September 26, 2022


Littering in Thailand

In the article, “Take Back Your Trash”(Upfront, 2021) I learned that in Thailand they are being more aware when it comes to trash being littered on National Parks. They have become so stern with this idea that they are now picking up the garbage left behind and sending it back to the people who littered these items. These people can get fined, sent to prison, and reported to the police. The reason behind these efforts is to reduce pollution and help wildlife. Even though these punishments may seem harsh they are still necessary to meet the standards to help their movement.

What do you think about Thailand’s way of reducing pollution and protecting wildlife?

In my opinion, I think that they are helping a good cause and that these steps need to be added to parts of the world besides Thailand. Even though these punishments may be seen as too strict and harsh I believe that these are good enough to make people think twice about littering.

Teenagers nowadays drive while using the phone.

In the article, “Driven to Distraction” (from upfront published on March 13, 2017) it explains that texting and driving is one of the most dangerous forms of distracted driving. Teens who text while driving spend 10% of the time outside their lane. That can also live your brain with less cognitive load to focus on driving. When driving you cannot drive safely unless the task of driving has your full attention.

We all know that is illegal to touch your phone while driving except if you’re handing it to a passenger. Many teens drivers acknowledge the dangers of texting while driving, but some admitted to do it anyway. When cell phone is used while driving, it can sometimes lead to an accident. Millions of crashes each year. More likely to cause a worse accident than drunk driving. To be more safe and to have others safe you should always put your phone out of the sight not in your lap where it’s within easy reach and you can also put your phone on silence so it can’t distract you. Obviously if you need to urgently text pull over park and do it off the road. Remember that always keeping your eyes on the road is very important, not on your phone, as you could be saving lives and not causing accidents.

How can you reduce the risk of using your phone while driving?

Foreigners Entering America Debate

The article, “Should Foreign Travelers who aren’t Vaccinated Against COVID-19 be Denied Entry to the United States?” talks about if people from out of the country should be allowed in America even if they are not vaccinated. The pros of them not being allowed to come are COVID will stop spreading and hopefully be extinct in the United States. Also, to limit their number of citizens so they will not be economically responsible. However, the article also states the cons of not permitting them entrance. For instance, not all countries can access the vaccine for all of their citizens. In addition to this, the U.S. is suffering from labor shortages so maybe if they allow them to come, then we can solve this problem.

Do you think people should be allowed access into the United States without a vaccine?

It would make sense to me to allow these citizens access to America. Although stopping the spread of COVID is important, they should provide the vaccine to these people. This country has given out so many free vaccines for COVID so they can provide more for these people traveling. Furthermore, these people can also put their efforts into helping the U.S. if they choose to be citizens here. There are more cons to not letting these people in America rather than pros. 

Day and Night I Always Dream With Open Eyes

Jose is a 13 year old bilingual student from the Dominican Republic who is literate in both Spanish and English, and who has a dark skin complexion living in the neighborhood where the school is located. He along with his peers receive instructions in a ICT dual language classroom. This still doesn’t stop Jose from arriving late to school.

Although the school has a uniform policy, Jose still at times decides to break with the policy and wear his own clothes. His presence is felt when he’s in class and when he’s absent. That is because Jose participates regularly in the classroom, excels in math, generates critical questions during socials studies, is charismatic with his peers and staff.

But Jose is also clever and exploits his charm to request bathroom breaks where he would wander the halls, at times escorted back by his peers who the school counselor. When that behavior of his is checked, Jose would get frustrated temporary or humor the situation, regardless he returned to do his work.

During Social studies, relevancy is important for Jose because once established, Jose is able to be meticulous with his process of investigation.

He also interested in baseball and talks a lot about joining a team, feeling confident he will make the team and play shortstop. His teachers aware of this, encourage Jose to remain focus and not allow his friendships with the wrong people interfere with his academic performance.   

What You Thought You Knew

Dear Colleague:

Recently, I participated in a professional learning experience with LUTE Stem at Lehman College. In one of the courses this Summer, I learned about Costa and Kallick’s Habits of Mind, Pat Carini’s Descriptive Review of a Child protocol, and multimodal composition.

I had some time to think about how to apply these new ideas in the classroom, and in this letter, I’d like to explain my enthusiasm for supporting learners as they work to understand themselves better. I believe that an effective way to guide students toward greater self-understanding is through studying the Habits of Mind. Costa and Kallick, the authors of the Habits of Mind Framework state, ” Habits of Mind are dispositions people use when confronted with problems and situations to which the answers are not immediately apparent.” The introduction of these habits to our learners will benefit them greatly while they work through academic, social, and emotional challenges. One realization that I had while diving into the depth of the Habits of Mind Framework was that I had many moments in my life that I could link to a specific habit. Frequent reflection during and after activities offered me opportunities to pause and identify the habit that I used to work through a task. I think that this metacognitive work is essential for all people, and I am eager to introduce it to the learners in our classroom.

I would like to propose that we develop a mini unit on stories of questioning what they thought they knew. Questioning and Posing Problems is one of the Habits of Mind, and I think it is a valuable tool for students who are on the verge of entering adulthood. If we want our students to be critical thinkers, they must be prepared to inspect information or ideas before accepting new information as “fact.” Our learning objective would be that students would craft a multi-modal story about a time when they questioned something they had previously taken at face value, and came to a greater understanding about the world or themselves because of their questions. 

To do this we will need a brainstorming map, laptops/Chromebooks/iPads, access to and YouTube.

The students will create a video that tells a story about a time when they they questioned something they had previously taken at face value, and came to a greater understanding about the world or themselves in the process. They will collect ideas on the paper brainstorming map. They will write their story and publish it as a document on YouthVoices. They can include a gif or image that deepens the meaning or message of the story, and/or any other modes they enjoy. Students will then record themselves telling that same story and upload the video to YouTube, then embed the video into their YouthVoices document. This multimedia story will appear on YouthVoices for our group of learners. After each student posts their story, they can listen to one another’s stories and leave written or recorded feedback.

When the students complete this activity they will have made progress on these four standards from the Next Generation Learning Standards:

  •  9-10W3: Write narratives to develop real or imagined experiences or events using effective technique, well-chosen details, and well-structured event sequences.
  • 9-10W3b: Use narrative techniques, such as dialogue, pacing, description, reflection, and plot line(s) to develop experiences, events, and/or characters.
  • 9-10W3c: Use a variety of techniques to sequence events to create cohesion and a smooth progression of experiences or events.
  • 9-10W3d: Use precise words and phrases, explicit details, and sensory language to convey a vivid picture of the experiences, events, setting, and/or characters.
  • 9-10W3e: Provide a conclusion that follows from and reflects on what is experienced, observed, or resolved over the course of the narrative.

Here’s how I think we might introduce this activity.

  • We can start by showing them this video: Scene from Men In Black – YouTube
  • Then we can introduce the Habit of Mind “Questioning and Posing Problems” and define it. We can ask students to identify how the video shows “Questioning and Posing Problems.”
  • After that, we can introduce this prompt with the brainstorming map: Think of times when you have questioned something you had previously assumed to be true, and came to a greater understanding about the world or yourself in the process.
  • After students have a few minutes to brainstorm, they will select one idea to create into a YouthVoices doc and YouTube video.
  • We will demonstrate and model how to tell a story. We will also think aloud and show them how to make decisions on how and when to add other multimedia features to the video.
  • We would confer with students while they work and provide personalized feedback that is responsive to their immediate needs. 

I would also propose that the students give each other feedback using YouthVoices. They could use this protocol to provide meaningful and relevant feedback:

  • Leave your partner a star by telling them something that they did really well.
  • Leave your partner a wish by telling them something that you wish they would continue to do more of or try next time.

This activity should take at least 90-120 minutes to complete, which should allow time for productive struggle. To encourage students, I think we might set up practices where students support one another with technical components such as an expert board. 

When they have finished this activity, it would be great if we could ask the students to write and talk about how or if they encountered the Habit of Mind of Questioning and Posing Problems to create their document and video on YouthVoices and YouTube.

I will also use these Habits of Mind to give the students both written and oral feedback while they are working and once they finish their work!

Thank you for taking the time to consider this proposal. I hope you see how valuable this activity could be for our students. Please let me know if you have any revisions that I might consider for this activity. I look forward to working with you on this. Who knows – if it works well – maybe we can do this for all of the habits!

Your Partner in Education,

Emily Staudt

An Entrance to My Life

I am Bradly Rivera, a 23 year-old learner and mentor. I connect with many of the habit’s of mind (HOB’s) but the one’s that hit home the most are “managing impulsivity,” “listening with understanding and empathy,” and “questioning and posing problems.”

I used to be a naturally impulsive person. It was hard for me to control the thoughts that came and I’d often just let that thought out, even though it may not have been a fully developed one. Luckily, as I grew and thought deeper I learned to control this and manage impulsivity. Along with learning to manage impulsivity came trying to listen to understand and show empathy. “To listen to what that person is trying to represent” is very important. For me it highlights not only being open-minded, but also trying to understand from a different POV. Thinking about the way a person has been shaped.

Along with being open-minded and show empathy, I’ve still carried that bit of impulsivity in me that always thinks to question everything. A quote by Einstein, “The formulation of a problem is often more essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill. … To raise new questions, new possibilities, to regard old problems from a new angle, requires creative imagination and marks real advances” capitalizes on the human ability to communicate well. It’s something that more people should actively try to become better at and never stop.

Often times, questioning someone may be viewed as confrontational when it’s meant to be productive and garner new insight and information on a topic at hand. These habits of mind have been main drivers in shaping me in my later teen years. I became more self-aware and through that more knowledgeable of the world and people around me.

Three Habits Important to Me!

As a literacy teacher and lover of all things related to literacy (especially as it relates to technology), the habits of mind we have been working with have so many connections to the skills I want my students to develop as readers and writers.  Reading through the article, Learning and Leading with Habits of Mind by Arthur Costa, I noted two habits that directly connect to what research tells us effective readers and writers use.

Questioning and Posing Problems

Asking questions is essential to understanding because it helps us process what we are engaged with, such as a text, and actively participate in understanding it.  To me, I think asking questions and posing problems not only helps me comprehend information I’m receiving (such as when I’m reading, listening to someone, or viewing a movie) but it also helps me think critically about that information.  Here’s how I’m making that connection.

I moved to NYC in 2016 from the warm, sunny (well sometimes) lands of Florida.  I was born and raised in Florida and had no idea about winter weather.  I used to freeze when it was in the 50’s/60’s because the temperature rarely dipped below that!  My husband was born and raised in Massachusetts, so luckily I had a cold weather expert in my midst.  Along with reading about wintry weather, I asked so many questions to my husband about snow, driving on icy roads, and even what kind of clothes to get!  I also posed problems, like what do I do if the plow comes in and buries the car and what happens if the snow gets so high we can’t open the door outside?  He was sick and tired of me to be honest.  However, asking questions and posing problems helped me learn more about the wintry weather I was so fascinated with my first couple of years in NYC.  I’ve since learned it’s not that big a deal to my relief because it really doesn’t snow that much or get that high here in the city.  =) Now driving in it?!  Well, I just avoid that at all costs!

Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations

And here, again, we have another strategy that effective readers use to comprehend text. Being able to recall important prior knowledge and use it to understand a text is another high-impact reading strategy.  Research is so strong on the importance of applying prior knowledge that some say it is the single most important factor in determining how much readers will comprehend about a given topic is their level of prior knowledge about that topic (Cunningham, 2006).  This habit of mind extends that research noting that you need to apply it to new situations.

Another thing you can learn about me from reading my bio is that I’m an animal lover.  I’ve had pets of all sorts including a leopard gecko, beta fish, bunnies, turtles, guinea pigs, cat, and am now a proud parent of a puppy.  This all stemmed from the toy poodle that we owned when I was a child.  From my parents, I learned that animals need basic things such as food, water, and shelter, but should also have other things that aren’t essential such as walk, play time, and treats that enrich their lives.  I applied this knowledge to all of the pets that I’ve owned but had to extend that knowledge to learn the specific needs of different species of animals.  Did you know that bunnies make two different kinds of poops and actually eat their own poop?  One is a special poop after they eat called cecotropes. Because their diet is so fibrous, their intestines can’t process all of it and much of it comes out in their poop.  They eat this special poop which is soft and looks almost like blackberries to get the nutrients that they need from their food.

Responding with Wonderment and Awe

So while those two habits of mind relate closely to my current work, another habit that I’ve developed as a lifelong learner is to responding with wonderment and awe.  As a literacy teacher, I was struck with this habit of mind since it is one of the strategies that successful readers use to comprehend text. It seems that it’s not just about what you read, but being curious and wondering are habits of influential thinkers as well!

I wonder how technology adds to these habits of mind? Does our reliance on technology expand the list or add new habits we need to develop?  I’m a bit of a technology nerd in that I love all things dealing with digital tools.  I love tinkering with new platforms, such as Kumospace and YouthVoices, and experiencing awe at the way technology is changing our lives, frankly!  Thus, I think that this habit of mind truly explains my own perspective on life.  To be a lifelong learner, you must marvel at new information, tools, and experiences and wonder what other possibilities are!

I look forward to connecting with you all!

Living the Same Life

Born A Crime talks about the struggle Trevor went through and how he was different than everyone else, yet he lived through a struggle that was worse. All sides did not like him. Blacks said he is white, whites said he was black.. Not everyone accepted him, but he had his mom with him supporting him all the time and making sure he lives a better life than she did.

The second paragraph of Born A Crime by Trevor Noah might leave a reader feeling sad because Since they always say Trevor is white they treated him differently than his cousins just because he was a bit lighter than them An example of this is on page 8. “Because I don’t know how to hit a white child,” she said. “A black child, I understand. A black child, you hit them and they stay black. Trevor, when you hit him he turns blue and green and yellow and red. I’ve never seen those colors before. I’m scared I’m going to break him. I don’t want to kill a white person. I’m so afraid. I’m not going to touch him.” And she never did.

