November 27, 2022


My Beautiful Neighborhood(Rego Park)



I think before Rego Park was not good in transportation and there is not much shops and stores. The traffic is really bad and the traffic light is not good too. There is no bicycle lane too. So many water are in the road when it is rain because of drain. I don’t know that much about past because i didn’t live in.



My name is Muyar Khant Naing. I live in Rego Park. Rego Park is in the Queens. There is train stations and bus stops. So it is not difficult in transporting. There is Macys, Queens Center, Marshalls and Century 21.This is easy for people for to make shopping. And there is so many 99$ store and the shop that we can buy vegetables.

Rego Park is also near with Jackson Heights and Forest Hills. As we near with jackson Heights,we can buy the different foods easily in one place. The favourite place for me in my neighbourhood is the Queens center mall. As I like to shop, there are a lot of my favourite stores in this mall. For example,Forever 21 and H&M. There are 16 high schools in Rego Park. So the students from Rego Park have a lot of choice to decide what school they want to go to.


I hope future Rego Park will be more good,more developed and more good in everything. And i hope they can fix the problem of traffic. Most of the school from Rego Park have the top ranken and it’s really good for the children. It’s become crowded with so many people.


Where I’m From

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I am from a pink hijab and pink sneakers, from colorful fabric from Telco and praying at home during Ramadan on my green prayer rug.

I am from the beautiful white color house

I am from green, pink, white, and yellow from the garden filled with color.

I am from jasmine white flower, from the jasmine white flower is very beautiful smell flower in winter at garden

I am from Eid and Eyes color from Parvez and  Rahemeen and Amna.

I am from watching my mom cook paratha and learning to do it myself.  I am from washing the white walls of our apartment in Gravesend.

From my Father Pervez saying, “It’s time to go to bed, Maria” and my Mother Tanzeela saying “It’s dangerous outside.”

I’m from the lady reading hospital and light medium skin color of my mother, From Biryani spicy rice and kabab with crunchy.

I am from pictures with whole family in the pakistan and memories is in our notebook image gallery.




Siempre Conmigo En Todo Momento

I am from Legos y juguetes tirados de mis hermanos, por toda la casa y los cuartos de mis hermanos desordenados pero nunca limpiados.
I am from sprinklers. 2 perros, un sube y baja, atras en mi patio.
I am from vecinas chismosas asomándose en sus ventanas, cuando llegamos a nuestra casa.
I am from mi cacu que es mi tío y siempre me ayuda en todo, mi mamá que nunca me deja sola y siempre esta conmigo en todo momento.
I am from mi madre siempre que me dice cuando no encuentro algo, “Si lo encuentro que te hago?!”. I am from “Portate bien!” de mi mamá cada que me deja en la high school.
I am from tacos, pozole, camarones, tamales, en mi casa y todos mis tíos adentro están.
I am from sentarse a platicar a las 6 pm, porque a esa hora llegan mis padres de trabajar. I am from salir a comer los sábados o domingos, mariscos o tacos con toda la familia.

Photo by MacBeales

Breaking The Silence: Child Sexual Abuse

Globally, 8% of boys and 25% of girls under 18 suffer sexual abuse. India is home to the world’s largest number of sexually abused children . One in ten children is sexually abused at any given time. I was shocked when I saw this number. I never thought sexual abuse would be so serious and affect so many people. But, this is only an official number; due to social and cultural pressure, many victims refuse to talk about this. It means that the actual number of victims is larger.

The BBC TV series “Patric Melrose” tells the story of Patric who was raped by his father when he was a child. His father threatened him so that Patric would not tell anyone about this experience. This experience has influenced his entire life. He cannot forget the picture of his father abusing him. He is so afraid of this that, when he thinks of this, he trembles. He uses drugs to forget his fear of his father and the experience. When he was an adult and his father died, he still did not have the courage to tell anyone. When he married, his wife encouraged him to tell his mother about the abuse. He almost cried when he told his mother that he was raped by his father. His mother said, “Me, too.” Moreover, after Patric’s father died, his mother received a letter from a woman who said that she had been abused by Patric’s father. Patric’s mother knows that it is true, but she still pretends to be very shocked and denies his father’s behavior. This exposes a serious issue; when victims are abused by their family members, they may feel ashamed and keep silent.

In some developing countries, children in the countryside live with their grandparents. The grandparents do not know about sexual abuse and, yet, they probably know the sexual abuser. They may keep silent. But, most sexual abusers know that the victims will not report the crime, so they decide to abuse the child. About one-third of abusers are related to the child. If you think a child may have been abused, it’s important to report .This way, abusers will go to jail. This way, we can stop the sexual abuse of children.

The punishment for sexual abuse is lenient: “Hope, also known as Wish, is a South Korean film. The film is based on a true story, the infamous Nayoung Case in 2008, in which an 8-year-old girl, named “Na-young” in the Korean press, was raped and beaten by a drunk 57-year-old man in a public toilet. The court sentenced the man to only 12 years in prison, which caused outrage in the country due to the brutality of the crime and the man’s history of physical and sexual violence” (wiki ref). In China, if someone rapes a girl under 14 and there is little physical damage, then the abuser is sentenced to 3 to 10 years. 3 years…I think this is ridiculous. The psychological damage to this girl is permanent. This may change her life. She will live in fear and she might not trust men anymore.

In China, there is a national project called “Protect Girls.” Project educators go to schools to teach kids which parts of the body other people cannot touch and how to protect themselves. They provide children with protective devices. When children’s private parts are violated, the device says, “You cannot touch me, otherwise you will go to jail”. The project also offers psychological support services to children who have already been abused. Some people from this project are also victims, so they understand the feelings of victims and give them the best help. The project broadcasts TV programs to inform the public about sexual abuse so that we pay more attention to protecting children.

Now, more and more celebrities talk about their experience of sexual abuse. From my perspective, I think this will encourage more and more victims to share their experience. This would help victims to end their nightmares.

Are You Using Your Phone or Is Your Phone Using You?

Over the past few decades, we have had a huge change in our lives. Smart phones have made our lives somersault. When we wake up in the morning, we probably check our phone to see if someone sent a message. When we have some free time, we may open instagram and check if there is anything new. Even if we have some important things to do, we still cannot stop playing with our phones. I also heard that someone checked his phone and did not notice a car driving towards him. He experienced a car accident. Is a smart phone beneficial for you?

All the APPs are designed to get your attention so that you spend more time on them. That is how the APP designers make money. Apparently, they did a good job. You love those applications and you spend plenty of time on them. They are stealing your time. Moreover, smart phone APPs drive young women to chase the filter look: In the 2017 Annual American Academy of Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery survey, 55 percent of plastic surgeons stated that patients requested surgery “to improve their appearance in selfies” ( People are paying more attention to their appearance and undergo plastic surgery. I am not against plastic surgery, but it may have a cost. No matter how professional the doctor is, it still possible that the doctor has made some serious mistakes. There are bad consequences like blindness. Today’s young people depend on someone else to define their value. They base their self worth on the number of likes they receive on social media platforms such as facebook. One of the most important things in our lives is to be that kind of person you want to be. Take other people’s negative comments with a grain of salt. It is vital to follow your heart.

It is hard to say that we had a good couple of decades or a bad couple of decades. On one side of the debate, there is no doubt that smart phones make our lives more convenient. On the other side of the debate, smart phones dominate us and we cannot live without them.

Shame On Us: Protecting Animals by Jailing Them In Zoos

Should zoos and aquariums exist?Some people think aquariums are a good way to teach kids knowledge about animals, Some people think establishing zoos and aquariums is inhumane.

When I was in middle school, we always went to zoos. It is a good way to know animals and to know what they look like and what they eat. It is interesting to see the funny actions of animals. When you give bears some food, they will close their palms, which means thank you in China. Zoo keepers teach animals how to attract tourists. Those animals are trained to do a lot of actions to attract tourists and earn revenue for zoos. Is it humane to train animals to do something that does not obey their natural instinct? Should we decrease the number of zoos?

What is the reason for establishing zoos? I think that we want to educate people so that they know it is vital to protect animals in zoos. When people are familiar with animals, they will pay more attention to animals and try to protect them.

However, when we set up a zoo, the first thing we do is catch wild animals. The second thing we do is put them into cages. The third thing we do is train them. It reminds me how policemen catch criminals. They catch the criminals, put them into jails and then rehabilitated them. Unfortunately, the way we put animals into zoos is like the way we put criminals into jail. Animals in zoos are similar to prisoners in jails. We never feel ashamed when we put animals into zoos that are like jails; instead, we are proud of what we have done to animals. We think we are protecting animals. We think animals are safe when they are prisoners. Shame on us to think like that.

As humans, we fight for freedom and equal rights. Everyone needs freedom–woman or man, black or white, poor or rich. Freedom is the most important thing for us. Living without freedom is torture. The irony is that we deprive animals of freedom for a ‘good’ reason. But, are we protecting them or torturing them? Weeks ago, I saw a video about a tiger in a cage. tourists threw branches to the tiger. The tiger did not do anything like a cat might do. As I know, tigers are dangerous, ferocious and easy to anger. What makes the tiger like a cat? Loss of freedom. We have already changed the tiger. The first time the tiger in the zoo yelled at people, zoo keepers disciplined the tiger. But, yelling is the tiger’s instinct. Zoo keepers are depriving the tiger of its instinct. When tigers are not ferocious, are they real tigers? If they are not real tigers, they cannot teach us what a tiger is like. Instead, when we see a tiger, we might describe the tiger as a huge cat. If we cannot know animals from visiting zoos, then we do not need zoos. We should put these animals back to where they belong– in the jugal.

In my opinion, it is not wisdom to set up zoos to protect animals. We should protect animals by protecting their habitats. The best way to protect them is not to interrupt them and jail them.

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It Is Important To Protect Historic Buildings

Some people think historic buildings stand in the way of progress. Historic buildings have been standing for years, and these buildings are unsafe if we do not fix them. These old buildings need to be repaired every year. Some people believe the money we spend on fixing old buildings is a waste of resources. However, other people think it is a crime to demolish the old buildings. Old buildings are treasures for us; these buildings tell us the history of time past.

