo: If I had not met you, I would not be in this situation!

Jake: I was blamed for something that was not my fault!

Jake: This is not my fault!

[Thunder rumbles]

Leo: How are we going to survive!?!

Leo:[Starts crying]

Leo: We’re all alone……

Jake:[Looks away]

Jake: We have to find food.

Leo: We wouldn’t be able to survive!

Jake: We just have to live for 3 days.

Jake: Then we could live on.

Leo: It’s so cold out here.

Leo: We have to live here for 3 days?!?

Leo: [Stops crying]

Leo: Look! There is a fishing rod on the floor!

Jake: We could fish!

Jake: See it’s not so bad.

Leo: Honestly, we don’t live out of this, I will curse you in the afterlife.

Jake: Fair enough.

Jake: [Picks up fishing rod and starts fishing]

Leo: I’m going to sleep and hoping for the best.

Leo:[Lays down]

Jake:[Starts crying]

End of Act 2

Act 3 Setting: A boat in the middle of the ocean, and ocean with a port close by.

Leo: I am so hungry…

Leo: I could barely speak.

Jake: The fish aren’t biting.

Leo: They haven’t biting for the last four days!

Jake: Don’t worry, Captain Bartholomew is coming today, hopefully.

Jake: He should be coming here right now, he is just late.

Leo:  If I don’t freeze to death.

Leo: It is so cold, I can’t feel my toes and fingers.

Jake: What is that in the front?!?!

Leo: Don’t tell me.

Leo: My vision is blurry and failing from the salt water.

Jake: It’s a shark!!

Leo: What!?

Jake: Yes look!

Leo: We’re going to die!

Jake: Captain Bartholomew might still come!

Leo: Stop daydreaming! He is not coming for us, he said he would come save us yesterday!

Jake: Look the shark is gone!!

[Boat rocks back and forth]

Leo: It’s rocking the boat!

Jake: Ahhhhhh!!!!!

[Boat stops rocking]

Leo: The shark left!

Jake: If we are gonna die in the middle of the ocean, I’m glad I met you!

Leo: I hate you!

Leo: I wish I never did!

Leo: My vision is entirely gone!

Jake: We are gonna die……

Leo: We have not eaten since we got here, we have no water to drink, I became blind, and were being attacked by a shark!

Leo: This is all your fault!

Jake: I’m sorry I dragged you into this.

Jake: This is my fault.

Leo: That stills doesn’t matter, we are still stuck in the middle of the ocean.

Jake: Leo, do you see that?

Leo: No, I’m blind, which is your fault.

Jake: I think that’s a ship!

Leo: What!?!

Jake: It is a ship!

Leo: We’re saved!

Jake: Yes! Yes!

Leo: Thank God!

[Jake and Leo start crying from joy]

Jake: We will live another day!

The End

With this script, it gave my story something to base it off.  One weakness of my animation, was that the motions sometimes seem unrealistic, but one thing that I really like about my animation is that it stayed true to my script, and it was pretty long.

Here is some of the code I used to make my animation come to life.screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-8-36-46-am

This is only a part of one character’s code!

With the storyboards that I created, it gave me a visual presentation of what my animation would look like in different stages. It really helped me create my animation.

Tales of the Afterlife: The Story of Two Brothers by Nafiz Labib


Hello, everyone, my name is Nafiz Labib, and this is my post for an animation I just created. It’s about two young boys, who are brothers, and they are set in a timeline where there is an apocalyptic future and they have to survive. I don’t want to spoil it,now, heheh, so copy this website and paste it to your URL:

Now, about my process. First, I brainstormed up some ideas about what my next animation was going to be about. After I did that, I made up a plan of how my animation was going to go. It was to be divided into three acts: Introduction, Climax, and Conclusion/Resolution.   I made a script for the animation, and I revised and edited until it was as good as it could be. Below this is my script.

Original Script








The animation starts as the first setting, the bedroom of some house in New York, comes to be seen. The curtains draw up….

[Jake] is sitting down on the bed, reading some books. KNOCK, KNOCK, goes on the door.

[Jake] (shouts) Come in!

Enter [Afton]

[Afton] You ok, little bro?

[Jake] Yeah…I’m just reading some books to pass some time.

[Jake] After all, now, life is getting pretty boring.

[Afton] I feel you. (yells) I want to kick some zombie butt!

[Jake] No, that’s not what I mean. Right now, it’s too…quiet.

[Afton] That could be bad though.

[Jake]  What do you mean?

[Afton] (looks outside window) There aren’t any zombies in sight, and I don’t hear anything.

[Jake] You can go check. I’m too scared to go out there.

[Afton] Oh, come on! You know that even though I’m tough, I can’t go against the likes of those zombies all by myself.

[Jake] Fiiiine. Just let me set up my room, and then we can go outside.

[Afton] All right, then. I’ll be waiting outside for you. Better come fast.

[Jake] Okay, then. Good luck, big bro!

[Afton] Don’t worry. I’ll be careful and safe.

Afton opens the door. Out shines a ray of light…

Afton steps outside.

[Afton] Hmmmmm…where could those zombies be?

[Afton] (picks up leaf) This somehow looks like it has guts on it…and blood…

Jake steps outside through the door.

[Jake] What happened? Did you find anything?

[Afton] Yup. I found this leaf that seems like it has zombie stuff on it.

[Jake] Let me see that. (examines leaf) This is fresh. Either the zombies were here, or some human was recently infected.

[Afton] I wish we had developed a cure. Then we wouldn’t have to put those monsters out of their misery, and we could get all the humans back, and we could go back to normal life.

[Jake] I wish we had, but since we don’t, it’s either kill or be killed. We don’t want them to get to us, so we have to do everything we can to survive.

[Afton] Okay, then. Let’s go and ready the defenses.

Suddenly, Afton and Jake hear rustling by the bushes.

[Jake] What was that?!

[Afton] I’m going to go check.

Afton moves closer towards the bushes.

Out pops a gang of zombies!

[Afton and Jake] AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

Curtains drop.

What will happen to our brave and young heroes now? Find out next time!


 Last time our heroes were seen, they were surveying the outside when suddenly, a gang of zombies appeared in front of them! What will happen to them now?










Curtains rise to the last part seen.

[Afton and Jake] AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

[Afton] (shouts) Go back inside! I’ll protect for now!

[Jake] No! This is a two-man job! We have to do this together.

[Afton] (grabs shovel) If you want to, grab something to fight them off with!

[Jake] (grabs bat and hose) Try to scare them! I’ll use the hose to make them run off!

[Afton] (swings shovel) I’m already doing it. Go hose them away with maximum power!

[Jake] (turns on hose) Fear the hose, ya deadbeats! (sprays maximum power water)

The zombies start to back away.

[Afton] (points) Look! They’re starting to go away!

[Jake] (pumps fist in air) Yes! We won the battle.

[Afton] (places down bat) Yeah…but we may not be able to win the war…(sighs)

Suddenly, a whole horde of zombies pop up!

[Afton and Jake] AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

[Afton] (shouts) Now we really go inside!

Afton and Jake go through the door, running madly.

[Afton] Close the doors!

[Jake] Okay! (closes door)

[Jake] What are we going to do???

[Afton] I don’t know! But please, don’t panic!

What will happen to our two heroes as their fate is about to be sealed? Find out next time!


Last time our heroes were seen, they had arrived to the climax of their situation! There were zombies everywhere, all around them. They have taken shelter, but will that be enough? Find out now!










The play starts from the last part. Curtains rise…

[Afton] I don’t know! But please, don’t panic!



[Jake] Sorry. I couldn’t resist. Heh.

[Jake] So, what do we do now?

[Afton] Now, we ready the defenses for the encounter between us and those zombies.

[Jake] Aye aye, cap’n!

[Afton] This is no time for jokes! Hurry up and get going!

Afton and Jake run to every corner of the house, readying their defenses with walls of metal and wood, and readying weapons to protect them.

[Jake] We should also stock up on food and liquids.