A reader’s questions might start on page 9 where it says: “My grandmother treated me like I was white. My grandfather did, too, only he was even more extreme.” This is important because I think one of the biggest events were when Trevor was trying to get to known his dad since he lived a long time not knowing a thing about his dad The author seems to be making the point that Trevor’s dad was trying to protect Trevor and his mom by staying undercover most of the times since they can’t say Trevor’s mom had sexual relations with his Swiss dad

After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because Trevor got to see his dad again and the reader would like to see more about how he goes on about his life and fight through the struggles he been through since he was a kid. What’s probably going to happen next is I am not sure what will happen next since the author gives different parts of the story in a random order but I think it will be about how Trevor deals with stuff on his on and not depend on his mom that much anymore

Women’s rights

In the article, “A Century-Long Battle Over The Equal Rights Amendment” (BTW, 2021) I learned that the 1964 Civil Rights Act but as stated in the article not all their rights were guaranteed. We also discover that in 1923 the Equal Rights Amendment otherwise known as (ERA). Additionally we discover that it was made to ensure equal rights for both men and women which was passed in 1972. However, the Anti-ERA organizers were very against it which caused ERA to not be approved of as it did not meet the requirements by the deadline that was given by Congress. 

How do you feel about women fighting for their rights?

I am delighted to see that people were able to stand with one another in order to protest which did gain them more time. However, unfortunately it failed to meet the requirements that were needed in order for it to be ratified. I was frustrated that they only needed 3 more states to approve of the amendment. I was also surprised to see what the Anti-ERA organizers were worried about when they expressed their concerns over it. 

NFL to Hire More Diverse Coaches

This article regarding NFL coaches titled, “NFL to Hire More Diverse Coaches” states plenty of information individuals need to know about the lack of diverse coaches. Have you ever noticed that in the NFL we usually see male coaches who are usually of the race white? This has been a major issue in the NFL because there is little few to no coaches who are of color. The main issue is that coaches being hired are usually of higher level and have more to offer. However, we need to start seeing a change in the coaches because women are barely coaches and do not have a chance as much as a male.

What do you think about the diversity of coaches in the NFL?

In my opinion, it should be explained more about the diversity of coaches in the NFL. I feel there are fewer chances for females and people of color to get NFL coach jobs. I think there should definitely be changes made in the next years.

High School Stress

I discovered in the article “The Coming Break” that high school students should not be concerned about their final exams. This is true since stress can cause you to operate less efficiently and have an impact on how you handle other things. Stress may also cause the body (brain) to perform poorly during the finals. They gave some suggestions of how to lessen stress, such as drinking less caffeine and resting more to prepare for the finals.

What do you think about finals?

More stress-relieving options, in my opinion, is a good thing. It must be excruciating to be under such duress. A 5-minute stroll is an example of a stress-relieving activity. It’s also a good idea to get enough sleep before the finals. Now that winter break is approaching, students may want some stress-reduction strategies in order to do well on tests and finals.

Driverless Cars?

Amitai Bin-Nun favors the idea of driverless cars being a good idea in the essay “Are Driverless Cars A Good Idea,” whereas Ashley Nunes opposes it. According to Bin-Nun, self-driving cars will benefit the environment by reducing traffic congestion, driving more efficiently, and lowering pollutants. Persons who are disabled or older people who are unable to drive safely may benefit from self-driving automobiles. Others who do not know how to drive may benefit from it as well. Bin-Nun claims that it can make roads safer, claiming that more than 36,500 people died on them in 2018. Nunes opposes the concept of self-driving automobiles because machines are imperfect and have weaknesses. They, like people, are capable of making mistakes.She detailed how a 40-year-old man was murdered by a self-driving car after colliding with a truck. She argues that we should not put our reliance in our automobiles to drive themselves throughout our lives.

Do you believe that self-driving cars will become a reality?

I believe that having a driverless automobile would be beneficial since I am familiar with numerous scenarios where individuals are driving home late at night and become weary, and they can sleep behind the wheel. It has the potential to make roadways safer and prevent accidents. However, I am aware that machines are flawed and that we should not rely on them for control. I believe that driverless cars are a fantastic concept if they can develop automobiles that are safe and make no mistakes.

Rise of A.I.

In the article, “The Rise of A.I.” (Upfront login required) I learned that we interact with A.I. regularly. A.I. has both benefits and detriments. Although A.I. can provide informations or solutions faster than humans which has the potential to help improve the world, it has faced intense criticism. People are beginning to wonder if A.I. will do more harm than good. A.I. tracks and collects massive amounts of data on consumers. Anyone that has a cellphone has already had data consumed by A.I.. This is because A.I. tries to learn patterns of human behavior. Many people see this as an issue and it explains why many people are worried about the future of A.I.

What is your perspective on A.I.?

Personally, I think A.I. is both a good thing and bad thing. The future of A.I. must make many people nervous when thinking about it. The topic of A.I. can stress people out which is a reasonable feeling. I hope that A.I. is only used for positive things and not for immoral purposes.

Actor Makes History at Oscars

In the article it proves how one actor can make a difference. Troy Kotsur is the second deaf actor to receive an Oscar for acting. He wanted to prove that anyone can be anything disregarding the challenges they face. He wanted to inspire future deaf actors and actresses in the future. In a movie he starred in, it’s on an entire family who is deaf… except for one daughter. What he likes about this movie is that the family is not portrayed as limited or as victims. He likes that it shows the family just like any other hearing family.

Do you like what they are doing with this method?

In my opinion, I find it amazing that he was given that opportunity. Taking into consideration how many people with disabilities are “limited” they’re opportunities. I like the fact that they are showing how people with disabilities are not any less or different than people who don’t have any.

Bidens Response to Ukraine wanting the U.S. help

In the article, “Ukraine Asks for More Help and Biden Responds” I learned that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky is asking for help from the whole world as they face dangerous missiles of which thousands have been fired at them by Russia already. He also asks for help from the U.S. but bidens response was that they would not send troops but continue to support them with food and military equipment. Biden also stated that he would also continue to apply harsh economic sanctions against Russia.

Do you agree with Biden’s decision in his effort to help Ukraine?

I think what is happening right now in Ukraine is very unfortunate. There have been many people that are innocent and have lost their lives because of the damages that the war has done. Although Russia thought they’d takeover easily Ukraine has been showing resistance.

Ukraine Asks for More Help and Biden Responds

This article, “Ukraine Asks for More Help and Biden Responds” explains the horrific events that are occurring in Ukraine involving the war between Russia and Ukraine. Russia has already fired more than a thousand missiles at Ukraine and has also used bombs and drones to murder Ukrainians. This issue is being compared to Pearl Harbor. Zelensky is not only asking for help from the United States but from the whole world.

Do you think that Biden should get involved?

I think that it is sad what is going on in Ukraine. However, it is important to keep in communication with each other since people are having to flee their homes and leave Ukraine. I also feel it is important for the United States to help Ukraine with this issue. Many innocent lives are being stripped from individuals due to this conflict occurring.

Crisis at the Pump

In the article, “Crisis at the Pump ” (McGraw Hill) I learned that gas prices have been going up lately. As of March 6th – 12th, 2022 the gas prices in the United States hit a record high average of $4.17 a gallon.Increasing by 55 cents in just a single week. The gas prices went up for reasons like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused the U.S. to ban imports of crude oil from Russia meaning a smaller supply here, which raises our prices. Global gas prices have been rising  as the population continues to respond to expanding COVID vaccination. The severe drop in gas demand during the earliest months of pandemic caused OPEC and oil producing nations to cut production. 

I think a lot of people are mad but can’t do anything about the gas prices. I saw a lot of people on tik tok making jokes riding a bike or a horse because gas is too expensive but it’s the reality.  We are struggling with this pandemic, Putin’s war till this day. It’s very crazy how much we are paying for gas. I saw some places reaching up to 8 dollars.

What things needs to be done to calm or bring the gas prices down?

Crisis at the Pump

In the article, “Crisis at the Pump ” (McGraw Hill) I learned that gas prices have been going up lately. As of March 6th – 12th, 2022 the gas prices in the United States hit a record high average of $4.17 a gallon.Increasing by 55 cents in just a single week. The gas prices went up for reasons like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused the U.S. to ban imports of crude oil from Russia meaning a smaller supply here, which raises our prices. Global gas prices have been rising  as the population continues to respond to expanding COVID vaccination. The severe drop in gas demand during the earliest months of pandemic caused OPEC and oil producing nations to cut production. 

I think a lot of people are mad but can’t do anything about the gas prices. I saw a lot of people on tik tok making jokes riding a bike or a horse because gas is too expensive but it’s the reality.  We are struggling with this pandemic, Putin’s war till this day. It’s very crazy how much we are paying for gas. I saw some places reaching up to 8 dollars.

What things needs to be done to calm or bring the gas prices down?

Biden will travel to Europe next week for an extraordinary NATO meeting.

This article talked about Biden’s trip to Europe next week, including meetings with NATO and the European Union. Biden is visiting to reaffirm his firm support of Ukraine. Zelensky will also request that Congress send additional aid in a virtual address on Wednesday morning. The European Union and NATO should also discuss viable peace options at their meeting.

See my comments on this article:

A guide to what Russia and Ukraine want from talks- and where the red lines are

This article talked about the demands of both sides in Ukraine-Russia negotiations. Russia demands a guarantee that Ukraine will never join NATO, and also would like Ukraine to recognize the independence of the Donetsk and Luhansk Peoples’ Republics as well as Crimea. Ukraine would like an immediate cease-fire and retreat of troops, and says it would take a long-term pause on future NATO membership if they got security guarantees from the United States and other countries. The establishment of humanitarian evacuation corridors still remains a contentious issue, as Russia promised to respect them but their soldiers still continue to shell and shoot, killing refugees in this area. Zelensky believes that the negotiations recently have gone well, signaling that an end to the war may come soon.

See my comments on this article:

To protect Black women and save America from itself, elect Black women

America has given women the right to vote through the 19th Amendment, yet there are still many obstacles that women of color face, specifically Black women. There has been a lack of representation in America’s political system, which does more harm than good for the future. In recent years, Black women have been rising to the top. But with these actions, comes inequity, racism, harassment, and many more devastating factors. Any given situation, Black women have to bear the most burdens and have the hardest lives to live.

Even though the odds are against them, Black women are tuning into their Blackness and chasing after their dreams, even with all the limitations. Nowadays, we see a lot more Black women holding political office and it’s inspiring. Racial inequality was measured to be more of a pressing issue than the economy; the economy combined with the wealth gap would have tied racial inequality at the top of issues in America (voted by Black women/other officials).

Take a look at the comments on my research:

What Does Too Much Screen Time Do to Children’s Brains?

At a young age exposing your child to screen can cause numerous harmful effects such as: behavioral, social, sleep, vision, physical, and weight problems.

When children are glued to a screen in their early development they aren’t aware of those around them and their surroundings, and because they’re not watching social cues they’re aren’t able to process no-verbal cues. As well as using these devices for them are an addiction and they feed off of these screens when they don’t have them they suffer from withdrawal and have aggression and angry outburst when they are not using these devices. Also, studies have shown that children who use these at a young age also have attention issues because they’re not receiving the same stimulation from physical interaction as they are from the screens. In addition, they also don’t know how to interact with others in person because of their screen time and they don’t like interacting with others because of the awkwardness and uncomfortable that it brings and would rather be on a screen and limit their interactions with others dramatically.

Screens emit blue light which is the equivalent to daylight when a child looks at a screen before bed it stimulates and wakes up their brain which causes troubles sleeping because their minds and their brain activity are running at peak speed which is not optimal for sleep. So even though when they turn off their screen their brains are still working and it doesn’t allow them to sleep. “Sleep is essential for the healthy development of a child’s brain, affecting learning, memory, emotions, behaviors, and overall mental health.” So when these screens mess up their sleep patterns it also takes a toll on their mental health as the brain is still so vulnerable and susceptible to change. Along with sleep issues having a screen inches away from a child’s face strains their eyesight some of these symptoms include: burning, itchy and tired eyes. Blue light is also very damaging to the retinal cells which can cause macular degeneration which is not curable and will last for the rest of the child’s life, causing severe blurry vision.

The small devices for children cause children to hunch over a screen and it can hurt their postures. A spine stops developing at the age of 18 so from 18 years of a child’s life hunching over it can cause a weak spine and can cause back problems for the rest of their lifetime. As well as the lighting of the screens can cause headaches and even migraine problems later in their life as well. In addition to spinal issues screens promote a sedentary lifestyle and can cause weight problems like childhood obesity. Childhood obesity can lead to other health problems later in life such as joint problems, diabetes, and heart disease. When children are focused on a screen and snack watching or playing on a screen they are not conscious of what they’re eating and don’t have control over how much they eat which can lead to weight gain over a long period of time.

What’s Next?

Executive Director
Atlantic Ventures
The Atlantic
ATTN: Hayley Romer
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6th Floor: The Atlantic
New York, NY 10010

Dear Brad Girson:

I’m writing to you about The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel. I am a student at the U School and we have been learning about the history of Black Wall Street. I learned about how white mobs destroyed Black Wall Street and also killed and imprisoned most of the residents there over 19-year-old Dick Rowland who supposedly assaulted Sarah Page, A 17-year-old white elevator operator.

First, I would like to share my reactions after reading and annotating the HBO Watchmen Sponsored partnership production, The Massacre of  Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel (The Atlantic) Something that stood out to me was how the police were kinda being sexist and didn’t really care for what the woman was saying but in your graphic novel it said, “No one knows what Page told the police”. Which I think hinted that she said a black man ( 19-year-old Dick Rowland ) which got the police attention.

In addition, from our reading and research, I learned some important social and economic conditions that existed in 1921 that connect to our present-day, 2021. In History.comEntrepreneurs Who Helped Build  Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street’,  Entrepreneurs Who Helped Build Tulsa’s ‘Black Wall Street I learned about O.W. Gurley the founder of Greenwood. He was born to freed slaves in Alabama, And became the owner of a general store in Perry, Oklahoma, And moved to Tusla where he became rich with oil and decided to sell residential and commercial plots to African Americans becoming a historical figure as the founder of Greenwood and inspiration to black entrepreneurs.

Lastly, I would like to ask a question about The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel. If Dick Rowland was never in the elevator with Sarah Page do you think The Massacre of Black Wall Street would still happen with a different scenario?


Jaylen CR

P.S. you should write back to me because I’m interested in what’s next… 

Questions about “The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel”

Brad Girson, Executive Director 
Atlantic Ventures
The Atlantic

ATTN: Hayley Romer
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New York, NY 10010

Dear Developers and editors from The Massacre of Black Wall Street.

I’m writing to you about The Massacre of Black Wall Street: Graphic Novel. I am a student at the U School and we have been learning about the history of Black Wall Street.

I read graphic novels myself and pay attention to certain details there. I’m a fan of the panels and the coloring, by far one of the best I have seen.