Since the population is growing, we need more space. Some people may ask, “If we do not break down the old buildings and build new ones, then where can we put these people?” But, this depends on the value of what historic buildings bring to us. I think some buildings can help people recall memories of important figures or events, or the buildings have some special or financial value. For these reasons, these buildings should be protected. Buildings can be demolished if there are only a few people who remember them.

Some historic buildings like the pyramid can be used for tourism and help the local economy. The pyramids were built in ancient times and there are a lot of stories about them. Many people would like to visit the pyramids in Egypt. First, tourists buy tickets when they arrive. The money tourists pay to buy tickets is more than the cost of fixing pyramids. Second, tourism creates jobs. For example, tourists need guides. Third, tourism stimulates the development of infrastructure. If there are more people visiting the pyramids, there may be traffic congestion. Of course, the government wants to avoid congestion; as a result, they will improve the public transportation and build more roads. The government will also build better hotels and more parks to support tourism and make the city look nice.

Some historic buildings are the houses of historical figures. People visit these buildings because it is important to respect Chinese culture and Chinese manners. People in China may go to Confucius’s house. Throughout history, Confucius has been widely considered as one of the most important and influential individuals who has affected millions of human lives. His teaching and philosophy greatly impacted people around the world and still linger in today’s society( His ideas are still important for Chinese people; schools teach his ideas. Many Chinese people visit his house to respect him and honor Chinese good manners.

Visiting historic buildings is a good way to learn history. For example, The Palace Museum was built hundreds of years ago. From The Palace Museum, we can learn about fashion, architecture, and people’s favorite animals from hundreds of years ago. These historic buildings will be a better way for us to learn history. We can stand here, see it, even touch it. Hundreds of years ago, people stood on the building ground; people still stand on this ground. Time has passed, but the building is still here. Historic buildings provide a physical link to our past.

Historic buildings are vitally important for us. These assets need protection. We cannot afford to lose the physical materials and ideas which stand for our past.

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24th-Century’s Gold: Drinking Water

72% of the earth is covered by water. It would seem that there is plenty of drinking water. But, the truth is drinking water is less than 0.007% of the total water supply on the earth. The increase in pollution and population make drinking water more valuable.

In some African countries, a lot of people do not have enough clean water. In Cape Town ( a city in south Africa), inhabitants have already been limited to just 13 gallons of water per day per person. Compare that to the average American who uses more than 100 gallons of water per day. The shortage of drinking water influences the quality of the citizens’ daily lives. Water is increasingly important these days; the water shortage is one of the main threats to developing countries.

However, we seem not to care about the shortage of drinking water. Some industries still dump sewage into the river. I remember that when I was a kid, we used water from Songhua river as drinking water. Now, we stop using water from that river and we changed to use water from another river. The water in Songhua river cannot be used as drinking water; it is too dirty. The loss of sources of drinking water is happening around us.
The world’s problem, whether it is energy insufficiency or pollution, arises from the abusive behavior of all individuals. The solution is the development of collective consciousness. What is meant by this is that each individual must be aware of the impact he or she has on the world and try their best to protect the drinking water. When we protect the drinking water, we are protecting ourselves. Disease can transfer by water, like non-hepatitis A and B. In some areas, the chemical substance in the water leads to the increase of cancer rates.

If we do not protect water, the possibility of water wars in the future may be like the oil wars today, and the price of drinking water will become as expensive as gold.

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Re-education is Important for the Prisoners

Criminal offenders are imprisoned and released over and over again. Therefore, some people think that governments probably need to increase the length of time the prisoners are in jails so that they will not make the same mistake again. What we need is to stand in prisoners’ shoes and think why they would make the same mistakes again. If prisoners make the same mistakes again, it is because they cannot fit in society.

In the movie “The Shawshank Redemption”, there is an old prisoner who spent many years in jail. When he was released, he was totally unable to fit in society again. Finally, he committed suicide in a hotel room. What is required in this situation is re-education. We have the tendency to make convicted felons an untouched class, isolating them from normal society. We treat them differently because they have criminal records. Way we treat the prisoners will make it difficult for them to fit in society. Some prisoners even try to make the same mistakes again so that they go to jail again and get away from society, the world they cannot fit in.

Governments should re-educate those prisoners just like students in schools. We must teach them how to fit in society and tell them what the world outside the jail looks like. Moreover, the jail officers can bring reformed prisoners into the jail to share their experiences. This will give the prisoners more confidence to adjust. Governments can introduce some rewards. Officers can write a letter to help good prisoners to find a job; this will make it easy for prisoners to get employment, and it encourages the prisoners to behave in jails. In addition, governments can teach prisoners new skills in jails. This way, they can start their new lives. I believe that prisoners have mental health issues. This makes it difficult for them to cope with bad feelings. Governments need to help prisoners reform so that they know how to deal with these bad feelings.

We should treat prisoners like citizens. Prisoners are people who have made some mistakes. Children always make mistakes. So do adults. When a company does not want to hire a worker with a record, it should, instead, give him or her a chance to let their show his ability. We should not have a stereotype about prisoners that prisoners cannot change.

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Stress throughout the week…. yay!

Well this is how stress managed to get to me for the week. I personally think I did good though 🙂


Stress chart link for the week of 7/16/18 – 7/22/18

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My Stress Plan

I choose to handle stress by quickly releasing it in burst of anger but in a safe way. An example would be punching my pillow or screaming into for a short amount of time. I think this method will work best for me because of past experiences and because I am a kinesthetic learner.

Link to my annotation on stress

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Empty Candy Jar

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I am from building blocks and candy jar with no candy in it,

from  baby dolls and a piggy bank.

I am from the room being attacked by a storm.

and moist to moist to moist.

I am from the silk flower.

who shows all her beauty at one time.

I am from the telescope to the fish tank.

from Li and Tang

I am from “Hurry up!” and “Faster Faster!”

and from staying in bed as long as possible.

from sitting as long as possible.

I am from looking at the pedestrian with the telescope on the rooftop.

I am from grandpa and great grandma

from salted dumplings that I hate

from his death because of diabetes.

and from watching billiards and playing poker

Digging a hole in the playground and waiting for it to become fossils.

I am from those moments  

From an empty candy jar

Megan’s My Beautiful Neighborhood

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Point of View Writing

Yes the people are beautiful like the color white paper

but some people  smell like they don’t take  showers

but the platform is up high, and

The air is  fresh and  it make me feels good as  I am standing there.

The inside of the subway has the bird poop.

Outside the subway had the fresh air




About Me and My Work

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My Portfolio Summer 2018

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My Portfolio for the 2018 Summer ELLs Academy

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My 2018 ELLs Portfolio

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My Reflection

The ELLs Program is where students are helped to improve their English fluency. I had to write essays about what i liked to write about and also wrote some questions I had on my mind.


I am excited to be showing you some of my work from “ELLs SUMMER IN THE CITY” program. As you can see below, I was awarded 3 of badges over the past 15 days in this program. After you look at the work linked to each of these badges, I hope you will see why I am pleased by my accomplishments.

The badges I’m including in this portfolio show something important about me as a learner. To complete the playlists associated with each of these badges, I had to follow the instructions that they gave me to complete it, I entered just one of them and filled them following each step that said the instructions.

The badge that I struggled with the most was “Spark Inquiry with Questions” because I had to think a lot and I did not get many ideas about what to ask. For example, look at  “10 Self & 10 World Questions” where  I had to ask 10 questions for myself and 10 questions for the world. ”plus, each question will have five keywords or hashtags in parentheses next to it.” Even though this was difficult for me I think it shows my ability to strive to give the best of myself. Because I had to give an advance to my future. If I were to do this again I would I would change in the future is that I will be more prepared.

Probably my best submission in this portfolio is Read and Write “Where I’m From” Poems“ ” which I did while completing the “Write Your Own “Where I’m From” Poem“ playlist.  I say this because It was from my own words of my opinions.

Thanks for taking the time to look at the badges and the work linked to each of them in this portfolio. I hope you can see what this work shows about me as a learner.

My portfolio for the Summer ELLs Academy

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LRNG Portfolio For The Summer ELLs 2018 Academy

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My portfolio

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What college will I end up going to?

Up until now I want to go to Binghamton University. I have been given a lot of thoughts of being an automobile designer. In order an automobile designer you have to be able to know all the pieces inside the car, all the tools u need, know how to drive, and how to make it look attractive. This means I have be taking classes in art, engineering, physics, and marketing. Right now I think I do well in art and engineering but I think I should work more on physics and marketing. Binghamton University has the classes I need. And this school has 139 classes for undergraduate students.

Some things that I continue to have questions about deal with how to take care of myself when I’m on my own. For instance, how will I learn to spend money wisely? How will I take care of making my own food, going to the doctor, taking care of laundry and other chores, etc. When I’m at college I wonder how easy it is to make friends. How do I make sure I get with the right kind of people, people who are focused on their studies. Some things that I continue to have questions about deal with how to take care of my schedule. For example, What time will i have to sleep? What time should I start studying for the other day, and what time should I be calling my parent for I could make sure that they are ok.   

One quote that inspire me is from Michelle Obama  “You have to stay in school. You have to. You have to go to college. You have to get your degree. Because that’s the one thing people can’t take away from you is your education. And it is worth the investment.”

Why do people feel insecure in their country?

I think that people feel insecure in their countries because of the problems they have on the part of the police. There are countries where the police are also corrupt and do not feel so safe, so they sometimes leave their country and migrate to other countries. There are many corrupt governments in South and Central America.The presidents become very corrupt because they steal too much money from their country. They lie and say that they are going to change the country but they do not change anything.

I wonder if one day my country will become a very hard country and you can not live there? I would leave that country to another country even though it is my home.I do not like to live in a country where I can not feel safe and under the government. According to Sergio Aguayo QuezadaTo live in Mexico is to be permanently on alert”.

