October 19, 2021


Finding a Job by TikTok

In the article, “TikTok Résumés?” (UpFront) I learned that people use the platform TikTok as a way to find jobs. For example, Makena Yee turned to TikTok and made a 60-second video that had up nearly 200,000 views and received more than 15 job leads. She’s not the only one to try this. College students and recent graduates are turning to TikTok to network and find jobs. And dozens of companies including Chipotle, Target, and Shopify have started hiring via the app.

I think what is happening is that since this app has a lot of recognization and is viral at the moment it has the attention of everyone. Even including business owners. It’s not a bad idea if you are getting something out of it, especially a job!

Would you make a TikTok resume?

Jannette Garcia

New State Voting Laws

In the article, “States Attempt New Voting Rights Laws” (McGraw Hill) I learned that to be eligible to vote, you must first become a registered voter. Along with this, depending on the state, you must either register yourself several weeks or days before an election, turn up at polls with your ID, or vote from home. In Texas, they have set voting restrictions such as eliminating drive-thru voting and overnight early voting hours. Apart from this, limitations were also set on who could and could not assist voters along with establishing ID requirements when voting by mail. Some say this helps prevent voter fraud but others say that it would make it harder for African Americans and Latino Americans to vote because of the voting methods. In North Carolina, they require a photo ID to vote. Although this could help prevent voter fraud, it also discriminates against voters of color because they are less likely to have a photo ID. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Congress is trying to pass a new law that would give the federal government increased control over elections.

Do you agree or disagree sith these new voting laws? Would these new laws affect your eligibility to vote?

I think that with the implementation of these new voting laws, voting fraud would be able to be prevented, but at the same time, I also believe that they should inform and assist voters who may not be aware of these new requirements. The main reason why someone doesn’t vote especially when it comes to those of color is that they don’t know how or where to register and vote. For this reason, the state needs to have some sort of control over the elections as they are the ones who are more familiar with who vote and who don’t.

The Sky is Going to Kill Me

The sky is going to kill me
 at 12:35 tomorrow
I know because the have trees told me
Great sequoia and sapling oak
creaking voices heavy with prophecy
"Stay inside"
The flowers beg
heads bent forward with tears
Bleeding hearts and winding white honeysuckle,
"Stay inside"
The insects counsel me
Sleepy cicada and fragile monarch
"Hibernate until the wind forgets,
until the sun burns out its fury,
until the clouds turn their anger on another"
But I know the sky will never forget
even the rivers and the hills know this
I cannot spend my life tucked away,
hiding and afraid
"Do not cry for me"
I tell them
Voice like earthquakes and mountains
"I have stood before many storms
I have braved time and tide and man
So let it try
Let it try to take me"
And I step out into the sun
And dare the sky to try and shake me

Five Brothers and One Sister

Hi my name is Estrella, and it’s important to know that I am a shy person. I am half Mexican and half American. My parents are from Mexico, but I was born in the USA. I live in Sunset Park with my parents and brothers. I go to Park Slope Collegiate High school.

Out of the many subjects I like, the one I most enjoy is math.

Out of school, I enjoy hanging out with my friends from middle school. One of my greatest struggles is being the only girl in my family. Except for my little sister, but I am older and get bothered the most by my older brother.

Well, I have five brothers and one sister. The oldest one is 20 years old. I am lucky to have my mom with me and take care of me.

From Yemen to America

I am Abdul.  I am from Yemen. I always love being good and useful, and I love to help people. I was born in Yemen, in the city of Sana’a. My school was National Values ​​School. When I was in Yemen there was a civil war, so I decided to get out of the country. The best thing was to go to America, where there is a safe and good country.

I love learning more in English lessons and listening to stories.  I’m sure all the lessons are important because they will be useful to me in the future. My favorite sport is football (but here they call it soccer) because I can play it well. I want to excel in my school, do well after graduating and go to college, and be happy in my life.

I miss my grandmother and grandfather who are also in Yemen.  My other aunts are among the most valuable things I have.  They are all precious to me.

My Family

I’m Selene and something important to know about me is I’m from the Bronx as well. My mom is Mexican and half from Guatemala. I was born in the Bronx. I lived in South Bronx and a school I used to go to was American Dream school in the Bronx. Something important that happened to me was me moving to Brooklyn.

What I like to do in school is nothing. And what I enjoy doing out of school is coming home to eat. Something that I am good at is playing pool 8 ball and the reason I’m good at it is because of my grandpa who is very good and taught me to play since I was 5. Lastly, my greatest struggle in life is confusion.

My family members, they’re very goofy, especially my mom and sister. My dad is more serious and quiet, but I’m mainly closer to my mom and sister and especially my mom’s side of the family I’m very close to and since my mom’s family are in the Bronx whenever we visit them I feel the happiest. I’m very lucky to have my mom.

Letting Go Is Something Big

My name is Jefferson, something very important about me is that I don’t like to play around with people that I don’t know. Something people in my culture do is give out money and just have a good time. We give out money to people that don’t have anything. In short, we just give money to the poor. I was born here in Brooklyn in Sunset Park. When I was a little kid, I went to this school called PS 24, and now I go to PSC/John Jay. 

Something that happened to me that will always scar my life is how time moves fast and how friends just leave and come. It’s really sad because I visited my old school and I felt like a little kid, an awesome feeling, and how time doesn’t wait for anyone

What I like to do in school is making new friends, and trying to learn new stuff whatever the teachers teach me. What I’m good at is trying out new sports, Playing new sports, and learning ways to play the sport. I’m good at math but I dont show it because I’m lazy. And when I’m outside of school I like to hang out with my friends because we can just talk and we got endless ideas of what we are going to talk about next, for example, we can just plan to go somewhere, or just talk about life, and have a good time.  Something particularly I’m good at is making new friends. And I got good at talking to people because you don’t have anything to lose. If they talk back then y’all are friends, and if they don’t, then no friendship. My biggest struggle in life will be letting people go, I don’t like letting people go because they actually meant something to me, so letting go is something big. 

My mom is a hard worker and an awesome woman, my dad is someone who works hard and helps my mother, my brothers are annoying but they are cool too. My mom and dad are very special and that’s it, I haven’t lost anyone yet. I think this school year it’s amazing. And I’m lucky to have my best friend Sadnila she’s a very cool person, and someone very special to me because she understands me and I understand her.

Dance Is My Passion

I am Kerly. I am 15 years old and I am from Ecuador. The most important thing you should know about me is that I like to dance. It has been my passion since I was two years old. My whole family is from Ecuador. I grew up in La Troncal, I lived most of my life there but then two years ago, I had to move to the United States. I was born in Ecuador and I have one sister and one brother. I live with my dad because my mom is in Ecuador and part of my family is in Ecuador so for that reason, I try to travel every year on vacation to be able to see my mom and the rest of my family.

At school, I am good at Spanish and History classes. I enjoy a lot of time with my family and communicating with them and my friends. I am a particularly good dancer. I have practiced a lot since I was two years old. I think my biggest struggle in life is communicating with other people because I am too shy and I have a hard time making friends.

My family is from Ecuador but part of my family is here in New York. It’s very difficult for me to have part of my family in another country. Sometimes I feel bad about that. My whole family is very important to me and I am fortunate to have the absolute support of them and friends. My family and friends are the most important people I have and I am very happy to have them in my life. I am very grateful to God for the people I have in my life.

Good at basketball and making my brother laugh!

My name is Isaiah and I’m Puerto Rican, l was born in Brooklyn.  I’m a student at Park Slope Collegiate, and I live in Sunset Park with my grandmother and my dad.  A turning point in my life was when my baby brother came home from the hospital last year.  My mom and brother come and visit me from the Bronx.

What I like to do in school is playing in the gym. Something that I’m good at is playing basketball. I play basketball in school and out of school.  I often play at Sunset Park. Something I’m particularly good at is playing basketball. I’m good at basketball because l practice a lot. My greatest struggle in life is wearing a mask every day and going up and down the stairs. 

My family members are Ecuadorian and Puerto Rican. Something that I’m lucky within my life is my brother. His name is Kyle, and he has blue eyes.  He already has teeth and is talking Spanish a little bit.  I love to play with him and make him laugh.  Family is special to me.

Funny and Chill

I am Diego. Something important to know about me is that I love to play soccer. I am funny and I am a chill person. My family is from Guatemala. I was born in New York in Sunset Park.  Sunset Park is a chill place and sometimes it could be loud. The school that  I went to was in Park Slope. I was in an online school and it felt different. Something important that happened to me was when I went to Guatemala and they surprised me because it was my first time they had fireworks and they made food and we just started to talk with the family.

One thing I like to do in school is to play sports. I am good at Gym because it is my favorite class to have. I enjoy hanging out with my friends or playing video games with my friends. I am good at playing soccer. It is one of my favorite sports to play. I got good at it by practicing and also playing with my cousin. One of my struggles is math because I am not good at math. Also, it is not my favorite subject.

I am lucky to have my whole family because they help me a lot and they also are there when I need them too. My family helps me with homework sometimes when I am struggling.

Removal of Confederate General Robert E. Lee Statue

On September 8, 2021, the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee was removed from Richmond, Virginia. The removal of the statue was called on June 2020 after what occurred to George Floyd. There were already some statues that were removed in Richmond before (Confederate Statue Removed from Virginia Capital, McGraw Hill).

If the death of George Floyd never occurred those statues would continue to be standing but why is it that no one thinks about it until a similar event occurs. It’s important to consider the impact that an event can have on the world. The history of this country isn’t the best and people should acknowledge it. We’re given only one side of the story but we’re taught to hear from both so why are we always celebrating/rememebering those who did horrible things to the country. Removing these confederate statues can cause an outburst but people need to understand the damage that the past has on others.

What are your opinions on the removals of confederate statues?

How COVID affected us all

Many kids have been affected by COVID, especially in school. This could be environmental issues and even the decline of their mental health. I think it’s important to pay very close attention to many of the students. COVID has affected everyone in a good or bad way so we have to look out for those signs in order to help them.

Due to the effects of COVID, many students have been failing so in order to encourage them the schools should try their best to help students with extra help and mental support. Having a positive environment will also decrease the chances of depression episodes. Always have a positive mind set and you will for sure be successful.

How have you managed to get through with COVID?   

The Memes We Share

In the article, “The Sneaky Truth About Memes” (The New York Times, Upfront) I learned that the memes we share on social platforms shape and influence our behaviors and even our opinions. Memes are a tool used in social media platforms to synthesize information and deliver it in an entertaining way. However, according to media experts, users must be careful about the memes they view on a daily basis because the simplification of memes brings consequences to the individual. For one, the information can be wrongly distorted or altered or it could be encouraging negative behaviors. So while you might be thinking that you are becoming “aware” of what’s going on in the world, you really may be most likely viewing a very biased perspective depending on the delivery of the meme.

I think that we as individuals should be aware of the impact memes have on us even though we simply scroll through them as easily as one swipe. The types of memes that a person shares and likes say a lot about how a person thinks and what they believe in. More people should inform themselves through trustworthy sources rather than establishing their opinions based off of a simple meme they saw on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Do the memes that you like and share reflect your identity and opinions?

Importance of mental health during rough times

In the article, “The importance of keeping good mental and physical health during the COVID-19 pandemic” I learned the importance of maintaining good mental stability through rough times. It’s known that you have to deal with the stress in order for it to not affect you greatly and for you to come to a better solution of understanding your situation. We are affected multiple ways by the pandemic from how we feel, how we think, and act. A priority should always be your mental health and how you feel.

I believe this is very important, many were affected during this time, not being able to do the things you once were able to do is a huge change. While also being scared if you or a loved one or maybe just someone you know catches it and it turns into something serious is terrifying. You start getting anxious about where you go and who you see and you can’t properly enjoy living. So I think this article portrays an excellent example of taking care of your mental health during a difficult time.

What are some ways you are able to deal with anxiety or when your mental health isn’t doing too well?

Shooting Stars=Meteors

In the article “Shooting Stars” (BTW) I learned that shooting stars are meteoroids. Seeing all of them at once are called meteor showers. Many people enjoy seeing meteor showers. A lot of people wish upon a shooting star which is called a meteor. Many meteor showers happen more and more throughout the years because of how many laps we take around the sun. Many of these meteor showers aren’t visible to the naked eye but the ones that we do see have been having every year for centuries and centuries. A Perseid meteor shower is an annual meteor shower that lasts a good amount of time. To watch a meteor shower you should go to the darkest place you can find to see them better off.

The National anthem

In the article, ¨The NFL and the Anthem¨(btw) I learned that many NFL players began a silent protest during the national anthem by kneeling dont while it plays during a football game it all started with the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Their is a huge controversy and the NFL has made some rules like nfl players have to be present during the National anthem. The minute this became public many people had a say in this.

Many have different views on kneeling or not kneeling even in other sports like basketball players started kneeling and started to be more political. SOme of those players being Lebron James and the whole BLM things. These silent protest are happening because of the injustices that are happening to Black americans in the united states.

What do you think players should do?

Does Using a Smartphone Make People Less Smart?

In the article, “Are Smartphones Making Us Stupid?”(Upfront) I learned that people have different reasons on whether smartphones make people smarter or less smart. Ways people feel smartphones have made people less smarter is that they are spending time on things that aren’t seen as productive like going on social media. Also, depending on how they use technology can make us smarter or not and they expressed that using it for social media doesn’t make you smarter. Ways people feel smartphones have made people smarter is being able to find information on anything at any time. Also, it gives access to information, new ideas, and opportunities to grow.

I think that smartphones aren’t making people less smart. It has opened us to universal information at any moment and at any time. It can help us at any time when we need to research or need to check for information quickly. It can also open people to new things like world changing ideas and news. Smartphones allow us to learn more about the world around us and can teach us more about things we like and want to know more about. This is why I feel like smartphones aren’t making us less intelligent.

What are your thoughts on whether Smartphones are affecting our intelligence? 

Making A Difference

In the article, Helping Refugees Succeed (Upfront), I learned that there are people in this world who have seen others struggle and have wanted to make a change that will benefit society. John Finkelman is a boy who wanted to help out people who experienced or are experiencing the same things his grandparents went through. To help refugees succeed, Finkelman started a group to aid refugees in the US. He provided them with resources to learn English and life skills lessons. When moving to another country refugees are often led straight into poverty due to the lack of knowledge they have on that place, but with groups like the Equal Voice Initiative, many can be helped to take on a good life. Ever since the group was created, 1,300 refugees have taken the classes provided and other charities have partnered with the group to collect food, clothing, and educational supplies.

I believe this is a great way to advance in society and it is a great initiative towards making a difference. Finkelman was inspired by his grandparents’ journey and wanted to aid other refugees going through the same path. And in order to do that, initiating a group that provides the essentials to succeed in a foreign country was a great way towards making a change.

What would you do to make a difference?

Ethiopians refugee crisis

In the article, “Ethiopia’s refugee crisis” (upfront) I learned that the people are in these camps because they were fleeing from a conflict that began when Ethiopian prime minister  Abiy Ahmed launched a military offensive in the Tigray region. But there were also other factors leading to the fleeing of many of the ethiopians. The conflict was essentially a political one over longtime tensions. With people fleeing they lose their homes and any valuable items.  

I think what is happening in Ethiopia is a huge crisis. It must be horrible to feel left out. It is hard to imagine not having a home or maybe a home that’s unstable with very little to no resources.

What do you think could be done to help the people in ethiopias?

Do you like to help people?

Want to make a change and help people in a positive way? A physical therapist is probably the job for you. Some things that you would have to do to become a physical therapist gets your bachelor’s degree. The two main classes that you would need to take would be anatomy and biology. When you come to those classes you would have to enroll in to physical therapy program. When you complete those programs that would probably take 3 years you would have to take and pass the national physical therapy examination. If you are thinking of extending your physical therapy career you would have to be board-certified, which requires an exam and several hours of clinical work. Pros of becoming a physical therapist would be getting a good amount of money. You would get a raise. Helping people make a change in their life in a positive way. On the other hand, when being a physical therapist can also be very stressful. You would have to deal with people that have so much trauma they carry or you would have to have patients.

I understand that becoming a physical therapist is a lot of work but imagine how you would feel like a person when see look at your patients and you realize how they are progressing. Knowing that they are wanting to thank you because you are making an impact in their lives. On the other hand, I also have to understand that it is not easy. Many patients are stubborn and struggle with physical therapy due to their trauma.

Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent

In the article, “Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent” I learned that daylight savings consist of a year round change that occurs during the winter time. Daylight savings can last up to eight months. It first took place in the 1900’s to save fuel during World War l. However, as beneficial Daylight savings may be, it can be argued that Day Light savings should be kept full year round with no switching. This idea was made by some legislators. Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 was created by Senator Marco Rubio which consisted of Daylight Savings Time permanent for all the states and countries.

In my opinion Day Light savings should stay permanent because it can have a major impact on individual’s sleep and health due to the changing of it every year. With the Day Light saving being permanent there can be less robberies and more people have time out of their day to do productive things. Less money can also be spent throughout the day due to Day Light savings.

Do you think that Day Light Savings should be permanent?

Accepting skin tone

In this poem , ¨ i love my skin¨ by samyah i learn that she has accepted the way her skin tone is and how much she thinks and feels that her skin tone is pretty enough and it fit her well.Even through some of her struggles on being judged or being threatened by other she has notice that get skin tone is not worth someone’s thoughts or how they feel about her skin tone but how much her skin tone holds so much strength.This has showed that she such strong person and i really powerful person different skin tone. Some examples, her are some words she said , ¨I love my skin…. My skin makes and breaks me but I love how it glams in the sun¨ or ¨ my skin being targeted  by police or just walking down the street but I know my skin tougher than nails.¨ this is such a beautiful thing to say about herself.

i think and feel that people with a dark skin show know how much beauty their skin tone has and how people words should not affect them at all and should totally accept their skin tone and how much power the have and make sure they know how much they have people admiring the wonderful skin tone .

Do you think people with different skin tone should accept their skin tone ?

Learning to Fight Back

In the article, “Learning to Fight Back” (Upfront) I learned that in India women are getting taught how to fight which is becoming increalsy and very important for their safety. A Muslim high school student in the city of Hyderabad practices Vovinam, a Vietnamese martial art that uses swords and sticks to protect themselves.  Self-defense classes for Indian girls have been increasingly growing in popularity after an accident in which a 23-year-old woman was attacked and killed by a group of men while riding a bus in 2012. By teaching them this skill is giving women the courage to come forward and demand justice, rather than suffer in silence. Since it’s growing so fast, now police departments have begun offering self-defense training and schools providing skills as well so they could feel safer to defend themselves. Lastly, the thought from a high school student said that they aren’t safe but this gives them confidence. 

What other techniques should be taught to women in India or other countries?

I think what is happening in Asia with showing high school students is very helpful in giving them knowledge of how to self defend. The good thing is that it’s increasingly growing throughout their country. It’s very sad that they are showing these girls Vovinam after an accident that happened to a woman and the country has to take action before they lose more women.  Like that one girl mentions that they are not totally safe but gives them confidence that they are less likely to suffer and be hurt by a man after they take these classes. I loved that police departments are also playing a big role in training them as well. (Subscribers only)

Is Video Gaming a Sport?

The 2019 League of Legends World Championship, one of the most popular video game tournaments in the world, drew around 100 million viewers. Esports, or electronic sports, are another name for video game events. Esports have been increasingly popular in recent years. In 2020, the global viewership for esports will be 495 million individuals. As the realm of esports expands, the question of whether gaming is a sport has arisen. A founder of a high school esports league debates whether video games should be called sports with a graduate student specializing in physical education.