I liked the comic panels and how it gave the reader some details on how the situation was in Greenwood.

I was wondering about the panel that showed a man that looked like Hitler on page 15.

For the people who created that comic panel was it a foreshadowing or detail that showed how racist the mobs were during the Tulsa massacre.

At first there were many references in the book I didn’t pick up on. On some pages I see characters like “Uncle Ruckus” on page 13, the wealthy man reading the newspaper about the elevator incident and the guy beside him reading the paper but with an almost good view saw some parts of the paper. He looked middle class. Kind of clueless. And didn’t get the full story, just small details.

The visuals and coloring of the comic itself was nice. My other question is were the writers trying to send a message to the audience reading the book?

Because some pages showed the destruction and mayhem happening in there and how the mobs burnt down the black owned business and killed over 300 Tulsa residents for a article that could be fake news built up into fear and anger that was over 101 years ago. (The Atlantic)

My final question to you is the developer and creator of the comic. How can hate be so filled with raging lies and not an understanding of a miss glance to a problem that could have been avoided?




Are any of the developers into reading comics too?

If so I would like more info on how they made the panels and each coloring of The Massacre of Black Wall Street pages.
And maybe a preview of the latest comics y’all made.

Harry T. Moore

Pioneer leader of the Civil Rights Movement and Educator

February is Black History month; an annual celebration of African Americans and their achievements as well as a time to recognize their role in U.S history. Amongst Martin Luther King Jr. , Malcolm X, and Rosa Parks stood Harry T. Moore. He was a teacher in a segregated public with two daughters. As a teen, he spent some time in Jacksonville, a large and vibrant African American community, with a proud tradition of independence and intellectual achievement. He was raised with lots of nurturing and he held a lot of love for learning which shows in his work.

He was said to have laid the groundwork for the modern civil rights movement as he began his work in the 1930s. He investigated lynchings and registered African Americans to vote. After being fired from his teaching job because of his activism, he took on a job in the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People). He, later on, died advocating for what he believed in; voting rights and anti-lynching. The protests over Moore’s death rocked the nation, with dozens of rallies and memorial meetings around the country. To say he created an impact is an understatement.

I think it’s that passion and love that can drive people to do the most amazing things. He put his life on the line for the good of society, and although it shouldn’t be the sole duty of one, he woke up each day and did it. I think the world listens when it sees unadulterated movement. That like know of what’s right and wrong but even more, that bravery to stand for what we believe is right. Harry T. Moore’s bravery snowballed into a much-needed wake-up call for America.

What are you willing to sacrifice for the betterment of society? For what you believe in?

Should schools be allowed to control students’ social media posts?

In the article, “School Social Media Free Speech Case”(BTW) I learned about Brandi Levy’s case that involved her first amendment getting violated. It all started off when Levy tried out for her school’s cheerleading team and unfortunately didn’t make the cut. So she took out her anger on social media by trashing her school and saying negative things about it. Later on, the School took notice of Levy’s actions and decided to punish her for it. Brandi’s parents believed that the school was in the wrong for doing so since it violated her first amendment, it was off-campus when she published it and the school isn’t in the place for them to tell her what she can and can’t post. But schools should have somewhat of a say in what they are allowed to post. For example, they can get involved with something if it deals with hate speech, bullying, threats, and so on. 

So, what do you think? Shold schools participate in what students publish on social media?

In this case, I’m 50/50 on it since both sides hold great points. I understand that the schools should intervene in some of the student’s social media when it involves hurting someone, physically or mentally. But, schools shouldn’t also get someone in trouble for expressing their opinion when it doesn’t cause anyone harm.

What happened to all the stuff?

In the article, ¨Where did all the stuff go?¨(upfront, login required) I learned that within this year due to the pandemic there were many low products that we were able to get in stores. This was a horrible situation because in stores there many products that weren’t on shelves. They were low stock on basically everything. Some examples were that they were stuck in containers having no one to unload them and send them to stores.

What do you think about this situation?

This issue was a huge crisis because every store always had a minimum stock of things. It was horrible because if you need a type of medicine and it was out of stock due to the fact that they were in the containers or if you needed toilet paper and there was nothing.

The Russian-Ukrainian Issue

Recent tension between Russia and Ukraine has brought up past and present events surrounding the Russian government, as discussed in the article, “Does Russia Want War?” (Upfront). In recent news, we know that Russia has been nearing towards its border with Ukraine with military forces. Amid tension for a possible attempt to invade Ukraine, which was formerly part of the Soviet Union, the U.S. has intervened to warn Russia that serious consequences will arise if they use further military force against Ukraine. Ukraine and the U.S. are allies under the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which was created in 1949 after WWII between North American and European nations to contain further attacks from Germany and communist countries.

Learning more about the Russian regime through this article reminded me a lot of the book, 1984, by George Orwell that I read in my English class. In the book, a totalitarian government controls people through fear and propaganda to control the people. Russia has only one party and it trains children in “youth armies” to serve and protect Russia from enemies that they claim want to destroy the country. I can see the eerie similarities between the government described in the book and the current state of Russia.

Do you believe the Russian-Ukrainian issue is alarming?

Should We Stop Changing the Clocks?

In the article, ¨Should We Stop Changing the Clocks?” on Upfront (login required), we get two perspectives regarding daylight saving time (DST). Those who believe we should stop changing the clocks have high concerns about the negative effects that come after changing the clocks, even if it’s just two times a year. However, those who believe we should not stop changing the clocks state that there are many advantages in the current time system, such as making full use of daylight all year round.

Do you think we should stop changing the clocks?

Based on the knowledge I´ve acquired through this article, I believe that we should stop changing the clocks. Scientific research shows that there are multiple bad health consequences that last from days to weeks. Upon that, it interferes with people’s routines, if you barely have the energy to stay awake then there is even less of a chance you´ll keep your daily routine. I am open-minded to both sides, I do think that it is a shame that without DST we would waste such great daylight as we sleep. However, I am not very educated on this matter so I am open to criticism as well.

Discrimination In LGBTQ+

 In the article, “Discrimination Against The LGBTQ+ Community” I was able to learn that many people who come out tend to get harassed and mistreated, and some of them have to deal with this all the time within this society. This is an absolutely horrible situation that has been going on for a while now because this can lead to depression especially amongst young people. Just because people express themselves they get treated very unfairly and can even be led to either verbal or physical abuse. 

I think this is a very big problem even now that people are starting to get comfortable with expressing themselves. It can lead to dangerous situations. Some people do get good , positive reactions for coming out but for others it must be really tough to not get that acceptance. 

White Rhinos

In the Article, “White Rhinos transported in historic flight”, I learned that white rhinos are an extremely endangered species. There is less than 20,000 of them left in the world. There pretty much all in South Africa where they are being protected. Recently 30 rhinos were transported from South Africa to Rwanda for better protection. This was the largest transportation of Rhinos ever because there so hard to move.

Do you think it’s important to protect white rhinos?

What they are trying to do is get the Rhinos to safe places where they can breed and grow their numbers away from dangerous poachers. The rhinos are also tagged with tracking devices to be kept safe. They have regular surveillance over the animals and even canines trained to attack poachers.

How to steal an Election legally

From a video that I saw was, “What is Gerrymandering?” (Upfront Log in required), it explains of what the process of Gerrymandering is and how does it work in voting. Gerrymandering is a process of which a political party manipulates the electoral district boundaries by changing the boundaries to give themselves an advantage by more representatives while giving the opponents a disadvantage before the voting. This has been going on since 1812 where Gerrymandering was named after a politician named Elbridge Gerry. He redrew the district lines in Massachusetts to gain benefits for his own party, and it was so complicated and complex that a satire cartoon was made to ridicule Gerry’s actions resembling his redrawn district lines as a salamander. In the modern days, Gerrymandering has developed to be more precise and more complex information thanks to technology. It’s has been a very long controversy as may people argue that it is unfair.

<meta charset=”utf-8″>Is it really that unfair to the point that it damages the political system and Democracy?

Well, if we are going to talk about morality, then yes, it is considered unfair because it gives them more power against the opponent by redrawing the district lines to have more representatives in their political party. But it has been an ongoing loophole during the nineteenth century as redistricting is a part of a political system. So that means that Gerrymandering is considered legal and both parties could do it. I’m genuinely curious of what are your thoughts about this.


I believe that teachers have a negative impact on student lives such as bad teachers and toxic environments such as school and or parish. We all know that kids will always remember their favorite teacher or administrator but we all remember that one teacher and or administrator that completely ruined school and had such a negative impact. Now these teachers shouldn’t be teachers and I will explain why I think so.

The reason I say these words is because these teachers in a way made us feel as if we were stuipd as if we felt targeted in a way or were flat out not to usel. We have these teachers that we could never go up to because they made us feel this type of fear of going up to them or such as asking a question and the teachers not really even explaining the sleeves instead of helping they just blow them off. But on top of that teachers don’t care about mental or physical health. Evey teacher as always said that they were a teenager once which is true but i feel like as if being a teenager in there time was different and the way we dealt with things were different we were taught differently 

A statement I found that can help prove that bad teachers affect lives. according to this article about how math teacher shows’ that lack willing to teach and and try showed adults in their 30’s and 40’s, were still convinced that they were bad at math due to experiences they had in their formative years. It was too late to change their minds”. This shows the impact I had on students 20- to 30 years out of school that they still don’t believe is good.

A trip to space

In the article, “YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space Travel” (McGraw Hill) there was a group of four civilians who had the opportunity to orbit the earth. As exciting as it sounds, some civilians are now able to take part in space travel. Although, in order to travel you’d have to go through extensive training, spend a great amount of money, and will have to deal with the dangers of spaceflight. After taking that into consideration, the benefits are also present. For example, being able to use space travel for philanthropic purposes, providing information on human health, and being able to just receive that once in a lifetime experience of being in space.

Would you travel to space if given the opportunity?

As great as this sounds, I do not think we civilians should interfere with the traveling of space… it should be left to the professionals. Even with great training, it won’t make up for the years of research the professionals have done. Having said that, I personally would not do it but do think it is something exciting.

Thanksgiving And Its Tradition / Background

In the article, “Thanksgiving Turkeys and Traditions”, (McGraw Hill) I learned that Benjamin Franklin had proposed the turkey as the United States’ national bird instead of the bald eagle. Franklin thought the bald eagle had “bad moral character,” and so the turkey is a much more respectable bird and a true original native of America. In recent years, the president relieves a turkey from a farmer who raises turkeys and the president sets it free instead of eating it. President Bush was the first to start this tradition. There were other presidents who would also pardon or spare a turkey. 

Did you ever know how Thanksgiving became what it is today?

I think that pardons should be better than killing turkeys because they are animals and they should not be eaten just because of Thanksgiving. This also creates a sense of non-butchering because now Turkeys won’t be killed just to eat it. In another context, Thanksgiving has a lot of history behind it and it is important to understand how it came to be. 

Protecting Children from COVID

In the article “COVID Vaccine Approved for Younger Children”(McGraw Hill) I learned that children under the age of 11 are now able to get the Coivd-19 vaccine. This is very good actually because kids are the ones that get sick more and especially during these times it gets hard. Roughly 28 million children are now eligible to get the vaccination. There’s no need to worry about them having too much or reacting badly to the dose because this dose contains about a third of the medicine that adults receive. They will also be receiving a second shot just like any regular adult.

Do you think this is a good thing that happened? Or do you think the age difference should be moved?

I think this is a good thing because now parents like mothers don’t have to worry about their child getting sick from covid. Not only that but now kids are more protected from reviving covid, it might not be a big difference but a little bit of that dose still helps protect people. I’m sure no one wants to get COVID and it would be scary just imagining a kid getting covid because now their life is at risk.

Alzheimer’s Vaccine In the Works

In the article, “A Vaccine for Alzheimer’s?” (BTW) I learned that there is an upcoming vaccine for Alzheimer’s which could possibly prevent or slow the progression of the disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease that kills more than 120,000 Americans every year, and it is affecting about 6 million Americans at this moment. The key ingredient in this vaccine is Protollin, which allows the immune system to produce extra white blood cells, in order to help clear up the buildup in the brain that causes memory problems. The initial trial will involve sixteen patients and will take about six months. Once researches figure out the right amount of dosage, the trials will become bigger with more patients.

If this vaccine works, would you approve of yourself or family members getting it?

I think that if this vaccine works it would honestly be such an amazing accomplishment. Alzheimer’s is a disease which is increasing and affecting the lives of many. Having this disease traumatizes many because they are slowly losing their memory and forgetting how to do things for themselves. Personally, I know individuals who are being affected and it would be an amazing thing forgot only them but for their family members as well, so that they would all get to spend time together without worrying about what is going to happen to that person or who is going to care for them.

Have We Become Too Reliant on Electronics?

Have we become too reliant upon our electronics? There are many different arguments that support this question and there are those who oppose it. This could honestly go either way, there are so many good things and an almost equal number of bad things that can be brought about by electronics. It also depends upon how much electronics play into certain people’s lives because it could influence their opinions or their arguments towards this topic.

What do you think? Are you too reliant on electronics? Or are they a good thing in your life?

In my personal opinion, I do think that we have become too reliant on our electronics. I understand that there are certain electronic things that we need in order to keep the world running and keep businesses and schools operating. There are also certain things that are not considered a necessity but rather a want or desire. These said wants or desires tend to become very controlling in our daily lives and nobody seems to notice.

A Possible Cure for Alzheimer’s

In the article, “Stuff You Should Know: A Vaccine for Alzheimer’s?” (McGraw Hill) I learned that there is another vaccine besides the Covid-19 vaccine being tested. It can change the lives of people with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia and the disease that kills more than 120,000 Americans per year! There is an estimation of 6 million Americans being affected right now. After 20 years of research, a team from a hospital in Boston is ready to start a trial on nasal vaccines. It can prevent Alzheimer’s or slow down the progression. There is a key ingredient called Protollin in which stimulates the immune system to produce extra white blood cells. The initial trial started on just only sixteen individuals. The testing will last for about six months. When they find the right dosage the trial will go from only testing on sixteen people to 150 patients. 

What do you think about the Alzheimer’s vaccine?

I think that creating the vaccine for Alzheimer’s is amazing news. There are so many people battling Alzheimer’s all over the world. Knowing that there is a chance to help people is magnificent. Here in the US, it kills 120,000 per year! Per year! Imagine how much the amount would drop if there was an Alzheimer’s vaccine. 