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2018 Portfolio ELLS Academy

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My 2018 Summer ELL Portfolio

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My position in Xenotransplantation

I believe that Xenotransplantation can be the answer for the shortage of organs. Many people is waiting for an organ transplant, and many die in the wait. Xenotransplantation could be the solution but there are some risk. In the past there has been risk that seem to be insurmountable, but as technology advanced those risk were not insurmountable anymore.
Xenozoonosis is one of the risk, it is the name given to a disease transmitted from animal to human by transplantation. One of the tests of animal cells or tissues with humans is do it by Allotransplantation. It consist on put some cells or organs from a non-identical donor but same species. With that method Sciences can test xenotransplantation and see how it progress or what is not going well.
Because Xenotransplantation is not a fact yet, there are no laws that protect the hypothetical patient. But an estimated of three to over twenty million anuak is estimated

Sources: Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

My Portfolio


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Figuring It Out

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Photo by frozenchipmunk

My portfolio

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Arancha’s ELLS Porfolio

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Tips to speak a fluent English

One tip to speak English that I enjoy is frequently talking to someone in English .This helps me on becoming more fluent in speaking English.But besides talking with someone frequently I also read books so I can

NYSJ Portfolio

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 Why Is the Sky Blue?

Why Is the Sky Blue? (science, color, earth , planet ,    )

The sunlit sky is blue because air scatters short-wavelength light more than longer wavelengths. Since Blue light is at the short-wavelength end of the visible spectrum, it is more strongly scattered in the atmosphere than long-wavelength red light.

I would like to know  why in the morning the sky is blue but at night it’s become  black.

The sunlit sky is blue because air scatters short-wavelength light more than longer wavelengths. (The result is that when looking toward parts of the sky other than the sun,) the human eye perceives them to be blue.The color perceived is similar to that obtained by a monochromatic blue of (a wavelength of 474–476 nm mixed with white light, i.e.,) an unsaturated blue light. (Therefore, when looking at the sunset and sunrise, we see the color red more than the other colors.)


Blue Sky

Is God Real ?

Some people think that god is real, but other people think the god is not real. Sometimes I think that people don’t believe in god because they have a type of religion that do not let them to believe in that god, but others times is because god disappoints them maybe because god take a person that they love so much. Another reason can be that god don’t help them when they need help.

I want to know how god make all the world. This is important because some people don’t believe in what the bible say they think that maybe that can be a myth. But other people believe in god and also read all the bible. The question is how he create all the world by himself with no help of someone. How he create the animals the different’s animals, and the different’s humans.

God has been conceived as either personal or impersonal. In theism, God is the creator and sustained of the universe, while in deism, God is the creator, but not the sustained, of the universe. In pantheism, God is the universe itself. In atheism, God is not believed to exist, while God is deemed unknown or unknowable within the context of agnosticism.

Why are people racist?

Some people are racist because we are quick to judge, it could be by appearance,or personality.We also blame people by our problems,when we feel angry or frustrated, we often look for someone else to blame for our problems. As a community,we should accept and treat people equally,and if we see someone being racist to someone else we should go and help them,or if they are not being directly racist you can know they are being racist by looking how they act and how they treat people and the different ways the treat people .People who look or talk differently to us are an easy target.

For example,in the Wikipedia site “Racism” explains “Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity.” this illustrates how racism takes many forms and can happen in many places. It includes prejudice, discrimination or hatred directed at someone because of their color, ethnicity or national origin.

Another example is that people look after the people that are weak and can’t defend themselves,they dont always act racist by harming other people but they sometimes are racist by insulting them,  in the website “About racism” the author points out “. However, it doesn’t need to involve violent or intimidating behavior. Take racial name-calling and jokes. Or consider situations when people may be excluded from groups or activities because of where they come from.Racism can be revealed through people’s actions as well as their attitudes.Racism is more than just words, beliefs and actions. It includes all the barriers that prevent people from enjoying dignity and equality because of their race.It can also be reflected in systems and institutions.” This illustrates how people are so mean that they don’t care about other people’s feeling and they try to segregate people by color,ethnicity,religion,traditions,nationality, etc.

Ergo, people are racist because they feel as if other people they consider different may harm them so that’s why they segregate people by color,nationality,etc., nowadays there are associations that can help people that were excluded from places,events,etc.

The Impact of Technology

Today we got lots of development in our technology. We can only imagine 50 years ago that we can’t go to moon, but now we visited couples of time on moon. Before it’s take 2 or 3 days to go other place like 100 miles but now we can reach only by the time of couples of hours. We have internet from their we can find anything. We have phones so we can talk with our family and  friends even if we are in other country. Today science got too much development that makes people live very ease. In 13th century a Black Plague name disease it’s in Europe separated that killed 1 third population of Europe that time they don’t have any antidote to stop that disease the Black plague was so harmful for Europeans, but now we have antidote for everything that good for us. We aren’t scared of these things.   

Some of the questions I still have is why is science developing so fast? What is the impact of the rapid development of science and technology? How is technology harmful or helpful to people? Does technology make people lazy? What is the consequence of people depending on technology? Why do most people only focus on the helpful things about technology while ignoring its harmful effects?

I agree that technology is both good and bad because it’s depends on how a person uses technology. If he is using for positive things that will be helpful for him then it’s good. If he is using technology for his purpose to get profit him that gives him profit for a short- term profit, that will eventually be be harmful for him then it’s not good. He allowed greed to direct his actions. Christian Lous Lange writes that, “ Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.” People should use technology but not allow it to take over their lives.

Here, There and Everywhere

I often wonder to myself , if I did not come to the United States, what would have happened to me? Would everything be easier or more difficult? I came to the United States for my family and for a better future. The positive thing in my country is that there is a good atmosphere, culture, parties, food, and warm friendly people.The negative is that your objectives towards the future can’t be met quickly. The reasons why I would have stayed in my native country is for  my family and because I was more accustomed to the environment. The reasons why I left my native country was to be with my dad and to progress in my life. The education I’m getting in the United States is better than the education I would be receiving in the DR. My experience in the United States has been that you have to face challenges and overcome the obstacles in order to fulfill your goals in the future.

I still wonder about my future. Will I return to the DR after I’ve completed my studies in the United States? Will I adjust to the United States and end up staying here? Will my other family members come to the United States in the future? Will attending college in the United States make me want to stay in the US or return home? I wonder if my family will return to the DR without me, while I am studying. These are some things that only the future can tell me. One quote stands out to me come from Sandra Rodriguez Barron. She writes Always remember that with privilege comes responsibility. You must go to Casa Azul and see the place you came from. Only then will you be able to understand how far you’ve come.”

Language, Power, and Society

How were all these words created?(vocabulary, language, grammar, writing, spelling, term) power colonialism,


How did people use to communicate before words were created? It is hard to understand what the person really means without all these words that we now use. We only guess but are those guesses always true? Could people be understood? I guess not. Since they then tried to use words. Name each thing that they see, to express themselves. But how did all these languages occur? English, french, arabic, and many more.  I believe that languages represent power. They can be an important part of the existence of racism and other issues in the world. Unfortunately, those languages now represents power, which shows how the world is divided, why racism happens and this started a long time ago, colonialism.


Some languages are almost forgotten. The most powerful keep their language, their culture, the grammar or spelling. The less powerful, have to fight to keep their culture alive. Some languages are more widely spoken than others (i.e., Spanish, Mandarin/Cantonese, Hindi) Having said that, some languages are abandonned because of colonialsm, (i.e. hanti, ongota, liki). Many countries were obligated to adopt another language, in schools, offices, etc.… which can lead to an oversight of their native language. Nowadays, you should speak English to travel to another country to be successful, U.S.A, Canada, U.K… french, or chinese.


Some questions that I still have are: How does language have the power to shape a society’s culture? What was the goal of the ones who created  a variety of languages? What would the world be if there were not this much languages?


One idea that I found interesting came from the Center for Applied Linguistics. They wrote:

The prestige or stigma attached to a particular language in a society will usually reflect power hierarchies in that society. Globalization creates demand for fluency in some of the dominant world languages, while at the same time it opens up opportunities for speakers of small languages to communicate easily over distances and use technologies to maintain or revitalize their languages.

This stood out to me because I feel like it summarize the discrimination that language may cause. Some may be unsuccessful; because they are not bilingual and/or the language they speak is not as used as others. And I witnessed those circumstances.


A Place Is But, A Place

The house down on the road,
not perfect but a dream.
This is home I was told,
please try to keep it clean.

Year after year I grew,
Experiences shared.
Each year something was new,
Good or bad I had bared.

The morning wind would blow,
The breezes you could feel.
The animals would show,
Comfort to scars that heal.

I would see the blue sky,
And wonder within thought.
The Birds chirp and they fly,
what of those that are bought.

The simple things we take,
Are ones used to create.

Reflection on the Thailand Cave Rescue

A football team was stuck in a dark underground cave in Thailand. It is generally accepted that the coach’s experience with meditation helped him and the team to stay calm, sitting and waiting.  However, meditation may cause the football team to lose the opportunity to survive.
When they were stuck in the cave, they did not know if or when they would be found. It is necessary that they try to save themselves. They can send a signal instead of sitting and waiting and let people outside the cave know there are people stuck inside the cave, and that they need help.
The longer they stay in the cave, the less the chance to survive.  In the cave, they feel anxiety, fear, confusion, vulnerability and dependency, and perhaps hopelessness; these feelings will be more serious as time passes. Trying to save themselves may significantly decrease the time they stay in the cave.
When the football team came out of the cave, all the news reports that the survivors have mental health issues caused by this experience. I do not believe that mental health issues are the only result of this experience. During this ordeal, they learned how to overcome loneliness. They will be mentally stronger than other adolescents. They will have remarkable inner strength, which is good for their future development.

What Did the Chinese Government Do For Dispute Resolution?