[Afton] Good idea.

Afton and Jake scrounge around the hose for as much food and liquid (drinkable) they can get.

Screen opens up, saying “A FEW HOURS LATER

Play resumes.

[Afton] Well, we found all we could find. [looks at humongous pile] Although this is good enough.

[Jake] Do you think we have to escape and haul all this with us, or should we stay?

[Afton] Well, we’ll try staying here first.


[Afton and Jake] What was that?!

As the two boys look at the door, it keeps on emitting banging noises. Suddenly, the door is breached! Somehow, the zombies were able to go past the barricades!


Afton keeps on dashing to the corners of the house when he realizes…

[Afton] Wait! Where’s Jake? JAKE! JAKE!

Afton runs to every room of the house without getting himself himself damaged as fast as he can. But Jake isn’t there. Finally, he arrives at the bedroom they were originally at.. Some zombies are surrounding something… when they see Afton, they separate, revealing…Jake! He has finally turned into a zombie!

[Afton] NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (sobs)

[Afton] Why, Jake, why??? We could have survived all this!

Stricken with grief, he decides what he wants to do next. He walks slowly towards the direction of the door, and goes out, walking to the driveway, where most of the zombies were.

[Afton] I have no more of a reason to live! Take me, so that I can be back with my brother in the same way!

Afton spreads out his arms in the air, and the zombies surround him. A while later, they separate, they reveal a zombified Afton. The zombified brothers, Jake and Afton, walk towards each other, not talking, but show emotion within their faces.

So ends the stories of two brothers, working together to survive in a barren world full of monsters. It may have been gruesome, but they died, reunited with each other later on.




Next, I made a storyboard layout based on the script I had made. After this, I started working on my animation. After I finished each act in my animation, I revised it and edited it, and then I moved on to the next act. When it was done, I did one big revision and edit until it was very nice. Then I shared it to the Scratch community, and now, well, I’m sharing it to you guys. So, I hoped you all liked this discussion, and if you have a Scratch account, give it a like! Bye now!   ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



The Monstress

This is an animation that was made by me on Scratch.


  1. Story plot: Before I could move forward with my project at all, I had to think of what my story was going to be about. You decide this based on your personal tastes, and how you think others will like it. My story has a three act structure: introduction, rising action and resolution, and is based on a Rumiko Takahashi story.
  2. Scripts: Scripts are very important, whether you are making a full fledged movie or an animation. It helps as a reference to look back at, so that you don’t have to try to remember the whole thing. Scripts also provide stage directions, not only dialogue. This helps your story to be as action-packed as it should be, depending on your story. A good script also has scenes, so that you know when to switch a backdrop when animating.
  3. Storyboard: This is basically making a comic based on your script. It zooms in on the details your script provided. It gives you a sense of what the backdrops will be and what the characters will look like. You can look back at your storyboard as you animate, just as you can do with your script. Since mine was created online, these are not your final backdrops and characters.
  4. Designing characters and backdrops: This is important for consistency. Throughout your animation, you have to stick to your characters and backdrops so that they don’t change throughout the story. Characters and backdrops provide the mood of the story, like if you had a character that looks like she grew up in the country, surrounded by skyscrapers, you will have a mood of feeling lost.
  5. Animate. Animating is done (in Scratch) by dragging blocks that go together, to make movements and looks. We can use blocks like “move 10 steps” or “switch costume to costume__”. These blocks build the animation, and bring the story to life.

Fujisaki’s Death Note

After Satsuki finds her father dead on their property, she goes on a quest to avenge his murderer, as the man who is found guilty she knows is innocent. She comes in contact with a detective who uses the alias K who agrees to help her find the culprit. They soon find that someone is responsible for a chain of murders along with Satsuki’s father’s death which point to the culprit being able to use an object to kill people from afar. The object is actually called the Death Note, a book in which one can write the name of a human and that human will die. Satsuki, along with K, find the culprit in her own school and bring him to justice, but he escapes without questioning. But, the Death Note will never be seen again.

I based my project on the anime series called Death Note. My story involves a man who kills people with an object called the death note where he could write their names and they would suffer a heart attack. I also used the same concept of a detective concealing his name with an initial trying to catch the killer. I used the names and some of the baselines in my story as another show, Kill la kill, but my main plot centers around death note. I created a scenario where the detective wins because in Death Note the series, the killer beats him and eventually kills him, which I was reluctant to accept. Some minor details and characters from several other shows also appear because at the time, those shows happened to cross my mind as I worked on the project. After that, I made this combination of stories my own with some of my own concepts and ideas.

Story Script Act 1

Satsuki, who just got into an argument with her father, gets up from the dinner table and throws away her empty cup of ramen. She notices her father is missing.
Satsuki: Hey, dad!
No response. Satsuki begins to feel worried. She raises her voice.

Satsuki: Dad? Dad!

There’s a noise outside and a sound like someone falling. Satsuki feels fear rising in her gut, and she runs to the door, searching all the rooms of the house as she passes. She leaps outside and hears the sound of footsteps. She sprints toward them, her senses going into overdrive. Horrible images fill her head.

Satsuki: Dad, where are you?

She makes her way through the thick brush to a clearing, slightly lit by the moon’s glow. She sees her father, strewn on the ground, with a gleaming blade in his side. Blood is splattered across the ground, staining her father’s white lab coat. Sat suki: (screams)DAD!

She runs to his side, her face full of surprise, dread, and fear.

Jiro Matoi, Satsuki’s Father: Satsuki, listen to me. I don’t have any time to waste. Go to the one with the notebook, find the secret hidden in what dug the old man into his grave, then you will find the one who used my name to bind me to my death.
Satsuki: Dad, you’re not making sense! Who did this to you? I need to get you to— There’s a rustle in the bushes and Satsuki sees a shadow of a man. Anger fills her, combined with hostile fear, and she darts forward, chasing after the footsteps.

Satsuki: Wait here, Dad.
Jiro Matoi: No, wait. There’s something more I need to tell you!
Satsuki is deaf in her rage as she charges after the figure. Just as she the moon lights up the trees, she sees a figure dart into the darkness, holding a black notebook. Satsuki: Hey! Come back!
She stares into the dark forest beyond, realizing that she could no longer see him. Suddenly, she remembers her father and runs back to his body, only to find his eyes staring blankly up at the starry sky. Forgetting her rage, she grabs his hand.
Satsuki: Dad! Dad, wake up! DAD!
She grips his hand and feels the cold, lifeless touch envelop her. She begins to sob. Satsuki: DAD!

Scene 2:

Satsuki is at school, drooling in class while her math teacher drones on.

Ms. Fukuhara, the teacher: What’s 1,000 minus 7, Satsuki?

Satsuki: *snores*
Ms. Fukuhara: Satsuki, WAKE UP!
Satsuki wakes up, drool spilling onto her desk as she whips her head up.
Satsuki: Um, sorry, Ms. Fukuhara. What?
Ms. Fukuhara: sighs What’s 1,000 minus 7?
Satsuki: A Tokyo Ghoul reference? She yawns rubbing her eyes.
Class snickers and Satsuki’s friend laughs
Satsuki’s friend, Suzune: whispers Good one Satsuki!
Ms. Fukuhara frowns with disgust and confusion, obviously not getting the unintentional joke.
Ms. Fukuhara: * sniffs* Satsuki, you now have detention for half of the lunch period for sleeping in class, *cough* extremely disrespectful *cough*. Now please turn to page 84 in your textbook and wipe that disgusting drool off your face.
The bell rings soon after and an embarrassed Satsuki waits for half a lunch period, then leaves the classroom, accompanied by a laughing Suzune.
Satsuki: I can’t believe I said that!
She cringes inwardly
Suzune: *Laughs * I can! You even dream about anime! *laughs again*
Satsuki: Anyway, what do you have for lunch?
Suzune: *sighs* I have some ham sandwiches with some money for soda. You? Satsuki: I have a cup of ramen from the convenience store, a canelle from the Sakura Bakery, and some money for soda, too.
Suzune: Lucky! I wish I could just buy my food like you!
Satsuki: *sighs* Honestly, count yourself lucky, I have no money for school trips after all this.
Suzune: Well, you always sneak in anyway!
Satsuki: *chortles* I guess you’re right.
Suzune: So, what entrance exam are you going to take for high school?
They sit down on a bench in the school grounds where a cherry blossom tree stands. Suzune unwraps her lunch, which is wrapped in a pink cloth with little bunnies on it. Satsuki: I don’t really know. I haven’t thought about my future in a while.
Suzune gives her a worried look, remembering how Satsuki had promised herself that she would find her father’s killer. She had kept the knife that was used, waiting for the time when she could give it back to the man she hated most.
Suzune: Yeah, I get where you’re coming from. I haven’t thought about anything outside just passing all the classes here.
Satsuki: Hey, what soda do you want, melon or grape?
Suzune: Grape, thanks!