Growing Up

Growing up is a big change in a child’s life because they have to get used to real-life situations and it is very unpredictable. A lot of parents are strict on their children not preparing them at all, even though in most cases it is considered out of love this could create a distant relationship with the child. This then leads to dishonesty and sneaky ways because the child doesn’t feel that type of ¨love” the parents are trying to give. Parents do mean well but sometimes it doesn’t seem that way for them.

An example of this would be in Hispanic households which is very common for a young adult to experience. They hold their child to a higher pedestal so they want them to achieve everything they did. Most of them don’t want their children to struggle the way they did as well which makes it seem as ¨tough love¨.

What do you think parents should do?

Should school uniforms be required?

I believe that uniforms should not be required at Judge. Students who attend Judge find that uniforms are an unnecessary hassle. The Judge Memorial students feel that they would benefit from an absence in uniform.

 Uniforms are uncomfortable and prevent students from learning and focusing properly.  Wilcox mentions a valid argument in that “itchy and tight clothes can  make it difficult for a student to focus on academics.” In addition, uniforms can be expensive and hard to attain. Students and their parents have limited access to uniform stores, and often complain that uniforms are extremely expensive. Lastly, the presence of uniforms stops students from expressing their identity which is extremely important. In a child’s time of adolescence, it is important for them to express their creativity. Kouzmine states “Many students who are against school uniforms argue that they lose their self-identity when they lose their right to express themselves through fashion.”

School administrators may argue a lack of uniforms by stating that uniforms keep up a school’s professionalism. I counter this by saying that the student should be valued in their economic stance, comfortability, and expression.  The care for cura personalis, the whole person, should include the student’s opinions and disapproval of the school uniform. The school uniform should be suspended by Judge in order to support the students who run the school. 

War hurts people tremendously

The war sacrificed countless lives and caused tremendous physical and mental trauma to the survivors.

Many people know that war is cruel. Many people lost their lives in combat. However, those who have experienced war first know how brutal and desperate war is for people. In the Afghanistan War, the monthly casualties of the US military alone were shocking. As pointed out in this article, Afghanistan Updates: The U.S. Occupation Is Over, Ending America’s Longest War, the death toll in the recent conflict between Afghanistan and the United States on both sides reached 170,000, not to mention the number of wounded and captured. It may be just a set of numbers in front of some people, but behind the numbers are living families.

The war also affected the economy of the entire region. Local buildings were reduced to ashes in the battle, countless animals were abandoned, and myriad battle trees burned down. The people have lost their homes and property, and they don’t know how to survive. 

After the war, some survivors suffered physical injuries to varying degrees. Some people have life-long incurable sequelae due to war.  Except for some physical injuries, most children who grew up in the war suffered from mental illnesses, such as PTSD. In the investigations issued by the government, Women in refuge: Syrian women voicing health sequelae due to war traumatic experiences and displacement challenges, pointed: ” Barriers to obtaining physical and mental health services are discussed, including inadequate medical treatment, lack of mental health services, and stigma on mental health, which might be associated to somatization of mental illnesses.” 

War is unavoidable. Some people think that these are inevitable for society. However, if you put yourself in this position, the problem will change—people who were displaced and lived in the war every day. Any language and description are pale.

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Zoos do more harm than good

Humans have been displaying animals for entertainment for thousands of years. Zoos are overall great for people; being up close with creatures from all over the world that you’d normally never get to see. But when it comes to the animals, more harm is caused to them than good. These establishments should be eradicated or have different standards set for the wellbeing of the animals. 

The general goal of zoos is to educate people about the animals living there, but they are inhuman and bad for the animals. An article on KQED discusses the pros and cons of zoos, saying that not all zoos are equal. Some are clean, well kept, and humane, whereas others are unsanitary and cruel. Though some zoos work on animal conservation, rehabilitation, and education, they are few and far between. 

There is more bad than good in zoos all over the world. And there are many downsides to zoos which is reflected in the animals’ health. Captivity can be both physically and psychologically damaging for animals. Another article by PETAUK discusses the fact that “UK zoos and safari parks are on average 100 times smaller than the minimum home range for animals in their natural habitats” and along with this the stress and under-stimulation that animals have been put under causes “self-destructive behavior” such as pacing, walking in tight circles, rocking, swaying, or self-mutilation. And well, trying to conceal their distressed zookeepers will give the animals antidepressants, tranquilizers, or antipsychotic drugs. This issue is just one of the countless faced by zoo animals, other large issues deal with animals being taken from their homes, cages not stopping extension, failure to meet a minimum standard of care, and animals being trained to perform tricks. Zoos are not meant for the safety and care of animals but they are rather prisons denying freedom and fair treatment to these animals. 

In the long run zoos are more harmful than helpful to animals and there must be something larger done to stop the inhumane treatment of these amazing creatures in zoos worldwide. 


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Why virtual courtrooms are becoming so dangerous

The American justice system is under threat from alt right trolls from across the internet. Many courtrooms have recently been compromised by alt right trolls from across the nation doxxing and gathering information on vulnerable defendants in order to harass and harm these people. 

These cases often relate to pressing issues such as Black Lives Matter and peaceful protests against organizations such as the proud boys. In order to stop this we must ramp up our security on digital courtrooms.

As we had seen in a recent Charlottesville trial where testifications from people against the “Unite the Right” movement were harassed by racist remarks and a filming and streaming of the courtroom’s trial. Many of the defendants feared sharing the names of their friends or families or the names of people’s involved as thousands of alt right trolls listened and waited across the united states ready to doxx them and share their personal information. The fact that the safety of people involved with the trial could not be guaranteed is deeply concerning. Courtrooms being public is intrinsic to the American justice system but a change must be made. 

One potential solution is that a digital courtroom must be filmed and uploaded to a official court website at a later date; however, the call must be closed and not allow others into it for risk of doxxings and streaming to third party websites. To ensure people’s safety and in order to prevent third party streaming we must close digital courts from the public.


Silverman, Ellie. “White Supremacists Find a New Platform to Spread Hate: A Federal Courtroom in Charlottesville.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 12 Nov. 2021,

Medical Marijuanas

There is an epidemic running rampant throughout our country. This disease and crisis have claimed the lives of at least 400,000 people since 1999. This epidemic is the disease of opioid addiction and abuse. The opioid epidemic has taken over American’s of all ages, backgrounds, and races, and it is our job to get in front of the problem and control it. The debate over the effects of opioids has fluctuated in the medical world for decades. On one hand, many medical professionals and alternative medicine advocates believe there are other effective pain management treatments.

According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine opioid addiction is defined as “a long-lasting (chronic) disease that can cause major health, social, and economic problems. Opioids are a class of drugs that act on the nervous system to produce feelings of pleasure and pain relief.” When an opioid is ingested, the drug latches on to the brain receptors thus providing pain relief. However, opioids can also be used in positive ways. These drugs have been commonly used to treat postoperative pain, cancer pain, and burns. 

Now the tricky questions begin to arise. Should we ban it? How can we regulate the prescription rates? How do we define “chronic pain”?

Dr. Peter Abaci, one of the world’s leading experts on pain management and integrative medicine, states that “There is a lot more to pain management than just medication, even when it comes to treating postoperative pain.”  He claims that there are many other alternative pain management methods such as meditation, massage, and acupuncture. Since the beginning of time humans have been seeking ways to manage their chronic pain. According to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, there is a happy medium between synthetic drug treatment and alternative treatment. Combining the use of synthetic drugs mixed with alternative treatments can reduce the risk of addiction due to prescription drugs. They have found that successful forms of alternative medicine include meditation, acupuncture, massage, homeopathy, naturopathy, herbal supplements, Ayurveda, and chiropractic therapy. 

Another alternative medicine treatment is medical marijuana. According to The National Institute on Drug Abuse, medical marijuana has been shown to treat medical conditions such as epilepsy, cancer pain, anorexia, anxiety, depression, HIV/AIDS, substance abuse, and multiple sclerosis. They also note that “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not recognized or approved the marijuana plant as medicine.” However, as research into this topic is being conducted the NIDA states that “the scientific study of the chemicals in marijuana called cannabinoids has led to two FDA-approved medications in pill form, dronabinol, and nabilone, used to treat nausea and boost appetite.” Aside from the NIDA, there are many medical marijuana activists and advocates who believe that medical marijuana is a safe, natural alternative to prescribed opioid medication.


I believe that Earth is becoming extremely overpopulated, and due to that, we  will experience many issues in the future such as pollution, running out of natural resources. The only way to solve this issue is to educate people in sex education and enviromental conservatoin.

According to the EPA, “landfills are the third-largest source of human-related methane emissions in the United States, accounting for approximately 15.1 percent of these emissions in 2019” (EPA 2021). 250 million tons of waste are produced every year by the United States alone (Leahy 2018). This unimaginable amount of waste does horrors to our planet. Landfills, polluted rivers, and entire islands made completely out of trash are a commonplace in our society. Around 8 million individual pieces of plastic make their way into our oceans every year. This devastating amount of plastic has horrifying effects on wildlife. 100% of baby sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs, 100,000 marine animals die from plastic every year, and 1 in 3 fish caught contain plastic. (Condor 2021). All of these statistics are recent, with our population at around 7.9 billion people. However, by the year 2100 our population will be around 10.9 billion (Brown 2021). As cities continue to grow, so do our emissions. In the US in the year 1800, our emission levels were 0.04 tons per year. Now, in 2021, they are at 14.24 tons per year. (Ritchie 2021) Based on statistics these numbers will only continue to increase.

By the year 2040, the world will most likely be completely drained of its natural resources. According to Gaya Herrington, a sustainability researcher, if the world’s population and consumption of natural resources continues to increase, these resources will run out very soon. (Jerusalem Post 2021). Oxygen, water, trees, soil, plants, fossil fuel, and animals are only a few examples of what will disappear as the population continues to grow and people are using up these valuable resources.  

In order to solve these devastating effects of overpopulation, I believe that giving people proper sex education to avoid unwanted pregnancies, which only increases our population is necessary. 45% of pregnancies in the US are unwanted (Weese 2018), but making sure people know how to have save sex and have accessibility to birth control and other medications such as Plan B can insure that our population will increase at a much more steady rate. 

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Civilian Space Travel

In the article “You Decide: Civilian Space Travel” I learned that people are traveling to space. A CEO, a physician assistant, an aerospace data engineer, and a pilot/geoscientist–became the first all-civilian crew to orbit Earth on a mission called Inspiration. This helped people learned about space and what it has to offer. Traveling to space has helped people in many ways. Like they get to learn new things and how they can use space to help them on Earth.

What do you think? Should people travel to space?

I think what is happening is a good thing because it helps people learn and understand new things. Although some people might not agree with exploring space. But I think it is important to learn about space and what it has to offer.

The First-Ever Native American Put Forward For The National Parks Service

In the article, “First Native Americans Nominated To National Parks Service”(McGraw Hill), I learned that Chuck Sams is a specialist in land management and has been a leader in both state and tribal governments. He also worked as a non-profit natural resource and conservation management for twenty-five years. He has been in a lot of organizations and played major roles in them. He received his bachelor’s of science degree in Business Administration from Concordia University-Portland and a master’s for legal studies in Indigenous people Law from the University of Oklahoma. He was a veteran of the navy and live with his wife and four children in Oregon on the Umatilla Indian Reservation. 

What do you tink about the new National Park Service director? Why does it matter?

I think that with the Biden Administration nominating Sams back there will be a lot of work he will have to do since the National Park Service hasn’t had a permanent director to lead in a while.  With a lot of o projects needing a ton of attention, Sam will become the most valuable person since he will have to tackle maintenance and infrastructure projects. This will create a huge impact in the future since the National Park Service is responsible for processing public lands and natural treasures for future generations.  

Online Voting

In the article, “Voting By Phone” (McGraw Hill) I learned that many Americans believe that they should be able to vote in every election through their phone. Although online voting possesses many advantages it also possesses many disadvantages. Some advantages include not having to wait in long lines at the polls because now they can vote whenever they desire and wherever they desire. With this comes the increase in voter turnout, but also comes the main concern which is voting security. The main idea of online voting is that the voter can track their voting process as it’s being recorded and transmitted to an election official. This is not only something positive for the voter but also for the government because it allows them to verify that the person who is casting their vote is a registered voter. Regardless of all of this, the main worry about online voting is who will be the company responsible for handling this process. This is far from happening as the technology must first be built, the laws must be changed, and a nationwide network of public support will be needed.

Do you believe that this would be the perfect time to implement an online voting?

I think that this is a significant idea because it will allow more people to vote as they will now be able to do it from the comfort of their homes. I could see how voter fraud could be an issue with online voting, but at the same time, there could be many ways in which it could be prevented. This will all rely on the company that is responsible for handling the votes along with the public support network. Overall I see this as a positive especially in the United States where we are currently in a phase where everything is being shifted into technology.

Halloween Safety During COVID-19

In the article “ Safety Precautions During Halloween” I learned that it’s important for children to wear masks as they go trick or treating. We need to think as adults about what’s best for the children and for our own safety. Wearing a mask is super important because kids will come in contact with other children and adults when going house to house and giving out and receiving candy. Always try your best in following the safety procedures to reduce the amount of covid cases.

Did your family follow the safety procedures this Halloween?

I agree and think it is very important to take action and notice when having children going trick or treating. We need to of course wear our masks. We must also continue to use hand sanitizer and keep a distance from others. Don’t get crowded with others. We can go in small groups to trick or treat. And always if you feel sick stay home to prevent others from getting sick. We can all continue to have fun as long as we continue to follow the safety procedures. Vaccinated or unvaccinated we must follow the rules to protect ourselves and others.

COVID Vaccine Authorized for Children

In the article, “Stuff You Should Know: COVID Vaccine Approved For Younger Children”(McGraw Hill) I learned that as of October 26, 2021, the CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has recommended vaccination for children from ages five to eleven. The vaccine is a lower dose of the Pzfier vaccine most adults received. According to the article, it is about a third of a dose. Although the dose is much lighter children will still receive a second vaccine three weeks later like adults. It has been proven that it is 91 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 from children. About 28 million kids are allowed to receive the vaccine now and the Federal government has even made it possible for all these children to receive their shots free. The child vaccination program started taking effect on November 8th, 2021. It is roughly estimated that about 600,000 new COVID cases will be prevented because of the children obtaining the vaccine.

Do you think children should be vaccinated?