 Recently, one Chinese movie is becoming increasingly popular–Dying To  Survive. The movie is based on a true story. It is about a man named Zhaoyong who is selling illegal medicine, which is used for chronic myeloid leukemia ( CML ). The medicine is a generic drug. But, in China generic drugs do not have licenses. It is illegal to sell generic drugs in China. In the past, many patients could not afford the cost of licensed medicine. They had to die. But, Indian generic drugs are more than 10 times cheaper than licensed drugs. Indian generic drugs save many lives. But, this leads to a big problem: What is more important, human life or copyright?
     There are two sides to drug manufacturing. On the one hand, new drugs need copyright protection. Why is copyright important? What is the reason? It is expensive to invent a new medicine. Inventing a new medicine needs a lot of professional  doctors, a lot of animal testing, a lot of time, and yet the medicine may not succeed. It is difficult to explore a new medicine. It may take years to explore a new medicine. It is important to make sure that experimental medicines are not copied by others. Otherwise, they do not get revenue from the medicines. They cannot make the medicine without the revenue. However, if the medicine is too expensive, only a few people are able to afford it. Then, what is the meaning of inventing a better medicine? A lot of people still cannot be saved. The purposes of invent a better medicine is to save more people’s lives. But, those people who need the medicine do not have  money to buy it. They cannot be saved.  The cheap generic drugs can save their lives.
On the other hand, if we buy generic drugs, nobody will pay for licensed drugs. Then,the doctors do not have money to invent better medicine. There is no improvement in this area. What if the disease gets worse and there is no medicine? Then, all patients have to die. It seems that generic drugs do not save people’s lives. Instead, it leads to a worse situation; whether you are rich or poor, there is no medicine for you.
    What can the government do to try to find a balance between the two needs? It is lucky that Chinese government has found a better way to deal with different needs. The government has put these medicines into government security. This means that the government will pay for most of the medicine. The patients only need to pay for  a small part of the medicine. The patients can afford the medicine and the producer of the medicine gets revenue money. It is a win-win situation.,20180707902492545.html

At School

I wake up I walk

I wake up I wait for the bus

I get to school I see unfamiliar faces

I get to school I see friends

I’m in class I smell must

I’m in class I smell fragrance

At lunch go home

At lunch I eat food

Through the hallways I hear gossip

Through the hallways I hear silence

In school feel uncomfortable

In school I feel fine

Puerto Rico

I am from heat waves and long days

I am from Abuelos , Abuelas , Primos y Amigos

I am from stray dogs but no stray cats

I am from mango and passion fruit trees filling the streets with marvelous sweet aromas

I am from villages not cities

I am from mountains and hills

I am from block parties that don’t include one block but one whole village

I am from where our complexion is oddly opposite but yes we’re related

I am from where we walk a mile to reach a corner store

I am from laughter and joyfulness filling the air and hearts of all around us

I am from Adobo , Sazon and Sofrito

I am from Patellios , Arroz con Gandules and Pollo frito

I am from the myths of el chupacabra

I am from salsa , bachata and merengue

I am from novelas

I am Villalba , Puerto Rico.


Airplanes in the night sky like shooting stars

But don’t let that define who you are

Don’t look out the window, fear is contagious

just because it’s dangerous


Buckle your seatbelt to be safe

The nice attendant calms your nerves

when the plane takes you to the next base

Takes a turn around the curves

And gets ready for takeoff


Rev it up

Up into the air take lift off

They can fly through the air

While the pilot leads

Plane are made to withstand the force


At mach speed

Some planes fly for people

some fly while their spraying

Crops for the farmers, or

Water for the flaming, hot fire


The sturdy durable well made hot tire

With strong thick wires

The pilot drives through the clouds

Because the Wright brothers made their parents proud


Creating planes for the good of mankind

Planes are beneficial to us, and plus it’s a fun ride

Don’t be scared to give a try once in awhile

Otherwise your nervousness will eat at you like a trial

Planes fly through any weather even rain

But this is where I end it, this is my poem


Back to When

Back to when…
I was 7…
To when the smell of the burning wood
To the sticky half burned marshmallows
To the itchy mosquito bites
To the sun smiling down at me
To sweaty me smiling back
To the peaceful lake that was a mirror of our shining smiles
To all the birthdays celebrated
To all the wishes made
To the secrets whispered in the dark tents
To scaring away raccoons
To the bright light of the stars scattered in the night sky
To getting lost in the tall trees
To 3 nights not being enough
To leaving and promising to come back
To now that I’m 17 and coming back

Cops Versus Society

Walking out the door
Cops siren and loud screams
Fill the air with the smell of weed
Blunts, and rice and beans

People in uniform scream
At civilians
Pushing people aside
People faces blush red with anger
Building up inside

A child defends her mother
With one swing of an arm
A fight breaks out
14 year old hispanic girl
And an unprofessional brown
Female Officer

Phones taken out
Scene being recorded
Officer calls for backup
Block fills with several cop cars

No later than
Two minutes
Mother and daughter gripped up

Chatter and cries
From babies
Is all you hear
In the crowds eyes.


Oh, Serene Wonder.

A place above all,

the Sun that graces my Horizon.

I turn my face to the big red sun,

a smoldering coal in a tranquil sky.


A gentle breeze brings me a warm kiss.

It brings me psalms of birds,

Somber songs of Kendrick.

I think of how I remain Humble,

in hopes that I don’t die of thirst,

in hopes that someone will Sing About Me.


The scent of nature flows to me,

grass and mulberries cavort.

Blessing to my nose.

A pleasure of hearts.

I am home.


A place I named.

A place i learned to love,

a place that learned to love me.

All that I ever was,

All that I am,

All I’ll be.


February 1st

Brand new blue dress
Hair & nails done
She walks through the door

Over 20 people in the house
All for her special day.
60 years old is no regular accomplishment
I hug her

Take a whiff of expensive perfume.
They went all out for tonight
Family surrounding me
Chit-chat chattering
Flicking to the food, like chickens on a farm

The love getting spread, butter on toast
Happiness- Radiant
The decorations excited to be part of the fun
My grandma is happier than I ever seen her

Her hands communicate how pleased she is
“This is nice” “I love it” “I’m so happy”
Everyone says
“Happy Birthday ““Happy Birthday “ “Happy Birthday “

The cake tastes like heaven on earth
Nothing can beat it…
except for the smiles on everyone’s face.

The Street of Philadelphia

The powerful, painful and unpleasant streets of Philly
Is what many call me
I watched your mother grow up
And grow out
Went from hop scotching
To hopping around like a grasshopper.

I watched your father go sell dope
Because he wanted to be a dope…
Or like the older guys selling dope
he wanted to be fast
And now he’s nature of the past.

You were born on this painful planet
and placed into the palm of my hands
I took  you in and made you apart of me

I took you, raised you
Killed you and then sent you
Back to your mother
To be put six feet under

I don’t love you
Can’t you see
It was all apart of the plan

Sincerely The Streets of Philly

What is Xenotransplantation?

To begin I have to define what is xenotransplantation. Xenotransplantation is the transplantation of the organ, cells or tissues of an animal to a humans.
I choose this application to study because many people needs organ transplant and the fact that scientist are facing problems that in the past seemed to be insurmountable, means we are close to say “Successful xenotransplantation is a fact”, therefore save many or give people a better quality of live.
While I’m searching for more information I’d like to know how the past tests of xenotransplantation have improve, how technology has help with this, and finally, what animal is more similar to human organs.

Let all immigrants free!!!!!!

My name is Oswaldo Falcon and I was born in Manhattan. I am 15 years old. I have lived in Manhattan and the Bronx. In school, I like to hang out with friends, and when I am out of school, I like to go out to the park and go to the gym. I am particularly good at soccer and playing video games. I became better because I practiced playing every day. In the future, I would like to pass college and make my parents to be proud. I dream of trying all my best to achieve all my goal.

I was born here but my parents immigrated from mexico to over here. But what I think about immigrating is that now that we have a different president and it is getting difficult for people to want to cross from a country to the United States. This is getting difficult because people are starting to get deported back to the country they came from.

There was a time in my life when I witnessed injustice. This was the time when the new president started saying a lot about mexicans. And that he wanted to deport all of them because they are killers and all of that. In my opinion, this was unjust because i believe that you should never judge a book by its cover because not because whatever you hear or see is not always true.  


Some Interesting Places In Jackson Heights

My name is May. I’m from Burma. I lived in Woodside Ave near Jackson Heights. It has many traditional food shops and stores. Also have many 99$. And then near the subway station and bus stop. Jackson Heights Station has many trains R, M, E, F and 7 train. We can go easily to go to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Flushing and Bronx. My neighborhood is very friendly with my family. My favourite place my neighborhood is Myanmar store and hair shop. I can get the many Burmese foods there. And I can export to some thing for my cousin. When I go there I meet many Burmese and I feel like happy.

My neighborhood have many schools including my school. I can take many trains. It’s really helpful. I don’t need to transfer to another bus or train. Train station and my house is not too far. I need to walk only 1 block.

The Interesting Places in Rego Park

My name is Muyar Khant Naing. I live in Rego Park. Rego Park is inQueens. There is train stations and bus stops. So it is not difficult in transporting. There is Macys, Queens Center, Marshalls and Century 21.This is easy for people for to make shopping. And there is so many 99$ store and the shop that we can buy vegetables.

Rego Park is also near with Jackson Heights and Forest Hills. As we near with jackson Heights,we can buy the different foods easily in one place. The favourite place for me in my neighbourhood is the Queens center mall. As I like to shop, there are a lot of my favourite stores in this mall. For example,Forever 21 and H&M.

There are 16 high schools in Rego Park.So the students from Rego Park have a lot of choice to decide what school they want to go to.

My Understanding of Genetic Engineering

I know that Genetic Engineering can be helpful and harmful at the same time. When scientists use it to make plants resistant to herbicides or chemicals to kill unwanted plant or insects that eat the vegetation. That can be good, but it damage the earth. It works taking DNA that will be helpful if other animal o plant would have it, and inserting it into the DNA of another animal or plant, to make it resistant against chemicals, delicious, or to make it grow more thus it will give more food. Photo by IAEA Imagebank

My Life

I am from my native country  the Dominican Republic, the United States, the  Bronx.

I am from Jose (my father) Awilda (my mother), Joseph, and Emmanuel (my brothers )

I am from celebrating at Christmas, Thanksgiving, the day of kings, Mother and Father’s Days

I am from hard workers

I am from eating good everything, like fried chicken tostones, fried potatoes, and  pica pollo etc

I am from liking to chill with my friends, being with those I love, sleeping , eating, and texting.

I am from “make an effort or you won’t achieve anything

I am from progressing in English and a future as a forensic doctor.