I can agree with this. Esports has different kinds of sports in their games such as football, basketball, and soccer. Millions of people play these types of games anyways. Esports, like traditional sports, can help you pay for college tuition. Many colleges and universities have esports programs, and they’ve awarded over $16 million in scholarships to high school esports competitors in our league so far.

Do you think video games should be considered a sport?

This is my body

This is my body, i’m hiding with a smile

This is my body, i’m hiding in my own style

This is my body , i’m hiding in pain

This is my body, i’m hiding in shame

This is my body This my body This is my body

And im free

    mi cuerpo mi casa

i grew up believing a home was a roof above me

Crecí creyendo que una casa eran muros construidos a mi lado

but why did no one tell me my home is actually my body

i have a heart that is meant to be loved

arms that are meant for hugs 

a mind that is meant for thoughts & knuckles that aren’t meant to be fought 

i have a voice that is meant to be heard

a body that still needs to be learned

pero aun mi cuerpo es mi hogar

my home is is not a house or place 

it’s where i feel comfortable no matter my shape

no matter my color no matter my race

my body is my home 

Black Female

This is my body,
An african-american female,
Light skin eyes shaded brown,
This is my body,
Spirit and might full of confidence,
Mind and soul full of strength,
Everyone may have there own opinions,
Yet it doesn’t phase me.

This is my body,
Many people will categorize,

Black melanin magic,
Bold and outstanding,
Im talked about bc im pretty and nice,
Im most hated upon bc they feel inferior,
Im out of this world,
I was put here for a reason and i will fulfill this purpose.

This is my body,
A black female

this is my body

This is my body tatted 
This is my body 
Like a caterpillar 
Grow, eat , sleep
This is my body
My heart
It represents beauty, flowers, 
one day ill be like a butterfly
This is my body

This Is My Body

Seeing people and taking a glance at them can make you think

Some good and bad thoughts, but who would know

The answer, they wouldn’t know cause it’s in your mind

Confidence,Intelligence,Challenge is my body

Confidence, some say is getting through a scary movie in the dark

Something I used to use to show with my words and not so with my body

Took some getting used to cause I didn’t have stylish clothing but I maintained

I can bring this because who else can bring it for me

Intelligence, “Can someone answer 2+2” ? 

4 “correct” well I just showed i’m intelligent 

It’s more than math, school or making money

Showing that I have a strong sense of self, observe, empathic is my intelligence

Challenge, me having the ability to push the limits 

To reach goals the hardest way possible to have a story to tell to prove myself to the doubts

Instead of taking an easy car shortcut with the popular 

Making it to my final destination without a story of the journey

Hispanic Heritage Month

In the article “Hispanic Heritage Month” (btw) I learned that Hispanic heritage month is from september 15 to october 15 and its days were hispanics could celebrate and recognize the contributions, cultures, and traditions of Hispanic Americans. We could recognize hispanic heroes. The date begins in the 15 because it is Independence Day for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. September 16 is Mexican Independence Day, and Chile celebrates its independence on September 18. So as you can see all the days are very close showing us the importance of this month. Hispanics are a big majority of people now living in america and because we have contributed a lot to this country may it be financially through taxes or even through our culture or food america wouldn’t be where it is today without hispanics.

Do you believe Hispanic Heritage Month should be celebrated?

I believe Hispanic heritage Month is a month that should be celebrated with pride amongst our communities because its a month were we could be recognized for the greatness of our people.

National Parks!

In AP Lang, we asked 10 questions and had to find the answer using an article. My question was “which national park should i visit next?” Using the article linked down below as well as interviewing my friends I was able to find out the answer to my question. Hope you enjoy!

My Body Poem

This is my body

the body I was born in

And the body I shall die in

This body is my body

and my body only

you may hate me for my body

But I love my body

This body has been though a lot

But that’s what makes this body strong

This is my one and only body

So you betcha I’m going to take care of this body

Understanding family values

Many families have their own values which are based on generational tradition. This can differ from gender, morals, and even stereotypes. Many people have their own morals but how do those develop? This is based on your experiences as a person. Their environment can change from time to time, which can suddenly break family values. They can either take those experiences and repeat them or change.

Since these happen other people start to realize they can have better influences, in which most cases for this generation its biggest influence is the internet. This warps many perceptions in the minds of young people. It can change the way they view themselves and their family.

What do you think are family values?

Social Media Free Speech

In the article, “YOU DECIDE School Social Media Free Speech Case” (BTW) we see that there was controversy on whether or not a school system should punish a student for their actions outside of school. The student, Brandi Levy a cheerleader with hopes of making the varsity cheerleading team, did not make the team. Levy was furious, she took her anger onto social media and she published a post that included vulgar language and obscene gestures (middle finger). Levy’s school stepped in and punished her for her actions, suspending her from all cheerleading activities (1 year). Many people wondered if the school had the right to punish the student. The parents filed a lawsuit against the school and ultimately won. The school believed they should intervene in certain situations, and this was one of them. The school may have felt that there was a threat toward the school’s varsity cheer squad or the varsity cheer squad may have taken offense, which could be classified as bullying (cyberbullying). The supreme court disagreed with the school, the ruling was 8-1 in favor of the levy. The supreme court believed that the school violated the First Amendment Free speech right of the student. Schools have the right to intervene when bullying or harassment, threats (toward teachers and students),  academic misconduct, online schooling, & hacking are present. 

Should private social media posts be regulated by school administrators?

I believe that Levy should have not been punished. To me, it seems that she was expressing her anger, which she has the right to do, but she could have handled the situation differently. She could have talked to the coaches and asked “coach, how can I become a better cheerleader, in what areas do I need to improve in that would put me in a better position to help the team?”. Taking this route would have solved the problem instead of making the problem worse. When we are full of anger, we tend to do certain things that we may regret, which is why we must think through every decision we make. 

Heroic and Honorable Characters

In The Once and Future King, there are many characters that exhibit heroic and honorable traits, often sharing a large amount of similarities with many fictional characters that are popular today. It was revealed farther into this book that Lancelot had an affair with Queen Guinevere, causing a large conflict between his best friend, King Arthur, and his not-so-secret lover, Queen Guinevere. However, Sir Lancelot was still known to be an honorable man, withholding his own moral code, which often relates to fictional characters such as Itachi Uchiha from the Naruto Series, as well as Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader from the Star Wars Trilogy. 

The way that Itachi Uchiha was portrayed in the first half of the Naruto Series was as a villain who betrayed his own people, wreaking havoc among his own village and leaving his own little brother to grow up wondering what had gone wrong in Itachi Uchiha’s mind. It was later revealed towards the last half of the series that Itachi Uchiha actually didn’t “want to do the things he does, mostly he’s just following orders and trying to atone for it all,” leaving him with no other choice but to bring pain among his own village in order to save his little brother’s life as well as the future of his village (Naruto). Nearing the end of the series, Itachi Uchiha made one of his last appearances, which gave him the opportunity to speak to his younger brother one last time, as well as letting the viewers have a chance to fully understand his past situations and see how intelligent and heroic Itachi Uchiha actually was throughout the entire series. Therefore, Itachi Uchiha’s actions are similar to an “anti-villains,” and this is mainly due to how he made such impossible decisions at such a young age, however he did it all to save his brother and the future of the village (Anime). 

In the beginning of the Star Wars trilogy, Anakin Skywalker had a very promising future in regards to becoming a powerful Jedi Knight; however, “his promising career tragically did not last when his personal demons lured him into turning to the Dark Side and becoming known as Darth Vader,” changing his life and forever affecting his reputation (Star). While his intentions were good from the start, Anakin Skywalker ended up going down a path where he hurt those he loved the most, such as his wife who was bearing their two children, his friends and those he had grown up around, due to how he was tricked and taken advantage of by the dark side. Once he became referred to as Darth Vader, he had already lost those he had loved most, except for his two children, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia; however, years had gone by already without his children knowing of his existence as their father, and only knowing him as a villain in their eyes (Star). Later on in the Star Wars films, moments before Darth Vader’s death, he revealed to Luke Skywalker that he was his father and by doing so, Luke Skywalker believed that it was still possible to turn his father back to the light side. Although there was still goodness inside of Darth Vader, there was no time to bring himself back to the light side, since he instead sacrificed himself in order to save Luke Skywalker’s life as well as many other people’s lives (Fox).

Throughout the Naruto and Star Wars series, both of these characters, Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Itachi Uchiha, committed countless inexcusable acts; however, there were still elements of goodness that shone throughout these characters, mainly towards the beginnings and ends of their lives. Although they had many faults, they both had similarities in regards to having good intentions, as well as having a patch of time in their lives where they were lost in regards to their original goals.

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Does Chivalry exist today


The definition of heroism is “great bravery” (Oxford Languages). There are many things that people do that require bravery, one of the bravest people especially nowadays, are doctors. 

    Health-care workers have always risked their lives attempting to save other peoples lives. With the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare workers are “making extraordinary sacrifices to care for the rest of us” (Marcus). In the beginning of the pandemic, there were many unanswered questions. The fact that doctors put themselves out there to help others in a time of need, is heroic. Especially during the pandemic, healthcare workers were recognized as heroes. 

    Many people might believe that being called a hero is a great compliment, but many healthcare workers think otherwise. During the pandemic, many healthcare workers have become burnt out, one doctor stated, “I wish I wasn’t a doctor. I wish I wasn’t terrified at what I may be asked to do. I wish I could self isolate” (Salles). That shows how exhausted the doctors are from the pandemic. Because of burnout, many doctors lose empathy, “for many, medical training is associated with a loss of empathy related to the immense distress and burnout trainees experience” (Salles).

    Yes, doctors are brave and heroic. Even though doctors are heroic, at the end of the day, they are people and they need a break occasionally. If they had the opportunity to relax, they would not be as burnt out as they are right now. 


Should Social Media give you the freedom to speak your mind?

In the article “You Decide: School Social Media Free Speech Case” I learned that this 14-year-old girl named Brandi Levy didn’t make the cheer team and made very horrible posts/ said very mean things about the school for not making the team. After making these posts the school then punished her by suspending her from any form of cheerleading for a year. They then went on to say that Levy wasn’t on school grounds when she did this nor did she use school technology to publish what she posted. Levy’s parents filed a lawsuit and they won and Levy was back on the cheer team.

What I think about this is that no matter if she was on school grounds or not that she should have been kept off the team because what she posted ruined the whole school’s reputation. Her posting didn’t bring any good to the school and made the school look bad. The court should have brought to light what she did wrong and not let her engage in fun things for doing what she did.

Absolute Power

Absolute power has negative effects on society today and throughout history people have still not learned from its mistakes. When sticking to one set of beliefs a country cannot grow their ideals nor develop their way of life. While for some people this may be normal but from a broader perspective it’s shown that advances haunt and how much life is enjoyed goes down. For instance in Britain there has been less development in production and engineering. Britain’s number of patents sold are relatively the same while in France and the U.S. the number of patents increase, as shown in a graph comparing the three countries’ numbers (Nicholas 28). In this publication it states, “According to one dominant theme in the literature, innovation in the United States flourished during the process of industrialization because patent laws provided cheap democratic access to intellectual property rights, whereas in Britain the high cost of obtaining a patent may have curtailed technological progress (Khan, 2005)” proving that through Great Britain keeping patents at a high priced rate it might dwindle the amount of inventions that can be produced (Nicholas 8). The amount that patents are sold at is regulated by the government which is still held up by the monarchy. For generations the royal family have not even brought up the issue of not having as many new technological advances compared to its competitors. Perhaps if there was a different ruler the issue of how high patients are sold for might be changed so the rate of engineering advances can go up. For the economy that would be huge as the amount of products being produced would affect the amount of jobs there are, the amount of money being imported back into the economy, and even the amount of engineered products might increase. 

        While the technological advancements are stagnant there is another issue with monarchy with relation to how successors might fulfill the role of king and queen of England. The royal family automatically changes out who’s in the most possession of power through their age, once the member with the most power passes away the next oldest member of the family follows in their footsteps as king or queen. The possibility of having no successors is possible as part of the royal family has already broken off from this chain of rule(Puente). The backup plan for who’d rule if there were no successors has not been solved nor talked about, it is possible that they’d appoint a new royal family or even their distant family members as people in the position of power. The only true thing maintaining their position of power is simply the fact that they are part of this family. No outside preparation is needed to be involved for such a job, because it’s strictly heritage, so it is possible members of this family are not qualified for such a position (Puente). Surely their family is grown and trained simply to be the next ruler but in what way would the new ideas and advances make its way into the British system? As stated by Puente, “‘The monarchy stands for imperialism, colonialism and an unelected elite body,’ Pasternak says”, further backing how the ideas of this nation have yet to develop further from their original stance (Puente). The ideas of who comes next in the line of succession is determined by the ruler before them, whose ideas are formed by the ruler before them, and the ruler before them, and the list goes on.

        Through the issues of no new technological advances and problems with how trained the king or queen is, what’s proven is that absolute power prevents new ideas from entering a nation, causing problems for the nation’s people. 

gold and red trophy on glass shelf

My body

From being 196 to 223 it’s horrible

From the name calling to the bodyshaming 

To the depression to the loving myself,

From the  Self harm,to the wishing i had die

,To being  a happy lil girl to be nothing but sad,for wanting

To be happy but can’t.From the eating everyday,

to Starving myself to feel better at night 

From the late night cry

 to looking happiness  in open spaces

Afghan women from Silver to fleeing

In the Article, “the story of the afghan girls robotic team”(btw) I learned that six girls who competed against 157 other nations in robotics.Their visas were not passed but president trump allowed them to compete but that forced them to make a robot in only 2 weeks. They won silver in this competition and overcame the adversity. They also made ventilators during the covid crisis.

They were the hope for Afghan women but then the Taliban took over the capital which forced them to flee. This caused them to contact the qatar embassador and were given visas and some went to mexico. They all received scholarships for many universities around the world. This shows how women are smart and can do great things even in a country that does not support them.

What do you think we can do to help these women?

Soldiers take on War in Afghanistan

Once and Future President

President John F. Kennedy was the 35th president of the United States. He was “the youngest man elected to the office” and “also the youngest President to die” (“The 35th President”). President Kennedy initially wanted to be a journalist but abandoned those plans and instead prepared to run for congress. Eventually, he made it as a presidential candidate and ran against Richard Nixon and won, officially being sworn into office on January 20, 1961. President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. His death “sent shockwaves around the world” indicating how he was a larger-than-life heroic man (“John F. Kennedy”). President Kennedy, though, left a country that had changed for the better under his leadership. This shows that he was truly one of the greatest presidents and leaders.

    King Arthur of the Britains is known for his Knights of the Round Table and uniting his land’s people. As a monarch, his ideas about government reshaped English society. He and his group of fellow heroes accompanied him on his adventures fighting off small invaders and would go on to defeating larger enemies. With the help of Merlyn, King Arthur held strongly to his beliefs and built an empire. Arthur’s leadership shows through these successes, he led his military and his people to a time of prosperity. Arthur met an untimely demise, but his impact carried on through the nights of the round table and the country he left behind.

    Both President Kennedy and King Arthur were regarded as great military leaders, leading their countries with passion, having their time as leaders known as “Camelot”, and they both had tragic ends. Although King Arthur used violence, he did only so for the reasons he thought were just. President Kennedy was an honest leader and he created a better country with his optimism and showed the country what leadership in a time of need is. He and King Arthur share many similar accomplishments in doing what they thought was better for their country.

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Fate is Real?

Is fate written in our stars? Well the science of quantum physics says it is not but if you ask most individuals they will tell you yes. So which is true? First what is fate; “fate is based on the notion that there is a natural order in the Universe which cannot be changed, no matter how hard we try” (Luna). To elaborate on this fate is preset and cannot be changed so fate is most commonly confused with destiny which can change and you choose what happens next. Personally since fate cannot be interpreted it must be real. 

So for those who believe it is real they give mostly the same reasonings. Those being it makes living easier but what this means is fate is a scapegoat, an easy out, and especially something to blame when life doesn’t go the way we want. Though this seems as if fate quarilates with negative attributes there are good reasons. One being it comforts people to think God is the one moving the pieces here on earth. Not knowing who or what makes things happen in our life is unsettling to most, so it is relaxing to have this “being” controlling their life.

Now for those who do not believe in fate because they feel their life isn’t set, they believe they can change what happens in the future by the decisions they make.  This is called destiny and is what most of those who do not believe in fate live by.  For those who believe in neither it is because of science but more specifically quantum physics. It is because countless scientists have done experiments that have debunked fate through quantum physics (Koberlain). 

To conclude fate has the hearts of some, where destiny has the other and for those who don’t believe have science. So whatever comforts them in their lives is valid but fate trumps those because of its inability to be interpreted making it hard to not trust.


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True Justice and Leadership

Psychology on the aftermath of betrayal

People everywhere experience the harshness of betrayal. Whether it was when a friend hung out with someone else, a boss not giving a promotion he promised, or a spouse’s infidelity. These events can have a horrible effect on a person’s mindset causing them to question their worth or rather if it’s possible to ever trust again.

Forgetting the person that did the betrayal, taking a look at the confusing and conflicting emotions present in the victims’ psyche can help find a way for them to recover from such emotional blows. When it comes to those feelings, something as serious as depression could occur and cause the victim to become a danger to themselves and others. This is why intimate betrayal in multiple forms is always a good reason to see someone such as a therapist when these events happen.

The Article “Types of Intimate Betrayal” from Psychology Today by Steven Stoney, Ph.D., discusses the many forms of betrayal. It states that” Behaviors that intentionally hurt include more emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and domestic violence” illustrating the disappointing ways people are harmed by others (Stoney). Continuing from emotional abuse, romantic betrayal is mortifying. The realization of a lover’s disloyalty is not only mentally impactful but also heartbreaking, “Discovering a partner’s affair can be devastating because it strikes at so many aspects of one’s identity” indicating how easy it is to lose self-esteem (Coleman). Relationships are built on trust and vulnerability. They are made on the risk of putting faith in one another to work together and protect each other. “…because our relationships are built upon the fragile agreement that those whom we care most deeply will behave, in a large part, as they have always behaved (Coleman). The fear of distrust can lead to huge degrees of traumatization because everything that was ever known seems to be proven, causing one to question their character and surroundings.

Altogether, sentiments regarding the concept of deception can leave lasting effects on a person’s emotional stability leading to the paranoia of recurring crossing from others.


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What It’s Like When Finding a Job

The article “Summer Jobs Edition” would give you some advice on how to get a job or prepare you. One way that many people find a job is they ask people around them for example family members, friends, teachers, etc. They let you known that many job sites will be asking for an internet application or a resume. When looking for a job that doesn’t mean that you would be having to work in a store or fast-food restaurant. You could use that time to try to experience something new to help you develop a new skill. When you don’t want anybody to order you can always start your own business. For example, you can always start your brown business by mowing lawns or even babysitting. When finding a summer job will help you develop new skills when graduating high school/college.

I agree with this article that many summer jobs will be helping developed skills. Another thing that I like about the article is that it shows you many operations on how to get a summer job. Another thing is that they will give you a little bit of information about what would you be needing for a summer job or something that they would be looking for. I find it interesting how they showing you the stages you will be coming across when applying for a job. I also find it interesting they make you think about skills that your would be developing or making you think about skills that you should be thinking about developing. 


In the article, “Summer Job Edition” (btw) I learned about where it is best to look for jobs since many students try to look for work in the summer so it is better to look for jobs online. He also talked about what we should be prepared with with some references from past work. We have to think outside the box, since we can create our own business and start something during the summer in order to have an income. And always consider taking jobs related to what you want to do in the future, whether you want to be a vet, look for things related to that for example, you can take care of dogs and walk them as a job.

What is a job that you wish you could work at?