Scene 3:

The two girls proceed throughout the day together, speaking of trivial things and laughing at meaningless jokes. After school, Satsuki walks home and spots a shadowy figure in a crowd of people waiting outside a cake shop that just opened. As she passes she hears…
Strange Man: Hey, you’re Matoi’s daughter, right?
Satsuki froze, then rapidly looked around, fearful and confused.
Satsuki: What?
Strange Man: If you want to know what happened to your father, come and buy some cake with me.
Satsuki: Wait, huh? Who are you?
Strange Man: I’ll be at the fifth table to the right of the entrance.
Then he disappeared and Satsuki was pushed along with the crowd into the stuffed, wonderful smelling M Cake Shop. Once she found table five, she saw that there was an odd looking figure sitting there awaiting her. Flustered, she strode up to him.
Satsuki: Who are you? What do you know about my dad?
Strange Man: Shhh, come sit down. I’ll tell you.
The table was in a secluded part of the shop where few people could look on. It was loud and there was music playing. Satsuki reluctantly sat down, confused.
Strange Man: Good. Now order something. We’re going to be here for a while.
Satsuki stared at the man’s face and realized he was not much older than her. He had dark black hair that fell on either sides of his head like a waterfall and cold black eyes with dark circles ringed under then. He was wearing a white tee shirt and jeans and casually sipping a cup of tea, waiting for her to speak.
Satsuki: Okay, okay, but tell me who you are and how you know about me and my father!
Strange Man: I’ll answer your questions in order. I’m a special investigator with the police brigade here as well as the detective known as K. As for how I know your father, I encountered your case a long time ago, and I found it quite interesting. I intend to discuss this with you, Miss Matoi.
Satsuki: You’re K? K was a world famous detective who had solved the most difficult cold cases of all time, he was famous from originally solving the case of the serial killer John Boe at the age of eleven. He is often referred to as the modern Sherlock Holmes, as no one knows his real name.
Satsuki: So you worked on the case for my father’s death?
K: Yes, I did. I believe that you have an item in your possession that would prove helpful to me?
Satsuki frowned. She knew he wanted the knife. But how did he know?

Satsuki: How did you know?
K: Easy, the knife that had impaled your father had to be a small dagger, I’m guessing with about a three inch blade. Smooth, sharp edge, leather handle? When the authorities got to the scene, the blood wound was fresh and had been kept open for several hours, but had began to become infected. The blood was only slightly dry so the blade must have been pulled out about three hours before the body was discovered. Since you were the only person to set foot near the corpse after it was impaled, it was obviously you who pulled out the blade.
Satsuki was stunned.
Satsuki: Amazing.
K: No, it is not. It is simply because you people see, but do not observe. Satsuki is confused by this.
Satsuki: So you’re trying to find my father’s killer now too, right?
K: Correct, and so are you. I am not wrong? The reason why I take interest in this solved case was because of the circumstances. The man who was suspected for Matoi’s death was Mr. Hank Phillips, whose DNA matched that of the residue on the corpse. He had no grudges against Mr. Matoi nor did he even know him. He has no mental unrest either. Yet he took a knife from who knows where and stabbed Mr. Matoi while on his evening walk in the woods. It is nothing more than obvious that it was not his intention to kill your father.
Satsuki: So who made him do it?
K: I have a theory that I will discuss on a later date at my office. I’ll give you a hint. Someone is playing puppet master with the people of this town. Watch yourself and enjoy the cake, Satsuki Matoi.

Then K stood up, nodded at Satsuki, and strode out with a box of cake in his hand. Satsuki stood dumbfounded at the cake box containing a delicious piece of strawberry short cake with a small note under it with the words.

Nice meeting you, Satsuki Matoi. I hope to dine with you again. Please see me at 9:30 AM on Thursday at Kirigaya Offices Police Committee downtown if you wish to learn more. 11th floor, office 306. Bring your little present. Ask for Ryuzaki at the front desk. Say you’re there for a meeting. I’ll have some more cake ready.

—Ryuzaki K

Satsuki sighed.

Satsuki: What am I going to do now?

Act 2:

Scene 1: Satsuki nervously makes her way down the crowded city streets to the giant facility of Kirigaya Offices Police Committee, nervous. She walks into the giant lobby and comes up to the tired receptionist.
Satsuki: Excuse me, I have a meeting scheduled with Mr. Ryuzaki at 9:30 a.m. Receptionist: Got it. Your last name?

Satsuki: Matoi.
Receptionist: Picks up phone Mr. Ryuzaki, Ms. Matoi is here to see you. She hung up the phone. He’s been expecting you. Office 306, 11th floor.
Satsuki: Thank you! She then proceeded to the elevator and clicked the button and a few seconds later, the doors opened. Once she arrived on the 11th floor, she scanned the doors until she found 306, which seemed to be a big room. She opened the door and saw K sitting with a piece of cake on his desk. There were also three other people in the room, one very tall, frowning man in a black suit, a woman with short cropped blond hair, and another man with a thin and youthful physique.
K: I’m so glad you could come, Ms. Matoi. Please, before we begin, let me introduce me subordinates.
Man in black suit: I’m Hiro Fujiwarai. Pleasure to work with you.
Blond haired woman: Nice to meet you, I’m Akira Suzuki.
Younger man: I’m John Tatum, from the American Department of Kirigaya.
Satsuki: Nice to meet you all. I’m Satsuki Matoi.
K: Now that you’re all pals, let’s get to the point. Ms. Matoi, the knife.
Satsuki took the blade out of her bookbag and set it on the desk in front of K.
K: Ah yes, that’s exactly what I wanted to see. Just as I told you, am I correct?
Satsuki nods.
K: Me and my associates have discovered a pattern of unlikely, odd deaths which all occurred in this same city, which we believe are linked to the uncanny death of your father. Akira, the facts…
Akira Suzuki: Honso Galarza, former minor criminal, suffered heart attack while proctoring an entrance exam, downtown Shinjuku. Franklyn Yen, murdered two people in 2005, died of heart attack while in custody, Shinjuku. John O’Leary, alleged serial killer, died of a heart attack two days after Yen and four days after Galarza,Tokyo. Twenty one other criminals have died in the same circumstances, as well as one other new case that happened yesterday of a man named Ayato Kirishima who was convicted of murder, then was stabbed by a police officer who died of a heart attack thirty seconds later. Reports say something came over the man and he was not himself, he did not respond to speech or even Kirishima’s yelling before he killed him. We believe this

evidence points to one person who holds the power to manipulate who dies and when. Furthermore, your father is assumed to have been one of the targets.
K: Thank you, Akira. Whoever this is is only killing criminals—excluding your father—so they must believe they are passing some sort of righteous judgement on the world. What do you think, Ms. Matoi?

Satsuki: Well, uh, I don’t see why someone like that would want to kill my dad! Plus, that’s impossible.
K: Nothing is impossible anymore, Ms. Matoi. What was your father like before he was murdered, may I ask?