I think that allowing children from ages five to eleven to receive the vaccine is amazing. Kids are what mainly people are worried about when it comes to COVID. Knowing that it can prevent 600,000 cases just amazes me how many cases can be prevented from children being vaccinated. 

Addressing Issues

In the article, “The Teal Pumpkin Project” (BTW) I learned that food allergies are a real thing, affecting one out of thirteen American children. As we all know, holidays are around the corner, meaning lots of candy. If you have a sweet tooth, you must be pumped! For the kids with a food allergy, it’s another story. Due to their food allergies, they cannot enjoy the same sweets as the other children, making them feel left out. The Teal Pumpkin Project movement creates an inclusive environment for these children encouraging households to provide an alternative, like toys to these sweets or food-related items. The Teal Pumpkin Project originated in 2012 in Tennessee and it has now become a nationwide movement, wow! 

Are there any issues in particular that you would address? How would you address them?

I think that this is a very thoughtful movement. Since I have no food allergies, I would have never thought that this was a real issue, but it is, and it is being dealt with. This is not a major issue, but it still qualifies as one because no one should be left out. Instead of pushing people away or conflicting with people because they are different, we should embrace and make them feel included. Doing so can go a long way, it can impact their lives creating a life-changing moment. These life-changing moments develop great people, ultimately creating a great society. 

Saudia Arabia Builds Unusual Amusement Park

The article “Saudi Arabia builds unusual amusement park” discussed how a 150,000-square-foot oil rig in Saudi Arabia is being converted into a 1.6 million-square-foot oil-themed entertainment park and resort. The nation’s Public Investment Support will fund “The Rig,” which will be positioned in the Arabian Gulf. It is the world’s first tourist attraction to be built atop (and inspired by) an offshore oil platform. Three hotels, eleven restaurants, roller coasters, waterslides, and other activities such as bungee jumping and skydiving will be available at the park. A number of platform bridges link the various parts of the region. There will also be a hands-on demonstration on how to operate oil drilling equipment.

Would you ever travel to Saudi Arabia for this amusement park?

I think it is very interesting that it is the world’s first tourist attraction to be built atop (and inspired by) an offshore oil platform. I wonder how much it costs to visit this amusement park. I also would have never thought that Saudi Arabia would place this much emphasis on tourism. 

Should civilians be able to travel to space? 

Everyone dreams of being an Astronaut, and now it’s even more of a possibility to be one more than ever. In YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space travel by BTW it talks about the pros and cons of it. 

I think that it is so cool that this is a possibility but others do not, some might say that it takes a lot of training “The training to go into space is extensive”. They are not wrong but the people going into space are paying a lot of money to do so. “While expensive, space travel can be used for philanthropic purposes’ ‘ the people who do this cover their costs, even though it costs a lot of money. 

What do you think about citizens being able to buy a spot on a spaceship?

Some people might want to go for fun but by doing this, we could also extend out knowledge about how humans respond to being in space, “Civilians in space can also provide important research into human health and the effects of zero gravity on the body.” This would be super beneficial to our knowledge of the human body. 

Raising the Minimum Wage

In the article, “Raising the Minimum Wage” I learned that there are many different point of views on whether or not we should raise the minimum wage. There has been a lot of conflict towards this subject. Many agree we should raise the minimum wage while others agree that we should not raise the minimum wage. There are many pro’s and con’s towards the situation. It can either harm you or benefit you.

Do you think they should or shouldn’t raise the minimum wage?

I think we should raise the minimum wage. There are people or families who need the raise in their incomes. For example, a low-income family can be struggling financially, and a raise in their income can be beneficial.

Taking initiative as a leader

Taking initiative can be beneficial towards your team but especially in school. Many students need to learn how to take initiative when it comes to participating in school, this could increase the chances of improvement in grades and a healthy environment. Being engaged with extracurriculars and other classes can improve educational experiences which will allow the student to seek more in life. Education is valuable so making the most of it could help you in the future.

Examples of taking initiative in class or around your campus could be picking up trash you see around your area, making sure your peers know what’s going on if they have any questions, and cleaning up after yourself. By doing this it will ensure good communication skills and make you a better problem solver. Being in charge does take responsibility so making decisions has to be agreeable and collaborative.

How can you take initiative in or out of school?

Limits on Social Media

In the article, “YOU DECIDE: School Social Media Free Speech Case” (BTWl) I learned that there is a limit on what students are allowed to say–and not allowed to say–on social media. This situation has caused many conflicts on if statements should be punished if they were said online. It also caused many kinds to feel as if their action may not be held accountable. One example to illustrate this situation is a fourteen-year-old high school freshman named Brandi Levy who didn’t make the varsity cheerleading team. She published an angry social media post that included curse words and an image of her and a friend-raising their middle fingers.

Do you think people have limits to want they say on social media?

I think what is happening in social media can get out of control and needs to have some rules. If many people thought that they could say whatever they wanted then the media would be a toxic and cruel environment. So yes there should be consequences for actions of people’s word even if it isn´t on campus. These words and actions should not be acceptable at all.

The Man Who Lied To the Government

In the article, “Georgia Man Spends COVID Relief Money on Pokémon Card” (McGraw Hill), Vinath Oudomsine decided that he would create a business that never existed to receive money from the government (July 2020). Many business were being affected by COVID especially the small businesses which is why the government created the COVID relief aid from the Economic Injury Disaster Loans. On August 2020, he received $85,000 and spent $57,789 on a single Pokémon Card. He ended up pleading guilty a week after November 2, 2021 and if he’s convicted then he’ll be in prison for twenty years and be fined $250,000.

Would you ever go this faer to get on of your many wants?

It’s crazy to think that Vinath Oudomsine was able to lie to the government and within a month he received the money. In a way it makes sense that they just went along with what he had wrote on the application but why didn’t they look more into it? When creating something they should take into consideration that people will make things up especially now with the help that the government is giving because of COVID. This situation also shows how far people are willing to go just to get what they want/desire.

Multicultural Education

An October issue from btw discusses the recent laws four states made to promote Asian American and Pacific Islander education in the article, “AAPI History Required in Illinois Schools.” Illinois, Ohio, New York, and Wisconsin are the states who have passed or are going through similar legislation to require AAPI history in the school curriculum. However, although it is a requirement, it is up to the district and/or schools to decide on the extent of content that will be taught. Political figures and sociology experts agree that this change is for the good because it combats ignorance and mistreatment of the AAPI community. The rise in anti-AAPI violence has also motivated states like New York to pass similar legislation.

Do you think more states should promote this type of education?

Women of Chinese descent in New York’s Chinatown neighborhood Source: btw

I think that these initiatives taken are a right step into the right direction. Unfortunately, ignorance within our country may lead to division, discrimination, and even violence. Learning about each other’s culture and history is important because our country is diverse, thus understanding is vital. It would be interesting to see if more states follow along.

Hispanic Heritage

In the article, “Hispanic Heritage Month: Frank Torres” I learned how Frank Torres followed his father’s footsteps and served as an assistant direct attorney in New York City. Torres fought for a greater Hispanic population. Torres wanted civil rights and equal opportunity. He fought against voting laws and his main goal was for students to apply for judgeships. 

Do you think Frank Torres was helpful to society?

I think that fighting for fairness is really important. I think it was meaningful for Frank Torres since he wanted to be like his father. Even though he lost elections he did not give up on trying to fight for fairness.

Asian American History

In the article, “AAPI History Required in Illinois Schools” I learned that a governor signed a bill that requires schools in Ohio, Wisconsin, New York, and Illinois to teach Asian American history.  The law will begin in January 2022. Ohio was the second state to incorporate Asian history in the school curriculum. While New York and Wisconsin come with stricter guidelines like creating a course of study with assistance. On the other hand, Illinois was the first to pass the law.

How long should Asian American history continue?

I think it may be important to keep learning about history in schools. But since we have been learning just about different topics I think the study of Asian American history shouldn’t take so much time lecturing. This will be easier for schools and students.

High Schoolers Feeding the Community

In the article, “Feeding the Community” I learned that a group of high school students from Texas work in their school’s grocery shop. Linda Tutt High School has opened a student-run grocery shop that is available to its students and those in need. The shop includes everything from produce to shampoo. The students receive points that they can spend in the store without having to pay a dime. Once a week, the store is also open to the public (people in need of groceries or other utilities).

Do you think that your school should open a grocery store?

I think that in times like this, a student grocery shop where everything is free and available for students and their families is a big help and something needed in every school. Students can earn points based on the size of their families. They can even help around their school to earn points to spend in the store. Every school, especially those with high poverty rates, should have something like this to help their students and the community.

Source: (Subscription required)

Safety Precautions During Halloween

In the article, “COVID Trick-or-Treating Safety” (McGraw-Hill) I learned about the safe ways to go trick or treating during the time of COVID. Talking about how kids can stay safe trick or treating to not only keep themselves safe but others as well. A very important way people can stay safe this Halloween is wearing a MASK! Though kids are trick or treating we should still be wearing masks. We can also take precautions like staying home if sick, using hand sanitizer, trick or treating in small groups, and attending outside Halloween parties.

Can you think of any other ways to keep yourself or others safe during Halloween or in general?

I think this is very important because we should be taking precautions to keep everyone safe from COVID. I think it’s still important to keep wearing masks whether people have the vaccines or not. These precautions are really important and easy to do. I think people should refrain from indoor parties or huge gatherings to keep their loved ones safe. Overall, I hope these ways can keep you and others safe this Halloween.

Ms. Monopoly

You have probably already heard of Monopoly the game with the old man in the front and the fake money and board but there’s a new game or spinoff called Ms. Monopoly. This information comes from the article, ¨Ms. Monopoly¨ on BTW. This is a new game with a nw main character and concept. The game ha a women on the box instead of “Rich Uncle Pennybags” the usual old white male mascot. 

Do you believe it should branch out into the real world?

But the changes don’t stop there. In this game, female players collect $240 every time they pass “Go,” while male players only collect $200. They also start out with $1,900 at the beginning, while men start out with just $1,500.The game is highlighting the fact that, in regular life, men make more money than women do. In addition to the financial head start, the traditional “properties” on the Monopoly board have been replaced by inventions created by women. So do you believe this game is a good idea.

Coral Reefs

In the article, “Coral Reefs Show Damage From Climate Change” (McGraw Hill) I learned that Coral reefs protect coastlines from storms and erosion, provide jobs for local communities, and offer opportunities for recreation but a horrible situation has happened coral reefs are dying off at a fast speed. The world lost about 14 percent of its total amount of coral reefs. This is damage is the result of the ongoing and prolonged effects of warming ocean surface temperatures and population in the water.

How can we wake a change?

I think what is happening in the oceans is huge crisis and there needs to be a change. Coral reef structure buffers shorelines against waves, storms, and floods, helping to prevent loss of life, property damage, and erosion. Coral reefs are important for many reasons. Most importantly, they provide protection and shelter for many different species of fish.”

Should the minimum wage be raised?

In the article “Raising the minimum wage” (McGraw Hill) I learned that there is pro and cons to raising the minimum wage. This is situation people might say its a good thing because they are getting a raise but others might say that it’s a bad idea because they could raise prices in store. An example from the text that has to provide was that gas prices are getting higher, rent is also getting higher. The good thing about raising the minimum wage was that it helps a lot of people provide for their families and could get their rent paid and so much.

If the minimum was was left where it’s at right now, would it still be a problem in our economic life?

I think raising the minimum wage is not a good idea because prices could go up also they could charge more in taxing everything. Rent could also go up and everything could be more expensive. I feel like raising the minimum wage could leave a lot of people in poverty and could leave businesses with a lot of problems

Should College Athletes Receive Pay?

In the article, “College Athletes: To Pay or Not To Pay” (McGraw Hill), I learned a lot more in regards to the debate of whether or not college athletes should be paid. For example, athletes contribute much towards collegiate programs such as revenue, school recognition, as well as billions of dollars, so it seems very wise as to why they should be profiting. On the other hand, people argue that student-athletes shouldn’t be paid because they already receive scholarships, it’s their option to pursue extracurricular activities, and it can potentially ruin a college’s sports program. It can possibly ruin a school’s sporting program by having students continuously transfer to colleges in which they can receive better pay and offers. 

All in all, do you believe college athletes are deserving of pay?

In my opinion, I don’t believe college athletes should be getting paid. For instance, it is their choice as to why they continue playing the sport they earned scholarships in. Although, I do believe that they should be allowed to sign advertise and have sponsorships so that they can earn their fair share of the money. 


In the article “CAREERS: Veterinarian” I learned that a veterinarian is an animal doctor. Their job is to prevent and treat illnesses and injuries in animals. Their duties may include seeing and diagnosing animal patients, performing surgery, prescribing medications, giving vaccinations, and more. Also that a lot of education is required before you can become a veterinarian. A veterinarian’s job can be very rewarding. However, the job also comes with plenty of challenges. Being a vet can also take a huge mental toll. Vets struggle emotionally when they know that an animal is suffering and should be put to sleep, but the owner prefers to continue with treatment instead. 

Do you think veterinarians are as important as regular doctors?

I admire vets because it’s a very difficult job. People trust you to care for their pets. Pets can be a very important part of people’s families, and it’s in their hands to do their best to make them feel better while reassuring their owners that they are going to be okay. 

Coral Reefs are homes too

In the article, “Coral Reefs Show Damage From Climate Change” I learned that Coral reefs are important for many reasons. They support about one-fourth of all fish species on Earth. They also help protect and work as a shield for coastlines from storms. Between 2008 and 2019, the world lost about 14 percent of its total amount of coral reefs. Them being damaged is the result of the ongoing and prolonged effects of warming ocean surface temperatures. Other elements that cause damage to coral reefs include overfishing, increasing carbon dioxide levels in the water, new development along coasts, and declining water quality.

How can you help save reefs?

I think we should put an end to this as soon as possible. We are destroying animals’ homes. This is definitely unfair. Even though Scientists are studying ways to restore reefs by “breeding” coral that is more resistant to warmer temperatures, we should play our part in trying to preserve these creatures’ homes. 

Athlete paychecks

 In the article, “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay” I learned that there is a debate whether or not athletes in college should be getting checks. Many people believe they shouldn’t get paid because they receive scholarships in exchange. They also think giving them checks will ruin their education because the sport will come before school for the athletes. The decision falls in the hands of a California law that permits athletes to hire agents and make money. With that congress considered taking a second look at the debate. 

Should college athletes accept payments?