From Haryana to the Bronx

My name is Jai and I was born in India… I am 16 years old.  I have lived in Bronx. In Bronx river high school, I like to do Math , and when I am out of school, I like to play with my friends.  I am particularly good at Cricket. I became good at this because it’s my favorite game me and my friends we are mostly played this game.  In the future, I would like to fly Airplanes … I dream of to become a Pilot.

I immigrated to New York 7 months  ago. My life changed in many ways I got new friends new culture that’s totally new for me when I immigrated in New York. The change I’m happiest about is over here in New York they have better facilities then India, because their are not that well. Now I speak English and I’m very happy because I’m speak English. which is my dream that one day i’ll be speak English..

There was a time in my life when I witnessed justice happen.. When I was 15 years old. I saw a thief robbing someone’s home. The neighbor saw him when he was stealing and he started screaming. After that all the people came. First they beat him up,  after that they called the cops. Finally the thief was arrested. In my opinion, this was fair because if he was allow to go he might do it again. If he had gotten away he may have taken important documents and could have made it really hard for people financially.  


Who I Am and Where I’m From

I am from the United states, from  NEW YORK in a city called the Bronx.

I am from Willy, and  Wivine

from the Democratic Republic of Congo, from   MBUJI MAYI.

I am from Strict Daniel and Funny Kethia

I am from the crazy people at Christmas time, new clothes, special foods, from people who share in celebration together.

I am from avoiding Halloween, the day of the witches, ghosts, and evil

I am from the spirit of the kangaroo, a family where parents care for and protect their children, guide us in our education, and provide us opportunities.

I am from du riz, arico et poisson, from pondu and fufu.

I am from not liking cheese and other American things, from only eating things from my country.

I am from dancing to afro beats, the rhythmic movement of hip-hop. I am from the music of Bad Bunny, Cardi B and Nicky Minaj.

I am from “Not allowing others to define who I am.” From “do what is best for you?

I am from a future as an ambassador.  


My Favorite Places , People and Things

I am from  mobile, from technology  and battery, electricity.
I am from the Garden that smells always fresh.
I am from the rose, the beauty of flower, more love.
I am from  Diwali and Holi.
from Aman  and Mohit and Akshit.
I am from the people who said work hard  and people who said focus From I don’t want to spend money on you and if you don’t leave your insistence I’ll be slap you..
I am from  Hindu.
I’m from India from  dal Roti.
From the Sagar he’s my friend he is very funny he always makes me happy and others too. He is very honest. the other is my cousin  he’s always in bad mood. If we talk with him normally he gets angry without any specific topic and the last one is my uncle he always in chill mood. He’s the one guy I love him so much and he also loves me. He never gets angry at me.
I am from Panipat from New Ramesh nagar and a big school near by my house.

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You want to know about me?

I am from Guerrero,México between Puebla,Mexico city  and Oaxaca.
I am from Macario(Father),leonarda(Mother), Gustavo(Brother), Esmeralda(Sister), Elvis(Brother), and Kael(Brother).
I am from Dia de Muertos, and Christmas.
I am from a hardworking family.
I am from Mexican foods like Tamales, Tostadas de tinga, Tacos. I am from  pizza.
I am from  playing Fortnite all day with my friends and listening to  music.
I am from  “Stop being lazy!!!” and “You’re a great person”.
I am from a future where I am a DEA agent.

Arancha’s Where I’m from

I’m from Spain , the country I left  when I was 9 years old. I am a New Yorker now.

I am from Jennifer, Wesner ,Daniel, Camila and Marcela.

I am from the happy, funny, and playful people in my home.  

I am from the red and white Christmas, the black and orange Halloween, the fireworks of on the 4 of July, the water balloons of Carnaval. I am from año nuevo, and I am from the love and friendship of Valentines Day.

I am from arroz con pollo, paella (a food from my native country), ceviche or encebollado of fish

I am from Netflix series or movies (especially terror movies). Ii am from soccer and swimming (although I don’t play so much)

I am from “don’t fight like dogs and cats” and “You have to give to get.”

I am from my dream to go to college, pass all my classes and get my degree. I am from my dream to become a doctor.

My sweet inside origin

I am from pictures, from Adidas and Bachata

I am from the the smell of cupcakes…sweet and buttery
I am from lavender, the smell of celebration

I am from Fornite on the PS4 and cross words from Lucrecia’s personality,

from Evelyn, Fany and Monica

I am from humor and happiness.m
From “I want you to become a better person than I am” and “I always want you to be happy”
I am from catholicism. From baptism,first communion,and confirmation.
I’m from Cuenca ,Ecuador,chaulafan and encebollado.
From my grandma’s story, the jokes from my uncles, and the experiences from my cousins.
I am from Brooklyn Bridge, where we as a family have shared  lots of memories of love, happiness and gratitude .

Learn more about who I am and where I from

I am from Washington Heights my home
I am from Reynaldo(dad), Hermelinda(mom), Alexis(brother), Jazlyn(sister).
I am from celebrating Christmas, New Years, and the day of Los Tres Reyes with my family
I am from eating my grandmother’s tamales
I am from “im not ur sister/brother for u to respond back”.
I am from  a big family were we have a fun time , EVERYTIME!
I am from staying  home and playing online with my cousins or friends.
I am from graduating  from high school and going  to college.



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My experiences, my treasure.

I am from the pink lake and slaves’ house, from sabar and thiebou djeun.
From the 200m2 straw hut shared with the whole family, cramped and  tribal with the scent of a secret mix of thiouraye.

I am from the baobab, big and scary the madd sweet, or spicy, the kinkeliba leaves  hot and delicious, enjoyed, by my friends and me under a tree, where we sit talking about everything and nothing.

I am from korite, tabaski and  hospitality,                                                                                                                   From Absa and Niania, and Yakhya.

I am from the shouting of my uncles over a soccer game, strong and loud.

 I am from the excitement of my cousins as we approach holidays.
From  “appreciate whatever you have and share with whomever is in need.”

I am from faith, charity and a pilgrimage to Mecca,                                                                                                   From Ramadan and the five daily prayers.

I’m from mbalax, drums, and all different kinds of music.                                                                                             From mortar and pestle and the wood sifter..

I am from the “guess what” and “let me tell you something”, the “what’s wrong” and the “I am here for you” I am from where everyone plays around no matter how big the situation is.                                                                           From corruption and a lack of universities.

I am from Gueule Tapee, where everyone is welcomed, the city of gossip, curiosity and pride.    I am from generosity, happiness and memories.

Photo by jurvetson

Sacrifice, Hunger, Excitement, and Gratitude

I’m from Dakar, Thiebou dieune  and Yassa au poulet
I am from Manhattan, loud, crowded, always moving fast.

I am from Moussa, Birame and  Mamour
I am from tabaski and  kirite,
From sacrifice, hunger, excitement, and gratitude.

I am from family meetings, loud laughter, tights hugs, sad goodbyes.
I am from lasagna and and chicken over rice
I am from sabare, fast, uncontrolled, an important part of my culture.

I am from d ne pas parler fore, or lower your voice
I am from  de partager avec les personne pauvre, or share with those who have less than you.

I am from a future where I am a doctor.  


Forgotten Dreams

So many dreams, forgotten
This one comes true
I open my eyes and feel minuscule before the towering force of ancient, sleeping mountains
I take a deep breath in
Air, clean as a crisp, blank page fills my lungs
My ears perk up
Grass rustles, calling me, begging me to start writing
I question myself
What should I be?
How does my story start?
What should I write?
Time flies by
Fire soon cackles, lighting up the abyss of eternal black
I flop over
I can see one star
One star surrounded by clouds of helplessness
Silent fear takes over my body
I wonder:
Where do I start?
What do I say?
Am I where I am meant to be?
Dreams forgotten,
All because of reality
Forcing us to stay clear of fantasy
A haze that we can not touch
I want to touch it
It is an implicit rule
I have to stay in reality
In the moment
Where I am almost sure that I do not belong
I have realized what others can not
It is a curse
It is a gift
Why me?
What did I do?
I look up,
One star
Just that one
Clouds clear up a little
Another star: a shimmering ball of hope
Fighting the fear of clouds
Protecting their people
Protecting us
From the menace of greed
Hope, they must find each other
Find me
And slither through the evil and captivity the clouds have given us
Find me
Tell me;
Who I am,
I wish…
I question again:
Why did I realize, and no one else did?
What has this place brought on me?
Who am I?
What must I do?
Am I?
Can I be?
Do I want to be?
The black haze
I want to go
I want to go more than anything in the world
If I take the dive, then I’ll have to fly
I look up at the stars
They seem to flash at me
Something starts to beat inside of me
I know what I must do
I breathe in:
The cows,
The goats,
My teachers,
My classmates,
My friends,
All of it comes back to me
Every dream
I know what I must do:
I jump.

Artificial Intelligence is affecting us

Today, one term is becoming increasingly popular: AI or Artificial Intelligence. What is the meaning of AI? There is a definition given by BBC news: “Artificial intelligence is about creating a computer mind that can think like humans”. Machines that think like humans may scare some people. In some movies, the robots may dominate the humans. Realistically, a lot of jobs can be taken by robots. This will lead to a large increase in unemployment. But, in my opinion, Artificial Intelligence can change our lives and make our lives more convenient. The benefits of AI already outweigh the negative effects.

When you wake up, you may speak to your phone and ask it, “What is the weather today”? When you want to call your mom, you may speak to your phone and let it help you to call your mom. This makes our lives more efficient and effective. When your are bored, you can talk with the AI robot, although they are not really good at that. Sometimes, AI does a better job than human, because human may get tired and bored, and then they may make mistakes. AI does not get tired and does not make mistakes. Humans need rest; AI does not need rest. This means that AI can work longer hours than humans. In order to maximize efficiency, a lot of firms may choose to use AI robots.

When firms choose to use AI, it means that they will not need so many workers. This will lead to unemployment, which we do not like. With industrialization, many people lost their jobs. Now our lives are becoming better and the unemployment caused by industrialization is not a problem or concern. Unemployment is decreased with the development of society. AI is still developing. I believe that, in the future, AI can bring more benefits and that it will become an important part of our daily lives.