Satsuki: He was–he was acting strange. He was always on edge, like he knew what was going to happen.
K: Because he did! I did some digging myself through Mr. Fujisaki, and I know that your family has had ties to history through encounters with possible “death gods” ever since your ancestors, the Kiriyuins, came in contact with them many years ago. Your father knew, so our culprit killed him off, made it look like an accident, and continued his killing spree. Any suggestions on what we do now, Satsuki?
Satsuki: Um….we should try and find him.
K: Exactly, a live broadcast! The criminals that are being killed off are only ones that show up in the news so the culprit must watch television. John, send out a live broadcast tonight on the six o’clock news, I’ll be there.
John Tatum: Got it!
He rushes out of the room.
K: I will be tempting him to come out of hiding and strike us again. He seems the type who can get inflamed easily, so if we trigger him, he’ll do something rash and we’ll know. The culprit seems to kill using names or faces, so we’ll use fake identities. Call me Ryuzaki. Hiro, you’re Hikaru Yagami. Akira, you’re Julietta Ohkubo. Ms. Matoi, you will be Nagisa Arakawa now. Got it?
All: Yes, Mr. Ryuzaki.
K: Good.
A teenaged boy comes in and takes the plate of cake from K.
Boy: Good morning Mr. Ryuzaki, hope you’re having a good day today! Here is your tea.
K: Very good thanks, Watari.
Later, in Watari’s house in Shinjuku, a small television blares the message from K and Watari lurks in front of it, holding a pen to his black notebook.
Watari: Bring it on, Mr. Ryuzaki.

Act 3:

Watari Fujisaki had stumbled upon an enchanted notebook that had fallen from the sky. Inside, there were directions..

Watari had always had a sense of justice about him. He believed he could change the world for the better, so when he suddenly came upon the death note, he was finally able to exercise that power. While he only killed criminals, he would also eliminate anyone who stood in his way. When he realized that Jiro Matoi, a scientist who researched death and the state of rigor mortis, knew about the death note and who was using it, he quickly arranged a false murder using Matoi’s unsuspecting neighbor as his cover. The death note had allowed him manipulate the actions a person makes before they die, thus he was able to stage a murder. What he didn’t know about was that Matoi’s teenaged daughter, Satsuki, was home at the time and witnessed his death. He soon panicked, knowing that if she realized what really happened and went to the right investigators, he would be in major trouble.The knife that he had given the neighbor to use was the same as the ones that were used by demented criminals who were fated to commit homicide with their fellow inmates. Watari’s ultimate goal was for people to realize his existence and fear him, revering him as a god. If someone were to expose him though, he would be as good as dead. When he realized who Satsuki was and that she attended his school, he decided to befriend Suzune, thus allowing him to monitor her. He asked her some questions about her father’s death, saw that she suspected someone like a death note user, and tried to convince her she was wrong. One day at school, Satsuki was eating lunch with Suzune and he approached her, smiling. He was very attractive and had a good demeanor, so it was easy for him to manipulate Suzune and Satsuki. Keep in mind, he does not know her first name, as Satsuki was told by K that when she introduced herself for the new school year, she go by Nagisa to her peers. Suzune agreed to call her Nagisa as well.

Watari: Hey, Nagisa, Suzune, me and my friends were thinking of going to the Eda High Rise after school for a party. Do you two want to come?
Satsuki and Suzune: Sure! What time?
Watari: I’d say about 3:00 p.m. It’ll be me, Hinata, and a couple of other people.

Hinata was one of Suzune’s friends.

Satsuki: Oh cool, we’ll be there.

Watari: Great!

At 3:00 after school, Satsuki and Suzune made their way to the giant Eda High Rise and onto the roof where Watari and Hinata were standing.
Satsuki: Hi guys! Where are all the other people?
Watari: ( smiling) Oh, you’re all we need.

Then Hinata, Suzune’s friend runs toward her and pins her down. Suzune screams, but her mouth is covered by Hinata.
Satsuki: SUZUNE!
She tries to lunge at Watari but he pushes her back.

Watari: You see, Nagisa, I’ve been onto you for a while now. I know you’re Matoi’s daughter and that you know of the power of the notebook.
Hinata starts to strangle Suzune.
Watari: Now, what is your real name? Tell me, Nagisa! Hinata strangles Suzune harder. Satsuki realizes that he still doesn’t know her real name. If she tells him her full, real name she will die. But Suzune is going to die if I don’t, she thought.

Watari: Come on now, chop chop. Can’t have you waiting forever. Suzune is at the brink of suffocation.
Satsuki cries.
Satsuki: My real name is……. Suzune writhes, unable to breath.

Satsuki: S-S- Satsu- Just then, a storm of police come barging through the roof doors, all in swat uniforms. They point their guns straight at Watari’s head. Suzune goes limp. K enters the scene.
K: Well, well, well, seems we found our culprit: Watari Fujisaki .

Watari lets go of Satsuki.

Watari: Why are you here?
K: It’s a shame really, such genius wasted upon someone like you. You’re not the observant type, I gather. I’ve been watching you all along. Ms. Matoi has been very helpful to me. Now show me the book.
Watari: Never! I’ll never surrender my powers to scum such as you. I will be a god!
He takes out a notebook and writes down the name Nothing happens.
Watari: Why? Why isn’t it working?
K: You fool, that’s not my name. Frankly, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but you will never find my real name. Call me K, if you like. ‘Tis a shame you must die, you made wonderful tea.
Watari: You’re K?
K: You could say that. Now you are surrounded. Make one move and you’re dead. What do you do? Do you come with us, or do you chose a different fate, I’m really want to know!

Watari: I will not share the secret of the notebook with you people. I am an advocate for justice, I punish the evil.
Satsuki: Then what about my dad and Suzune? Were they EVIL?!!
Watari: They were in my way. Your little friend is merely a sacrifice.

Satsuki: Go burn in HELL! She rips the knife out of her pocket and charges towards him. He stops her, but the blade grazes his cheek. Satsuki is crying.
K: Stop Ms. Matoi! We need him!
Watari: That’s just the way it is, Ms. Matoi. People die so other people can climb on top of their corpses. I’m sure your father knew that as well. I’m not going to be one of the corpses you climb. Well, without further ado, I bid you goodbye…. He sighed and slowly scrawled in his notebook He turned, put his foot on the edge of the railing, stood up to face everyone in front of him, his back to the sky. Then, he pushed his foot off the wall. He smiled, then began to laugh harder and harder.

Watari: …….Satsuki Matoi.
And he fell.
Satsuki is frozen.
As Watari falls, laughing, he throws his death note into the wind, watching it drift farther and farther away from the building, into the blue sky. He knows his reign is over, but he had fun while it lasted. Now he would become the topper of a grand pile of corpses where another would stand. It would go on and on, until there was no more. He was just the beginning. Satsuki would find her peace, but she would continue to search for the death note’s remains until adulthood. Suzune would survive, just barely. K would work with Satsuki to recover the death note and it’s users. Hinata, who was being controlled by him, would drop dead soon after. All was still moving, but his time ended there. No more, no less. Never a regret to be shed. Only the truth, which never lied. Who was he to say who lives and who dies in a world so cruel?

And thus was the end of Fujisaki’s Death Note.

Two World Collide

Here is my Project:


Here are some steps to create an awesome Animation like this.

  1. Brainstarm for ideas
  2. Turn those ideas into scripts
  3. Animate it
  4. Revise everything
  5. Show to friend and ask for tips
  6. Use those tips
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 3 times
  8. Publish
  9. Show to teacher
  10. Get Praised!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Act I

Jarvis: Hello, I am Jarvis. I am Tony Stark’s personal assistant other than Miss Pepper Potts. Today, I am going to show you a story that many of you will not know about.

Jarvis: The unforetold story of Iron Man and Optimus Prime and the Alien of Disgustingness.

Jarvis: Here are some interesting facts you should know about them.

[Portfolio pops up and shows you Tony Stark’s picture. 2 seconds later, his info pops up underneath.]