I think this is a very good article as it helps too much for people who want to have a job during the summer. This article gives very good tips to try to find jobs. I think a lot of people would find it helpful to read an article like this if they are interested in finding summer jobs and earning an income.


Dogs are traditionally wired into an alpha animal. They are natural born leaders. Therefore, humans own them. They cannot have the tendencies that they would in the wild. This connects dogs to a brain similar to a human child. They can sense positivity and negative feelings, emotions, and aggressiveness. Dogs are also good for mental health. They contribute happiness, reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and ease loneliness. This also goes to military working dogs. But in addition they are trained for 7 months in basic skills. They learn commands such as sit, down, stay; then further training. This brings me to the book The Once and Future King.

In the book The Once and Future King, the character Lancelot faces war. This is a symbol of courage and gratitude towards the people the way he goes about his plan of attack. As the whole society puts their faith in Lancelot, they trust his actions as a leader. His character in this book is bold, courageous, and trustworthy. Lancelot’s soldiers put their life at risk for the safety of others. The soldiers also trust his leadership and this is put to test in the course of fighting. These soldiers are fearless.

In connection, soldiers are like dogs. They are mentally wired to follow commands, do what they are told, and put others before themselves. This connection is symbolized as bravery. Bravery towards those who need them. They both are trained for this type of setting of events and do as they are told. Much rather looking at it as a maturity level, dogs and soldiers are focused. They are set on a task to complete and that they do.

In conclusion, I think Lancelot’s soldiers and dogs have a great connection to each other. Not just army dogs, but regular dogs too. They all have that sense of command, strength, and leadership for themselves to continue on this journey to achieve their goals. All these characteristics lead me to think that soldiers and dogs are alphas in life and not everyone can do what they accomplish.

Marriage of Fate and Time

Both time and fate go hand in hand with each other. Fate is what ultimately leads people to their destiny and time is the means by which their destiny is fulfilled. Within the novel, “The Once and Future King”, this idea of fate is present events as well as predictions of the future. Even the title “The Once and Future King” references that Arthur was once the King and will be King again. The idea of time and fate is present through one of the main characters, Merlyn, and his teachings and personal experiences shared with Wart. It is known that throughout the novel, Merlyn experiences time backwards. He is experiencing it from finish to start, which means he knows the fate of the other characters as he goes through time. Since Merlyn knows Wart’s fate, he teaches him how to be a good leader by turning him into different animals. Wart learns life lessons throughout the novel which make him a well equipped king but Merlyn is the one who leads Wart through time to his fate.

Fate means that individuals really have no choice in the course of their lives, because their lives are already predetermined. There is a fixed order to things that cannot be avoided. However, in an article it states, “The most wonderful and dreadful thing about destiny is that we will never know until the future arrives as the present. The end points may be fixed, but we don’t know precisely how we’ll reach them” (What Does Science Say About Fate and How Can We Live With It). In summary this article is saying that we do have control of our actions and choices we make even if we have a destiny.

Another thought about fate is that in an additional article, it talks about the book, Essence of Budda. The Path to Enlightenment, “Your destiny is shaped according to the combination of conditions pre-determined at birth and other factors that you are able to change through your own efforts” (Happy Science). This suggests that fate is a combined effect of both predetermination and free choices through time.

Homeschooling: The Better Alternative

Not all of us can be taught by a wizard. There is a classic argument about whether it is better for children to be homeschooled versus conventionally schooled. In homeschooling, teaching occurs inside of a private home. Conventional schooling is the more traditional way of teaching, in a public or private setting. Homeschooling is better than conventional schooling because it allows for a customized way of teaching and results in better outcomes for students.

Homeschooling has a more flexible and customizable curriculum than conventional programs, contributing to its success. Students that are homeschooled are able to accomplish more things during the day. These students, especially teens, are able to get the proper amount of sleep and do not have to worry about using time to drive to school. Homeschooling is centered around the idea of one-on-one teaching, meaning the student has more personal time with their teacher and they gain more confidence to answer more questions (Barbieri). Students also learn at their own pace more when they are homeschooled, which is “the main reason home education is so different from school” (Barbieri). The customized nature of homeschooling means that every student, no matter their challenges or gifts, is included. 

Homeschool results in better emotional, social, and academic development of students versus traditional school. There is a general social stigma about kids who are homeschooled: that they are not very social. However, children who are homeschooled usually have stronger relationships with their parents, as well as with their peers (Valiente). As a result, those students feel more content, tolerant, and optimistic (Valiente). Additionally, homeschooled students are academically more advanced than their traditional peers. Recent research established that “homeschool students significantly outperformed conventionally schooled children” (Valiente). Homeschooled students score higher on tests, they have more confidence, and they are socially and emotionally developed. Homeschooling is the better educational alternative academically, socially, and emotionally. 


Beauty isn’t Measured in Ibs

In modern times, social media plays a substantial role in identifying social norms. Social norms such as body image breakdown a woman’s confidence and view of a “perfect body”. Adolescent girls are most commonly influenced by this unrealistic beauty expectation. According to Northwestern Counseling, “researchers who studied data on more than 10,000 adolescents found frequent social media use disproportionately affects teen girls’ mental health more negatively than that of a teen boy (Managing the Effects)”. The more girls that are exposed to unrealistic body image, the more they are dissatisfied with their bodies and their confidence is shattered. According to studies at Illinois State, “Social Media is unfortunately shaping our concept of beauty. With Constant exposure to images posted online, it is evident that there is a link to how individuals compare themselves and perceive their own body (Fleps)”. Prolonged media usage can be the starting point for certain eating disorders and mental health struggles, especially as young girls feel the need to change in order to meet this standard.

Instagram has been a common perpetrator for this virtual attack on young girls. Social media is dependent on physical appearance, which often results in constant self-criticism and questions of self-worth for the viewer. A study on “Daily Titan” states, “having a negative body image, or body dissatisfaction, means that a person has a distorted perception of their own shape, according to the National Eating Disorder Association. This is also usually accompanied by feelings of anxiety, embarrassment and self-consciousness (Lopez)”. It is tragic that young minds have to face this obstacle along with the regular challenges of growing up and finding themselves. Girls have extra stress of presenting themselves perfectly in the media otherwise they fear the wrath of harsh criticism.

Youth Activism and Social Media

Although social activism is nothing new, the execution of it has changed over time.  Throughout history, one can see the different actions the public takes in order to create change, whether it be speeches and rallies or violence and fighting.  Today, activism has become a very prominent feature of young generations.  With access to numerous social media platforms, they are able to put forth their ideas and opinions quite easily, and they are taking advantage of the ease.  The youth of today express themselves on social media through several different forms.  With speeches, visual art, poems, and songs, they creatively share their stances and opinions on social issues (Harris).  The youth of today have found their voices, are taking the lead and are advocating for change.

During the rise of the Black Lives Matter movement, media platforms were flooded with both supportive and opposing views.  In response to the hashtag, #WhiteLivesMatter, which was against the movement, K-Pop fans tagged it on their posts, “drowning out white-supremacist messages with nonsensical or anti-racist posts” (McDermid).  The posts included videos and images of different K-Pop artists as well as posts with anti-racist messages.  It was incredibly effective and met with commendatory as well as hostile messages.  Those who supported the hashtag were quite angered as well as those who did not understand the purpose of the posts.  Although it garnered some negative reactions, K-Pop fans were not discouraged and “for a period of time, the posts completely buried nearly all actual racist messages using the hashtag” (McDermid).  They demonstrated amazing leadership and coordination and exhibited their incredible influence on the cyber world.  Additionally, with most of the K-Pop fans being in the fifteen to twenty age range, these actions showcase the involvement of the youth today (Indrawan).  They are taking matters into their own hands and driving out the old views that need to be forgotten.  

In addition to racist views, the sexualization of women is being combated by adolescents as well.  With posts on TikTok, several young women are speaking out against the harassment they experience, predominantly in school.  One female student posted a video of her male classmates discussing “non-consensual activity involving women” (Van-de-Peer).  It accumulated several reasonably horrified reactions from other women on the app.  The young woman who took the video did so in secret and captioned it “POV: your the only girl in a tech class” causing an uproar of worry in addition to the disgust and outrage (Van-de-Peer).  With her video, this young woman takes a stand and spreads the word on a pressing issue she relates to.  Several other TikTokers, mostly female, interacted with the post, inquiring of her safety and demanding some sort of change.  Similarly, several you women have spoken out against the explanations given for strict dress codes.  One TikToker revealed that a school representative “warned girls to wear long skirts ‘[so that the boys won’t be tempted] to say silly things’” (Van-de-Peer).  Her video was appropriately captioned “misogynistic school check” and raised awareness of the shameful dismissing of obvious sexual harassment.  Again, one can see the drive of younger generations as they push for acknowledgment and change of important social issues.

Ultimately, younger generations are taking the initiative to create change of their own volition and desire for reform.  They are generations of change and hopefully their voices will be heard and taken seriously.  Older generations may have labeled them as sensitive, but what they fail to realize is that the youth of today simply aren’t complying with ignorant and immoral social standards.

George Floyd’s Death

In the article “Dereck Chavin to be sentenced” I learned that in April 2021 Dereck Chauvin was found guilty of the murder of George Floyd. The maximum number of years the state recommends him to serve is fifteen years. However, the prosecutors were asking for a thirty-year sentence in prison. They were asking for more because they were stating that his knee on Floyd’s neck was intended to kill him. They also argued that George’s death had a tremendous impact on his family, community, and the nation so a longer sentence was only reasonable. 

My initial reaction to this whole tragic event was that I was very shocked and upset that someone would have the courage to do such a thing. I feel like it needed to happen in a sense. The black community wasn’t receiving the justice it needed. They needed to be heard so they started the Black Lives Matter movement. This brought so much attention from the media and lots of people wanted to be involved. Even if we couldn’t help physically most of us joined the movement by sharing posts on our social media stories and some went to protests. 

Were you involved in the BLM movement? If so in what ways?


King Arthur is a medieval figure who was the head of the kingdom Camelot and the knights of the round table. Arthur is widely popular to this day because this book contains elements humans personally relate to such as love, loyalty, temptation, and bravery. The stories of King Arthur have a similar story of him being good against evil and was a king who was not corrupt like the others. King Arthur was a military leader and was a hero to many people by taking the victory in many battles. Heroes today are the firefighters and police officers that risk their lives for everyone. 

On September 11, 2001, two planes got hijacked and targeted the United States. Two of the planes were flown in the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City.  Almost three thousand people were killed during the 9/11 attacks. In New York, “The twin towers were hit near the 80th floor of the 110 story tower, instantly killing and trapping hundreds of people” (911). As firefighters go in, risking  their lives to save others, the second tower gets hit near the 60th floor 18 minutes after the first plane hit. The collision caused a massive explosion that showers burning debris over the city and onto the streets below. America was under attack. 

A hero, Benjamin Clark, chief firefighter and former marine, is credited with saving hundreds of lives. He made sure that everyone on the 96th floor safely exited the building. Clark “then paused on the 78th floor to assist a woman in a wheelchair but sadly perished when the building collapsed” (History). He was only 39 years old leaving behind a wife, five children, and many grieving friends and relatives. He had uncommon courage and bravery and he will always be known as a hero to this day. 

King Arthur and Benjamin Clark relate to each other by both having bravery and loyalty to their people. They were both soldiers and risked their lives for their countries. Both of them represent faith, honor, courage, bravery, and loyalty. Everyone can be a hero if you just show loyalty and courage to others. 

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Imagine Your Own Adventures

In the article, “Fake-ation?” (McGraw Hill) I learned that during the pandemic, although it was hard to have fun, many found their ways to experience the fun they had planned to have. An airport in Taiwan was contributed to bringing some type of comfort upon the community by hosting an ‘adventure’. In this event, the airport decorated the airport to look like different places of the world and would have ‘passengers’ board a plane (which would just drive them to a different gate) to visit ‘ a different place of the world’ and still get the international travel feel while remaining in place. They managed this by only allowing 90 people in each trip with all COVID measured placed and even had a social distancing app with Bluetooth technology installed that would alert people when they broke the six-feet apart rule.

Would you have attended to this event with your family, friends, and/or yourself?

I believe that this was a great idea for families to use their imagination and go on adventures that the virus stopped many from going on their planned trips. The airport went out of their way in order to make their community happy while still taking care of everyone which I think was a great example that although the pandemic brought much evil into the world, it proved and brought humanity together to a greater extent.

It’s just a phase

The True Power Source Behind King Arthur

King Arthur was an amazing legend that many people still talk about today. A plethora of movies, books, and TV shows that revolve around him and his leadership have been made and watched by so many. A common trait seen in Arthur is his compassion for his subjects. He ruled fairly and fought to protect every last one of them. He would die to help his citizens, which made him incredibly honorable and noble. However, Arthur could not have been the famous and chivalrous King that he is known to be without the powerful sorcerer and friend, Merlin.

At the beginning of the show, Merlin, Merlin and Arthur are “enemies”. Their hatred for each other is seen specifically through their bickering. Arthur believes Merlin to be only a wimpy servant, while Merlin believes Arthur to be a perfect example of arrogant royalty (The Adventures of Merlin). However, after Merlin becomes Arthur’s main servant and helps give input in certain decisions, their bickering becomes more friendly. Arthur comes to trust Merlin with almost anything. They grow to have a friendship that not many servants and Kings have: a brotherhood. Although Merlin is not and could never have been a Knight, Merlin sits next to Arthur at the Round Table as one of Arthur’s most trusted advisors (Merlin).

Yes, Arthur has his brotherhood of knights, but Merlin went on all of Arthur’s quests (whether he was supposed to or not). This demonstrates that Arthur truly only trusts Merlin, as he was deceived in the past by those he loved. Arthur shares his plans with his wife Guinevere and his knights, but has been betrayed by all of them, except Merlin. Even the main enemy in the show, Morgana, states, “Arthur is nothing without Emrys ” (Merlin). Emrys is Merlin’s sorcerer name. Emrys is said to be the doom of Morgana because he has such pure and true power. Merlin always used his power to help, support, and protect Arthur on his adventures.

Because Merlin is the only person that Arthur could count on for all important decisions, Arthur could not have been such a great leader. Merlin helped shape Arthur into the legend people know today through his magic and brotherhood that the two created. Therefore, the compassionate and strong leader of Camelot, King Arthur, would be nonexistent without his right hand man, Merlin.

Housing for Afghan Refugees

In the article, “Airbnb Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees” (McGraw Hill), I learned more about where exactly thousands of Afghans have sought shelter from the Taliban. During the last month, the Taliban which is a known terrorist group has quickly taken over the Afghanistan government. This was mainly due to the United States government pulling its troops from the Middle East. Moreover, Airbnb is currently providing tens to thousands of refugees free housing for a temporary amount of time.

What other things do you believe can be done in order to help Afghan refugees?

I strongly think this article helps to emphasize that refugees are in need of help. Not only did they have their whole country terrorized but it also caused them to flee it and leave their homes behind. In my opinion, I believe that Airbnb is doing an amazing job at giving these Afghan refugees a second chance at living a normal life. It would seem extremely unfair if our country was to accept these refugees without a means of giving them the adequate shelter and resources they require to make a simple living.

Growth from Sibling Rivalry

One of the most inevitable and irritating situations for families with multiple children are sibling rivalries, but oddly enough the process proves an important purpose in a child’s realization of their differentiation and conduct. Sibling rivalry is due to many factors surrounding a child’s placement, behavior and the parenting structure they experience which siblings can reflect in their attitude, often resulting in chaos throughout the house. 

Sibling rivalry is so extensive and deeply rooted in our history that stories can be found in the Bible and numerous studies, some dating back to the early 19th century, have been recorded. These tellings can offer insight into how rivalries may begin, how a child reacts to certain situations with competition, or responses to parental pressure.

The book of Genesis includes the famous story of two brothers: Cain and Abel. The reading shares the story of a murderous sibling rivalry that typically stemmed from an issue many children have nowadays: recognition and ‘birthright’. Cain, out of his struggle for recognition and pride, kills his brother Abel out of spite. This act stands as proof of intense jealousy from what a child may mistake as favoritism, an unhealthy expression of inferiority, or acts of aggression from a feeling of inadequacy. Since Cain saw Abel being semi-favored by God for his better offering, he immediately wanted to be recognized for his sacrifice too, and became so conflicted that he acted on that suppressed anger which resulted in his brother’s murder.  The lack of intervention from parental figures or improper problem solving tactics led Cain down the path of hatred, hostility, and covetous acts.

In addition to Biblical narratives, Sarah Walter, an associate professor of demography at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, conducted a study on siblings of 19th century Belgium (Grose). She found that many years ago, when child mortality rates were much higher than today, many children under the age of 5 who were also close-in-age siblings were more likely to die. Back then, childhood disease was increasing and maternal nutrition was declining, leading to an overwhelming presence of competition for both household resources and parental attention. 

Aging into adulthood the chaos begins to subside, but the original conflicts will always remain a part of life and cannot be helped. The severity of this can even lead to sibling conflicts “up to eight times an hour” (Grose). This sibling fighting can leave parents feeling drained and wondering why their kids seem to be fighting so often and if it was their own fault. Issues arising between siblings can result from numerous reasons sprouting from ideas such as “feeling powerful”, “getting a break from boredom”, or even “getting attention” (Center for Parenting Education). Although sibling fighting can prove as an outlet for these goals, it is most definitely not the best way to achieve them. Therefore, as exhausting the fighting becomes, the parents still have a duty to guide their children to express their wishes in a safer and more emotionally healthy way. Encouraging a child’s coping mechanisms like self soothing, problem solving, and verbally expressing their issues can further help how they deal with resolving conflicts that will be beneficial to their future endeavors with others. 

Moreover, while in today’s society there are not as many murderous tendencies over table scraps or sacrificial offerings, there are the intolerable acts such as name-calling, arguing, tattling, and hitting (Center for Parenting Education). Despite the antagonizing acts pinned on one another, siblings can actually learn key developmental skills, specifically differentiation, or what makes themselves unique. Grose remarks, “children want to be seen as the most special by their parents, so they’re ‘always going to push for preferential treatment,’ over their siblings”, backing the idea that children may shape their personalities and interests to set them apart from others nearest them (Grose).

Overall, the squabbles, while draining for parents, are a way for a child to develop their identity, if nurtured with emotional guidance. The psychological understanding and growth we have gained since the biblical telling of Cain and Abel, as well as the general economic conditions that families experience have dramatically reduced the level of violence resulting from sibling rivalry. It’s in these safer spaces that children should be able to find more constructive ways to conduct themselves around others.

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“I feel too much. That’s what’s going on.’ ‘Do you think one can feel too much? Or just feel in the wrong ways?’ ‘My insides don’t match up with my outsides.’ ‘Do anyone’s insides and outsides match up?’ ‘I don’t know. I’m only me.’ ‘Maybe that’s what a person’s personality is: the difference between the inside and outside.’ ‘But it’s worse for me.’ ‘I wonder if everyone thinks it’s worse for him.’ ‘Probably. But it really is worse for me.”

― Jonathan Safran Foer, Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Do you think showing your emotions makes you weak?

Taylor Swift, King Arthur, and Katniss Everdeen Have More in Common than You Think

Avid readers and music enthusiasts of the world would likely agree that they were raised by the fictional characters they have read about in books or heard about in songs. Dedicated bookworms and melomaniacs may just find themselves caught up in the lives of these characters, more interested in their lives than their own. A sure find in many stories of today is the familiar love triangle situation, a trope that loves to find its way into fiction.