I think that everyone can have their own decision in this debate. It depends on how people view things. In my opinion, I think they work hard earning money for the university and it’s not fair they cant receive any payments in return. I don’t think education will take a back turner. Athletes should understand they are committed to a sport but should also make as much time for school since that comes first. 

Should college athletes accept payments?

College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?

In the Article “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to Pay?” I learned that there has been a debate about whether college athletes should get paid. People believe that if college athletes do get paid, it won’t become a college and it would turn into a business. People also believe that students would also transfer to many places because of the offers they’ll be getting. But what benefits them getting paid is helping them pay their college tuition. They also believe that with all the hard work there doing, they deserve to get paid instead of the coaches. With the students advertising for a school and promoting it, then they should get a payment.

Do college athletes deserve to get paid for every game they play?

I think that in my opinion, college athletes should get paid because they work hard. They treat their sport as a full-time job whether is workouts, practicing, and traveling to pay another school. Them promoting their advertising or their school deserve to get paid because no one else would have not done it. It would also benefit them to pay for the things for college because we know that college isn’t cheap. 

Climate change

In the article, “New Plan(t) to Fight Climate Change” (BTW). I learned that the new plant would cost an estimated $2 billion, and it would be located on a 90-acre site at Port of Kalama, Washington. This is because they have serious concerns about the ecological  impact.  The issue is that they are producing more plastic and the plastic is taking advantage of the environment,and the  problem is that they are producing less plants.Others worry about the amount of natural gas the plant will consume in order to “ clean”.  They estimate that the plant will increase the state’s yearly use of natural gas by a third and raise its yearly greenhouse gas by more than 1 percent.  And still, others doubt that the plant will even do much to help the environment.  The benefits this would have would be if we plant more plants this would generate tens of millions of dollars in tax revenue for the area, as well as providing a thousand construction jobs. And those in support  of the project argue that plastic will continue to be manufactured regardless, they might be cleaner than using coal. 

I think plant more plants would be better for the environment, because we can have a cleaner environment, and have more resources about nature. Using plastic would cause A lot of damage to the environment including human health. The oxygen would be more smoke than natura air. 

Care Resource Coordinator

In the article ¨Careers: Care Resource Coordinator¨ I learned that these professionals are the ones who help people infected with COVID19 identify other people they have interacted with who may also be infected. By doing so these people could pass this information to limit the spread of the disease.  In this pandemic, for example, the job of a nursing resource coordinator is to contact people who have tested positive for COVID19. It will connect them to vital resources to ensure a safe quarantine and stay healthy.  They are there to help the community by connecting patients with what they need as public health workers and social workers. They are there to help the community by connecting patients with what they need as public health workers and social workers. Overall they are here to provide us with the necessary materials for you or one of your family members. 

How would you view the nation suffering without these healthcare workers not there to provide for you or a family member?

I think this is a good way to recover from openly spread diseases to help those who are sick and stay at home while these health workers provide / assist you. It is very nice to work with people, to help those who may be sick or in difficulty. We need people like these because when you are sick you need someone to take care of you and some relatives won’t go there because you are sick and they don’t want to get infected. I feel that if we all work together on these pandemics, the disease will end more quickly.

How would you view the nation suffering without these healthcare workers not there to provide for you or a family member?

Student Speech Limits

In the article “The Limits of Student Speech” I learned that schools want to limit what students have to say about them. A student expressed their feeling on social media about not making the varsity cheerleading team. She was upset and posted negative comments about that situation. The school suspended her and she sued the school district. The appeals court said the First Amendment did not allow public schools to punish students for speech outside school grounds. 

What do you think? Should she have been suspended?

I think what is happening is an important situation. If it happened out of school then there should be no reason for the school to suspend her. Also it was on her social media having nothing to do with the school. She was just upset and had to express her feelings but there are also different ways to deal with it. Overall. I can see where both sides are coming from. 

Source: (subscription required)

YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space Travel

In the article, “YOU DECIDE: Civilian Space Travel”, (Mcgraw Hill), I learned that just two months ago, an aerospace data engineer became the first ever civilian crew to orbit Earth on a mission called inspiration 4. With this in display, people in relation to science want to bring more civilians to be able to space travel for their own instead of just all the rich people. People all over the world want the chance to have such an amazing experience to travel outside of this earth? If you were given the chance to go to space, would you?

All in all, if you have the money and given the chance, as a civilian, to travel to space, would you?

There are multiple pros and cons of traveling to space. Some of the cons are that the training to go to space is very extensive. An example of this is that the Inspiration 4 crew had to complete centrifuge training, simulations, zero-gravity plane training, altitude training, classroom training, and medical testing. Another con is that only the wealthiest of citizens are going to be able to make their way into space travel. The thing wrong with this is that the money spent on space travel can be spent on people in need, plant millions of trees and other things that need help financially. The pros are that the inspiration 4 crew has raised over 200 million dollars for children who are fighting cancer. Also, the experience of going to space is literally incomparable of anything here on this earth.

Minimum Wage

In the article “Raising the Minimum Wage”(BTW), I learned that government officials are considering raising the minimum wage. Currently, the minimum is $7.25 an hour which can be difficult to survive with this amount of money. Raising the minimum can be beneficial for those who need it but, it can also lead to negative effects.

Should the minimum wage increase?

I think that government officials should not raise the minimum wage. Raising the salary comes with a lot of consequences. An example is that it would cause millions of people to lose their jobs since businesses wouldn’t have the ability to afford to pay their employees. Another example of why it could be wrong to raise is that it could lead to negative economic outcomes. I would also like to add that minimum wage workers could make more than the minimum if their states allowed the salary to rise.

Should the minimum wage increase?

Hispanic Heritage Month

In the article “Hispanic Heritage Month” (btw) I learned that Hispanic heritage month is from September 15 to October 15 and it’s a day where Hispanics could celebrate and recognize the contributions, cultures, and traditions of Hispanic Americans. We could recognize Hispanic heroes. The date begins on the 15 because it is Independence Day for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. September 16 is Mexican Independence Day, and Chile celebrates its independence on September 18. So as you can see all the days are very close showing us the importance of this month. Hispanics are a big majority of people now living in America and because we have contributed a lot to this country may it be financed through taxes or even through our culture or food America wouldn’t be where it is today without Hispanics.

Do you believe Hispanic Heritage Month should be celebrated?

I believe Hispanic Heritage Month is a month that should be celebrated with pride amongst our communities because it’s a month where we could be recognized for the greatness of our people.

African American Music in Nashville Museum

In the article, “New National Museum of African Music Opens in Nashville” (BTW) I learned that in Nashville Tennessee is famously known for being the “Music Cty.” This is the place where many famous artists were first discovered. These artists include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Dolly Parton and many more. However, leaders wanted to make Nashville not only the home for country music, but the home of music in general. Therefore, they built a museum in downtown Nashville and dedicated it to the musical influence and contributions of African Americans.

Was a museum the right move to make to show the influence and appreciation?

I think that this is an amazing thing that has been done because they dedicated an entire museum to display and represent African Americans and how they have influenced music. It must be an honor to have an entire exhibit where individuals could go and tourists visit and see the impact that African Americans and their culture have had on music all over the world.

Was a museum the right move to make to show the influence and appreciation?

Should Schools Control Our Social Media?

In the article, “YOU DECIDE School Social Media Free Speech Case” (McGraw Hill) I learned that if schools should control was students post or do not post on social media. A girl named Brandi Levy posted an angry post about not making the cheerleading team and was suspended from all cheerleading activities all year. Although, she was not in school and did not use any school equipment she was still punished for her offensive post. Her parents then filed a lawsuit against the school and won. Later, the school district appealed the case and argued that in some circumstances schools should have the right to control online student speeches even when it is on campus. The Supreme Court stated it was a violation of her first amendment right. In spite of that, the Supreme Court restated that are certain situations like bullying, threats aimed at teachers or other students, and hacking where it is necessary to regulate online speeches. 

Do you suppose we should allow schools to interfere with students’ social media?

I agree with the Supreme Court’s decision. She was upset and expressed it on social media it wasn’t right but I believe that she should have not got suspended from cheerleading activities. I also believe that the way we give privacy to teachers and other staff they should do the same. Although, in cases like harassment, academic misconduct, and online schooling it is necessary for schools to step in and put a stop to it. I do not agree with them trying to punish students while out of school hours.

Minimum Wage?

In the article “YOU DECIDE: Raising the Minimum Wage” (McGraw Hill) I learned that the minimum wage is $7.25 an hour. I learned that it is barely enough to pay for rent and maintain yourself. There is a debate on whether the minimum should or shouldn’t be raised because good things could come from it but also bad things.

What do you think should minimum wage increase or not?

I think that the minimum wage should go up. I think this because I believe that this will slowly but surely it will help improve the economy. But it might also have a negative effect because it might have some negative economic consequences. It is hard to try and support a family only making minimum wage throughout your life.

Should college athletes be paid to play?

In the article “College Athletes: To Pay or Not to pay” (McGraw Hill) I learned that colleges are now going to pay their athletes because a new law was passed. I think this is a good idea because it could actually help students who didn’t get a scholarship to pay for their finances. But others think that this is actually a bad thing because college athletes are given scholarships so they don’t have to worry about paying for their stuff since the scholarship pays for everything. Most people disagree with this new policy because they think that if a student is getting paid to play and they get offered money to play at a different school then all their going to do is transfer from school to school and this could affect smaller universities because they wouldn’t be able to generate enough funding to pay players.

What do you think about this new policy colleges would be doing? Do you feel like what is happening is good or do you think it would be a bad idea?

I think that this could be a good thing for most players because I’ve heard about some college athletes making money from other things and their coaches or school ends up telling them that all the source of income has to go somewhere else like charity funding or something for a greater cause. If they refuse to follow orders then they are kicked out of that school which I think isn’t fair because they are there to pursue their dreams. I also think that college athletes wouldn’t just transfer like that yes everyone wants to get paid but they also want a good program for what they are studying.

Body Image

A person undergoes many thoughts about themselves based on society’s so-called ‘standards.’ It is said that men have to be tall and muscular and women have to be beautiful with an amazing body. The standards that society puts on a person causes them to overthink their own body image. On a daily basis, males but mostly females struggle with their personal body image because of influences from one’s family, peers, social media or past experiences making them believe they are not good enough therefore affecting the way they view themselves.

One’s family could be a potential positive or negative influence on one’s body image. Family members are most likely the first people to notice signs of a person putting too much attention on their body appearance such as “criticizing his or her body, continually comparing his or her body with others, and obsessing about losing weight or gaining weight” (Body Image). Family members should be supportive of diet changes and exercise as long as it’s being done for healthy reasons.

Another major factor that influences one’s body image is social media. Through social media, people have an idea of how they believe they should look and unrealistic expectations. This misleading idea causes them to want to change their appearance and most often affects them in a negative way. Social media influencers often only post the highlights of their life and best photos of themselves also with photoshopped pictures causing their viewers to create unrealistic ideals for themselves based on what they see through their social media (Heger). People take the information they see on social media and use it as comparison which affects their own personal body image. Alternatively, they could use social media influencers as role models or motivation to pursue a better understanding of a healthy body image.Through studies it is shown “that after viewing positive content, the women not only felt better about their bodies, but they were also in better moods” showing how social media could also be a positive influence on body image (Heger). Social media should be used as a tool to help improve personal body image not ruin one’s confidence or self esteem.

All the negative factors affecting someone’s body image causes harm to their mental health. Through the ideas of how one should look, people may make drastic changes to achieve a ‘perfect body image’ which can also cause harm to their body. Changes to improve one’s body so they have more confidence is not wrong as long as it is being done in a healthy way and for the correct reasons. At the end of the day, everyone should be satisfied with their body image and do what’s best for their health and not their appearance.

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What Is The Country That Is Committed To Reducing Plastic Next Step?

In the article, “France Bans Plastic Packaging” (McGraw Hill), France will start to use either reusable or recyclable materials to package fruits and vegetables. This will take affect on January 2022 and although some are against it, many don’t know if the switch between plastic to reusable or recyclable materials will be made by January. Another thing that they will be implementing is the sell of plastic toys from restaurants. France has plenty of things to reduce the production of plastic such banning plastic cups, straws, and utensils. They have also banned Styrofoam.

Do you think that other countries should be doing similar things that France is doing the plastic materials?

When I read this article I was shocked that there’s countries that actually do something when it comes to the environment. France is known for their commitment to limit the use of plastic and it’s shown why in the article. Maybe there are things like this in the United States but it’s not really mentioned. There was the “Save the Turtles” that was going on but it was seen more of a trend since it ended up dying off. People did end up getting metal straws and some businesses did end up using paper straws but after that anything that has to do with plastic is never mentioned.

The Uprising of Fear During Covid-19

Over the past two years countless lives have been changed since the upbringing of the horrific virus, Covid-19. This virus has raised the amount of fear, stress, anxiety, and depression among the whole population, especially university undergraduates (Rodríguez-Hidalgo). Although numerous lives have been affected with nothing being stopped, we as a society need to know how to react, change, and fix this situation as it is becoming more than just a virus, but an immense fear. Normally fear is a natural instinct of a threat, but in recent times fear has become a more common feeling because the Covid-19 Pandemic caused job loss and people isolated at home.

Fear has never been completely unfamiliar to people around the world, but these days fear has become a more ordinary experience (“Working Through Fear”). Although we learn about our natural instincts as human beings, as we grow older, we have come to realize this type of fear is different from the norm. Society has changed over the past two years in growth and development, but also in distress. Majority of people in the world would agree they have become distressed because of these rigorous actions that have to be taken for the safety of us and protection from COVID-19. With the few resources available, especially university undergraduate students, they are beginning to have trouble coping with the issues going on around us (Rodríguez-Hidalgo). People from everywhere around the world are struggling with being able to cope, not just undergraduate students, from being in lockdown to masks to everything being cancelled. Although within the fear of individuals there have been some major improvements our society has made such as being productive, becoming more prepared for unknown circumstances in the future, but most importantly coming together as one.

Although fear is a natural instinct of a threat, the Covid-19 Pandemic has caused a more common feeling of isolation. People have felt the need to hide their fear from society as a way of coping, when in reality the individuals dealing with these everyday issues need to face it. Fear does not stem from one certain situation but the Covid-19 Pandemic has not fixed the situation one bit, instead causing more distress and tension between people. Society needs to change and to do so, we need to overcome this natural instinct, fear.

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Should Citizens Go Space Traveling?