[Portfolio Closes]

[Red and blue briefcase comes in and opens up]

[Optimus Prime’s picture shows up. 2 seconds later, his info pops up underneath]

[Briefcase disappears]

[Alien Corpse shows up with a big hole in the middle.]

[Info pops up in green font.]

[2 seconds later, a bunch of kids say ewwww at the same time]

Jarvis: But before we begin, if you are under the age of 12 than don’t watch this animation. Thank you and enjoy the story.

In A Galaxy far, far, Away

(Needle Scratches)

Right here on Earth

Act 2

Jarvis: Sir, incoming message from Optimus Prime.

Stark: (Groggily) What time is it Jarvis?

Jarvis: It is currently 2 AM 56°F outside right now. It is partly clou(Starks cuts him of)

Stark: I don’t care right now what the weather is like. Where is he?

Jarvis: He is actually right outside.

Stark: (Suddenly sits up) (Suddenly awake) WHAT!!! Assemble the Iron Legion!

Jarvis: Sir, can’t you confront him yourself?

Stark: Yes, but if history repeats itself, I’ll need another arc reactor. And they don’t grow on trees.

Jarvis: Sir, you have a room filled with emergency arc reactors.

Stark: Fine, Get my suit.

<5 minutes later>

Prime: Well, hello again Tony.

Stark: Hello Prime. What do you need from me right now.

Prime: There is a species of aliens coming here to destroy Earth.

Stark: What did I tell you about bringing your stupid Decepticons here to Earth.

Prime: First of all, they are not Decepticons. Second, they are an intellectual alien species that have stolen and wrecked havoc in the solar system.

Stark: So they are technically space pirates.

Prime: Yes, they have asked us to call them the ΘΗ ΙΔΙΟΤΣ.

Stark: English please.

Prime: The Idiots.

Stark: Ok. So when are they coming?

Prime: On the eclipse.

Stark: So about 2 days.

Prime: Yes.

Jarvis: Sir, if I may interrupt. In two days, you have a date with Miss Potts.

Stark: Oh yeah. Sorry Prime, but you remember last time when I accidentally skipped date night.

Prime: Yes, that was painful to watch. So are you in?

Stark: Yes, I am in. But after that, be sure to stay out of a 50 mile radius of her. I assume you have a team ready.

Prime: Yes, me, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Arcee, Sideswipe, Skids and Mudflap, Leadfoot, Topspin and Roadbuster.

Stark: So you basically just named all the Transformers still alive.

Prime: So what is your team?

Stark: The usual. Capt. America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Black Panther, War Machine, Spider Man, Spider Girl, She-Hulk and Winter Soldier.

Prime: –zzzz– Hmm. Ok that is quite a team there.

Stark: You weren’t even listening.

Prime: No, but we will probably kick some buttock in 2 days.

Stark: It’s butt, not buttock, grandma. Who says that?

End of Act 2

Act 3

Stark: Here is my team.

Stark: Say hello to Capt. America, Falcon, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Thor, Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Black Panther, War Machine, Spider Man, Spider Girl, She-Hulk and Winter Soldier.

Prime: So here is my team.

Prime: Bumblebee, Ratchet, Arcee, Sideswipe, Skids and Mudflap, Leadfoot, Topspin and Roadbuster.

<Ominous music plays>

[They feel a blast coming from space and there is a dot coming]

Stark: Everybody, suit up!

Rodgers: That’s my line Stark!

Prime: Don’t argue about this now or else there won’t be a tomorrow to fight about it.

<6 hours later>

[The spaceship has landed on the moon]

Rodgers: How are we suppost to get up there?

Stark: That, Cap. is why I am leader. We fly!

Rodgers: With what? It’s not like we have suits to to fly us up there and can fight in them in space.

Stark: Jarvis. I’ll lead you to tell them about their suits.

Jarvis: Ladies and gentlemen. Your Battle Alien Reinforced FlowerPower. Or B.A.R.F for short. Sorry about the name but Mr. Stark insisted that, that was going to be the name because he would find that in the suit after this so called “saving the world”.

T’Challa: Are they specialized in our abilities and powers?

Jarvis: Yes. For instance, Hawkeye has a built in quiver with rocket propelled arrows specially designed for space. Hulk has a stretch suit with rockets at the elbows to deliver more powerful punches. Capt. America has rockets on his shield so that he can control it flight pattern in space. Shall I go on?

Romanoff: (in a bored tone) No, please keep going. Wake me up when he gets to my suit.

Jarvis: Black Widow has Tesla guns that shoot massive amounts of electricity. Since bullets won’t cut it in space against aliens with bulletproof skin.

Romanoff: Nice.

Jarvis: Black Panther has a r

<20 minutes later>

Stark: Wow, even I got bored listening to all that.

Wilson: —zzz—

Romanoff: —zzz—

T’Challa: —zzz—

Thor: —zzz—

Rodger: —zzz—

Maximoff: —zzz—

Rhodes: —zzz—

T’Challa: —zzz—

Branner: —zzz—





Bucky: —zzz—



[Everyone wakes up]

Stark: We go to space!!!

<10 minutes later>

[You see 25 dots rising from Malibu, California]

Jarvis: Distance to destination 100,000 miles.

[Land on moon]

[Alien mob waiting for them]

[The fight starts]

[Zooms in on specific people fighting]

<20 minutes later>

Stark: That was easy and hilarious. Capt cot hit in the face 3 times

[Instant Replay]

[Massive thumbs up pops up]

The End

The End

Here is a link to my project page:

Welcome to The End! I worked on this 2-6 minute animation for 3 weeks. In those three weeks, I had to use three different tasks in order to perfect my animation. I had to type a script, create a storyboard, and then create a schedule to go off of in order to complete my animation in a certain amount of days. Finally, I could start programing my animation. Just programing my animation took a little bit over 4 hours.


Act 1:

Setting: Girl’s bedroom
[main character stands in the center of her room]

[the sound of a loudspeaker turning on]

Voice from outside:
Attention! Attention! The world is ending! It will explode in approximately 1 hour! There was a mishap with an experiment and now the core of the Earth is filled with extremely explosive TNT. We don’t know how much of the earth will blow up, but just to make sure everyone will stay safe, we will temporarily leave and see the remains of the Earth tomorrow. So stop everything you’re doing and run to the nearest spaceship! They will be scattered around the city!

[Pause for 1 second]

Voice from outside:
I repeat! We will be leaving for Mars in 50 minutes! Quickly get to the nearest spaceship!

[the squeak of the loudspeaker being turned off blasts and then there is silence]

I have to leave! I can’t believe I’m the only one home! I hope my parents heard the announcement.

[Olivia looks down at her dog]

Come on buster! We need to leave!

Woof woof!

[the two walk to the left and off the screen]

[the backdrop changes to an urban street]

[Olivia and Buster run but then stop abruptly]

[whispers anxiously] Buster! It’s Ruby! She hates my guts! I don’t want to argue with her now!

Woof woof

Why? Oh, it’s because I spread her deepest secret to the entire school. But, let’s forget about that.

Woof woof

I know it was wrong, but she broke my arm and my leg when I was younger! She even laughed at me when I fell. She deserved that.

Woof woof

Shhh! She might hear you. And yes, I know that this is the closest spaceship to the house even though it was half-an-hour away. But I just don’t want to pass by her!

Woof woof

Fine, I’ll stop being a chicken.

[Olivia walks toward Ruby’s direction because the spaceship is behind her]

[Olivia walks past Ruby and sighs in relief when Ruby doesn’t notice her]

Where do you think you’re going? This is the line into the spaceship.

[Olivia mentally hits herself on the head]

Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize.

[Olivia turns around]

[Ruby stares at Oliva for a few seconds and then recognizes her]

[sneers] Well look who we have here…..

Act 2:

Setting: On the urban street

[Olivia walks to the back of Ruby and chuckles nervously]

[nervously] Oh….hey there

Don’t hey there me

What do you want me to say? I hate your guts and wish you never existed?

[scoffs] Aren’t I supposed to be saying that?