For example, a 2010 era favorite series was The Hunger Games. Katniss was a role model for many, her perseverance and loyalty making her particularly admirable. She is strong when she needs to be, but also demonstrates her humanity. Just like everyone, she faces her own internal struggles and must make difficult decisions. Nation-wide uprising aside, one of the bigger battles she fought in the books was having to choose between 2 boys she was in love with. While she herself was confused and unsure of what she wanted, she always made her intentions clear in the moment. The two boys agreed that “Katniss will pick whoever she thinks she can’t survive without” (Collins). The conversation between the two shows they understand her motives and bear no ill will toward each other but rather hope to see Katniss happy.

On the other hand, The Once and Future King highlights the main female character, Queen Guenever. She’s much different from Katniss, a stereotypical caricature of a woman written by a man in the 20th century. She is not particularly likable. She’s different from Katniss in almost every way, selfish, overly emotional, etc. Caught between two men, she has the best of both worlds: security with Arthur and excitement with Lancelot. In an argument between the two, Lance says to Guenever, “what you really want is to have two husbands” (White 543). Attention starved and self-serving, Gwen uses both men to fulfill her needs, and the two men oblige because they cannot help but love her. She actively chooses not to choose, yet sees no problem with it.

Lastly, looking at one of Taylor Swift’s newest albums Folklore, a character by the name of James is caught between two girls, taking advantage of both of them yet feeling remorseful. She placed a trio of songs in the album, telling the story of a love triangle from all three perspectives. For the purposes of this blog, the primary focus will be on the perspective of the betrayed girl. In the song “Cardigan,” Swift writes “I felt like I was an old cardigan under someone’s bed. You put me on and said I was your favorite.” What is so heartbreaking about this line is the fact that in the end, this character is still hopeful. She had been forsaken for so long yet feels so happy when she is picked as the “favorite.” It is incredibly cruel to subject someone to high highs and low lows all because the person can’t help but be selfish.

While many find themselves rooting for Katniss, it might be difficult to feel anything but anger towards Guenever and James. So then what justifies one love triangle and not the other? It all comes down to how they handle the situation. Katniss always made her intentions clear and ultimately followed her heart. She didn’t lead one on while seeing another. Jenny on the other hand kept secrecy with the intent to have everything she wanted. She never seemed to realize what she was doing with Arthur’s best friend was wrong and hurtful. However, James knew he was taking advantage of his girlfriend, and genuinely felt terrible. He tried once again to make her feel special, but still scarred her in ways that cannot be undone. In the end, they both hurt people, knowing full well that if they continued, more would get hurt. How can any personal pleasure be worth paining others and knowing it but refusing to stop? A good rule of thumb is the idea: do whatever it is that makes you happy unless it’s illegal or badly affects someone else. There is nothing wrong with following one’s heart and striving for personal happiness as long as that person is not infringing on that of others to get there.

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Worth is either built or shattered

The article, “Remembering your worth”(Maddie) taught me a lot about what some may experience when being harrassed by your own “team”. I am touched by this writing because being bullied is frowned upon but can be seen as not a big deal since they are considered children and people continue to allow them to act that way. It’s sad how even the parents turn a blind eye to their children’s behavior and don’t put a stop to it. It’s also devastating to hear how torn down you became with each girl looking down on you breaking your system from something you loved doing.

If this were to occur to me I’m unsure of how I’d respond and if I would even stand up for myself or would I just take the pain until it hurt me next. This must have been such a huge thing to get over with every member of the team telling you, you aren’t good enough and the coach not being able to prevent this from happening for being money hungry.

Is there anything you would have done differently if you could go back in time if you were being bullied?

Daylight Savings Time should become permanent

In the article “Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent” (BTW)   I learned that  the first time to develop the Daylight was during the 1900s this was to save fuel for World War I. Most of the states of the USA have Daylight saving time, which lasts for eight months. The standard time is from November to March, for some Americans they set their clocks back to one hour during the winter.People have to get used to the new schedule every year, which can be difficult for some of them. This article focuses on daylight saving time becoming permanent. 

I think the best idea is “yes” because establishing the time to become permanent would be more helpful to some people because they would reduce depression, exercise frequently, and speed  time to do the activities they like to do. If they change the time every year it can be difficult for some people because they have to get used to it again, and their bodies are not used to the new schedule. 

M6y body

From being 196 to 223 it’s horrible
From the name calling to the body-shaming 
To the depression to the loving myself,
From the Self harm, to the wishing I had died
To being a happy li’l girl to being nothing but sad, for wanting
To be happy but can’t.s From the eating every day,
to Starving myself to feel better at night 
From the late Night cry
to looking happiness in open spaces

Good in the world

In today’s world, we see a lot of bad happening every day, and it’s hard to keep a positive mindset when that’s all we see on the news. Instead of saying what’s bad in the world, here is what’s good. Peter Mutabazi is a foster parent and has been creating safe homes for children since 2017. This is especially important because he continued to take in children during the entirety of the pandemic.

Two teachers at an elementary school in Atlanta went viral for a video of them welcoming their fourth-grade students into their class with a mirror and positive affirmations, such as “I am Smart!” and “I am a good person!” This is the kind of environment that all kids want when they go to school, especially with all different kinds of backgrounds, all children need to know that there is a safe place for them at school.

i love my skin….

This is my body… 
my body came a long way
in the eye of everybody else watching it.
Being judged about being 
“too grown for your age” 
by the way clothes fit 
on me as it flows so gracefully. 
As I developed to be who I am 
as i whole being the “ center of attention” 
my skin im alway in between “ to dark” or “ two light” 
i could never fit in the right
spot, always going back and forth.
I was always in the dark seeking in the light trying to grow. 
I love my skin…
my skin is who i am.
I love my skin…. My skin makes and breaks me
but I love how it glams in the sun
and how it touches the water 
as I walk in the sand. 
I love how it shines as I run through the sun.
I love my skin that I got from my ancestors from long long  ago. 
Growing up in philly is like a movie
being sorrowed by guns everywhere you go
from my skin being targeted  by police or just walking down the street 
but I know my skin tougher than nails.

Daniel Cruz


This is my body

This is my body
Born in the cold month of January
raised in south philadelphia 
and now MY BODY is just a place to help people
Always trying to be the best 
so I can show people the way to improve themselves 
when they look at me
Point breeze is where I was raised
I love to learn new things about the past of humanity
By reading and writing
And just trying to make this world a better place step by step
This body has long limbs and a big nose but I deal with the hate
I’m gonna be the person who can change things
Around these places

My body poem

The reason for my being here has always been quite clear

My body can create. It creates friendship and cheer,

Trust me when I say I always try to make people happy

I just really can’t stand being all sappy, 

I try my best to understand other people’s emotions,

But they are deeper than the ocean

And I can’t swim so I guess I’m just going out on a limb,

I think stereotypes just aren’t right

Like just because I’m a teen doesn’t make me naive

I have the might to create a story where the underdogs win the fight

But because of how I look I’m expected to give in to vanity or just be written off as insanity

What is up with humanity I wonder, Must I continue to always feel this sonder 

this is my body

This is my body.
I got the strength
Strength from my mother
That came from my mother 
That came from the struggle
This is my body
I got the strength
Strength from working out
Strength from `meditation
That came from the struggle
This is my body.
I got the strength
Strong as a lion
All I hear is lying
That came from the struggle
This is my body
I got the strength
Strength that smells like a gain
Gains can turn into pain
That came from the struggle
This is my body
I got the strength
Strength of a black girl  from the hood
Strength of a black girl misunderstood
That came from the struggle

Don’t Text And Drive

In the article “Stay Alive” I learned that it is super important to not text and drive. Technology is a huge part of our everyday lives and many people are always on their phones but it is important to put your phone down when driving. If you are on your phone while driving you are not only putting your own life at risk but other people’s lives as well. You can possibly end up in an accident that could have been preventable. Texting and driving are extremely dangerous. Don’t put yourself nor anyone in that situation. No matter what the case might be a phone call, a message, an email any of that can wait till you are done driving. If you simply can’t wait then pull over to take care of business but don’t text and drive in general don’t be on your phone while driving.

Do you text and drive? If you do or know anyone who does, please remind them to not do it, because it is not safe.

I think texting and driving is something that should be taken seriously. It is extremely dangerous. You’re at risk of ending someone’s life including your own. No one ever wants to be put in that position of receiving a call saying a loved one has passed due to a car accident because of texting and driving. There have been many deeply sad incidents that have occurred because of this we must learn from other experiences and be wise to not text and drive for our own safety and others. Simply don’t let technology control you that you desperately need to be on your phone 24/7 it’s not safe at all. Be mindful of those around you.

Backwards Benefit

Humankind is inherently corrupt as one can interpret as a witness of this world’s wicked society containing people that choose to benefit themselves instead of the common good. Even in Catholicism, Adam and Eve, the first two humans, partook in a scandal with the devil that they believed would benefit them rather than having perfect communion with God. The Fall archetype was then born highlighting humankind’s common desire for personal gain through disruption of the common good. Nowadays the world runs on money, consequently, humans are so easily swayed by its presence. Corruption is inevitable when it comes into play because money always makes a financially-positive effect in one’s life.

With that in mind, the common swindling and money-grabbing within politics is a perfect example of people doing anything for money, even though they already have much more than the average individual. President Ulysses S. Grant is part of this continuous performance of manipulation. He already had money and power as the President of the United States of America, however this power opened up more criminal opportunities that Grant was able to benefit financially from. He did not participate in only one disgraceful event but a multitude. Consequently, his presidential term came to be known as “Grantism” (Cohn 18). President Grant’s most notorious scandal was the whiskey ring he ran from 1871 to 1875. He profited approximately $3 million, which is worth $63.7 million today (Cohn 17).

Not long ago, “Oscar Wilde once said: ‘Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing’” (Jeffries 12). Corruption has always and will always be present in the world. Society right now values money more than anything. It is sad that one cannot make it big without money. Stuart Jeffries commented on money’s effect on corruption stating, “Money has become for us what beer was for Homer Simpson – the cause of and solution to all of our problems. Can we make it just the solution? It seems unlikely,” emphasizing the control and total influence money has over all of society (Jeffries). In addition, once one makes it big they gradually become greedier and further tempted by all the opportunities to make more money whether or not it is legal. Money means power and power means more money which creates a never ending staircase of corruption that requires sacrifice of one’s morals and dignity just to go up one more step.

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Heart Wood

The Lost Words: Spell Songs are a collection of songs formed from the spell-poem book  The Lost Word: A Spell Book by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. I found the album through a typo and have been enchanted with it ever since. I loved Selkie Boy, Heron, and Kingfisher, but my personal favorite was the song Heart Wood. The album itself came out of a need to reconnect and empathize with nature. It has a folksy, nostalgic feel to it, and draws the listener along the tales of several creatures: that of the tree, the heron, the kingfisher, the goldfinch, the acorn, and many more.

The song and poem Heartwood came into existence because of an event in Sheffield, England, where thousands of trees had been cut down, and many more were scheduled to go (BBC). The creators of The Lost Words made this song as a charm-against-harm for all the trees doomed to be felled. 

The song comes to us from the point of view of a tree, speaking to a cutter. It asks the cutter if they will cut to the heartwood, the oldest, most durable, most central area of a tree. The tree asks the cutter what they plan to do with their body after they are gone. Will they be thrown on a log pile? Will they be burned? It’s a tad morbid, but it draws the reader into some interesting questions.

Original Heartwood Poem by Robert Macfarlane

My favorite part of the song is a sharp and startling contrast that comes about ¾ of the way through. It starts by laying out how powerful the tree is. “I drink the rain, I eat the sun…” and then onto all the trees does for us “I give the breath that fills your lungs.” Then the knife twists. “I hear the roaring engines thrum. I cannot run.” Here is this powerful tree, referenced in the poem as “a world… a maker of life, drinker of rain, breaker of rocks, caster of shade. I am a breath-giver, deep-thinker… a city of butterflies, a country of creatures…” and here is how powerless it is, that we may bring it down with the blade of an ax, and enough will. How cruel and foolish we are to do so thoughtlessly, to bring down the work of years, of centuries, to lay low a creature that harms none and does for all. It brings to mind a book called The Giving Tree… The tree is a beautiful creature, often depicted as selfless and wise. Its mark in literature is widespread and widely felt (from Joshua to the Lorax and on) and its mark on the world and people is yet wider. It brings to mind gold-gilded childhood memories of trees that were never too tall to climb and of maple-shaded creeks; of apples and peaches and plums and stick-sword fights. 

The personification of the tree through the heartwood phrase is quite interesting. In the song it is described as having a beat and as being able to weep and break, much like that of a human heart. Even the steady beat of the music draws the image and the feel of a beating heart, a living, struggling creature. In the original poem, the tree asks the cutter if they or the people that sent them have heartwood, essentially asking if they have a heart. It shines guilt upon the cutter and those that sent him, while drawing empathy from readers. Readers must also remember that these pieces, especially the original poem, are rhetorical as well as artistic.The writers are rallying support for the Sheffield trees (and those around the world) while shining guilt and shame upon the ones that threaten them.

The importance of protecting our world and preserving it cannot be understated, and this piece serves as a beautiful gateway into such a conversation. This essay/analysis/thought capture has been a little messy, but I wanted to get this piece and my thoughts on it out there. I might do pieces on the other songs as well, but we’ll see. I highly recommend you go listen to this song and the album. It is available on both Apple Music and Youtube. I have included the original poem as well as links to the Lost Words’ website, the song on Youtube, a blog about the Sheffield trees, and a BBC report on the Sheffield trees. Please comment back with any thoughts or interpretations you may have.


Was it worth it?

When talking to anyone over the age of 30, any question about 9/11 can be precisely answered with overwhelming detail. People vividly remember the attacks on American soil; however, they tend to forget this tragedy was followed by more pain and suffering by a drawn out war in the Middle East. When the United States first arrived in Afghanistan in 2001, the main goal was to exact revenge on the group behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks; however, American troops remained in Afghanistan far longer than necessary causing more harm than good.

On 11 September 2001, two hijacked planes hit both World Trade Centers and one plane hit the Pentagon prompting the U.S. government to attack the terrorists responsible. In response to the attack, President Bush assured, “the Taliban will pay a price,” cementing the American invasion of Afghanistan as a retaliatory strike for the lives lost and lives changed as a result of the actions of the Taliban (Zucchino). Just days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President Bush authorized, “the use of force against those responsible for attacking the United States of America…cited by the Bush administration as legal rationale for its decision to take sweeping measures to combat terrorism,” justifying American intervention in Afghanistan as revenge for attacks on America and aligning with the newest belief of the American people: justice (“The U.S. War in Afghanistan”). The terrorist attacks of 11 September established the long held idea that after such a horrendous attack, America must fight until any threat is completely eliminated.

Not long after the initial invasion of Afghanistan, military and civilian alike realized that in order to effectively eliminate the threat, terrorist groups must be uprooted and a new type of society would need to be instituted. The primary mission of the involvement in Afghanistan was accomplished as, “Al-Qaida hasn’t been able to mount a major attack in the West since 2005,” indicating troops were able to halt the advance of terrorist organizations in the Middle East (Knickmeyer). Despite American troops’ efforts, the second phase “a grace period for Afghanistan’s government, security forces and civil society to try to build enough strength to survive on their own,” did not end as they had planned; instead, the “second phase of the war…looks on the verge of complete failure now,” (Knickmeyer). Much progress had been made as American and allied forces diminished groups that had terrorized foreigners and Afghanis alike, but the failure to strengthen a modernized Afghanistan undid this progress and opened the door for a new wave of tragedy. As a result of a prolonged stay in Afghanistan, there was more conflict involving Allied troops, Afghani citizens, and terrorists that did little to change the reality that the U.S. could not mold Afghanistan to be the modern country it desired. In the end, prolonged involvement in the Middle East caused senseless death and pain that no longer promoted the success of the mission.


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Move Popular Culture Timeline

Second Civil War?

The United States is in a high tension environment between both political parties. Both main parties of the U.S., the Democratic party and the Republican party, are constantly debating over current issues the country is undergoing. Many politicians have expressed concerns that the United States may be approaching something dangerous, and if tensions are not eased, there may potentially be a possibility that the U.S. will enter into another Civil War.

Boston University interviewed Nina Sliber, who is a professor who has studied history for long periods of time during her educational career, and asked her specifically whether or not concern over a civil war is a reasonable discussion. Many people believe that the political system in the U.S. is too civilized and there is little to no possibility that the United States will ever enter into such political climates ever again.

Nina described both the possibility of this event occurring, and what it would look like and how it would be different from the previous civil war. Nina described that it is very unlikely that the U.S. will be entering into a Civil War, however, there have been some instances during the presidential term of Donald Trump that may have sparked some of these thoughts.

Society was fairly peaceful during the presidential terms of Barack Obama, however during the presidential term of Trump, there have been some more vulgar comments made towards members of the public and groups of American society. Nina explains that if a Civil War were to occur, then it would be radically different because the coasts of the U.S. are primarily democratic and the middle states are primarily Republican.

The war would be very different and there would be multiple wars both on the coasts and in the middle states. It is unknown which side would have the advantage geographically. Overall, the U.S. is still experiencing scuffles, but there are people in power currently that are more than likely to prevent these situations from occurring. 


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This Is My Body Poem

Refugee Rescue

In the article, “AirBnB Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees’’ (McGraw Hill) I learned that Airbnb, which is an American rental company, is housing thousands of refugees who are fleeing from Afghanistan. The reason they are leaving Afghanistan is because of the huge crisis with the Taliban that broke out. These individuals are feeling in fear for their lives, hoping to save not only themselves but their families as well. There are hosts who are funding the shelter in which these individuals are staying. There is also a funding page where people are donating money to help these people in need in any way they can. 

How long do you think the shelters will be provided?

I think that the fact that these individuals are being provided with a place to stay is such a generous thought. It is amazing to see that there are people in the world who actually care enough about the lives of others, that they are willing to set up these shelters to help them. It must feel welcoming to see so many people wanting to help you, if you were one of those people in need. 

Should Students From College Get Paid For Doing Sports?

In the article “College Athletes,” I learned that smallers school might have to dissolve their athletic programs altogether because it might not generate enough funding to pay players. This Foolish that students should be treated as employees Although the NCAA claims college athletes are just students, the NCAA’S own tournament schedules require college athletes to miss classes for nationally televised game that bring in revenue. College Athletes are hiring agents in order accept money from advertisers. This has become a california law alone with several other states. success in college sports is also believed to improve the application rates and caliber of admitted students at certain universities.

Should college teams pay their players?

I think what happening to these college athletes. Is Foolish because the students are receiving a paycheck. It must be easy to imagine student – athletes haven’t yet been paid, It’s unclear what further effects a new policy could have, especially in terms of which athletes are paid the most.

Featured Image Credit:

Aiding Refugees

In the article, “AirBnB Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees” I learned about the refugees that are fleeing to America and how AirBnB is aiding them temporarily. AirBnb is housing 20,000 Afghanistan refugees for free as well as other refugees running away from natural disasters, crises, and even essential workers who are helping those refugees. They are covering the cost themselves and are taking donations so as to be able to better help these people, especially as Biden predicts there will be as many as 50,000 Afghan refugees arriving.

What do you think we could do to help aid and protect refugees?

I think that Joe Biden should be implementing a domestic policy organized around accepting refugees in the first place, so it is incredibly humanizing and moving to see AirBnb, a big company, helping refugees. I think that America prides itself in its diverse population but lacks to accommodate and protect minorities, let alone refugees who bring said diversity. We have spent years training their troops, internally displacing their people, and trying our best to promote democracy in the Afghanistan only to leave them in a crises. I’m not saying that this decision was the wrong choice only because I don’t know if there was a right decision. All I know is the effects of our decisions and I think that it’d be wrong to close our doors on these refugees as the Lady of Liberty stands in New York. It is not what we stand for and AirBnb sees that. I hope other companies and the government itself grows to see this too.

Hidden Emotions

This is my body. In it are hidden emotions.