In the article, “Civilian Space Travel” (McGraw Hill), I learned that in September 2021 four people, a CEO, a physician assistant, an aerospace data engineer, and a pilot/geoscientist–became the first all-civilian crew to orbit Earth on a mission called Inspiration4. Citizens are now able to go on space travel if they have enough funds to buy their seats. There is a decision on whether to support or not support the decision of sending citizens to space. People are often asked if they had the opportunity to take the opportunity to go to space. 

Do you think there can be a way that space travel can become safe for citizens?

I believe that citizens should not go to space since, in 1986, President Ronald Reagan sent the first citizen to space who was a teacher named Christa McAuliffe, but the Challenger space shuttle accidentally exploded during takeoff and everyone on board was killed so, in all, spaceflight can be dangerous. Also, only the rich can be able to obtain the chance to go onto a flight and the money being spent on it can help with problems on Earth. In conclusion, I overall believe that citizens should not space travel since it can lead to a lot of catastrophes if they are not ready.

California School Vaccination Requirement

In the article, “California School Vaccination Requirement” (BTW), I learned that California is taking further precautions against covid- 19 by requiring students and staff of schools to be fully vaccinated by October 15. If they choose not to be vaccinated, they will have to be tested weekly. This requirement will impact “320,000 public school teachers, 80,000 private school employees, and more than 250,000 support, staff” Schoo volunteers will also have to follow this procedure.

Do you think the vaccine should be a requirement?

I fully support the idea that California schools are requiring, students and staff to get the vaccine. It’ll make school a much safer place to be, with the chance of the virus being present. But I also like the idea that they respect people’s opinions since they aren’t forcing them to get it since they have the chance to be tested weekly.

Witch Hunts & Modern Justice

In the 11th century up until the 17th century there was a mass hysteria pertaining to witches and witch hunts. It was believed by the christian churches that anyone who went against socially accepted religious beliefs was in association with the devil. There was a book in which served as a guide on how to recognize witches, conduct trials, and appropriate punishment for the accused. This book was heavily used during royal courts and trials. Because this book encouraged death penalty as the only way to eliminate witchcraft it led to thousands of trials and brutal persecutions of women. Witches became associated mainly with women, especially those who were childless, husbandless, elderly, or poor. At the time if you fit into any of these categories then you were most likely to be targeted for a witch trial. Most of these trials took place in Germany, Scandinavia, Scotland, and etc. Because there was an estimate between 40,000 – 50,000 executions modern day society are now trying to make things right and bring justice by reviewing case trials and finding ways to pardon the people affected especially those that were falsely accused.

If you were a person living in the 16th – 17th century would you fear becoming a target for witch hunts?

I found it interesting that even up till this day the witch trials that happened during the 16th and 17th century are still relevant. I also wasn’t too shocked about the amount of executions that occured because I am aware that in this time period everyone was not only heavily influenced by the christian church but anyone who went against popular ideology was feared and ostracized from the rest of society. I also find it very admirable of people who still care about bringing justice and clearing the names of many of the accused.

College Athletes: To pay or not to pay?

In the article, “College Athletes to pay or not to pay”, it explains that football players should start getting paid for working hard. Although athletes get scholarship[s, they spend most of their time working hard and making the sport their “full time job”. Therefore, they should receive a check for being out their and putting their time and effort. The coaches do not go out and play it is the players that helps the team win. The NCCAA recently took this situation into consideration by passing a law that football plays should receive money for what they do.

Do you think that football players should be paid?

I think that this a good decision to make considering that the players do make it their full time job and take the sport seriously. Money would also help them to get their needs or pay for important things. This should also motivate them to try even harder knowing that they are getting paid to do something that love to do.

Propaganda In History class

In school students are required to take at least three years of history and usually in those classes it is being taught by someone who is just teaching the biased textbook that is assigned. By reading whatever the textbook is saying and adding no nuance to what you are teaching you are leaving out important information that will affect the way that students think and perceive situations. When students are being taught just a small portion of history it is left upon the students of color who actually know what happened to explain the truth to those who don’t know which can be uncomfortable and awkward.

When talking about things like the civil war and slavery, textbooks and teachers tend to use polite the words and petty excuses for the actions of the theses people and leave out important detail so it makes it hard for students to understand just who gruesome it was. In an article published by The Atlantic written by Alia Wong she says “Take the way we talk about the Civil War, for example. A lot of people will say that the war grew out of disputes about tariffs and taxes; many others say it had to do with states’ rights. Well, it’s quite the contrary—the southern states seceded so they could uphold slavery.” (Wong). This misconception is something that is being taught in schools all the time and plenty of students believe it and it is not true. This false truth that many people still believe to this day makes it harder for people to realize that at one point America was a villain and not the good guy.

In an article written by a student activist Lauryn Donanvan she talks about her experience when in classrooms students have to look at history from others perspectives that are dismissed. She often finds herself in an uncomfortable situation when this happens stating “As one of the only Black students in my classes, I usually find myself giving the Black perspective or having to advocate for people of color. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to explain my personal experience or call out flaws in our history curriculum when I’m faced with someone who’s playing the devil’s advocate”(Donovan). Due To her classmates’ ignorance on racial issues she has to step up and help everyone else understand what things are like from a person of color’s perspective because of how often it is completely ignored. 

In schools when the history curriculum being given to teachers is extremely biased and sugar coated it gives students a very spotty recollection of history that makes it hard for them to acknowledge America’s wrongdoing. It also makes it harder to sympathize and understand just how bad slavery was because they don’t know everything that happened and it is left upon students who are aware of what happened to explain to the students who don’t.

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The damages of child and mother separation

Science evolves to help provide better opportunities, yet in order to make these advancements science sometimes takes it too far. In the 1950’s an experiment was conducted to show the results of child and parent separation. The experiment was known as, “The Wire Mother Experiment.“ In context, the experiment consisted of infant monkeys separated from their mother’s to prove that affection wasn’t a necessity.

There were two ‘mother’s replicas, one made of hard wire that was able to provide food and the other had no food but was soft for comfort. Jack Harlow, the producer of the experiment, wanted to prove the human and animal instinct of feelings regarding the mind and to be, “…able to demonstrate the importance of early attachments, affection, and emotional bonds on the course of healthy development.”(Cherry). Articulating his initial intentions for his experiment.

The reasoning Jack Harlow even thought of testing such a cold theory is because, “Starting in the 1910s and peaking in the 1930s, doctors and psychologists actively advised parents against hugging, kissing, or cuddling children on the assumption such fawning attention would condition children to behave in a manner that was weak, codependent, and unbecoming.”(popsi) indicates that during that time period, society was focused on raising strong, intelligent and independent children and conditioning them to be self thinking, growing individuals in adulthood. Jack Harlow unfortunately begins to witness the sad reality of that theory and the damaging consequences that came with it, “…the baby monkeys became severely disturbed, sometimes to the point of starving themselves to death.”(Ferdowsian).

In addition to the statement made previously, it can further be implied that a loving mother that is doting towards her children is a necessity. These baby monkeys were willing to starve themselves for the sake of comfort instead of only relying on a reliable food source. This new found fact was enough to stop his questionable experimentation on these monkeys and he himself has also called his experiment as “too unethical and inhumane, even for monkeys” (Cummins).

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Herd Mentality

Ever since humans are little kids, everyone always tries to fit into a group. While growing up, people search for the constant validation of fitting in and not sticking out. This desire to conform to society may cause a sort of herd mentality. During everyday situations, herd mentality plays a big role in the decisions of humans because what the majority of people do seems to be the correct moral choice.

Herd mentality expresses how people can be influenced by their peers. People can take on different behaviors that they would not take on individually depending on the situation. A test was conducted in the 1950’s to test herd mentality, the results showed that “people conform or change their behavior to match social norms” this emphasizes that people will change their actions or personalities in order to fit into a group (“What is Mob Mentality?”). In this specific test, the experiment was created to be a situation that would not be encountered in everyday life, but there are many situations that would cause herd mentality on a day to day basis.

Herd mentality can be as easy as being influenced on what you drink at a restaurant. Picture this situation, you go to a restaurant set on drinking apple juice but everyone else who is eating with you orders water. When it’s your turn to order, you order water instead. This decision seems correct at the moment, not only was your mind easily changed but it “keeps you from standing out in a group” (“What is Mob Mentality?”). Although this situation may seem simple and harmless, herd mentality can get progressively more complicated. The challenge stems when “evaluating personal beliefs contradict what others are doing” (“Herd Mentality”). Herd mentality can get people into situations that go against their values. The problem begins when no one wants to stand out in a group, they all follow the leader.

Herd mentality can be harmless or lead to more serious problems. It is important that people don’t always conform to groups even if it makes them stick out. Although herd mentality is part of human nature, society as a whole can work on not needing constant validation from others.

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Celebrities and Public Standards

Nearly everyday, celebrities appear in the news, whether it be to bring them down or hype them up, but more often than not, these stars struggle with the constant pressure of their peers, fans, and managers to look and act a certain way.  They either conform or go against the pushed labels. However, it isn’t such an easy decision to make, and many factors need to be considered.  Although not all have been able to stray away from the molds created for them, several celebrities strike down conformity by following their own values and interests instead of trying to please the public.  

Public image has long since played a major part in a celebrity’s success.  However, the pressure to maintain their reputation often ends in poor mental and physical health.  For instance, “an estimated 20 million women and 10 million men in the United States suffer from an eating disorder” and a portion of that number are the celebs who constantly receive criticism from the public (Firman).  The numbers are terribly high due to the unhealthy beauty standards that for so long have been drilled into this society.  Fortunately, body positivity has become a popular topic and works towards reform, but the idea that being thin was the only way to be beautiful was a parasite for too long and lingers to this day.  Not only did these stars struggle with their figure, but also they had to worry about their words and actions.  Specifically, women have had to face the dilemma of being “respectable” or being “indecent”.  To elaborate, in the past the expected portrayal of female stars, especially those in the music industry, meant being “pure” and “innocent”.  They were simply “expected to set an example to kids” to be polite and modest (Snapes).  This kept them from voicing their opinions and being true to their own values in fear of upsetting the public, putting them under immense pressure which is harmful to their mental health.  For a long time, they suffered and endured the constant criticism, but several women grew tired of being kept in a box and decided to finally express themselves.  

One way in which they chose to do so was through clothing.  This garnered immense criticism due to several women choosing to wear more revealing clothing.  However, one pop star of today, Billie Eillish, did not participate in the trend.  She decided to wear quite the opposite, oversized and baggy clothing.  Several “editorials praised Eilish’s ‘total lack of sexualisation’, [but] she denounced them for [degrading] her peers” (Snapes).  She appropriately reminded the press of the offense of their actions and comments and that the other artists shouldn’t be shamed for simply not wanting to dress like her.  Her behavior was baffling to most, but is completely reasonable in the sense that how one decides to dress should be based on their own preference and comfort and not on others’ opinions.  Sharing in Eillish’s beliefs yet not in clothing style, fellow singer, Lizzo, has stated that “‘people [should be able to] wear whatever…they wanna wear’” and that “she’s exhausted by the cruelty that permeates online culture” (Elizabeth).  With valid input, Lizzo fittingly fights the shaming culture and encourages others to live for themselves as she does.  Thankfully, there are others with these same values and, hopefully, one day people will no longer judge but simply encourage one another to be true to themselves and not worry so much about others’ opinions.

In sum, celebrities have faced many challenges with public standards and, fortunately, many have rejected the unrealistic expectations and, instead, lived by their own principles.  This step is only the beginning and should allow others to follow suit.  Not only should other leading figures speak up, but the common people should do so as well.  Society needs improvements, and, hopefully these values of self-expression and self-confidence will continue to spread and foster positive growth.

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Extravagant Amount of Power

Throughout many years, the overall control of any government level has been increasing more and more. Because of this, many people have felt as if everyday life is getting further controlled. Aside from the strict checks and balances that the government implements, as a whole it has too much power especially pertaining to money and overall dominance which leads to unsatisfied citizens.  

Unfortunately, on a few occasions and situations during the time of the pandemic especially the government is holding too much over everyone on what they can’t and can do. Because of this, it has been stated that “Many people no longer think the federal government can actually be a force for good or change in their lives. This kind of apathy and disengagement will lead to an even worse and less representative government” (Pew Research Center). This will eventually lead to people not caring anymore about what is happening within the government because they have been too overpowering for so many years.

Relating this to the book, Brave New World is similar to what we are dealing with in real life. In the book, there is an absolute ruler that controls and affects everyone’s thoughts and actions and conditions them to think that the wrong is right and the right is wrong. These feelings just turn to being numb and everyone not particularly care anymore. Mentioning now about the different political parties and how different people in each party also believe at certain times the government holds too much power.

There is a statistic saying that, “Since 2016, there has been a shifting of views, with Republicans growing less concerned and Democrats more so” (Swift). Tying together that just because of who is in office shows how divided everyone is just because of people’s strong opinions about the government’s control. Relating back to the theme of the story of conditioning, the ideas of each governmental party can make people uneasy and unsettled with how their views don’t match. The right idea of running a government that is not conditioned to opinions and thoughts is “The traditional story of federalism recognizes that the national government can make policy in some areas, while the states reserve the right to regulate in other areas” (Selin) allowing for this to work will help people in their opinions of how the government has equal power to the people instead of overpowering. 

All in all, with both the negatives and positives of the government holding more power, it is more beneficial to not condition people and their thoughts about the government. Furthermore, the government holds too much power and we the people need to help decrease it.

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Nature vs. Nurture

We separate everything about ourselves into two categories, nature vs. nurture. The debate over nature vs. nurture focuses on relative contributions that influence our human behavior, such as personality, cognitive traits, or temperament and psychopathology (McLeod). Our world has evolved so much that we have things that we use to nurture ourselves and hide that natural part of ourselves, that is why we have two separate ideas that make up our lives, nature vs. nurture.

Nature is anything that is natural and not made or changed by humankind. Nature is the genes and hereditary factors that make us who we are, such as our physical appearance (Cherry). Some examples of nature are our eye color, blood group, and height. Nurture is anything not natural and has been developed by humankind. Nurture is all environmental factors that make us who we are, such as body weight and hair length. Some other examples of environmental factors could be early childhood experiences, our social relationships, and our surrounding culture (Cherry).