Well, you kind of did break my arm and leg when I was younger. Plus you started laughing at me when I fell.

[agitated] For the last time! It was an accident!

Sure it was. Because ‘accidentally pushing’ and laughing at someone when they fall is totally an accident.

Okay….maybe it wasn’t. But you deserved it! You knocked my ice-cream to the ground!

Just because I knocked your ice-cream down didn’t mean you had to knock me down from the ledge and break my arm and leg.

I was 5!

That’s always your excuse.

Well just because I pushed you down didn’t mean you had to spread my deepest secret!

First of all, me spreading your deepest secret sounds like nothing compared to you breaking 2 of my body parts. Second of all, your secret wasn’t even that bad. It was just that [gets cut off by Ruby]

[anxiously] Stop! Don’t even say it out loud! It’s because of you that I had to look over my shoulder for the rest of elementary and middle school! I was always afraid of getting bullied!

Well that was revenge! Because of you, I couldn’t walk for the next few months!

[their conversation gets interrupted with the same outside voice as before]

Voice from outside:
Attention there are only 5 seconds left to board a spaceship. 5 seconds left!


[Olivia and Ruby look at each other and realize that they’ve been standing outside the spaceship for a pretty long time]



[the door of the spaceship starts to close]


[Buster comes out of nowhere and drags the two of them inside]


[the doors close behind them]

Act 3:

Thank you so much, Buster!

Woof woof!

[hugs Buster] You’re a light saver!

Hey! Don’t touch my dog!

[barks at Oliva] Woof woof!

[backs up] Okay! I’m sorry! You can hug him!

[Ruby laughs]

[Buster nods his head towards Ruby and Olivia and barks]

Woof woof!

[Buster walks towards the right and off the screen]

Does he want us to make up?

Yeah….I guess?

Yeah….ok…..I’m out of here.

[Olivia starts walking towards the left]

[anxiously] Wait!

[Olivia stops mid-step and turns around]


[anxiously] Ma-maybe Buster’s right. Maybe we should make up. A-after all, it’s already been more than 7 years.

Are you serious! Okay let’s do this! I already have a speech planned out!

And I thought I was weird.

Well I’m sorry if I thought your grudge on me would last only for a few months. I didn’t think it would last for more than 7 years!

[laughs nervously] Oops….my bad.

So, let’s start with the apologies.

[Olivia clears her throat]

I’m sorry that I spread your deepest, darkest secret which was-

[Olivia gets cut off by Ruby]

[quickly] And I’m sorry for laughing at you when you fell.


[quieter] And being the one who pushed you down and caused you to break two of your bones.

[whispers] And doing it on purpose……

[Olivia claps]

Great! Let’s hug now!


Does it look like I’m kidding?

No, but-

[cuts Ruby off] Exactly!


[the two walk towards each other and then a person comes between them]

Random person:
What are you guys doing! The world is going to blow up! We don’t have time for this stupid, nonsensical hugging time! Get to work peopl-

[the person gets cut off with the world exploding. Everyone dies]


The tale of the ice cream man

The Tale of the Ice Cream Man is a deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep and rich story about an ice cream man who misuses his privilege as a rich ice cream man to steal and harass the general public.

With more than 20 assets, this is a truly polished story. This can be easily seen when we look into the inside of the sprites of the man characters:


And another character’s insides (to a lesser extent):


Shaniqua and Jonah and the Case of the Missing Child Support

My story is a love story that starts out fine (on one side at least) and then results in . . . a hate story.

It follows the plot line of Jonah refusing to pay Shaniqua’s child support as the main conflict. She resolves it by marrying Alex, and when her child gets a little bit older, she breaks up with Alex and becomes a simultaneously responsible and irresponsible mom who is alcoholic and probably dies, I don’t know because I haven’t gotten that far. I created it first by writing a script on Google Docs, which I created into storyboards for each act on Storyboard That. I ended up changing the whole thing, so I made up a new script and revised it. Finally, I created my Scratch animation and uploaded it onto here.

Odd Friend

Odd Friend

Link To Project:

A story of confusion where Beansoop has to go through many obstacles to save his friend Terd.

To create my Scratch animation I had to go through three phases. Firstly, I made a script in which the characters have lines. Next, I made a storyboard on StoryboardThat where the movement and the settings were introduced to the story. Lastly I made the actual Scratch animation combining the likings of the script and the storyboards to create the project above.



Sidekick=Pro 2


Pro:Hello Pro 2. How are you doing?

Pro 2:I am actually doing very well.

Pro: Hmmm. Seems like you.

Pro 2:Like me?

Pro:Nevermind it’s just that there have been a lot of shapeshifters.

Pro 2: Ohhh that.

Pro: Yeah, anyways are you ready?

Pro 2: Yup same thing anyday everyday.

Pro: Are you okay?

Pro 2: Actually no.

Pro:Why not?

Pro 2:I”m not Pro 2. Mwahahahahahahahah.

Goes to Act 2

Act 2

Pro: How do I save Pro 2 from the Eevill Corp.

Pro: Why why why today????

Anta: Because why not.

Pro: How did you get in here.

Anta: Anything is possible my friend.

Pro:Since when are you so cheesy.

Anta : Since I had control over your assistant.

Pro:If he were here, he would’ve been pissed.

Anta:Yeah I know.And isn’t he.

Pro:What do you mean?

Anta:You see I have control over Pro 2’s memories.

Pro:So you have full access over his mind and all his ideas.

Anta:Yes I do.

Pro:You know that Pro 2 is probably trying to get rid of your powers.

Anta:Very well. After all he is an underrated overachiever. He’d rather be in the spotlight than in the shadows of you.

Pro:Is he actually acting like that?

Anta:Have you never noticed?

Goes to Act 3

Act 3

Pro:(Thinks about the times Pro 2 has been envious about his fame.)

Pro:You do know that Pro 2 is always reliable.

Anta:But he is for all the wrong reasons.

Pro:Why are you puppeting me?

Anta:Because why not?

Pro:For once in my life a villain is angering me?

Anta:Hmmm, it seems legit.

Pro:It should be, because i will “legit” pulverize you.

Anta:Oh my evil.

(They start fighting.)

Pro:What do you get out of it?


Pro:Fine what?

Anta:I have to pay for my wife’s medical expenses. If she doesn’t do surgery within the next few weeks she will die.

Pro:I’m sorry for acting this way. But you don’t need to perform these violent acts in order to save your wife.

Anta:You can have your friend back.

(Goes to the Teleportation Amplifier Device.)

Anta:He isn’t there.

Pro:Why not?

Anta:Because he is searching for you in another dimension. And now he won’t have to. I’ll bring yoh to him. Sayonara Pro 1.

Pro:Peace bro. Just kidding.

(Pro and Pro 2 come out of TAD)

Pro:Now you are outnumbered.

Pro 2:Feels good to be back.



I created my masterpiece by clearly laying out what I wanted to have in my animation. I must admit, I am more proud of my script than I am for my animation. 😉 It was easy for me to think of my animation/story by laying it out as sort of a play or narrative. Thus, the process of transferring the conversations was easy because I simply copied and pasted the lines. I was fortunate enough to find such relevant backdrops so that I wouldn’t have any trouble.  Tbh~ I’m not completely sure how the idea of writing a story about two conflicting twins of the opposite sex came to me. I just wrote about what I felt needed to be addressed- not just in an animation. In the world, women and girls are prejudiced amongst boys. They are addressed to and used and ordered around as if they are some thing. And I assure you, THEY ARE NOT JUST SOME THING. WOMEN ARE POWERFUL. THEY ARE EQUAL TO MEN AND BOYS. THE KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO GO THROUGH HARDSHIPS AND BE DISCRIMINATED AMONGST THE OTHER SEX WHEN THE DIFFERENCE IS REALLY NOTHING. Women need a voice. Some are too scared to open up about their difficulties. Some are just tired from being at the lower hand from males. I wanted to show that women are just as good as men are and shouldn’t be ashamed of who they are or what they are or what happens to them. They need a voice. I want to make sure that I am part of it.