Saving Schools

Black Lives Matter demands need to be fought for. Kids and young adults need to learn about their culture. Throughout time kids have been taught about their culture, more so their history which can help change the narrative of how schools are run. Maybe more African American teachers will be respected because of what students believe in. We also need studies programs in schools that help kids learn that punishment is not always necessary. Sometimes a lesson can be taught thought out focusing, using a voice and vision. Teaching a new way of life and culture can help students grow with society and workforce.

Photo by Fibonacci Blue

Mamoun’s Immigration Story

I’m Mamoun Maflahi, The important things I want to know about me, are who I am, why I am doing that work, study, written, and read, I want to know what is the reason for these what’s my future “going” to be. I was in Yemen 12/25/2002 and I lived in Yemen until I came here when I was 14 years old. I have here one year and a half  What I like to do in school is learn new things ‘make friends’ help each other practice speaking, attach information to feel confident while you talk to other people and also practice English that I was like to do. I’m doing my homework and read books also if I have time I will watch anime for one reason is to practice listening. I remember when I was in Yemen I has a soccer team in my country. I was playing very well I got from practice every single day I as play and then I stopped when I came to America because I didn’t have time being playing  My goal now is I want to be native English, after that I will see what I get to be for a future I will be even soon.

I will say in my life there is one moment it was great for my life, so when I came to America that is the moment it was great. There are many ways in my life changed first is I didn’t know what is education mean because in my country there is low an education and it’s very weak I was very bad at learning. The second is I have to pay attention to my life and what I’m doing, now that I  have a goal here and dreams. I didn’t waste time for something free also I have many things but I can’t be expressing it because I felt in my myself. My family, they do have much better than when they were in Yemen everyone had work to do. Absolute positive because of many things in my life change I did feel very excited because I had new skills and languages, sometimes I found hard work but makes me confident I should work hard for a goal or whatever I want. Nothing in life is easy!


In Yemen, there is big trouble, a war. Many children and families ‘were killed’ by the war. The war began since 2014 until Now so when the war started many families wanted to travel to another country to save their own lives. While they traveled some died before ‘arriving’. Some people they stayed at home because they were afraid to die. They were waiting at home until solving the problem. Will they die? They also don’t find food to eat, in other words, there is an injustice in Yemen for children.       



Sunset park, My Beautiful Neighborhood

Point of View Writing

I am a Bench, I stay the same place every day, until I break

Human always sit on me with their disgusting butt

The weather is snowing,  It’s very cold, Can’t feel my leg.


My neighborhood is gravesend

The space is beautiful. There is clean road and when I enter neighbor house they have so clean house. I belong to this space by my neighborhood live near at my house. My purpose in this space is my neighbor and my my family they become good friends because my neighbor speak Urdu and my family too so is easy to communicate with them. To add beauty we must have to clean.

Am i using this space by adding more new stuff and put things in decoration.My beautiful neighbor is nice with my family. They are 2 small brother and 1 small sister. We like to play with them a lot because they are so small and sweet. We enjoy with our neighbor so much and sometime we eat together.  Also, we go sometime park, grocery, and shopping store. I think is fun because our good story is remembered forever.

Lying on Blue

I’m one of the ships that lives in Sheepshead bay.

At morning, I woke up by the fresh baked waffle, seeing people arrived in day.

Then I spent my time looking at who came here.

People were talking, smiling, laughing, waiting for what will happen at night.

I carried them towards the ocean, for fishing or partying.

Listening them dancing or singing in my body.

I love my neighborhood.

My immigrant story

My name is May Myint Zu. I was born in Burma (Myanmar). Now I have been here since 2017 in New York. I’m immigrant. I’m student. I pass the grade 9 last semester. Actually in my country, I already past 9 grade. Now I study at International High School For Health Science. We have to study 9 subjects. Science, Global, Math, ELA, CTE, Reading, Advisory, Art and Gym. I have many problems to study. In my country, I have to study only 6 subject. English and Math subject are same but they teach the different method. When I free, I like to watch movies, using social media, and cooking. Sometime I like to go to shopping with my parent or friend and have a fun.  I think my particular good at listen to other people talking, when I talking someone I pay attention to them. When I talking someone looking at face to face. I more prefer this way. In truth, I really like to learn about baking and makeup creation. I think it’s a kind of art. I was really interesting in it. But now I need to study my future plan. When I got a chance to learn my hobby I must to do the best. Everybody have their hobby or their future plan. Baking and makeup creation are my hobby but it’s not my future plan.

I think when I immigrated my future is changing. Actually I don’t to come to New York but my education will change many thing. If I be brilliant at any subject I don’t need to go study abroad. Our family future will definitely change a lot. These all are changes to positive way. But I have problem to speaking. I’m not good at English speaking. On the first day to school I really excited to speaking. In Burma, we don’t need to speak english. Everybody speak Burmese language. That’s why I’m afraid to speak.

Burma has many problems. The one problem is economy. Our country have many unequal classes.The rich people are very rich and the poor people have difficulties making a living . The government doesn’t do anything about unequal classes. Our country has many other unfair about. It’s make me feel badly.

Traffic Light

I am a traffic light,

I have a three colors,

I can change them

From red to yellow,

From yellow to green.

My Immigration

My name is Muyar Khant Naing.I’m from Myanmar(Burma). Now I live in New York. My family won the lottery. We immigrated to New York last year. It’s takes 24 hours to reach New York with a plane from my country. I’m in 10th grade. I’m studying at the International High School for Health Sciences. I have to learn six subjects in my school- Math, English, Science, History, Art, CTE, Reading and Gym. We have also advisory time.

I like to read books at school when I’m free. When I’m reading book,I forget about problems. At home I usually watch movies when I’m free. My favourite subject at school is Math. Probably it may be difficult for some students but for me it’s not that much difficult.sometimes it is confusing but  solving math problems make me relax.

Our family came to New York because there is a better future for all of us. And there is a better economic system. I want to be a doctor in my future. It will change my life really if my dream come true. First,I have language problem. It is really difficult to communicate with people who speak English so fast because I’m the beginner. But speaking with people makes me more confident. There are positives and negatives because when we came to New York everything is good but there is no family time in american life. Everyone goes to work and school and then go to sleep.This is the reason  I am disappointment with New York. Anyway New york is one of my favourite place and i hope it will help me in many ways.

And there is justice in New York for everyone even you are employee or not. We get more opportunities in education or in economy. In some country including my country, sometime there is no justice for employee or the poor man. For example when the economy is down, the owner give small amount of salary. Our country is an agriculture country but there is so many farmers that there are no jobs.The president took their farm.But they still have to work for them .This is the injustice from my country.

Sheepshead Bay, My Beautiful Neighborhood.

The birds- seagulls are always flying behind the cloud. And they always see the cloud are not moving. They feel strange that why the cloud not moving, the cloud is not boring? The birds- seagulls can’t understand that. In a day, they decided to ask why:

Birds- seagulls: Hi! Cloud, Are you boring?

Cloud: I’m not boring.

Birds- seagulls: Why you are not boring? You are always in here and not moving. Are you waiting for someone?

Cloud: I’m not waiting for someone, I just look at the people in the world are happiness and I feel happy too.

Birds- seagulls: But the human are broking the world and natural, they make pollution to the air and ocean. They broke our home. They are bad.

Cloud: There are only some people doing that not all the people are doing. We should not say all the human are bad. There are people try to save our world.

Birds- seagulls: Okay, I will try to find out who is try to save our world and give them lucky. Can we be the friends? And if I have some question I can ask you.

Cloud: Of course.

As a result, they became the best friends of each other. They find out the people save the world and give them lucky. The people who got their help will said: “Thank you!” to them. Finally, they bring the people together and make the world much better.

My Immigration Story and Injustice Back in Peru

My name is Naiara, I’m seventeen years old and I was born in Lima, Peru. I came to America a year and a month ago when I was fifteen years old, and now I’m living and studying in New York. I like to learn new things, even though sometimes the information goes out of my brain, thus, I was excited about United States because I’ve heard there is good education and opportunities here. In school I like to listen to my teachers because I like learn in that way, but I’m not always in the mood to work, that’s why I take notes because my memory isn’t the best. I also enjoy my time out of school. There are different ways for me to enjoy my time, but one thing I like the most is taking walks. Usually, I pick a place, then I go to that place and then I just walk around so I won’t get lost. But in case I do, then I will use maps. Walking gives me a lot of time to think, and I believe that’s one thing I’m particularly good at. School helps me to improve my reasoning, and when there is something to discus I “overthink” to understand the background because I don’t like to see only the surface of the problem or whatever we are discussing. For that reason when time to go to college comes, I’ll be studying psychiatry or something where I can improve my reasoning and help people, or something that surely will make me think a lot. Through the pass of the years my reasoning has improved and I think the better way to improve your reasoning is feed your brain with different information. I’m not a book eater, either a person who reads a lot or all the time is studying, I’m curious. I like to read what people say in forums or watch videos in YouTube about different things like “The invention of blue”.


When I knew I’ll be moving to New York I had to think about my future again, and I still doing it. In Peru I lived with my mom in an apartment, which is part of the house we lived with my aunt, cousins and nephews, but they lived on the other side of the house. Here, in New York, I live in an apartment with my two aunts, one uncle, my grandma, and my mom. This change was not good at all. I was used to live only with my mom. Now we have roommates, sharing the same space with people I barely knew and no privacy at all. Above all, being more near to my family is good and I appreciate them because they have my back. But living with many people wasn’t the only thing I struggled, the most challenging thing was the language. For a person like me who its short answers are long and the long answer are essays, came to a new country and barely know how to communicate wasn’t easy, either pleasant. It was tough. I found myself several times struggling with my writing, speaking and my self-expression. Even though I just have no more than a year and one month here my Spanish has been affected. I noticed I pronounce some words with that funny “latina-gringa” accent and when I talk, I forget some words. These things make me feel happy and worried because I’m improving my english, but I don’t want to deteriorate my native language.