Emotions from a dark place with a burnt dust smell. That’s a Scary thing right?
This is a scary body and I’m a miracle, living in it.

This is my body. In it are hidden emotions.

My body deserves to be broken from this dark place of despair. 

My body is wrapped around a place called the past.
I carry the emotions of my past
And I pray to God I let go of the emotions of my scary past.

From the crying nights
To the long overthinking nights.
My body is a hallway with an almost never-ending dark place.

I’m brave enough to say I’m in a dark place
But also brave enough to say I will be victorious in this race.

Is Video Gaming Considered a Sport

In the article, “Is video games a sport?” I learned that gaming is a sport you can join and compete with over people but I learned that this type of sport is unhealthy for your body not like other sports that are more healthy. Gaming is a sport because you need lots of practise and skill like and sport to be good at it but also you need a lot of thinking, knowledge of the game, and strategy in this time of sport. Gaming as a sport is bad for you because it can be unhealthy by being on the chair for hours and it can lead to cancer and it can lead to eating unhealthy for your body not like other sports. 

Do you think gaming is a sport or not?

I think what is happening in “Is video games a sport?” is that gaming can a sport so people can compete in and have fun in it but it shows that gaming can lead to unhealthy choices and it can even lead to cancer if you sit on a choir for days, but despite all that gaming is a sport to have fun in and it more easier to join in like a team or by you self. 

This is My Body

This is my body… I can bring positive vibes 
Born during the scariest month of the year october
Born and raised in Philly
Always keeping my head up in hard times
Always grinding and getting work done
And stay making people smile
And staying true to myself and the people around me
Always making the best out of a bad situation
Always helping others that are in need
This body has bad eyes and need glasses to see
And it has a beard that makes me look grown 
And has a deep voice that makes me sound older
And this body has hairy arms and legs because that’s the way I was born
Also has good ears to listen to others
This body always respects others and their mother
And looks out for their friends and brothers
And most important always trying to give my all every day

What Is The Major Cause That Occurred In Tennessee?

In the article, “Deadly Flooding In Tennessee” (McGraw Hill), I learned that there was a flood that went for two days, from August 20-22, 2021 because of rainfall that was considered record-setting. About sixteen inches of rainfall fell within six hours. The flash floods destroyed all of what was important and killed at least 21 people which included toddlers and people who were forced to evacuate. President Biden had called out fifty soldiers to go to the area because he vouched for federal aid. Climate change will begin to affect and impact the region soon so Tennessee will face greater risks. 

What can we Americans do to prevent such disasters from occuring?

What I believe about the crisis of floods in Tennessee is super important. Nobody should go through major floods that create this sense of despair. It is super hard to imagine seeing roads, buildings, businesses, and homes being destroyed. It is so terrible to not be able to locate loved ones or knowing who has gone missing. Everyone needs to do their part in preventing floods to occur especially in Tennessee where it is super impactful for them since the climate is horrible.

The End of the World, When Will it Happen?

A scary yet vague question, I know, but is there a specific time in which we suspect the world will actually end? Most of us know about Mayan Civilizations prediction of the end of the world, but obviously that never came true.

Before researching this, I was expecting more of a concise, to the point answer. But that is not the case, as it is impossible to predict exactly when it will happen. The best guess is many many many centuries from now, if it even happens, as in whether or not it continues to expand. One day it will be stretched so far, that it may just curl into itself, effectively killing itself.

Is Daylight savings good for the economy?

In this article, “YOU DECIDE: Should Daylight Savings Time Become Permanent” (McGraw Hill) I learned saving light is good for Americans or so because it provides the needs for us so taking care of it is a huge part. It’s a popular support idea too, in my opinion, I feel like it is too, so I say it is good for the economy. Daylight saving helps during productive days.

Why is this a need for the economy?

I feel like what this does is help the economy because it’s good savings for the person. By maintaining with its support of light and having it by side.

Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later

In the article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later,” I read primarily about how 9/11 occurred and the efforts being made to preserve the memory of those that were lost with this tragedy. The September 11 assaults, too commonly alluded to as 9/11, were an arrangement of four facilitated terrorist attacks by the Islamist terrorist group known as al-Qaeda against the United States of America on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. Around 2,996 people passed as a result of 9/11. 

How do you feel about 9/11?

Personally, I think 9/11 should serve as a date to acknowledge terrorism as a whole. Americans as a whole should take this as an opportunity to educate themselves regarding the topic as it affects people from various other nations around the world. All in all, 9/11 is a tragedy that should be continued to be remembered.

How Has Humor Evolved Over Time?

Humor is theorized to have started out as an early signal between primitive humans that there was no danger present and could therefore relax and interact with each other socially, making it an evolutionary strength that certain humans possessed and others didn’t.

Our ancestors had different vocalizations that signaled a wide range of things, but the main two that are important here were “danger” and “play”. Individuals who could determine that they were safe and make the noises that signaled “play” were thought of to be ‘funny’ in a way. In the same vein, these noises were an early form of laughter, which is most likely the reason why most people today laugh when presented with something humorous.

The early humans who couldn’t pick up on the cues of safety would lash out or react in strange ways, which wouldn’t help them find mates and pass on that gene. Vice versa, those who thought a “danger” signal was the opposite easily became casualties from their inability to be serious in a serious situation, which also led to that gene not being passed on either.

Humans who could differentiate between danger and safety passed on their genes, eventually leading to us taking pleasure in jokes today. Instead of humor being thought of as a form of safety now, it’s more used for bonding and fun and we’re able to understand more complex jokes than millions of years before.

For instance, we could use a joke about a fly walking into a bar. First of all, we know that flies don’t walk into bars, providing us with a small puzzle that our brains want to make sense of. It creates a small underlying sense of anxiety because we want the situation to be resolved in a logical way.

That’s where the punchline of the joke comes in, which is that the fly goes up to a man at the bar and says, “I like the stool you’re sitting on.” The word “stool” can have two meanings: the object we sit on, and poop. Our brains were able to make an understanding of the initial part of the joke (but not directly because of the double meaning of “stool”), which eases the sense of anxiety from the set up and amuses us.

As a whole, humor is associated with positive emotions and making social connections with others, making it a huge part of human nature and a key part of life.

Does SpongeBob make you dumber?

Watching SpongeBob makes preschoolers slower thinkers.  Or at least that is what one study suggests.  A research study looked at 60 four-year-olds that completed different cognitive and delayed gratification tests after watching different stimuli.  The study concluded that kids who watched SpongeBob had significantly lower scores on the tests than the kids who watched a PBS show.  The researchers attribute this response to the fast-paced nature of SpongeBob, which “switches scenes on average every 11 seconds, as compared to the PBS cartoon, which switched only twice a minute”, as well as the fantastical nature of the show.  This, in turn, made the kids less focused and more distracted (Hutchinson).  (However, as suggested by Nickelodeon, the study only targeted a small demographic and an age range that is not the target audience of SpongeBob.)

But SpongeBob is not the only digital media that has this effect.  Other studies with different media sources say that their influence on development is detrimental by decreasing attention spans.  But other studies say that these same media sources are preparing kids well for a world that is full of technology and fast-paced information.  Any thoughts, experiences, or opinions on how media has affected your/another person’s development? Was it positive or negative?  Do you think the fast-paced media of our age is positive or negative as a whole?

This is My Body” First Draft

This is my body and I’m not sure how to explain it 
My head is a wildfire imagination but I keep it silent 
My body is a gift and a curse that I’m trying to cure 
I hope for the best but I think it’s the worst 
if only you knew the truth.
I’m a young black man with a dash of Puerto Rican blood,
Born in two family’s do I have to pick a side?
I don’t think I have to take a side because it’s too hard to decide
Cuz on mom side and her sisters were playing with Barbie dolls 
my grandpa was out there with grenades in the Vietnam war
Can’t forget my dad’s side my grandpa was a hustler 
He moved from Puerto Rico to the U.S. 
fixing cars left and right making his money 
no one disrespected him 
until he got stabbed one night 
no matter what side of the family 
or what they were doing they were grinding 
working hard to do what’s right doesn’t 
That means I get to be on both sides, right?


In the article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later”(McGraw). I learned that that morning fourteen members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets. In result created a horrific event that would scar United States of America. The terrorists on purpose crashed a plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Also crashed two of the planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City causing the buildings to collapse. On the fourth plane, passengers fought back. They diverted the plane from its Washington, D.C., destination and caused the plane to crash in a field in Pennsylvania. These attacks lead many people to their deaths in results in over 3,000 deaths. These events led the Bush administration to begin the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

What are your thoughts on the September 11 attack?

I think with what happened with September 11 attack was a crisis. Those who planned and implemented the horrendous attacks of 9/11 could not have imagined all the ways that their attempt to sow chaos would change the world. Nor could the leaders and policymakers who reacted to the events of that horrible day. Both were out to change the world. And they did. But not always in the ways they intended to or imagined. Such are the ways of history.The events of 9/11 not only reshaped the global response to terrorism, but raised new and troubling questions about security, privacy, and treatment of prisoners. It reshaped US immigration policies and led to a surge in discrimination, racial profiling, and hate crimes.

Master Strength

This is my body.
I got the strength
Strength from my brother
That came from my father
That came from the struggle

This is my body
I got the strength
Strength from working out
Strength from chasing clout
That came from the struggle

This is my body.
I got the strength
Strong as a lion
All I hear is lying
That came from the struggle

This is my body
I got the strength
Strength that smells like a gain
Gains can turn into pain
That came from the struggle

This is my body
I got the strength
Strength of a black boy from the hood
Strength of a black man misunderstood
That came from the struggle

Why am I Always Tired, and What can I do about it?

It’s just after lunch and you’re in your next class. You feel the weight of your eyelids rapidly increase as you try to listen to the teacher. No matter how interesting you find the subject, your body is still working against you. An issue that between 15-30% of teens have described experiencing frequently. If you don’t suffer from disorders such as CFS, DSPS or Narcolepsy then experiencing fatigue or sleepiness can come from a plethora of causes, including disease, poor sleep or poor diet.

One of the most common causes of fatigue is poor sleep. The CDC recommends 9-12 hours of sleep for children in the age range 6-12, individuals 13-18 years old should have at least 8-10  hours of sleep. They also report that on average 72% of high schoolers do not get the recommended amount of sleep on school nights. One way to help combat sleep deprivation related fatigue is sticking to a strict schedule 

Putting your body on a consistent sleep schedule can drastically improve your mood, critical thinking, and energy levels.

Your body has an internal clock which will conform to sleep-wake cycles, this is known as your circadian rhythm. Your body’s factory settings are dependent on this rhythm. If you are going to bed too late or waking up too early you are obstructing the natural circadian rhythm which like many things is fine on occasion but unhealthy in habit. A good tip is to limit screen time and dim the lights an hour before bed. Our body sets its internal clock by the respective lightness or darkness of our environment. Not only does the light from screens delay our body’s proper release of melatonin (the natural hormone our body releases to regulate our sleep cycle), but blue light can even damage your eyes. 

Sleep is just one side of the coin. The other is found in diet. 

Not unlike a car, if your body is fed improper sustenance then it will perform poorly. While carbohydrates are a good source of quick energy, refined carbohydrates will cause tiredness throughout the day. This is the food that is stripped of its vital nutrients that make it healthy. An example of cutting these refined carbs for their more natural substitutes includes whole grain rather than white bread. Proteins too are another important food that are integral in maintaining energy levels. It may be worth incorporating more bananas, fish, and rice into your diet for this reason.

 It’s just as much about the how much as it is the what. It is also largely important to remain hydrated throughout the day to maintain energy. Your body needs an adequate supply of energy which is dependent on your caloric intake. You can calculate your recommended caloric intake here. This varies if you’re trying to gain or lose weight.

In short, fixing one’s sleeping schedule, limiting screen before bed, decreasing the amount of refined carbs in your diet, increasing the amount of proteins and staying hydrated are a few of many ways to retroactively combat the effects of fatigue or sleep deprivation.

Americans on Climate Change

This article about Americans’ views on climate change has a lot of information from studies and surveys. From a Yale study, they concluded that there are “six americas”: the alarmed, the concerned, the cautious, the disengaged, the doubtful, and the dismissive. Half of these groups don’t necessarily believe in climate change and according to the study, most of the deniers are white and male and have the least amount of education. The article discussed that It’s interesting that eco-friendly behaviors are seen as feminine and that white people often care less about the environment because it is a privilege to not have to care about the climate.

How Did Chinese Food Become So Americanized?

What’s the deal with “Americanized” Chinese Food?

We always hear about how the Chinese restaurants we’re familiar with are too American, not authentic. But how did this come to be?

Basically, as Chinese Immigrants came to the USA to mine gold, their food came with them, and started becoming popular as it was inexpensive and delicious. However, once anti-chinese sentiment started to rise, their food was also greatly looked down upon and trashed. Early in the 1900s, Chinese food began becoming more sweet and boneless, straying towards the more American ideal of what food should be like. In the 1960s and 70s (about 20 years after the Chinese Exclusion Act was lifted), more Chinese people started entering the country, and brought with them more kinds of food, which brought about more traditional/authentic types of Chinese food. In addition, President Nixon’s China visit in 1972 led to more people seeking out this more authentic cuisine. Despite this, though, the delicious Americanized fare of the early 1900s never really went away, becoming restaurants like Panda Express.

Gentrification in Small Communities

Gentrification is an issue that has become more and more pressing in recent years. Most often when we hear the word gentrification, we think of kicking out residents of smaller communities. In an article by the Washington Post, they discussed the benefits of gentrification, and why we don’t have to kick others out to create something good. While most often we see gentrification cause home values to skyrocket, kicking lower income families out, there is a different way to do things. Bringing in new investments from banks and mortgage companies can help small local businesses thrive while still keeping the local residents. When new, slightly wealthier people come into the picture, they bring the opportunity for new businesses and new opportunities. In a study done between 2000 and 2013 when 73 communities were gentrified in Los Angeles, only 13(22%) showed signs of displacement. During this same time period, only 13% of black communities were displaced in Portland, Oregon. Gentrification can do good things when done right. It takes planning and proper funding to make gentrification beneficial for everyone.

Tol, Jesse Van. “Perspective | Yes, You Can Gentrify a Neighborhood without Pushing out Poor People.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 8 Apr. 2019,

Remembering 9/11

The article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years later” gives a quick summary about the events of 9/11 and discusses the ways of how New York honors those who lost their lives that day. On the morning of September 11th, terrorist group Al-Qaeda hijacked four commercial jets. Two of these jets crashed into the World Trade Center, more commonly known as the twin towers. The third jet crashed into the Pentagon, located in Washington D.C. and the fourth jet didn’t reach its destination in Washington because passengers fought back. Therefore, it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. Due to these attacks, over 3,000 people sadly lost their lives but each and every one of those lives aren’t forgotten. The people of New York built a memorial and a museum to honor the victims of the attacks. Services will be held in New York one of which is called “Tribute in light” which is a memorial that will be held in the evening. In the museums, a variety of ways will be provided to the visitors to “never forget” the events that occurred.

What are your thoughts and feelings on 9/11?

I believe that It is very admirable of New York to hold events and such to honor those who unfortunately passed away on 9/11. It’s important that these people are forever remembered and that what occurred is never forgotten because not only was it a tragic day, it was also a day that brought America together. This event impacted many people in a huge and tragic way but it also shows that we are strong and that we can get through anything.

How to make insulin prices sustainable?

Before the discovery of insulin in 1921, people that had diabetes often died early. There wasn’t anything a doctor could do for a patient with diabetes, except put them on a strict diet, which led to death by starvation. The first patient ever to receive insulin was a young boy dying in Toronto. Within 24 hours of his first dose of insulin, his dangerously high blood glucose levels dropped to near-normal levels. This lifesaving supplement is now necessary for the survival of millions of people across America. But, in many cases, insulin has become less available to low-income people due to the high prices.

For many decades, insulin prices have continued to increase rapidly, causing people affected by it to go into debt trying to maintain their health and some have even attempted to ration it causing further health issues from something that people with diabetes should have readily available.
Insulin prices need to become more accessible and affordable in the United States, as it is a necessity for people with diabetes.


The absurdly high cost of insulin, explained – Vox

Insulin is a lifesaving drug, but it has become intolerably expensive. And the consequences can be tragic. – The Washington Post

Water Benefits and Proposals

In the article “A Water Partnership” (McGraw Hill) I learned that fast-growing communities like SouthWest Missouri face many challenges such as having enough water to supply their growing population. The area includes more than 800,000 residents and the majority of them rely on groundwater and wells. So far the water resources have been enough to support the population, but if it keeps on growing it won’t be, and the region is not prepared for a drought. A new bill is under construction to allow Oklahoma to sell their extra water to Missouri, if the bill passes up to 39 million gallons of water could be passed to Missouri.

I think that allowing Missouri to receive water from other areas such as Oklahoma is a good idea to help them out supply their people with water. It must be terrible to think that you can wake up one day and not have any water to supply your family. Decades ago, Oklahoma has considered selling its water to other states, but these requests have always been ignored. I hope that they can do something for those with growing populations that will soon not have enough water for everyone.

The Future of Sino-Taiwanese Cross-Strait Relations

I’ve always tried my best to stay up to date with what’s going on around the world. And the current event that seems to be coming up more and more frequently is the Sino-Taiwanese cross-strait relationship, something that’s been going on since 1949.  

I find this relationship interesting because it is not some local issue on the other side of the globe, but rather an issue that involves the most powerful nations in the world, including the United States, China, and Japan. With recent events in Afghanistan calling attention to America’s foreign policy, a potential conflict may soon become the next biggest foreign problem America will be involved in. Bellow is a summary of the Wall Street Journal article: ( )

As tensions between China and Taiwan worsen and worsen, the nation of Japan has taken steps to best prepare for a potential conflict in the next couple of years. Chinese officials have continued to express their desire to unify the two nations, be it peacefully or forcefully, while the Taiwanese have adamantly voiced their desire to remain independent. As it is a democratic nation with a very important role in the global technology market, America has supported Taiwan, economically and militarily (through weapons sales) though never officially recognizing the country as a sovereign nation. Due to its post-war constitution, Japan is granted only a very limited military force only for self-defence, and with events like the crackdown on Hong Kong, have started talks with American officials to discuss contingencies in case a conflict breaks out.

Is A Positive Attitude REALLY Important To An Athlete’s Performance?

Emotion can affect the cognitive function, energy level, and physical performance of an athlete. If an athlete is in a state of frustration, it is best for them to try to shift themselves into a happier mood, rather than dwelling on what made them frustrated. There are many things they can do to lift their spirits like listening to music or just taking a minute to breathe. 

Taking a time out isn’t a bad thing. Negativity doesn’t always come from the athlete, it can come from outside sources like the things/people that surround them. People allow small things like the news to overtake mental and emotional states of mind. While it is important to stay updated on the world, whether it be troubling or not, it is equally important to find a balance and keep a positive state of mind. 

Now, this might sound a little weird, but ongoing research in sports psychology has proven that practicing positive self-talk can improve an athlete’s performance. Psychologists believe that these thoughts can create and ultimately drive their actions. This can be in the form of a positive mantra (like a phrase or sentence). Positive self-talk can help reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence in an athlete. 

A positive attitude is important for an athlete’s performance when it comes to their cognitive function, energy level, and physical abilities. When an athlete is down, they should do anything they can to improve their mood/ self-esteem for optimal performance. Serious athletes devote most of their time to the physical aspects of their sports and while this is important, an athlete’s attitude is just as important. 

How culturally different is the Western Hemisphere from the Eastern Hemisphere?