Alyssa Pradhan      October 18, 2016

      BSGE       Technology 7-2

Unit 2 Day 7 Homework: Story Script Act 1

<span style="font-weight: 400;">The background is in a castle and there is a prince talking in the large hallway. </span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Prince-</span><span style="font-weight: 400;"> But little sis, you’ve got to admit that I beat you in that game. Ha! You didn’t even stand a chance!</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Princess- </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">I did too stand a chance! And do </span><i><span style="font-weight: 400;">not </span></i><span style="font-weight: 400;">call me little sis- it was just a miracle that you were introduced to the world 3 minutes before I was! <em>hmph</em></span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">It gets quite between the siblings as they remember their life so far without a mother.</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Prince (weakly)- </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">Heh-heh-heh…um, rematch of a game of badminton, ‘</span><i><span style="font-weight: 400;">little’ </span></i><span style="font-weight: 400;">sister? </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">He wiggles his eyebrows at the emphasis of “little”</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Princess-</span><span style="font-weight: 400;"> looking murderous and confident at the same time, </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">Oh it’s </span><i><span style="font-weight: 400;">on</span></i><span style="font-weight: 400;"> Henry!</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Then a servant runs into the halls gasping for breath, face beet red and back hunched forward. Once he recollects his breath, he speaks in a raspy tone…</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Servant:</span><span style="font-weight: 400;"> Your…… Majesties…………… I have been looking all…(cough).. All over for you!! Your father is gravellyyy………. </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">The servant’s eyes roll up to his head and starts to fall to the  ground as the princess barely catches him.</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Laying him down on the floor, she urgently and desperately looks up at her twin and speaks fearfully:</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Princess: </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">We have to find our father!!</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Her brother nods and without a word, they run to their father's chambers.</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400;">~~~End of Scene 1~~~</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400">Alyssa Pradhan</span> <span style="font-weight: 400">     October 19, 2016</span>

<span style="font-weight: 400">       </span><span style="font-weight: 400">BSGE                                                                                          Technology 7-2   </span>

<span style="font-weight: 400">Unit 2 Day 8 Homework: Story Script Act 2</span>

The two twins are standing on opposite sides of their beloved father and holding each of his hands while he looks faint.

Princess: tears sliding down her cheeks Father, are you…. alright? Is there anything that we can do to help you? Sobs silently and buries her face in her free hand. Why didn’t you tell us earlier????????????

Prince- We could’ve helped you in some way, shape, or form, father! He huffs angrily. We aren’t the fragile pair of twins we were without the presence of a mother.

Father/King: cough cough I… cough should’ve told you my disease long ago but i didn’t want you to worry.. cough about… me. One less… cough thing to worry about in your lives.

Prince and Princess: (in unison) Father don’t be ridiculous!

Princess: Now because you were too busy worrying about us, you have caused yourself much dange and  sniff  now.. Now… nowww…… starts sobbing uncontrollably.

Prince-  (wipes furiously at his eyes) H-h-how many m-more days d-d-do you have l-left sobs

Father/King: strokes his son’s hair lovingly with heavy eyelids. I-i-i-i have…. I have….. Umm…