The reason why I immigrated is because of opportunities. It’s not a secret the U.S.A. offers a good education or more opportunities. Some people immigrate because they have been threatened back in their homeland, their country is in crisis, some do it for love, others to sustain their family, and the reasons keep going and going. My country is not the best one, there is too much injustice against women, children, the poor and the uneducated. Back in my country I remember witnessing injustice. There was an old lady selling things in the streets, and if you don’t have a license, that’s illegal. Suddenly a police truck came, they got off the truck and started taking the lady’s merchandise into the truck. Later in the news I saw that police were taking the vendor’s merchandise into a warehouse. The unfair thing for me was that in the process of taking the things into the truck, they destroyed her belongings. Many officers ate what the vendors were selling, and kept some things. I don’t even remember the authorities helped them to get a license or return the stuff. They just took their stuff the vendors used to make money with and forced them to look for new options to sustain themselves and their families.

Photos by Art DiNo,

My Life

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My name is Shaina Talleyrand and I was born in Haiti. I’am 15 years old, and

I have lived in Flatbush, Brooklyn for 2 years. In school I like to read and write,and when i’am out of school I like to go to the park with my friends. I’am particularly good at listen to people I became good at this because I like to pay attention to them. In the future, I would like to be an artist or a model I dream of to be famous.

I immigrated to new York 2 years ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change i’m happiest about is to be in america with some of my family because without them i would not be here today. On the other hand, i’m sad that my sisters in Haiti. now I speak English a little bit but when I talk to people they tell me that i speak English very good but for me I think that I have to practice more so that I can read it and write it more. Which is make me very happy.

There was a time in my life when I experienced injustice. at my house in  my country when you finish eating, you have to wash your dishes. This was the time when I finished eating my lunch I did wash my dishes but  one of my sisters told my dad that I didn’t wash my dish so after that she made my dad punish me for that. Me and her just like bestfriend I love her so much so even after she did that to me but, I forgiven. In my opinion, this was not fair because I never expected that one day she would  do that.

I miss Senagal

My name is Madjiguene Sarr and I was born in Senegal. I’m 16 years old. I have lived in Manhattan. In school I like to work, and when I’m out I like to play games  with my friends. I’m particularly good at science. I become good at this because I work to hard in science. In the future I would like to become a doctor.

I immigrated to New York a year and a half ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated.The change I’m happiest about is now I live with my parent because when I was in my country I was not living with them. On the other hand, I’m sad because when I arrived here in America  I was not able to speak english. Now I speak English, French and Wolof, which is my first language.

There was a time in my life when I experienced  injustice. Human trafficking removal of indigenous children  from families refugees. In my opinion this was unjust.                                                                                   




Me, Immigration, and Justice

My name is Munisa and I was born in Tajikistan. I am 15 years old. I have lived in Tajikistan, Russia, and now I am living in Brooklyn NYC. In school, I like to teachers that teaching me, every time I am learning more and more things that’s I don’t know, and when I am out of school, I like to walking everywhere, go to the beach or shopping. I am particularly good at drawing different pictures. I became good at this because I am drawing from my childhood. In the future, I would like to, actually I don’t know what I would like to, but to begin with , I’m just want to finish school.

            I immigrated to New York 8 month ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change I’m happiest about is language because it’s cool when you know different language and you can talk with other people. On the other hand, I am sad that sometimes I miss my country, my friends and my family. Now I speak English and Russian, which is so perfect.

             There was a time in my life when I witnessed injustice. This was the time when state increased money or price, it’s not good  when they increase price, however it will be nice if they increase salary. The salary that people getting is not too much they can not use they salary during month, they have to buy food,something to wear, they have to pay money for school e.t.c. So I want to say that the price increasing and increasing, but the salary remains the same. In my opinion, this was unjust because for people it’s difficult, they working so hard from morning till night, sometimes without weekends and the end they getting they salary like pennies.  

My Story

My name is Arancha and I was born in Spain. I am 14, almost 15 years old. I have lived in Spain. In school I like to talk with my friends, and when I am out of school I like to use my cell phone or go to the park. I am particularly good at swimming. I became good at this because when I was little, like 5 or 6 years, my mom put me in swimming classes. In the future I would like to be a doctor. I dream of riding a unicorn.

I immigrated to New York 5 years ago.My life changed in many ways when immigrated. The change I am happiest about is that I’m learning  a new language. That makes me happy because now I can understand more people.On the other hand, I am sad that, I left my country. There I have a car, a house and also things that I appreciate so much like memories, friends and things that we built over the years. Now I speak English and Spanish, which is the first language that I learned.

There was a time in my life when I experienced injustice.This was the time when I came to this country. The injustice was that my father didn’t have work in Spain, so he came to the United States searching for more opportunities. My parents decided that he was going to go alone for 6 months so that he could find a job. He found a job where the boss of that job paid well. My father said that it was time for my mother, brother, and I to come to the United States.  He said that Spain was going down because nobody had a job. We left that country with all the things that we love. We only carry a suitcase with clothes and I also carried a doll. We left a car, a house, many friends. We left our lives and many memories….. So when I stepped off of the airplane for the first time in New York, it’s was like I left all of my life back in Spain. I started a new life, learning a new language, living in a new house and not having a car. Nobody know how that feel util he or she lives it. In my opinion this was unfair because no one deserve what happened to me and my family. You shouldn’t have to leave your country because your parents 2nm don’t have a job.


Me, Immigration and Justice

My name is Maria Malik and I was born in 2001 at Peshawar, Pakistan. I am 17 years old. I have lived in Brooklyn for 4 years with my family. In school, I like to study different types of subjects and learn about different cultures, languages also I like to make friends because they help each other when I am out of school, I like to go home use my phone, watch tv, and sleep. I am particularly good at house work. I became good at this because when I was little i liked to help my mother and I would like to help my family. In the future, I would like to become a good person and make my parent is every dream come true because I want to see my family happy. I dream of going to college and getting a good job.

I immigrated to New York 4 years ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change I’m happiest about in America is that we can enjoy different places and we have freedom to do whatever we want. On the other hand, I am sad that in my country I enjoyed a lot with my family members and played with them. Now I speak English and Urdu, which is important because we can help other people who speak Urdu so I can help them in my language and in English.

There was a time in my life when I learned about injustice. This was the time when there is small girl who is only 7 years old and her parents went to another country and the girl one day she is out of her house and she wanted buy something. Then there is one guy who is trying to nice with girl and he took her somewhere and he did rape small girl. In my opinion, this was unjust because the man was trying to kidnap the girl.

Eliezer’s Story

My name is Eliezer Velazquez and I was born in US. I am 15 years old. I have lived in Manhattan,New York. In school I like to talk with my friends, and when I am out of school, I like to play my video games with my friends. I am particularly good at helping other people . I became good at this because sometimes I feel alone and I don’t like to see other people sad. I enjoy helping people. In the future, I would like to be an agent of the DEA. I dream of  meeting my goals one day.

I immigrated to New york 1 year ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change I’m happiest about is because I have new things that I did not have before or that were difficult to obtain. On the other hand I am sad  because my mom is not with me. Now I speak English and and I’m learning more everyday. I also speak Spanish.

There was a time in my life when I experienced and witnessed justice. This was the time when I had to leave my mom in Mexico. I felt very sad. In my opinion, this was fair because I moved to another country to have a better life.


Nayelin, Immigration Life

My name is nayelin ferrera, I have 14 years old. I was born on October 1, 2003 and lived in the Bronx New York, what I like to do inside the school is to do my homework and outside of school to be with my friends to walk etc. I am good at cooking like rice, meat, sleeping, eating, talking and laughing, I behave in that way because I really have it in my blood I do not blame I was born like that. my plans for the future is to be someone in this country or another and to fulfill my goals. My dreams are to learn the English language that is so difficult for me to learn but it is never too late to get ahead with that. I know that one day I will learn.

I immigrated to New York (in the bronx) 1 year ago. My life changed in many ways when i immigrated. the change I’m happiest about is i got better things like education because In my country, education is low, so here I learn more. on the other hand I am sad that i  have to adapt so many changes as the culture the environment etc. now i speak english and understands , which is the english.

There was a time in my life when i experienced new things and learned how hard work is here in this country. I learned how we have to win to keep going so that there are no obstacles that close the doors to move forward and achieve our goals. This was the time when we first arrived here in the United States. In my opinion , this was fair because in life there to learn how hard things are so that in the future things like that come, we can take it more calmly.


My Life

 My name is Katherine and I was born in Ecuador. I am 14 years old. I have lived in Ecuador 9 years In school I like to talk with my friends, and when I am out of school I like to go to the park. I am particularly good at driving a bike. I became good at this because my father buy me a bike and he help me to drive. In the future, I would like to be a doctor because when I was little I always play to be a doctor.

 I immigrated to New York 4 years ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change I’m happiest about is that I am with my father, because i didn’t see him for 10 years. On the other hand, I am sad that I don’t have my whole family with me, i miss so much to my grandmother. Now I speak English and Spanish, which is my first language, and it is very good because i can communicated with many people that speak English.

There was a time in my life when i experienced injustice. This was a time when i was coming to this country with my mother to see my father. The injustice was that the government of this country separated me from my mother for 2 days, and i don’t know why. After that i was with my mother in this country and it was the first time that I see my father. In my opinion, this was unjust because they can not separate me from my mother, not even two days. But I can say that in this country I have more opportunities than in my country because here you get more money because here is more jobs and you can learn more things like a new language.


Mame’s perspective

My name is Mame Diouf. I was born in New York, 14 years ago. I went to Africa, when I was young to get my education and used to come during vacations. In school, I like learning new interesting stuff to develop my knowledge, and also spend time with my friend. Out of school, I love singing or going to the pool, having fun and meeting new people. I feel like am good at defending my opinion, sharing my point of view, and  debating on a specific thing to convince others. I got that way because I spend significant time listening to what people may have to say. Considering that each other may pick up a different idea on the same topic. My dream is to see one day, the world full of peace and kindness, and see all the population united and willing to make others feel home wherever they immigrate. And my plans in the future are to be one of many, to help my dream comes true, by rescuing people like doctors, saving lives like fire fighter or even be a police officer and maintain law and order.

I was born in New York but went to Africa when I was young. Each break, after nine months of work, I used to come back and spend time with my parents and siblings. Until September when I decided to continue my studies in New york. I was 14 when I left Africa. I started high school when I came and just finished my first year in Claremont IHS. I was living with my grandmother, aunts and cousins. My whole life was built in Senegal, a country in west Africa where we were located. I was devastated when I realized I would have to leave all that behind. I kept in mind it was all for the best, that one day my dreams will come true and they will all be proud of me. My journey is good so far although life became totally different. The environment is totally distinct from where I come from. My family is here and is supporting me in each step I am trying to achieve. I also feel lucky to be multilingual. By observing and improving  my writing and speaking skills, I am making my dreams bigger and more realistic.