One large difference between the Western and Eastern Hemisphere is communication. While people are more direct and to the point in the West, communication is more indirect and involves reading between the lines in the East. Professional or business relationships tend to be brief and not as personal in the West, but longer-lasting and more focused on trust in the East. Company hierarchy matters more in the East, and business, as well as daily life, is more community-oriented. However, a focus on individuality is more common in the West. Punctuality, which is important in both cultures, can be less important in the West as long as work gets done. Asking questions is often acceptable and encouraged in the West, but can be seen as threatening to employers in the East. Although my source focuses solely on the business world, many of these aspects transfer to other industries as well.

Does a Positive Outlook have an Effect on Performance?

Sometimes in more individually oriented sports like tennis and golf, players often find themselves spiralling down a negative mindset which in return affects their playing and performance. They find themselves hitting a bad shot and then throughout the whole round they’re stuck on that shot which distracts them and takes away their focus. I was interested in this question since I play both tennis and golf, and find myself spiralling down that negative mindset. I waste my time struggling to come back from the negative mindset and searching for the reason behind what I’m doing wrong rather than enjoying the sports I love.

In my research, I found yes, thinking positively opens your mind and helps it function at the capacity of 31% more than it does with a poor mindset or with a mindset at a relaxed state. Having a better outlook on life can open up your opportunities and train yourself to have better reaction times to your gut feeling with flight or fight since it’s not always ready to fight or flight but rather trains your instincts better and more prepared. It shows that your brain can function more properly and will think better and even with doctors it helps them function 19% better to make a better diagnosis. With a better outlook, your body can relax and perform the things it was trained to do rather than trying to hurry and get it over with your body thinks more clearly and is more open to more opportunities and new experiences, and working better in a team setting. 

Which one is better? Private or Universal Health Care.

Both of the two systems have pros and cons. 

For the universal system, the advantage is it open for all citizens. Everyone has the right and equal chance to access health care. It’s the most beneficial for the middle or lower class and labor. It can increase labor productivity. However, in the universal system, the doctor and nurses lack motivation by higher income, their attitudes toward patients are based on individual. The efficiency of public health care is also not ideal, there are limited resources for the whole population. People could be waiting for the treatment they need that is unavailable for a long time, and die without any treatment. 

For the private health care system. People get what they pay for. Most of the private health care systems are more expensive than public, people pay for the insurance companies to cover their medical expenses. The doctors tend to use the best and now treatment for their patients because all the high expenses will be cover by the insurance. The elderly group is more favorable and less favorable to this system at the same time. It can give them the best health and medicine they need, but it isn’t available for everyone.

In my opinion, these two system could work the best when you combine them together. They complement each other. The private system provides quality equipment, good medicine, and advanced treatment. To make it available for more people, the government needs to set up funding to aid people to pay for their insurance.

What will the earth look like in 100 years?

Even if we make big changes, it’s unlikely that climate change will completely end. In 100 years, oceans will most likely rise, displacing many people, and it will continue to become warm and acidic. Natural disasters like wildfires and hurricanes will continue to be very common and water resources could be scarce.

NASA is researching earth to make observations that will benefit everyone. They’re also developing new technology to push the boundaries of the future, and better explore the moon and Mars, and maybe other planets someday. They think that much remains to be learned about the Moon and how we might use its resources to support human life somewhere other than the earth.


What would happen if the US didn’t eat meat for a year?

What would happen if the US didn’t eat meat for a year? According to Rachel Nuwer, if we stopped consuming red meat as a population, greenhouse gas emissions would reduce by 25%-33% and we would get back more than 8 billion acres of land for uses like wildlife and housing. But if something like this happened over a short period of time, there would be several negative impacts on the economy. There are places in the world that can only support livestock. Places where the earth cannot support the growth of crops. In addition to the environment and economy, there would be impacts on one’s health. If we all went vegetarian by 2050, Nuwer says there would be a “global mortality reduction by 6-10%”. Would the benefits of going “not meat” be worth the costs? What lengths would you go to, to preserve our world?


Why do we dream and does mental health affect our dreams?

Some psychologists claim that dreams are the firing of neurons during a state of rest, while others suggest that dreams are a window into our subconscious. Other’s say that dreams prepare us for future challenges and are an adaptive survival mechanism. Most dreaming happens during REM (rapid eye movement). During this time, the brain is in an active state, but you are in a state of paralysis. When in a dream state, the emotional side of the brain is more active than the logical side, which helps explain why dreams can be emotional. REM dreams have been proven to be more vivid and fantastical. Dreaming can be used as a coping mechanism. When we are under a lot of stress we tend to remember our dreams. A recent study showed that lucid dreaming may be associated with psychological well-being.

How to make money online?

This website lists great ways to start making money and also some more links so that you can pick a way and dive right into it. It gives you a quick summary of what the way is and how to start. The first one that comes up is dropshipping and that is where you set up a store online and sell people products and you can keep some of the profit. This way is effective and is a fast way to make money. You are able to make up to six figures.

Its a third party way to sell a product and make money off of it. You make a website and then add a product of your choice to sell. Then you try and advertise your website so that people will buy your product off of your website. When someone buys your product the company will ship your product to the buyer without you having to do any work. You basically are advertising it and prising the product up a little and them making profit off of it. It is a great way to make money online.

Why is nuclear energy not only outrageous but inefficient?

Nuclear warfare is not only inhumane but inefficient against carbon emissions. The catastrophic events experienced in Japan are prime examples of the profound dangers as a result of nuclear warfare. Those who did survive had an 46% risk of leukemia. Nuclear energy is not only dangerous but incapable of fixing our climate issues. Despite the pros of it being cheaper and more effective than fossil fuels, the cons exceed. Nuclear energy accidents are more risky and there’s a limited fuel supply. The impact it has on the environment and the amount of radioactive waste produced is another problem.Lastly, the material used for these nuclear power plants is not renewable making the harvest of nuclear energy difficult. Overall, nuclear energy hasn’t proven to be a reliable solution to climate change and energy source issues. Nuclear energy is far too risky to provide accurate experimentation on to prove the effectiveness of it as energy, power, and weaponry.

How is the conflict in Afghanistan going to affect the world?

As for this current moment and time, there is a lot of unknown. Nobody really knows how they will act and govern the country. The Taliban did say that they did not want anything to happen to the U.S and its allies and it will not be a training ground. There are a lot of questions for women like their freedom to work, and dress as they choose. There are also questions about the ties of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda as well. There is just a lot of unknown and it remains to be seen in the near future. There is a lot of uncertainty.

Is having culture intelligence important?

To understand why cultural intelligence is important, I analyzed how cultural intelligence helps to develop a person’s leadership skills . Cultural intelligence is an essential skill for those who take on international jobs or work on diverse teams. Leaders who operate in a global environment need to feel confident and optimistic as they build strong relationships, encourage cooperation, and develop common goals with their counterparts across borders. Leaders must understand what drives the beliefs of their diverse colleagues. They need an understanding of Intelligence Quotient (IQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) to be one among great leaders. Living in different cultures helps improve CQ, proving that education programs aimed at future global leaders should include both academic and experiential cross-cultural opportunities. When people get to know and understand different cultures, they realize that there is more than one way of thinking and that no one way is better than another.

Deforestation in Indonesia

Four days ago Indonesia ended a deforestation pact with Norway which was supporting the limiting of carbon emissions caused by deforestation. Without enough progress being made Norway decreased financial support as the carbon emissions got worse, and less progress was being made to limit the amount of environmental damage done. The plan was to cut increasing amounts of carbon emissions and deforestation down, being completely clean by 2030. Without the proper funding this goal might not be such a possibility. 

Materialism leading to environmental issues

How does Divorce Affect Children?

I wanted to learn how children are psychologically affected by divorce. I found this article that talks about how divorce can affect children in different age ranges. Young children could feel confused about the situation and not understand what is happening in their family. Gradeschool kids could feel guilty and blame themselves. Teenagers could feel anger towards their parents for divorcing. Divorce can cause children to be more likely to have a mental illness and cause lots of distress. They are more likely to make risky and sometimes dangerous decisions. The article goes into what the parents can do to minimize the risks. Parents can peacefully co-parent, maintain healthy relationships with the children, and get the children professional help if they need it. 


Amy Morin, L. C. S. W. (n.d.). The psychological effects of divorce on children. Verywell Family. Retrieved September 14, 2021, from

Do siblings have a closer bond based on how far apart in age they are?

A smaller age gap allows children to grow closer while they are young and often leads to the closest relationship when siblings are adults. The closer children are in age, the more likely they are to bond when they are young. Although there is a chance of rivalry between siblings, they are still more likely to become closer than siblings further apart and remain close in adulthood. My brother and I are 18 months apart, and I agree that being closer in age makes siblings closer as they grow older. He is someone that I can confide in, and I think we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other about things like that if we were further apart in age. That, along with research linked below, shows that siblings do have a closer bond based on how far apart they are in age.


What are people’s perceptions of Trader Joe’s workers?

There are many reasons for why the outside world believes crew members at Trader Joe’s are so “nice.” One of the biggest reasons being the hiring process. Trader Joe’s chooses to hire a crew of a similar personality type. The type B personality type is definitely similar to those of TJ’s workers. This article goes into the four personality types and why type B best fits crew members. Is this a common trait in hires? Let’s find out.


How can racial bias and prejudices be prevented by teaching them in a school curriculum? At what age would this be most beneficial?

An incident occurred in a small town, Burlington, Wisconsin. A young teacher was being asked by her students about the shooting of Jacob Blake, a young black man a few towns over. She turned it into a week-long lesson that was unbiased asking important questions like “how can we dismantle systemic racism,” and “what is the black lives matter movement?” She received huge amounts of backlash from parents claiming she was “indoctrinating their kids.” Many parents even wanted her fired for her curriculum. The teacher claimed it’s a human rights issue and should not be political, as even she voted for Trump in the 2016 election.  


How do people know what they want to be from such a young age, is it parents, community, or exposure-based?

“When my parents provided career inspiration and insight, I sometimes felt they were letting their own biases take over.”

“ Help your teen understand that a canceled internship or delayed entry to the workforce does not mean they failed. Remind them that just because their original plans have shifted directions or changed as a whole…”

  • As a child is growing up their exposure to the field of jobs is very small, limited to what’s been shown to them or what they’ve seen on television. (that’s why there is such a high number of children wanting to be doctors, lawyers, and astronauts)
  • As you get older you get exposed to more positions that interest you in the moment or for longer terms
  • Parents putting their own personal bias into their answer when their child asks them what they want to be when they grow up may impact them
    • Other things such as pressure from parents or restrictions on jobs may also impact this
  • Exposure from a young age allows a child to slowly develop their own opinions about the field, and sometimes they do grow up to know what they really want to do because it’s something that they truly are interested in. instead of just being told they like it.
  • Overall the best thing to do is allow your child to find something they are interested in, let they “dip their toes in ” and really see if they like it.


climate change happens to be real

environmental advocate/ I care about promoting change in our habits and greenhouse gas emissions so greatly because I am an avid skier and outdoor enthusiast. I think people need to find what drives them and develop a priority off of that. The environment deserves everyone’s 110% attention because in order for us to evaluate any other problems, our world needs to at minimum be able to sustain itself. I want my winters back. Care more. seriously

Is Classical a Cult Classic?

The basic approach between classical education and traditional education is entirely different; whereas classical education uses reason as its base, traditional education focuses on observation. This article talks about the other differences resulting from these entirely different perspectives, and the reasons one is used over the other. To see the complete shift of learning technique from one era to another was incredibly interesting but also reminded me of the shift that occurred when government officials transitioned learning from creating authors, explorers, historians, etc. to creating a larger working class. In my future (or the future of whoever’s reading this) there’s a possibility of a research project exploring the other big shifts in learning technique and the approach to school throughout history. What caused said shifts? What was their effect? Did it influence how we learn now?

Among the Stars

In the article “Written Among the Stars” ( Mcgraw Hill), I learned that asteroids have names. I found it interesting that this year a group of 27 asteroids between Mars and Jupiter will be named in honor of African American, Hispanic, and Native American Astronauts and cosmonauts. Two of the asteroids will be named after Stephanie D. Wilson and Joan Higginbotham both women made a huge contribution to space explorations. It is amazing that women astronauts are getting recognized for the hard work they have done. The 27 asteroids that have been discovered were named by the International Astronomical Union. To honor this diverse group of astronauts by naming asteroids after them was led by Cathy Olkin and Keith S. Noll of NASA.

Asteroids in the belt between Mars and Jupiter have been named after a diverse group of 27 astronauts who are trailblazers for their respective ethnicities. (ESA/NASA/collectSPACE)

I think that naming asteroids in honor of those who helped with space exploration is amazing. It must feel really good to know that all your hard work has paid off. I hope that in the future more hardworking and talented people get to have an asteroid named after them. Naming asteroids in honor of amazing people will

The Effects of Climate Change

In the latest, “Stuff YOU Should Know,” article (McGraw Hill) awareness is made regarding the flooding in Tennessee that has displaced many and accounted for deaths. The events occurred last month and left many civilians without homes as well as tremendous damage to their communities. At the moment, about 20 people have been reported dead, including two toddlers. Federal aid has already been sent and shelters have been made to aid the people. The last deadly flooding happened this year in late March, but experts say this flooding in August has topped levels. This trend, they say, will continue to rise and increase as a consequence of climate change, which has been sped at a rapid pace by humans.

I believe that what is occurring in Tennessee and other regions of the world where there is disaster should be a concern for every individual living in this planet. What we only see as news that happens far away from us could someday be our region affected. Here in California, the amount of wildfires is alarming and should not be as common as they are. We as individuals should care more about environmental issues and demand solutions by larger corporations that mass destroy our planet’s ecosystems.

Should climate change be a universal issue?

In Memory of 9/11/01

In the article, “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” (Admin) I learned that the memorial and museum of 9/11 there is 6 moments of silence one for when each of the World Trade Center towers was struck; one for when each of the buildings fell; one for the attack on the Pentagon; and one for the crash of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. The museum is a thoughtful place to honor those who passed and never forget. This happened due to terrorists known as Al-Qaeda who hijacked jets. 4 planes were crashing into the buildings which caused over 3,000 deaths. 

I believe this whole attack was really sad. I mean just imagining being in the situation at the time is no good. Innocent people lost their lives and many lost their lives trying to save other people. I believe everyone should take into consideration remembering his day after 20 years.

Is the war on Terrorism over now?

How Climate Change has Been Dealt With

In the article, “California Leads The Way in the Battle Against Climate Change” I learned that trump pulled out of the tents of the Paris Climate Accord, governor Jerry brown still lead other governors and mayors to follow through with this plan in order to help prevent climate change. Also how Governor Brown wanted to expand the idea of the Cap and Trade program. 

Since climate change is a big deal right now, I think it’s important to take care of our environment especially in today’s harsh conditions. So we must take wise precautions with what we have left of our environment and treat it better so that in the future we have a healthy lifestyle.

Do you know any other ways to help prevent climate change ?

Climate Change Methods

In the article “California Leads the Way in the Battle Against Climate Change”(McGraw Hill) I learned that California governor Jerry Brown lead a group to follow tents of Paris Climate Accord even though Trump pulled the US out of the agreement. They used a cap and trade method to reduce emissions by setting a limit on pollution. As well as, the use of solar panels around the US has helped lowered the carbon dioxide emission rate. It said that California’s carbon dioxide emissions have fallen 14% since 2005.

I think that this is very impressive at how these methods have improved our carbon dioxide emission rate. It’s crazy to see how much the cap and bottle method help drop the carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, I hope we can find more methods to help the Earth’s climate change. It makes me hope that one day our Earth will be cleaner and safer for the people and animals in the world. Overall, it is interesting to see what we can do to clean our Earth and how it help can stop carbon emission rates.

How has climate change changed over the years and what can we do everyday in our personal lives to help stop climate change?

Haiti Disasters: How Bad Are They?

In the article, “Haiti Faces Series of Natural Disasters.” I learned that the earthquake was a huge devastation for many people. A lot of people ended up dying and many ended up in the hospital. To be specific more than 2,200 people had died and 12,000 or more were put in the hospital. Which was difficult to do because of the whole COVID situation so it was hard to keep people in hospitals.  The earthquake had also destroyed many homes and all types of buildings. Overall, this probably couldve been worse like the earthquake that had happened there in 2010. 

This is just very devastating to hear about. Knowing that they’ve already gone through something like this once and are now going through it again is just horrible. The photo shown makes me think of how hard it must be on the people that actually live there. I’m glad that people were overall able to help each other throughout this tragedy. 

In Honor of 9/11

In “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” (McGrill) mentions the ways that New York and people honor 9/11. The terrorist group al-Qaeda hijacked four planes, two of which were from Boston to Los Angeles. These two planes would be the ones that would crash into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and cause the towers to collapse. The third plane would crash into the Pentagon while the last plane would land in Pennsylvania because the passengers fought back (the target was originally Washington, D.C). New York has a memorial and museum for the both the 9/11 attack and the 1993 attack, they also have an annual Tribute in Light that occurs at sundown They also offer yoga and meditation to help with trauma. Tunnel to Towers is a five mile walk from Washington, D.C., to New York in which they stop at the locations were the planes crashed.

It’s important to honor an event that changed the nation. Many innocent lives were taken in this attack, 3,000. Hearing that people were calling their loved ones from the planes and from the twin towers to tell them their last goodbyes has to be heartbreaking. The damage that was done to Lower Manhattan was something that no one could’ve imagined. Having these ceremonies in order to honor those who lost their lives in the twin towers, Pentagon, in all 4 planes, and the first responders is important since it shows how the people/nation were brought together. Not to mention the help that they provide for those who did manage to escape and those who witnessed the entire thing.

If you had the chance to vist the memorials that they have for 9/11 would you go? If so which one.

What are your thoughts on the NFL Protests?

In the article, “Should NFL Players be allowed to protest the national anthem?” I learned that Colin Kaepernick was the first NFL player to start kneeling during the national anthem in protest of racial inequality in the United States. Kaepernick publicly stated that he was refusing to stand in order to protest the incidents of unarmed African American deaths during police arrests. However, Kaepernick was publicly criticized by President Trump, suggesting that all NFL players that kneel during the national anthem should be fired.

I think that how President Trump chose to approach the fact that NFL players were silently protesting was terrible. He tried to take away their rights to protest and so this made the NFL community unite even more. Almost all NFL teams started to exercise their right to protest by kneeling, sitting on the bench and linking arms in their form of unity since the president’s disrespectful words toward them.

Podcast Careers

In the article, “Careers: Podcaster” I learned that a podcaster is a less traditional career option in which you don’t need a specific level of educational degree. Just about anyone with access to the internet can have their own podcast and the best part about it is that you can talk about any topic you pretty much want. The only thing you would need to start a podcast are microphones, recording equipment, and some knowledge of editing. The pros of starting a career as a podcaster are that it requires little to no money and anyone can have a podcast. The cons are that your podcast reach is limited to only those with access to the internet, and people can take others copyright material.

I think that as a beginning podcaster living off your podcasts may be a bit difficult since you’re just starting off and your audience reach won’t be as high as others who might’ve been doing it for a while and have the best technology and software to edit their podcasts. Although living off your podcasts as a beginner might be a bit difficult I do think it would be a great side job because not only can you choose how long you want your podcasts to be you can also choose how many times a week you want to upload. You pretty much get a lot of freedom with it and can adjust it to your weekly schedule. In terms of how time-consuming it would be, my best guess is that you’d really only need maybe a day or two to record, edit, and upload which is why it seems like a good way to make a little extra money.