His hands falls lifelessly to the bed.


~~~End of Scene 2~~~

Alyssa Pradhan  October 23, 2016

BSGE   Technology 7-2

Unit 2 Day 8 Homework: Story Script Act 3


The twins step outside, badly shaken and in each other’s arms, faces wet with tears.

Prince: it’s all right, sister.

Princess: (sobbing) no it isn’t!!!!

Prince: maybe not know, but as the new king of this kingdom, we shall be content, and you with your husband.

Princess: (fuming and yelling) WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAATTTTT????????!!!!!!!!????!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Prince: (taken aback by the sudden outburst of fury) Uggghhhh..


Prince: (with guilt on his face) You that not what i meant or wanted to do.


Prince: (starting to lose his patience) Stop YELLING at me OKAY???

Princess: NO!!!!


He suddenly moves back. He did not mean to say those things.

Princess: (tears falling down her face) I knew that was what you thought about me (turns away) But i never thought that you were that cruel.

Prince: (looks stricken) I-I-I’m sorry Lena. I-

Princess- (whips back to face him) well, I don’t want to hear what you have to say about anyth-..

Prince- (hopeful) Lena?

Princess: what in the world is that? (points to something behind Henry’s shoulder)

Prince: what’s what?

Princess: (looks at him as if he has five heads and ten eyes) Behind you, douchebag!

Behind Henry and in front of Lena, there is a glowing floating thing in the middle of the corridor. Slowly and gradually, the glowing object turns into a beautiful fairy.

Princess: (astonished) Who are you?

Fairy: i am your fairy godmother!

Prince and Princess: WHAT??

Prince: (stiffly) there is no such thing

Fairy: Yes there is.

Princess: fine, whatever, but the question is, why are you here?

Fairy: Ah! Well, i’m here to settle your dispute.

Prince and Princess: Dispute??

Fairy: yes

Prince: well we just need a way to find out how to share the kingdom, but there is no way we can get married.

Princess: thank God…

Fairy: well why don’t you just split up the kingdom into two parts?

Prince: split… up the …kingdom?

Princess: really?

Fairy: yes!

(Prince and princess look at each other)

Princess: you know that’s actually a brilliant idea.

Prince: yes, it is. ok ay. (turns to his sister) Lena, i’m sorry for being such a jerk-

Princess:JERK???? That’s barely a word to describe you.

Prince: please let me finish. Im truly, deeply, sincerely sorry. You are the only family that i actually have in this world and i would die if anything happened to you. If you could at least try to work with me then the permanent scar across my heart may mend. I love you and you are my sister. Please, forgive me.

Princess: (tears again rolling down her face) that’s the most sincere apology anyone has ever given me.

They hug

Fairy: so very touching.

Princess: henry?

Prince: yes?


(Prince groans)


And they lived happily ever after.

The End

Photo by debaird™

Bob and Gob Become BFF

This is a link to Scratch Project. It is about Bob and Gob.

This is my script.

Tech Act 1

Gob: We need to take over more land. There are too many people here in Mars. Where should we go.

Hodfha: Let me see what Land there is……….. Aah I found a plant called EEE–AAA–RTH

Gob: Ok… Do you think we have a good army to take over EaarTH

Hodfha: Yes

Gob: We need a plan

Hodfha: We should attack at night time and we should find A–meri–CA. That is one of the big counties in EaarTH

Gob: Ok we will plan for two week. After that we will take over EaarTh. We will tell

everyone about our plan on the Internet that we will attack so that everyone in Mars will know.

Meanwhile in Earth (USA)

Background Change

Bob: O No. Mars is planning to attack us.

Obama: How did you find out

Bob: I think they thought that we had no internet.

Obama: ok. We will plan our Army. We will train them to do all they can.

Bob: ok sounds good. I will get more info from the Mars people by hacking.

Tech Act 2

One week later

Gob: Is everyone ready to start practice for the battle with EaarTH

Hodfha: Yes. Our men are ready.

Gob: I only have one rule. We must attack at night.

Hodfha: ok

Gob Leaves

Background changes to training center.

Hodfha: General Jhdfgvbhi

Jhdfgvbhi: Yes

Hodfha: Yes we are ready to train. All you need to know is that we heard that the people on EaarTh are strong and we need to attack at night.

Jhdfgvbhi: OK I will train everyone.

Hodfha left the scene

Jhdfgvbhi: This is how we will attack. We will attack at night. We will train extra hard and remember to aim at your target.  

Everyone leaves

In Earth

Background to Earth

Bob: One more week till they attack

Obama: Stay calm. We will train as usual. We will be just fine. Find a way to get peace with them. We will find out why they are attacking. General Andrew!!

Andrew: Yes

Obama: Just get ready for a war next week.

The Next week night.

Gob: attack

Spaceships go to Earth

Bob: ok let us start protecting the world. I will find out who is the leader of Mars.

Obama: ok

Andrew: ok Shoot the missiles.

Gob: They knew about the attack. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 day later

Bob is trying to find out who started the war

Bob: Who started this war?

Gob: Who is this human

Bob: Who are you

Gob: I am the leader of Mars. Prepare to die.

Bob: Wait. Why are you attacking. There must be a reason.

Tech Act 3

Bob: Are you the person who wants to have this war. Why.  

Gob: I have so many people in Mars and we need more land so that we can also live. We are also losing money. Now I will kill you. And I will take over CANada

Bob: What if I tell you that we will give you some of the land that you can live in but not take over. We will also give your people land.

Gob: you will

Bob: Yes

Gob: Ok what are we waiting for let us sign a peace treaty

Bob: ok

Gob: Stop!! Fighting. We have got the land and we made a new friend. In fact he might be my best friend.

Bob: Ok tell us have contact and we will meet once in awhile.

Gob: ok you are now my friend.

Mars People: YES!!!

Earth People: YES!!!

Background to White House

Gob: From now on we will be together

Bob: ok

Obama: OK we will always be together. Let us have a party.

They have a party

Obama: Thank you for having peace.

Gob: Thank you for giving us land.

1 year later

Bob: My name is Bob and my best friend is Obama and Gob

Gob: My best friend’s name is Bob and Obama

Creative Process
1. The first step in this process is to brainstorm ideas about what the story should be about. I liked the idea of alien invasion and friendship.

  1. Write a Script
  2. Make storyboards. These storyboard was pictures of how our animation would be like.
  3. Make the Scratch Animation. I had to put may blocks together. I did 1/2 a act everyday. Someday I did not do anything and it took 2 weeks to finish the project.
  4. Put my Project on My teacher told me to put my Project here.
  5. You must like it. I put a lot of work into it.

The Adventure of Lizard

This is satire on the conspiracy of the political spiced latte (Also, go to McDonald’s. They’re a corporate sponsor.)

Now I will talk about my creative process:

1. Brainstorm ideas for script
2. Write a rough script with lots of idea and slowly cut it into a better product
3. Convert my scripts into storyboards
4. Message from corporate sponsors
5. Convert storyboard into scratch
6. Troubleshoot issues
7. PUBLISH!!!!
8. Try to convince Bernie to run in 2020
9. Get graded
I will now post my entire script because my teacher told me to

Also btw axlatni parcha means piece of crap in some language

Act 1: Begins with Lizard at him home in Myanmar
It is 2016, Lizard’s 33rd birthday, the coming of age day for a polar bear. He Is About to embark on his journey of revenge for his mother, who was killed during the Great War between humans in the year 1229
Lizard is with his grandmother about to leave her and embark to Greece

Lizard: I am ready to go Grandmother, I am ready to get revenge.
Grandmother: Are you sure? Do you have everything? Be careful, because there are many dangers on the way to Greece. And the voyage through the 3 Great Seas will be treacherous.
Lizard: Ok Grandmother, I have my equipment! I hope to see you again!
Grandmother: Ok. May you always spill the blood of our enemies!
Lizard walks to the door and goes outside into the forest
Lizard: Woo, I can’t wait to get revenge!
UNKNOWN VOICE: Who issssss the revenge on?
Lizard: Um, who are you?
UNKNOWN VOICE: I am Sauti, the voice of the forest.
Lizard: What do you want?
Sauti: The answer to your question.
Lizard: Well you won’t get it!!!
Lizard runs out of the forest and into the grasslands
Lizard: That was weird…
As Lizard is walking through, a village appears in the distance
Lizard: I think I may see village in the distance? I wonder if I have left Myanmar…
Act 1 Ends with him walking towards the village
Background is now a village and scene begins with Lizard entering
Lizard: I wonder what the people in the village are like??
Angry Man: Who’re you?
Lizard: I’m Lizard
Lizard: I don’t know… its the name my parents gave me.
Lizard: Wait you know who Sauti is?
Angry Man: Yeh, we goota dell with hem evreh unce in a will.
Lizard: Can you talk in English?
Angry Man: Apologies, my dear chap. I was talking like a simpleton briefly, I will now resort to speaking in the Queen’s English, my dear chap.
Lizard: England? Isn’t that kinda far away, also, what’s your name.
Angry Man: Oy we got a nosy son of a chap here, don’t we lad? Well my name is Zephyrius Tiberius, and I am from that land. I suffer from schizophrenia so I switch between angry and a kind gentleman.
Lizard: That’s interesting. So who’s Auti anyway?
Z.t.: By George, that lad Sauti is a fiesty little fella. He is the guardian of the forest and can be quite disagreeable. He is related to Axlatni Parcha.
Lizard: Who is Axlatni Parcha?
Z.t: He is a half man, half cow who has a strong inner conflict about humans and hamburgers.
Lizard: Ok, that’s interesting… I’m on my way to Greece. Do you know how I can get there?
Lizard: Revenge on the person who killed my mother.
Z.T.: Oh, sincerest apologies my lad. I was acting like a rather nasty chap in the moment, nothing more mate.
Lizard: So how can I get to Greece?
Z.T.: Well, you’d have to cross the Great Seas…
Lizard: Could you take me?
Background changes to mountains, where Lizard and Zephyrius are trekking through deep snow
Z.T.: So, tell me more about your mission.
Lizard: Well, my mother was killed in the year 1229 by a human.
Z.T.: Oh yes, between the humans and the polar bears. Wait a minute…
Lizard: What?
Z.T.: Ummm, the war was in 1229 and it is now 2016.
Lizard: So?
Z.T.: Humans live for only a century at most.
Lizard: Oh.
Lizard: What was that?
Z.T.: Oh no, we’re de-
Background is now a cave, Zephyrius and Lizard are tied to stakes
Lizard: What… what happened?
Cow/Human hybrid walks into the room dramatically
Z.T: That happened…
Lizard blacks out
Background is a fancy throne room
Hybrid: Hello wanderer. I bet you have many questions…
Lizard: Who are you?!
Hybrid: And those will be answered…
Lizard: What do you want?!
Hybrid: In time…
Hybrid: Well that’s just mean.
Lizard: Zephyrius make him release us! No response WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!?
Axlatni: First of all, my name is Axlatni Parcha, okay? And about you’re friend, he is safely resting in my stomach.
Lizard: NOOOO!
Sheer willpower allows Lizard to break out of his bonds and escape.
He sprints down the mountains, and with his amazing polar bear strength he sprints across lands into India. He here realizes he has no idea what to do next.
Lizard: Wow, you know I am really in a sticky situation. My friend is dead, I can’t get revenge, my home is hundreds of miles away.
Then, The Idea hit him
Background is now the middle of the desert.
Lizard: Why don’t I run for U.S. President? And to appeal to cow-humans and millennials, Axlatni will be my running mate.
Axlatni comes into frame
Lizard: Wait! I have an idea!
Axlatni: What?
Lizard: You know how nobody actually likes either US Presidential candidate, they just hate the other candidate. So, if we, a polar bear and a cow/human hybrid announce we’re running, we’ll win by a landslide!
Axlatni: Hey, that’s a great idea!
Lizard: I know right!
Axlatni: What are we waiting for? Sure the election is in 2 weeks but that will make people more desperate to save America from complete devastation!
Lizard: Wait, what about policy?
Axlatni: What’s that?
Lizard: Never mind, it’s not important.
Axlatni: Let’s be on our way!
Background changes to US Capitol at Lizard’s Inauguration
Lizard: I can’t believe we actually won!
Axlatni: I can’t believe we only got 92% of the vote!
Lizard: I guess you could say… it was rigged against us. 😉
Lizard: Shh… we should just be happy that we get to run the Executive Branch now.
Axlatni: Oh man. I thought we got to be dictators for 4 years and then we could…
Lizard: That’s not how it works. I guess we actually have stuff to do.
Axlatni: Or we could let our advisors run the country.
Lizard: Yeah, Chris will do a fine job.