There was a time in my life when I witnessed injustice. People were treated different because of their skin color. This was wrong because no matter how a person looks, he should be considered like any other human being. We are all the same, despite our skin color, race or ethnicity. No one chooses who they are. We just have to accept how we or others may look. Appearance doesn’t define a person, his thoughts or feelings. Each one of us can choose who they want to become and the acts that will characterize us. We just have to observe and accept that a variety of opinion and manners makes the world full of wonders and surprises. No one should feel free to criticize others because they think they are better or perfect. To me that is considered as an act of maturity and self respect.

Me, Immigration, AND Justice


My name is Megan Wu and I was born in 2001. I am 16 years old. I have live in Brooklyn in school. I like to been a volunteer, and when I am out of school  I like to do more volunteer, I am particularly good at helping the children. I became good at this because I have a older sister to help me how to do a good volunteer and to take care of the kids or children. In  the future, I would like to be lawyer . I dream of been helping people to save the problem because it’s good for me.

I immigrated to New York 5 years ago My life changed in many ways when I immigrated . The change I’m  happiest about is the life are been good and good, because my parents is hard working and makes more money, on the other hand, I am sad that my dad is not working hard at 5 years ago, Now I speak English and Other Languages, which is very good for everything like helping the older sister to do the volunteer.


Immigrant Life

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My name is Evelyn Ramirez Velazquez and I was born in Mexico. I am 19 years old. I have lived in Puebla, Mexico and Brooklyn N.Y. In school I like to learn new things like new words in English and play with my friends in gym, and when I am out of school, I like to talk with my siblings and cousins in  English to practice more the pronunciation of English, and I like to go to the park and play soccer with my sisters or friends. I am particularly good at listening when a person is complaining. I became good at this because I like people to listen to me. In the future, I would like to be a nurse or dentist.  My dream is to keep studying and speak English well.

I immigrated to New York  two years with eight months ago. My life change in many ways when I immigrated to the United states . The change that I like the most is that I can be with my family because I like to share the happy moments with them and be able to talk with them and be together with my siblings. On the other hand, I’m sad that I do not have many friends just because I can not speak English very well. Now I speak English and Spanish, which is more fun and easy to communicated with the people.

There was a time in my life when I experienced justice. When I was in Mexico my parents had guardianship but I never received anything from my father and did not know anything about him. My mother decided to go to the United States to work and be able to give me what was necessary to  study. My mother applied for guardianship when I arrived to the United States. I was 16 years old when I came to the United States . This was the time when me and my mother went to the court so a judge could appoint my mom as my guardian. In my opinion this was fair because I was living with my mom and I didn’t know anything about my dad.



Me, Immigration, and Justice

 My name is Huiwen and I was born in China. I am 17 years old. I have lived in a tiny little city called Taishan inside Guangdong. Taishan is way more isolated compared to Brooklyn, but it doesn’t mean Brooklyn is more crowded than Taishan. Taishan is more like a party that never changes its topic, and Brooklyn wouldn’t give a break on changing the topic. Now to put these two aside, in school, I like to present the best side of me. I participate in class, meet new person, look at the world in many different perspectives. When I am out of school, I present the worst side of me, play a drama with only one character on the sofa and the fridge full with ice cream. But these two characters have a connection: they are particularly good at drawing. Maybe it seems like the subject without math or any crazy formula involved, and the dream of creation, made me more involved in building this skill. In the future, I would like to become a painter who can build a fantastic party with pencil and paper.


 I immigrated to New York eight years ago. My life changed to the opposite side. Just like living in a mirror, the comfortable life in China no longer existed. The world showed coolest side to me, to the nine-years-old me. The first year for every immigrant is hard: you had to break down all your regular behavior, live your second life without the protection of your parent, face all the rainy storms with a little leaf fallen from the tree. But at the same time a help from others become a blast from god. Thanks to all the people who are willing to help us during that stormy weather. Now I speak English, maybe not strong enough to stay alone in the storm, but not to be that helpless from now on.


There was a time in my life when I witnessed injustice. This was the time when I came home after school. When I out of the subway station in Sheepshead Bay, a homeless asking people gave him some money for food. And there’s an old lady who just out from the bakery tells him she can offered him a piece of cake. But he still asked for money, first is one dollar, than rise up to two dollars. At the end when the lady tell he got nothing, so he choose the cake that worth seven dollars. In my opinion, this was unjust because at that man was not even a homeless, he just another guy who spent others’ kindness.

Me, Immigration, and Justice

My name is Enen Wang and I was born in 2002. I am 16 years old.  I have lived in Brooklyn, NY. In school, I like to listen to music, and when I am out of  school, I like to walk the park with my mother and brother. I am particularly good at running.  I became good at this because I want to be strong. In the future, I would like to teacher I dream of teaching some kids to learn English.

Me, Immigration and Justice

My name is Ce Ming Zeng and I was born in China. I am 14 years old. I have live in China, my city in China was Guang dong, the people who live in Guang dong is very friendly. People always helping each other. Also Guang dong people cook and eat anything! For exp: snake, some animals ’s body part (not dogs), like some animals ‘s genitals (my family never eat that I think most people don’t eat that). Anyways I love my native country and my city but I immigration already. I miss my country and my city. Now I live in New York, Brooklyn. In school, I like to swim. My favorite Period in school is swimming. The school cancel it :(, and when I out of school, I like to play basketball at park with my friend. But i did ’t play it now. I am particularly good at math (but not geometry!!!) and riding bike and swim even I look like fat. I become good at this because I doing those things all the time! But that’s befort, In the summer vacation I was like sitting front of my pc then play lol and fortnite. In the future, I would like to find a job when I was 15, 6, 7 years old. I dream of got a nice job in the future.

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     I immigrated to New York six year ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change I’m happiest about is we are going to a new country learning new different language. We don’t have snow at guang dong so I’m very Excited about the snow. I was like yayyy finally i can see the snowwwvvvv, can I eat it? How to build a snowman? And after i watched Frozen and when the weather is snowing, I say “Do you want to build a snowman to the people who across here. On the other hand, I am sad that I leave native country and my best friend(actually I’m very happy and excited when I leave my best friends and country.) But now I’m very miss my friends and my china home. Now i speak English and chinese, which is Bilingual.Image result for Frozen anna sad face

     There was a time in my life when experienced/witnessed Justice/Injustice. This was the time when I was 7 or 8 years old kid. I kill many animals before, some birds get hurt by some reason so they want to take a  breath in my house but I kill those bird. I throw those bird to the lake to see can the bird swim? In my opinion, this was unjust because I’m killing that bird’s life. Anything in the earth are living things they have feeling.

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Me, Immigration, and Justice

My name is Idalia Arely and I was born in El Salvador. I am 18 years old. I have lived in Brooklyn, NY. In school, I like to play in gym and learn about animals in science class, and when I am out of school, I like to go shopping.  I am particularly good at studying science. I became good at this because I want to be a nurse that’s why I like it. In the future, I would like to be a nurse. I dream of helping those who need me, well I always help but I would like to be a nurse  so I want to learn English and be a great person in the future.


I Immigrated to New York  2 years ago. My life changed in many ways when I immigrated. The change I’m happiest about is that I have dreams to fulfill and work because I feel that  I can help my family economically and overcome what I hope to be in this country and be able to fulfill my dreams and be part of the community of the United States. On the other hand, I am sad that because my brothers are very far from me and all my family would like them to be here supporting me.


Me, Immigration and Justice

My name is Lining Liang and I was born in 2003. I am 14 years old. I have lived in Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou is a big and beautiful city. In Guangzhou, you can eat many different types of Chinese food, like dumplings. In school, I like to study because you can get a lot of knowledge if you study hard. If you study hard in English class you can learn more English. Your English will be better than before. When I am out of school, I like to travel because you can learn many things from your journey. I am particularly good at math class because I like to solve the math problem. I became good at this because I study hard in math class and my math teacher is very patience to teach me math. In the future, I would like to be a pharmacist because I want all the people in the world to be healthy. I dream of becoming a successful person, to become a successful a pharmacist, to cure more patients.

I immigrated to New York two years ago. My life change in many ways when I immigrated. The change I’m happiest about is I have to learn a new language because people who live in New York speak English. I have to learn English so I can communicate with the people in New York. I am happy that in New York there are many new things that I can explore and learn. On the other hand, I am sad that I had to leave my friends. Now I speak English and Chinese, I feel happy that I speak two languages because I learned a new language and I can talk to more people.

There was a time in my life when I experienced injustice. This was the time when I took the subway to went to school, there was a man stood behind the door. Later on, a man walked to the front of me and said “Oh! Chinese girl is beautiful. I love Chinese girl.” In my opinion, this was unjust because this man did not respect me.

Why Mental Health Matters

Depression is becoming a topic that more and more people care about. Chronic depression is a mental health issue. How to deal with depression is attracting more and more attention. It has become common for young people to experience “the blues” occasionally. Why do people choose to focus on depression among young people? In my opinion, young people are not mature enough to make good choices.

Sometimes, they make decisions that they will regret someday. Some young people who experience mental health issues are more likely to take drugs to get rid of bad feelings. But, using street drugs may kill them in the future. People who inject heroin, for example, are more likely to become infected with AIDS if they use the same needle as an AIDS patient.

AIDS cannot be cured with today’s technology. When you know you have AIDS, you already know you may die in a few years. After becoming infected with HIV, people could expected to get AIDS within about 10 years, and then live only 1 to 2 years more. They may regret inject the heroin. What’s more, people try drugs are more likely to become drug addicts. When they try to stop using drugs, they may have some bad physical sensation, like spasms.

It is important to avoid drug users because they may try to persuade you to try drugs to alleviate mental pain. If depressed people use harmful and dangerous drugs to get rid of bad feelings that they may regret later. The bad things associated with depression cannot be fixed in this way.

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