Commemorating 9/11

In the article, “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” (McGraw Hill) I learned more about 9/11, its memorials, as well as how people cope with the thousands of lives that were lost 20 years ago. On September 11, 2001, four airplanes had been hijacked by the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Two of the planes had crashed into the twin towers, another hit an area of the Pentagon, while the last one had sadly crashed into a field outside of Pennsylvania. In order to pay respect and remember all of the lives lost on that tragic day, memorials, museums, and the city of New York embrace some of their yearly traditions. 

I think that the article helps emphasize the importance of remembering and paying respect to all of the lives that were lost 20 years ago today. Many of whom we flight passengers, World Trade Center workers, first responders, as well as innocent people. Not only did they leave behind their families but also the memories they shared with their loved ones. These attacks have forever changed the nation of the United States by enforcing the check-in process at all airports, anticipation of terrorist attacks, and the power to prevent another tragedy such as this one to never recur.


 In the article “Remember 9/11, Twenty Years Later,” I learned that  a lot of innocent people died during that day, under an attack of four airplanes, two that crashed into the twin towers, the third one crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C.and another airplane crashed in the Mississippi field.  During this attack 3000 people died. 

This caused a huge impact in the USA, but the most impact was for the people who  lost their families. We all remember 9/11 in memory  of these people who died on this day. This  was an unforgettable day  for a lot of people who saw all this. Now is relevant to remember all those people who died during 9/11. 

Happiness & Smiles

In the article, Can Smiling Make You Happier (BTW) I learned that although many think that by smiling one becomes happier, this study varies on what type of smile you do. If it is a genuine smile, yes, it might make yourself be happier; but a fake smile might just make your day worse. This article focuses on explaining that if you are having a rough day, rather than ‘faking it until you make it, you should just do something you enjoy doing to make your day better.

I agree with the article since it focuses on knowing what is best for an individual. When someone is having a rough day, they are told to just smile through it, which at times, might make things worse. I believe that although this might be true, genuinely (at least trying) to smile through the rough times and just trying to enjoy the moment, might get you closer to achieving happiness.

Changes for Better

I read a poem that’s called “WE NEED TO CHANGE.” It is interesting because it’s true that some ways of thinking are wrong and we need to have little changes to be better, to progressive. “Recognize that we are all the same in many different ways,” this quote I think is true, because we are all different but something in us has the same things that other persons have, minimum things can make us be the same as other people. 

I think we need to change our way of thinking. Because if we stay thinking in the way we always think it may affect us in something in the future. We need to learn about other people, we need to help other people, we need to love other people. Differences make everything better. It’s awesome. 

Do you think it’s important to change a little bit to be better?

September 11 2001…

In the article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” I learn that a lot of innocent people died under attack made by 4 jet airplanes. On Sep.11, 2001 on United States was been attacked by 4 jet airplanes on 3 different countries. The first one is on New York City that the first two planes crashed into the The Twin Tower made exploited and also collapse. The second plane crashed into The Pentagon in Washington D.C. And the last plane flew into the field of Pennsylvania. The consequences of all this attack is that many innocent people died (3,000).

I think this is something terrific by those people that lose their families. This is relevant today because these attack was 20 years anniversary and also in memory for the people that died. Also I’been watching a lot of videos based on that day and I’m so impress for all the disaster. A fact about me this kind have something personal because is the same day (#) that I born, (November 11) it’s the same number.

AirBnB Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees

In the article, ¨AirBnB Provides Housing for Afghan Refugees¨ (Stuff you should know) I am now aware that millions of dollars donated by individuals in which will be going to AirBn which is an organization used to help people find temporary places to stay either for a night or multiple depending on the situation which started in June 2021. In this case, AirBnB will be providing places for approximately 25,000 refugees from Afghan in which gives them a safe place to stay. Also, it will be providing individuals escaping wildfires, hurricanes, and other crisis. This is very helpful and beneficial to refugees needing a place to stay and to those who are in need of a place to stay because of natural disasters.

My thoughts on this is that it is very kind of others to donate and make it possible for people to have a place to stay. Essentially it is good to give back, especially to those in need. This is a good way to help others also in situations they have no control over what is going on in this world. This is one of many organizations coming together to help everyone in need.

Remembering September 11

In the article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” I learned that on September 11, 2001, three thousand people lost their lives due to a terrorist attack. Four passenger planes were hijacked by fourteen members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. Two of those planes crashed into the Twin Towers in New York City, which caused the towers to collapse. The third plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. which is the headquarters of the U.S. Military. The fourth plane people believed that it was heading to the White House but the passengers fought back and that plane crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. This led to the War of Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I think what happened on September 11, 2001, had a huge impact on this country. It must have been very horrible and traumatizing to the people that went through this experience. It’s hard to imagine the pain that all those 3,000 people that lost their lives went through. Also the pain that their family or loved ones went through after finding out how they lost someone they cared about. September 11 will always be remembered and was a wake up call for this country to be more aware. After this day things changed. 

Remembrance of 9/11

In the article, “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” I learned that there was an attack towards the U.S. On this day, September 11, 2001 4 planes were hijacked by 14 members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda. This resulted in 2 planes crashing into the Twin Towers of the World Trade center. One of the other planes had crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C. The last plane was also headed towards Washington D.C. but crashed into a field in Pennsylvania because the passengers fought back.

This was a devastating day in which more than 3,000 people had died. It’s sad to know that many people knew that they were going to die because of the damage caused to the building. There was so much damage caused not only two those two buildings but other buildings and vehicles in that area. 

Remembrance of 9/11

In the article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later” (McGraw Hill) I learned that Today it marks the 20th anniversary of 9/11 the day two planes crashed into the twin towers of the world at the trade center in New York causing both towers to fall and do a lot of collateral damage. This horrible situation was caused by 14 members of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group, there were actually 4 planes involved that day. The first 2 planes hit the twin towers as everyone may know. The third plane actually crashed into the pentagon in Washington D.C. The last plane actually didn’t make it to Washington D.C because the passengers from that flight knew what was going on and fought back risking their lives meaning the terrorist plan didn’t fully succeed because the plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. 

I think that what happened on 9/11 was very sad because there were over 3,000 deaths as a result of this attack by a terrorist group. It’s hard to imagine how terrified people and families were when they saw the planes crash and getting voicemails that they thought they were going to die, hearing that was probably the most heartbreaking thing someone could ever receive. The fact that you aren’t going to be able to see your loved one anymore is something hard for anyone to believe. Those people on the 4th plane were very brave because they fought back against the terriot i’m sure the terrorist had some sort of weapon with them but those civilians did whatever they could to not let the plane hit their target.

School Social Media Free Speech Case

In the article “School Social Media Free Speech Case”, I learned that a fourteen-year-old student Brandi Levy didn’t make it to the varsity of cheerleading that led her to post a mean comment on it. It led to her getting suspended from school from the post that she wasn’t at school when she made the most. It also led Levy’s parents to file a federal lawsuit against the school district and won, but soon was appealed. The reason it was appealed is that Levy’s post was a violation of her first right which was the free speech right. Another is that something like this can stop and punish whoever is posting it. Not just mean comments, but bullying, threats, hacking, and others that need to be stopped.

I think of it as also a problem because it can lead to more students also doing it and getting away with it. It makes schools look bad for having something like this happening around and not doing anything about it. I think there should be a big consequence for those who are putting out mean comments about the school and students. 

Wildlife Rehabilitator

In the article, “Wildlife Rehabilitator” I learned that these people are like veterinarians but you take your pets to them when they are sick and a wildlife rehabilitator is someone who helps animals in the wild. These people are there because they love animals and they want them to be as healthy as the pet can possibly be. A wildlife rehabilitator is a physical therapist for all kinds of animals they are in the wild. I also learned that they examine animals who’ve been with extreme trauma and provide the care for their needs. Not only do they care for them but if they see an orphaned animal they will take it in so the animal could be cleaned,fed, and cared for so it could be healthy to go back to the wild. To become one of these people you need to have a lot of knowledge about all kinds of animals, including everything from what they eat, to how they behave, where they live. Being a wildlife rehabilitator you’ll see things that may be stressful and traumatic. But helping animals is a very good thing and makes you feel good if you’re doing everything for them to stay alive (healthy). 

I think this is a very big topic and we as people should get to learn more. The wildlife rehabilitator must feel very good after they save or recover an animal ready to go back to the wild. I think it’s very helpful to save animals that we don’t see everyday like the ones that come in with the vets. They do all kinds of examinations to figure out what’s wrong with the animal and give them special treatments so that they could be back on their feet. You need to know a lot of things about animals (all types of species). In this job you will save animals and you will also see deaths, suffering and a lot more. Lastly,  helping injured animals can be stressful and can also cause trauma. 

America’s Darkest Day

In the article, “Recalling 9/11, Twenty Years Later” (McGraw Incline), I read that fourteen people from al-Qaeda laid hold of four explorer jets on a Tuesday morning when Americans were simply with respect to their normal day. They then intentionally crushed two planes into the twin apexes of the World Trade People group New York City making the constructions fall. The third plane hammered at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crushed in a field in Pennsylvania. All things considered, these attacks caused 3,000 passings, and the Brier association began the Contention on Dread in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I acknowledge that 9/11 should be the primary day in American History by and large because it transformed into an eminent day to remember the disastrous events that happened. I also acknowledge that without the mental assailant attack occurring, America wouldn’t be what it is by and by 20 years afterward so I think it was extraordinary so Americans would recognize what cynicism can bring into the piece of many people’s minds yet I don’t empower fearmonger attacks generally. I really wished I was brought into the world during that time since I then would have a full perception of why it makes this tremendous impact on various Americans. Considering this, 9/11 should reliably be reviewed all through each edge of the world and later on.

Remembering 9/11 Twenty Years Later

In the article, “Remembering 9/11,Twenty Years Later” (McGraw Hill), I read that fourteen members of al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets on a Tuesday morning when Americans were just about their normal day. They then intentionally crashed two planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City causing the buildings to fall. The third plane crashed at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Overall, these attacks caused 3,000 deaths, and the Bush administration began the War on Al-Qaeda.

9/11 should be the most important day in American History because it became a day to remember the horror events took place. I also believe that without the terrorist attacks america wouldn’t be what it is now, But I also think it was a good thing so that Americans would realize what negativity can bring into many people’s minds. I do not encourage terrorist attacks in general. I really wished I was born during that time because I then would have a full understanding of why it creates this huge impact on many Americans. With this being said 9/11 should always be remembered throughout every corner of the world and in the future. 

How to stop Covid-19

In the article, “California School Vaccination Requirement” I learned that in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 while attending school we must wear our masks properly whether we are fully vaccinated or not. Private and Public schools are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, and those who chose not to receive the vaccine will be tested weekly for the virus. 90% of the teachers of the nation are already fully vaccinated.

I think the way they have this setup is a good way to stop the spread. This past year and a half took away so much from humanity. People fell into depression, some lost jobs, some couldn’t provide for their families, etc. Me personally it was hard to focus on online school but with the support the teachers provided I can proudly say I passed with good grades. 

What Was The Catastrophe That Occurred On September 11, 2001?

In the article, “Remembering 9/11,Twenty Years Later” (McGraw Hill), I read that fourteen members of al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets on a Tuesday morning when Americans were just about their normal day. They then intentionally crashed two planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City causing the buildings to fall. The third plane crashed at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania. Overall, these attacks caused 3,000 deaths, and the Bush administration began the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I believe that 9/11 should be the most important day in American History overall because it became a well-known day to remember the catastrophic events that took place. I also believe that without the terrorist attack occurring, America wouldn’t be what it is now 20 years later so I think it was a good thing so that Americans would realize what negativity can bring into the aspect of many people’s minds but I do not encourage terrorist attacks in general. I really wished I was born during that time because I then would have a full understanding of why it creates this huge impact on many Americans. With this in mind, 9/11 should always be remembered throughout every corner of the world and in the future. 

Coronavirus Safety

In the article “The People vs. Covid-19” I learned that kindness was spread throughout the community. This is very great to hear because kindness should be an everyday thing among us all humans. We should always spread kindness at all times. Especially during such hard times where many lives are being lost. Many are losing family and friends because of the Coronavirus. I also learned how it is very important to take action to protect yourself and your loved ones. The Corona Virus is no joke and we need to make sure that we are all keeping ourselves and everyone around us safe. We need to follow the procedures such as keeping a distance, wearing our facemasks, washing our hands, and staying home/quarantine if we are feeling sick.

I think it’s extremely awesome how people were spreading kindness by making facemask for others and came together to figure out how to help each other in different ways. That shows how amazing people can be when they work together. I also strongly believe that because of covid we all must make sure we are safe to decrease the number of cases of the Corna Virus and lower the number of deaths. So for our own benefit, I believe we must take precautions necessary for our health and safety. So we can all hopefully soon be able to live our normal lives.

Are you and your loved ones following the safety procedures for Covid-19?

What is the new storytelling?

In the article “Is storytelling still the same today as it once was?” (Kate) I learned that nowadays storytelling isn’t really as popular as it once was. But regardless of a story told through someone or maybe a book it’s told through television networks or films that many of the newer generations would watch. Storytelling is only good if you know who it is you’re marketing too otherwise you may not do as well making a network for some people. Some of the main focus on projects nowadays are on Gen-Z. 

I think what is said is true that times have changed and some things are being told in different ways. Where have stories and news come from the media or television networks rather than being told or reading the paper. I do think that though the forms of storytelling have changed but I also think that this encourages more stories to be shared globally and are able to make bigger differences.

Emotions of art

In the article “How does music heal us?” by Paul McCartney, I learned how song puts us into a certain emotion whether that be happiness or sadness. As music has been around for so long that It would make people wonder what it would be like if music never existed. Music as a form of art can make people remember a time or convey such feelings.

Upon things the forms of art is a way to express how one is to the world or the world is to oneself, it can also include many others feelings portrayed by different people as well. not many may be good at the talent or art such as music, art, sports, or writings, but that never matters as much when it comes to putting your emotions, pride, and effort. Such as me I am not one to be good with music or much of writing and even art sometime but with conveying my emotions it is to show my pride no matter how bad and when it comes to art I am good but the thing is I push myself too hard to be perfect and end up giving up, emotions can be messy but also helpful if used in the right way. Art itself makes me feel prideful, or in other terms cocky when it come out well and people approve whether it is good or terrible because they see the emotions put through it.

From Stonewall to Pride

The article “The Origins of PRIDE Month” (McGraw Hill) recounts the events that led to the celebration of pride month. Two prominent events were the Stonewall protests wherein 600 people gathered outside the Stonewall Inn (a club in NYC where people in the gay community would gather) in resistance towards previous raids from the police. These police raids resulted in many getting arrested seeing as during this time (1969) it was illegal to be gay. The second protest was the next day and this time 2,000 people showed up. They blocked off roads and chanted, and many people were injured. These acts of resistance inspired others to hold their own protests. A group called the Gay Liberation Front was formed, they aided people who were poor or were arrested in the raids.

One year later, the first “Christopher Street Liberation March” was held; this eventually evolved into an annual pride parade.

It was really interesting to learn more about the Stonewall protests, specifically the fact that they inspired many others to protest as well. I knew a little bit about these events before this article but not much. I wasn’t aware that so many people had come out to protest. I also didn’t know that there was a group called the Gay Liberation Front. I think it’s really cool how the GLF tried to help those who had been arrested since as I was reading the article I was wondering what happened to them and if there had been anyone helping them. I wonder how exactly someone can get prosecuted for being gay? How would the policemen even know?

Should private social media posts be regulated by school administrators?

In the article, “School Social Media Free Speech Case” I learned that people have different overviews on whether or not your school has control over the things that are posted on their students’ social media platforms. This discussion has opened parents’ eyes and made them take their child’s privacy more seriously as on the other hand, parents are agreeing with the method of letting schools take control of what their child posts on social media. The district placed a poll where parents voted whether or not the school administrators have power over their students’ social media posts. The votes came out to 50/50, keep in mind that only three people voted yes and three people voted no, regarding the amount of students that are in that school. It did not make much of an impact on the school’s regulations.  

I personally agree with the fact that schools should not have power over their students’ social media platforms considering that it’s their social media as well as a folder of privacy. I take into consideration how long students are at school, I would not want to go home after being at school for 8 hours and still be worried about the school watching me. Therefore, I disagree with the method of letting the school have power over their students’ social media. 

The Issue in Afghanistan

In the article, “Afghanistan Falls To The Taliban” (McGraw Hill) I learned about the current issue that the Afghani people are facing as US troops are beginning to depart and their democratic government collapses. During the Trump administration an agreement was made between the US and the Taliban to begin the depart of US troops in Afghanistan. The evacuation process is ongoing, and at the same time the Taliban has completely taken over Afghanistan and many Afghani people are desperately trying to flee the country. The Taliban are described as a terrorist organization that also threaten women’s rights. The Biden administration is facing criticism for this from many humanitarian groups who believe it is wrong to leave the Afghani people when their government has collapsed.

I think that what is occurring in Afghanistan is an issue that should be concerned of on an international scale. Biden defends the agreement saying that it is fair for our troops to come back after 20 years of effort trying to reinforce the Afghanistan government, but is it the right decision to leave a group described as a terrorist organization to take power? And what’s more, leave a defenseless people at their mercy? I think its rather concerning about the possible repercussions that can happen involving terrorist organizations in power.

Representation Matters

In the article, “Biden Appoints First Native American Cabinet Secretary” (BTW) I learned of Deb Haaland, the newly appointed cabinet secretary. A cabinet secretary advises the president on “the use of natural resources, public land use policies, and cultural matters”. Deb Haaland herself is a single mother who lived most of her life in poverty but later earned an undergraduate and a law degree! She built herself a small business and even worked as Chairwoman for the New Mexico Democratic Party. So far the response has been positive, but Haaland has to be approved by the Senate.

I’m honestly quite surprised I hadn’t already heard of this as I think that this is big! A Native American women advising the president on the use of natural resources, land use policies, and cultural matters! I mean I don’t think there’s anyone better for the job. Especially considering Deb Haaland advocates for tribal rights and pro-environment policies. A big problem that has remained constant since America was built was the unfair and cruel treatment of Native Americans as we colonized their land for years and even now subject them to racial abuse, societal discrimination, wrong depiction in arts mental, spiritual and physical violence and more. It’s important to listen to Natives and I think that if Deb Haaland is approved we will at least be taking a step towards the right direction.

Pay College Athletes or Not?

According to “College Athletes: To Pay or Not Pay?” people want to know if they should be paying college athletes for their hard work.

Many people say they should be paying athletes that are in college because they are students first and they should put in their hard work before they get rich and famous. once they start getting paid they will forget school. If the colleges start paying college athletes there might not have enough funds or to pay players every year. On the other hand, many colleges are making so much money off athletes. They have so many promotions and they would like to have a little bit of a paycheck/benefits.

I personally believe that they should pay college athletes. The athletes should get benefits but they should be on a contract. By them being on a contract will keep their focus on school first and athlete second. Once they see them slacking on their grades put them on probation. once they are on probation they won’t be getting benefits until they get their school work done first.

Summer Jobs, Are they worth it?

In the article , CAREERS : Summer Job Edition (McGraw Hill) I read that when looking for a job in the summer you always have to make sure to keep an open mind. First you have to think , Where can I find a Job? Is it close? Is it a lot of work? Is it too much work but not enough money? These are all questions that come to mind when looking for a job. Especially in the summer there are a lot of teenagers trying to get a job , so there may be a little competition.

You also have to keep an eye out anywhere , you never know when they might be hiring. Also when going in for an application or just to ask, be prepared to maybe be interviewed on the spot , some places even ask you for a resume or past job experience so just BE PREPARED. When also looking for a Job you have to think outside the box . Remember it does not have to be a store or a fast food place.  Or you can even start your own business and work part time which is easier and less stressful and heavy.

I think having a summer job is a nice experience because you learn many new things especially if it is your first job. Each time you get a job or just have a job in general you learn new things like how it is in adult life. Or some of the older coworkers even tell you about their past and you learn from them. Overall getting a job over the summer is a great and helpful experience.

The Pros and Cons of Working as a Veterinarian

In the article, “Veterinarian” by McGraw Hill, I learned that working as a veterinarian has a lot of pro’s and con’s to it. Working as a Veterinarian is known to be a fun working experience because of the fact that you are able to work with animals all the time. Though you might think there are a lot of pros to this job, there are also a lot of cons that come along with it. A veterinarian’s job can be so amazing and fulfilling, not because you get to work with animals every day but because you get to save their lives as well. Knowing that you were able to give an animal another chance at life makes you feel proud and accomplished but also, vets go through a lot when not being able to save a life. They go through something called “ moral distress”-a tension between what they are asked to do, and what they know to be right-, sometimes even depression and this can really affect one’s mental health. So vets nowadays are being taught how to deal with moral distress as well as learning how to focus on self-care. 

Personally I have always wanted to become a vet but I would’ve never thought that vets go through moral distress and sometimes depression. All I knew was that I’d be working with animals and helping them become better. It’s amazing how they are now trying to prevent vet’s from going through this by teaching them self-care and learning how to deal with moral distress.  Knowing now what they go through, I am now aware of what I need to do to prepare myself for the future as I try to become a vet. 

Minimum wage

In the article “YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage” (Mcgraw Hill) I learned that Minimum wage is a topic that many argue over. At the moment minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. With this being the minimum it makes it difficult for people to survive. Raising the minimum wage may also have a negative impact on the economy . Do you believe that the US congress and Biden raising the minimum wage is a good idea? There are 2 sides to this question ; yes and no. The reason that some say yes is because it is the right thing to do because some studies show that raising minimum wage now would lift around 900,000 americans from poverty . Another reason people say yes is because depending on where we live the minimum wage can be a huge difference and make everything more affordable for everyone. Now some reasons that people say no is because there are studies that show that the raise of minimum wage can lead to 1.4 million americans losing their jobs. Another reason that some people may say no is because they do not see that it is necessary.

I believe that raising minimum wage will not really make a huge difference because it will just make everything more complicated with prices going up on goods that we need. It will also make everything more difficult for the people that are already making minimum wage . So no I don’t not think raising minimum wage is necessary.

Current Events in Afghanistan

In the article, “Afghanistan Falls To The Taliban” I learned about the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan and what it has caused to the people of the country in the last few weeks. At the moment President Biden and his administration have formally announced that all U.S. troops should be pulled out and evacuated from Afghanistan. President Biden believed that doing so before September of 2021 it shall end the bloodshed and tears of countless more American soldiers. For instance, he believes that Americans shall no longer sacrifice their lives for a lost cause and a country that isn’t willing to fight for its own people. Even after the United States military educated, trained, and armed them in special tactics. Ever since this has gone underway the Taliban has quickly taken over the Afghan government, invaded the capital, and caused its people to try and flee the country out of fear of terrorism.

In my opinion, I strongly believe that what is currently happening in Afghanistan is downright horrible. Although, I can see why President Joe Biden made the correct decision of pulling U.S. troops from the country. It isn’t right that our people shall be sacrificed for a country that isn’t willing to fight against terrorist groups. Our country can’t motivate nor have the power to force them to fight except for themselves. 

Back To School Shopping , has it boosted the economy ?

In the article “Anticipating Back-to-School Shopping” I have learned that there has been a boost to the economy for back to school shopping, that there are good amount of reasons as to why this had happened and why it’s important but also reasons as to why it can affect back to school shopping in a negative way. The National Retail Federation has said that they expect people overall to spend $790 per family which obviously is a lot if you count everywhere from the United States. Also, the good things that come out of this are that Biden had given out child taxes which gave everyone up to $3,000, another thing was that retail stores can have higher sales now because during the pandemic their school was limited so back to school shopping wasn’t really needed. Now the reason why this is all important is because it can positively affect the economy in the nation. Like I mentioned there are downsides to this which are that families may do more online shopping due to COVID-19 and that it can lead to the shortage of supplies needed. 

I am overall conflicted about this situation because yes it is a good thing that the economy is getting better but its also upsetting to see how much COVID-19 has affected the economy as well as many families. Back to school shopping wasn’t really something that was needed throughout covid/quarantine so now it must be really exciting / important to children and their families. 

Afghanistan and its War

In the article, “Stuff YOU Should Know” The Taliban has been taking over cities in Afghanistan after the United states and its allies pulled their troops. Women fear the Taliban because they believe that they won’t be able to have human rights. About 2.9 million people have fled their homes since 2020. There have been many children that had suffered from malnutrition and many people are experiencing the Covid pandemic which makes this situation more dangerous. There have been 12,000 people that have been evacuated since August 20, 2021 and most of them are the people that are at risk because they were translators, government workers and human rights activists. Countries have been accepting people from Afghanistan including the United States which they are accepting 10,000 refugees. They gave Special Immigrant visas for those who worked closely with the United States in the war.

I can’t imagine the fear that these people have about everything that is going on in their country. Them thinking about the things that can happen to them if they are not able to leave the country. It’s sad how the children have to go through this and aren’t able to live a peaceful life.

Women Integration Into Marine Corp

In the article, “Battle at Boot Camp” (upfront) I learned that combat jobs in the U.S. military were soon to be open for women. Many of the other U.S. Military branches have made a semi-decent transition to this change. The Marine Corps was the only service that looked for exceptions to the rule.  They believe that having gender integration would break the model that builds a marine. Strong bonds must be created, having both men and women in separate areas, then joining them together does not build a strong enough bond. Current and former Marines say that Marine leaders have an old-school mentality toward gender. They believe the Marine Corp will weaken if gender integration were to take place. Marine training bases in San Diego & Parris Island were the first to admit women. A few servicemen have referred to the integration as a “wake-up call” due to them “having to work more as a team.”

I personally believe that women should integrate into the Marine Corp, that is if they can survive the pressures and adversities. Women and men think differently, which can be beneficial during combat. But there can also be a possibility of them holding the platoon back. This all depends on the mental and physical strength of the women, as well as their experience. Until then, we will not know the true outcome until it is done. (subscription required)

Were gunshots the only solution to safety?

In the article, “The Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla Incident”(BTW), I discovered a debatable subject regarding a child dropping into a gorilla’s enclosure. The animal dragged the child from the leg but, the harm was not intentional. Team members of the zoo took decided to take action to protect the child. On May 28, 2016, gunshots were fired, which led to the gorilla’s death. The child remained unharmed and was soon immediately sent to the hospital, where he was left to recover. After this incident occurred, many debated if the zoo’s team members took the correct action to lead the child from safety.

My opinion about this topic is that there could have been a different strategy to saving the animal and child. There have been former occurrences of children falling into animal exhibits. This situation differs from others because this is the first time in a while an animal was shot dead. Animals specialists suppose that Harambe was attempting to protect the child since he was the alpha and protector of his group so, no harm was intended. I would also like to add that team members could’ve taken a different approach by tranquilizing Harambe.

Covid-19 and the Economy

In the article, ”COVID-19 and the Economy” (McGraw Hill) I learned that people are now getting used to the new normal in society during this pandemic by self-isolation or distancing. The main principle is reopening this case so that businesses and other places can open up to get our society running again with under one condition and that’s to maintain our space when going out. But also there is number of reasons why the COVID-19 coronavirus is different from other diseases. One is that it’s relatively easy to transmit. The virus is transferred from one person to another through such as sneezes, coughs, or even speaks.

I think what happened in the past year with this pandemic has been horrible and scary for family and friends. But also we have been adjusting to this virus around the globe in such times. Although we (society) want restaurants and other business want it open me must have this virus under control.

Can We Learn to Control the Weather ?

In the article “Can a giant lazer control the weather?” ( mcGraw Hill) it discusses a 29.5 foot long lazer rod that weighs about 5 tons that might be able to control lightning strikes and possibly make its own or redirect them.  The Lazer would take in the bolds and redirect them safely to the ground. 

I think that this would be a good thing to accomplish because every year thousands of people are killed by lightning strikes. Lightning strikes also cause  billions of dollars in repairs to infrastructure power poles and crops. By building this we could possibly stop all deaths that are caused by lighting strikes, I think that this would be a great thing to accomplish in the near future!

College Athlete Wages

In the article “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay” it talks about how NCAA athletes are not getting paid for the revenue they are bringing in.  This raises a lot of questions on whether or not the college athletes should be getting paid.  THey bring in a lot of money for the school so they should be getting paid. A lot of athletes argue that they are being full time athletes and that they should be getting paychecks and benefits along. The NCAA announced that the only way athletes are getting paid is if they get sponsorships. 

I believe they should be getting paid because they get a lot of views on live tv.  This should be regulated because they are doing a lot of work for nothing.  Sometimes they get more views than actual professional athletes.  This is not fair for a lot of athletes doing sports in NCAA. All in all, this is tiring for them and they need to be an athlete full time and not worry about nothing else.

Is pork going to be more expensive than beef?

In the aricle that I read titled “Higher Pork Prices Coming?” I learned that California approved a proposition ( in specific Proposition 12, The farm animal confinement proposition) that it is required more space for breeding pigs, it sounds great and everything but the bad thing about this proposition is that just 4% of the hog farmers in the entire country of the United States meet the New Standards, that means that in California we are on danger of lose all of our pork supply and those are not good news for restaurants, farmers and people in general because it is going to be difficult or impossible for the restaurants to keep their prices the same especially those that use more pork than anything else. This new also affect the people that live in California because as it says in the article that I have read, the prices of pork could rise as double as before and that is unacceptable pork is one of the more used kind of meat in the country and the world.

What do you think about it? is it going to affect the prices of restaurants and groceries stores significantly?

Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars: What does this mean for the future of Mars research?

On February 18th 2021, the Perseverance rover first touched down on Mars’s surface, this NASA mission was sent specifically to look for signs that may indicate that microbial life once existed on Mars, this mission is the first of its kind since the 70s.

The Perseverance rover will spend most of its time focusing on the surrounding area of Jezero Crater, which many studies have led scientists to believe that this crater was in fact a prehistoric lake that was fed by a river.  As Perseverance continues its journey around the crater, it will soon run into a delta on the other end of the crater.  On earth, deltas contain rock and mineral deposits, therefore by studying Jezero’s delta we will be able to reveal the evolution of the planet over time, along with revealing how the water may have moved on the surface, studying this delta can also reveal clues on what past life forms could have called the “Red Planet” home.  Perseverance will be spending around one Martian year, or 687 earth days studying and exploring the Jezero Crater.

How will the Perseverance rover collect samples on mars? Well, Perseverance is equipped with a 7-foot arm that enables it to reach out and collect samples, as well as it is equipped with a drill used to extract core samples, about the size of chalk, from rocks, After the sample is collected it will go through a rotating mechanism which will move the sample inside the rover where it will photograph and sealed to be dropped off at a safe recovery location.  Unfortunately, these samples may not make it back to Earth for another 10 years or so when the retrieval mission for these samples will be sent.  

Perseverance won’t only be studying past life though, it will also be exploring the potential for future life on the planet.  These studies will test the possibilities of producing oxygen and carbon dioxide, which will be beneficial once the time comes to send astronauts to Mars, because it will increase the possibility of making breathing possible on Mars.

This mission also featured a second vehicle along with Perseverance named Ingenuity.  This vehicle is a small drone helicopter with two important tasks.  Ingenuity will provide the people on earth with colored photos of Mars, as well as it will test the possibilities of powered flight in the martian atmosphere.  Mars has one-third the gravity of earth but compared to our atmosphere it is 99 percent less dense than that of Earth’s.

Ingenuity isn’t the only vehicle that has the ability to send pictures of the Martian surface to earth, Perseverance is equipped with 23 cameras and has already sent back high definition 360 panoramic images of the surface.   These images have been sent back to Jet Propulsion Laboratories (JPL) by thousands of photos, some of them can be found in the public archive.

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The Forgotten Women: Milicent Patrick

In the article, “Profiles in Women’s History: Milicent Patrick” (McGraw Hill) I learned that Milicent Patrick was an animator, makeup artist, costume designer, and more in the film industry. She worked at Disney’s ink and paint department where she worked with many other women who traced animator’s drawings with precision. She also took part as an animator in Disney’s films “Dumbo” and “Fantasia”. While working as an extra she met Bud Westmore (head of Universal’s makeup department) who hired her as a makeup designer for the film “Creature from the Black Lagoon”. Universal decided to send Patrick to a tour of the movie “The Beauty Who Created the Beast” causing Bud Westmore to fire her and remove her name from the film’s credits with his own.

Until now, Mallory O’ Meara experiences sexism as a female in the film industry, which shouldn’t happen anymore. There are women whose talent is not recognized. It is unfair that they work so hard for someone else to take advantage of them and take credit for hard work without moving a finger.

Can a Giant Laser Control the Weather?

In the article “Can a Giant Laser Control the Weather” the writer explains that Switzerland is trying something new, but similar to what Ben Franklin did with the key and a kite in a thunderstorm. But what they use is high tech and this high tech happens to be a giant laser. With the laser, they are trying to make it into an enormous lightning rod. It was explained by the researchers that the laser will catch bolts of lightning and direct them to the ground safely. But makes scientists think that the laser will cause extra strikes by mimicking the electric process that causes lightning rods. The reason they’re doing this is because of climate change and it causes more lightning strikes. 

Because of that, studies have shown that lightning strikes kill 6,000 to 24,000 people every year globally. Not only that, but lightning also costs the U.S billions of dollars in destruction to air traffic and power lines every year. It also causes worldwide damage to electronics and fractures. So with the laser, they can be placed at airports and other heavily impacted areas if the experiment works. 

Deadly Fires In Many Parts Of The World

In the Article “Southeastern Europe Battle Deadly Fires,” I learned that South Eastern Europe is facing widespread and deadly fires. Greece is also battling with at least 55 wildfires where thousands have been evacuated. Dozens of homes have been destroyed and dozens of people have been injured, two people including a firefighter were killed. The same thing is happening in Greek island of Evia, where a whole village was burned. Meanwhile turkey is facing the worst fires in the country’s history. More than 55,000 hectares of forest have been lost to these fires.There have been 8 deaths and many have been injured. More than 220 wildfires have broke out in turkey throughout these past few weeks. It is getting to the point where it is challenging to stop the fires from spreading. Firefighters are doing their duty and doing anything they can to stop these fires.There are many countries like the United Kingdom, France, and the United States that are helping keep everything under control by sending water bombing aircrafts to the areas where it is needed.

I think that what is happening is important and there should be more people informed about these deadly fires. Due to all these fires happening all around the world the environment is burning and getting destroyed. It must be horrible to live where there are many fires and where you are forced to leave your home. 

The situation with Afghanistan

In the speech that Biden made on Afghanistan, I learned that during Trump’s presidency he had called off all American troops in Afghanistan allowing May 1st to be the deadline, so now that Biden is president he is trying to let the people know the situation as to why he is going along with this decision and also taking responsibility. Since America has been helping Afghanistan for over 20 years, they still weren’t able to create a stable government for themselves. They had all the access to machinery/weapons and were still taken over by the Taliban once American troops had left.

I think that this current situation has both its pros and cons. Yes, it still is harmful to those innocent people in Afghanistan but pulling out troops that had died as well is what was good specially since they’ve invested millions in a country that had no hope. So for the perceivable future, we will have to see what happens because of this current decision.

What is Haiti Currently Going Through?

In the article “Haiti Faces Series of Natural Disasters”(McGraw Hill) I learn that Haiti was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake. Then, they were also hit 2 days later by a tropical storm called Tropical Storm Grace. Due to the earthquake it had killed over 2,000 people and injured 12,000. About 53,000 houses were destroyed and many people had to wait to be seen at hospitals due to the hospitals being leveled. The tropical storm had caused the after effects of the quake harder to recover. Several countries are helping aid with workers, supplies and equipment. The USAID and DART are also helping Haiti recover.

I think what is happening in Haiti is scary. Not only getting an earthquake but also getting a tropical storm 2 days after making it harder to fix their homes. It’s sad to think over 2,000 lost their lives that day of the quake and now the people who are recovering from the aftermath are going through a tropical storm. I hope the other countries that are going to help Haiti are able to help and save lives or homes. It’s crazy and horrifying to imagine what they are going through right now.

Some things we may need to know about Covid-19?

In the article, “New Coronavirus Guidelines Issued,” I learned that there has been a new spike in the COVID-19  virus and a new DELTA variant that is leaving a lot of Americans afraid and what they should do to take caution of this. The new DELTA variant is a new version of COVID-19 that spreads like crazy, passing it on to the world quicker than ever. We knew COVID-19 since 2020 and were leaving people being hospitalized and now seeing it again with the new Delta variant. Also I have good news. According to the article, research states that if you have been fully vaccinated you are in a good spot because your chances of getting or being hospitalized is very small. Or even if you come across it and get chances you’ll be good. If you are twelve,well that age group and below cant receive the vaccine meaning they should follow the CDCś (Center for Disease Control) guidelines. But not only the young ones but also the adults just so that we could slow this thing down. 

I think what is happening in the world with this pandemic is that it’s a very dangerous virus that could kill your loved ones and you need to act and get vaccinated quickly. Remember when we were in a lock down that helped slow down the spread tremendously but since everything opened back up people noticed a big spike on Covid numbers. In San Francisco they are returning to wearing masks indoors which is very helpful and we should start doing this everywhere. I feel pretty confident that when flying on an airplane the workers are doing a great job following the CDC guidelines making sure the people are safe and healthy. 

U.S. Preventions

I read an article about the U.S. Extendents border restriction. I learned that the USA wants a negative COVID-19 test or proof of recovery. This was very interesting for me since I was looking at how the cases of COVID-19 have increased a lot. The increase in these is due to the fact that people are no longer wanting to take care of themselves. The death rate has also risen by 19 percent. About 83 percent of these cases are the result of the delta variant. This causes the restrictions of many things to be extended and we cannot return to normality.

I think that the measures they are taking to enter the country is a good security measure since this way we know that the people who enter are not infected and there is not much risk. I think if we put our part we can get out of this in less time. I think there is going to be people who do not want to follow the rules but if you follow it your family and you can have a normal life when the cases decrease and many people do what they need to do.

Taliban Takeover in Afghanistan

In the article, “Afghanistan Falls to the Taliban” (McGraw Hill) I learned that the Biden administration had set a deadline that was already placed that demanded to remove the U.S. military personal from Afghanistan, but with the rapid speed of the Taliban taking over Afghanistan, the United States was forced to withdraw their troops much quicker. 20 years ago the United States assisted Afghanistan by providing them equipment and all the necessary resources for them to remove the Taliban from power. Throughout the years their military has fallen to the Taliban as they began to gain control over certain areas of the country. This has caused many of the Afghan people to panic as thousands still wait to be evacuated to safety. Women and girls would be the most vulnerable to the Taliban takeover, as they may take many of their rights and freedoms. Since August 70,000 Afghans have been evacuated from the country successfully. Although the Trump administration had initially begun to process, it was the Biden administration who set a date for the full troop withdrawal. This left many areas vulnerable to Taliban control, which is why he received an immense amount of criticism for his decision.

I think that what is happening in Afghanistan is an important crisis that even we as Americans should take notice of. It must be horrible to feel like there is no hope and forced out of your own country to not suffer. The Biden administration so far has rescued many Afghans from dangers in their country, but along with this, we should also care about our safety as we are not aware of what type of people we are bringing into our country from Afghanistan. Many people initially blamed the Biden administration for what has occurred when in reality Donald Trump was the one who initially began the process of removing U.S. troops during his presidency.