A perfect example of nurture is hair dye. Hair dye is made by humankind which makes it nurture. Hair dye has recently become a big part of my life. I have dyed my hair many times in the past year, and what I have learned about it is that it is not natural. Nurture is the complete opposite of biological/genetic predispositions (MedicineNet). When I dye my hair, I am nurturing it to hide my natural/genetic color. By changing my hair color, I change something natural about myself. Hair dye is made by humankind which makes it nurture.

Nature vs. nurture are two separate ideas that can make up who we are as individuals. Natural qualities of ourselves are biological/genetics that we are born with. Nurture is anything developed or changed by humankind. Some ideas, such as height or freckles, can be natural or nurtured. This topic can be a huge debate in our world today because everyone has different beliefs whether things are natural or are nurtured. What’s something about you that natural or nurtured?

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How Fame Changes A Person

Social media is a part of most teenagers’ everyday life. With having a social media platform comes the possibility for fame, followers have noticed that some people that are rising in fame change their lives; whether it be the way they act, how they present themselves in public, or the new people they talk to/the connections their fame has given them. 49% of teenagers claim to use TikTok (“2021 Facts & Figures // Tiktok Statistics”) , and a total of 37.36% of America’s population are active TikTok users (“Tiktok User Statistics (2021)”). TikTok is a growing platform that almost 50% of teenagers use daily. With the networking opportunities that social media offers, specifically going “viral” for a video that you posted, brings fame. 

Charlie Damelio is a person who became well known because of her rising fame on TikTok. She was actually the most followed person with a count of 126 million followers ( Over the 2020 Christmas break, Charlie and four of her friends traveled to the Bahamas, amidst the roaring pandemic. Charlie received the hardest backlash because of a comment she posted saying, “‘If you’re using this time to hang out with your friends since you don’t have school, please, I’m asking you, please stop being so inconsiderate to others” (“Fans Lashed Out At Tiktok Stars Charli And Dixie D’amelio After They Appeared To Travel To The Bahamas Around Christmas”). Her rising fame allowed for her to speak out to her 126 million followers to spread awareness of the pandemic. The fact that she spoke out to her followers and then acted completely against what she so passionately said, is a direct example of an influencer acting on behalf of their fame.

Another person that has changed due to their fame on TikTok is Addison Rae. “Addison Rae revealed that she’d changed the color of her iconic Tesla from bright pink to navy after the car started getting her some unwanted attention” (“Addison Rae Explains How Paparazzi Caused Her To Change Her Pink Tesla – Newsbreak”). Addison Rae completely changed the way she presented herself in public by changing the color of her Tesla. Because of the negativity she gained while driving her bright pink Tesla, she decided to take the extreme path and changed the look of her car as a whole just to please the public. There have also been many instances where celebrities are approached by paparazzis or interviewers. In the beginning of Addison’s fame, she welcomed paparazzi with open arms and answered (to her best ability), now, after her popularity has greatly increased she completely avoids paparazzi by covering her face, giving them the cold shoulder, or simply just being rude to them to shoo them away. The fact that after she gained fame, she almost completely changed her persona in public to “match” the attention she receives online.

As we all know, with fame comes new connections. With Addison Rae having a very well known following, celebrities also notice them. One person in particular that noticed Addison Rae, was Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney and her ex Scott Disick’s 10 year old son noticed Addison and wanted to make a tik tok with her. After that Addison and Kourtney seemed to be inseparable. It even came to the point where Addison was invited to be on the famous television show Keeping Up With The Kardashians where she was featured having a meal with the family. Both Kim and Khloe didn’t quite understand the relationship between their 41 year old sister and a 20 year old tik toker. As the sisters were questioning Addison, Kourtney said that “her and Rae’s ‘energies align,’ explaining that she has a ‘young heart and an old soul.’” (“A Complete Timeline Of Kourtney Kardashian And Addison Rae’s Friendship”). Which just goes to show that fame can get you anywhere. 

Fame changes people in many ways, whether it be how they act, how they present themselves in public, or who they talk/hangout with. Having fame is a great responsibility, people from all over the world know of you and may even look up to you in certain ways, shapes, or forms. In this day and age, social media is a “great” way to get noticed. Like Addison Rae, she rose to fame and then built a friendship with another extremely well known figure, Kourtney Kardashian. It is also very hard to be in the spotlight because it shows that not everyone is as perfect as they seem to be. Yes, people make mistakes, but because of the fame that people receive, the backlash they receive is that much worse than what it would be if they did not have a following.

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Is Intelligence Nature or Nurture?

In a society with various people, intelligence is based on nature because, research has proven that “a person’s IQ is highly influenced by genetic factors” (Williams). 

In a study conducted at King’s College London, “turned to a cohort of more than 11,000 pairs of both identical and non identical twins” to analyze different traits (Williams). In the study, “the team found nine general groups of traits that were all highly hereditary”, that shows that some parts of intelligence is nature instead of nurture (Williams). Of course, nurture also plays a role in intelligence, like when a student studies for a test or quiz, they are more likely to succeed on the test or quiz than other students. There are students out there who do not need to study as much compared to other students because intelligence is hereditary. 

Albert Einstein was “a famous physicist. His research spanned from quantum mechanics to theories about gravity and motion” (Byrd). Something about Einstein that makes him different from everyone else is that his “brain actually looks different from yours or mine” (Byrd). After Einstein died, research was done on his brain to see how he was so smart compared to everyone around him. In 1985, “a study revealed that two parts of Einstein’s brain contained an unusually large number of non-neuronal cells – called glia – for every neuron” (Byrd). Could that mean that the number of non-neuronal cells could have made Einstein significantly smarter than everyone else? 

There are many things that can make someone “intelligent”, like the person’s genes, or the way someone’s brain is shaped, or how much someone studies. No matter what the circumstances are, everyone is special in their own way, and everyone has their own talents and things they are good at. 

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Note on the Featured image:

This is an actual photo of Einstein’s brain, which was preserved in formalin by pathologist Thomas Harvey after Einstein’s death in 1955. A new study of this photo and others of Einstein’s brain reveal an unusually complex pattern of convolutions in the prefrontal cortex, which is important for abstract thinking. Photo via the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Silver Spring, Maryland. (Byrd)

Finding the Good/Adjusting

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on every person – nationwide. However, this toll is different for everyone. In some ways it could be negative, or in some cases it could even be positive. Adapting to new changes is challenging, as sometimes they are not expected, and some of them can be life changing. It is important to recognize these changes and how they are affecting people so that society can grow and learn together to become better. In these conditions, adapting to new changes is different for everyone provided there are positives and negatives that influence the effect on people.

It is always easy to say that the negatives outweigh the positives. With statistics like the COVID-19 pandemic that killed more than 180,000 Americans as of March of this year, it is hard to say that anything has gone well since that one weekday in March where we all got “2 weeks” off of school (Pew Research Center). With new changes comes adjusting. For a lot of people, the adjustment was drastic. Routines were destroyed, human contact completely diminished, and social lives became non-existent. In an article from the Purdue University Counseling & Psychological Services, Theresa Nutten describes helpful ways, and comforting remarks about adjusting to the pandemic.

This article was written early in the pandemic, but adjusting is still taking place, even as things are slowly going back to normal. Nutten explains the timing of the situation as, “This situation is both uncertain and temporary… consider this a time to reflect on who you want to be during this time, focus on what is within your control” identifying that adjusting is an individual concept, people cannot rely on others’ ways to determine who they will be during this time. It is important for people to identify changes in their life, and how they can still live up to their full potential. With that, living up to their full potential while adjusting does not come fast/ easy, Nutten states, “Adjustment is a process that looks differently for most people, this process is not linear or well-defined” confirming, adjusting is intimate and personal, specific to each person. It takes time, thought, and perseverance through hard times.

Finding the good in situations is a very beneficial component in adjusting to new changes. The Pew Research Center conducted personal interviews with Americans about the silver linings of the pandemic. Unity was a large theme in the interviews as portrayed in this quote, “People in my community seem to be really interested in helping each other out. Sharing food, going shopping for older people, organizations, hospitals, nursing homes, and the homeless. It seems to be bringing all different kinds of people together to help each other out” concluding that reaching out to others can help, even though adjusting in an individual act (Pew Research Center). Hearing other’s perspectives gives people insight on the value of their problems, which are sometimes not as bad as the people that they interact with. This can help people with being thankful for what they have and changing their mindset.

Going along with unity, and being thankful is another interview quote that emphasizes the importance of loved ones, “Teleworking has been a welcome change. I enjoy the extra two hours a day I would have spent commuting. I also enjoy spending more time with my wife. I know I’m fortunate, and I’m grateful” reiterating the realization of being fortunate and thankful for all that a person has (Pew Research Center). Adjusting is a hard concept, but with a positive mindset and finding the good in situations, the stress can be lifted.

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Nurturing Eyesight

All around the world, people have different perceptions of eyesight. Some people have it worse than others. This could be from genetics, it could be dependent on how one takes care of their eyes, or even a combination of both. Eyesight is important to overall health and should be something nurtured correctly, especially if eyesight genetics are not in one’s favor. To a certain extent, what one does in their daily life can affect their eyesight over a period of time because human eyes are sensitive and need balance and care to be maintained.

Genetics play a major role in determining the basis of an individual’s vision. There are many types of “vision-related conditions that are typically inherited” such as; Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism, Colour blindness, and Amblyopia (“Is Eyesight Nature or Nurture?”). These conditions are not always passed down through every generation. Some children may not receive a condition like one of these, whereas their sibling might. On the other hand, “certain vision problems have mixed genetic and environmental causes” such as blurred vision caused from staring at a screen for too long (Gautier). For instance, if a young child over watches YouTube videos on a daily basis, he or she, months later, may complain about blurry vision when trying to see things in the distance. Balancing the time off and on electronics in this case, and in general, is a beneficial step in maintaining one’s vision. 

Along with balancing the use of electronics there are many other ways people can nurture their eyes to maintain, or even strengthen their vision. These tips include eating healthy, getting regular exercise, and avoiding smoking (“Eye Care | Vision Care”). Not only do these tips benefit eye health, but also the overall health of an individual. These tips are things that should be constant to maintain the health of the eyes. Following these criteria once or twice a week will not be as effective as following them five to six times a week. 

The health of an individual’s eyes are something that can slowly diminish over time if not properly taken care of. The way people nurture their bodies and eyes will affect their overall health, either in a positive or negative way. It is important that people take note of their responses to certain things like too much time on the computer, not enough exercise, or overeating, and try to make changes to better oneself. Nurturing oneself, not only in the circumstances of nurturing vision but oneself as a whole, should result in positive outcomes because it shapes how you live. 

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Psychopaths can be both born and created. Chemicals in the brain can be unbalanced from birth and can be brought out by the environment someone is raised in. Even in the tightly bound nature of the young developing mind, supposing that infants can choose between good and evil, along with adults, might not be that crazy after all because babies have proven they can choose between good and bad by participating in multiple experiments using puppets and other child appealing toys.

In the capacity of the mind of a baby, scientists have used toys in experiments to record data of a baby’s thoughts of good or evil. Babies interpret things differently than those of adults, teens and even toddlers. Babies interpret the motivation of others based on movements and the intentions they sense and pick up on. Scientists use puppets and toys to create different scenarios to perform to babies, along the lines of good toy, bad toy. These different variations of experiments help show scientists the narrow-minded nature of the developing minds of infants. Stafford says, “even the youngest humans have at least some sense of right and wrong…an instinct to prefer good over evil” (Stafford). Leading into the results of the experiment, almost after every experiment performed with infants, they almost all chose the good toy as opposed to the bad toy.

Adults can grow up also being able to choose between good and evil, in the sense that based on the way they are born and raised some might choose good in some situations and some might choose bad in others. In that, “the brains of psychopaths exhibit little empathy or desire to do anything that does not benefit themselves” (Smithstein). The amygdala is the part of the brain that is affected in the brain of the psychopath that affects a person’s emotions and decision making. On the opposite side of the spectrum, altruistic usually means a person that shows selfless concern for the well being of others. An altruistic person has a significantly larger amygdala than a person who makes poor decisions and lacks emotions. The way that some are raised also positively or negatively affects the decision making process. In the beginning, “we are all born to a greater or lesser degree, hardwired to be kind to others…some of our goodness is what we are born with” (Smithstein).

To wrap up, we are all born with a sense of good and a sense of bad, with the option to choose. Although making poor decisions and lacking emotion is part of a physical condition of the brain, for the most part psychopaths are made and corrupted by society. Infants being used to perform experiments can prove that people are born good and with stable decision making skills. The way that people are raised and the morals that they are taught and the ones they are not taught make up a person who can make decisions, good or bad.

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Goodbye Innocence

Loss of Innocence is a concept that is commonly misunderstood. It is not merely just a physical change but a mental change as well. A perfect example of loss of innocence is in the novel Lord of The Flies. Jack, a key character, performed rituals that caused the rest of the boys to unleash human savagery. The boys lost every ounce of innocence they once held as young boys. The boys began to murder pig after pig, feeling zero remorse. Golding, the author takes loss of innocence to a far extent but that does not mean the idea of loss of innocence is not found in everyday reality. Outside of physical maturity, the loss of a child’s innocence is a part of child development because of gain of knowledge and parental pressure. 

A developing child often gains knowledge creating a loss of innocence. The knowledge gained from a child often comes from the influence and actions of parents. Related to the knowledge of a child, If parents ever want to combat the loss of childhood innocence, they need to be mindful of what their children are exposed to. They need to focus on nurturing their children instead of being too concerned with success and lose sight of what is important.” (Jones)  Demonstrating that a parent who is too concerned with their child’s success causes the child to gain too much insight on more mature topics and principles that a young child should not regard. Parents try to introduce their child into the adult world too fast. Just like in Lord of the Flies the boys are thrown into a completely different life in trying to live like adults. They gain a sense of knowledge they weren’t quite ready to know revealing the loss of innocence. Young children gaining knowledge is often from the example their parents set in their lives. Parents believe, “… things like stimulation, knowledge and wisdom are key to a successful life as an adult but everything should be done in moderation” (Jones) alluding to the idea that too much knowledge can cause a child to be too aware. Exposing a child to too much information at a young age can cause the child to take that information to other environments, for example school. 

Innocence of a child is lost due to parental pressure. It is commonly believed that in a child’s life they are constantly pressured by their parents. Expectations of a parent can become unbearable, for example, “You wanting your child to be the centre of attention in your social circle for his achievements is your wish based on your perception of what a perfect child should be. Don’t make your children suffer to live up to your expectations” (Tammy). Children are pressured at a young age to be something they are not. This pressure takes control of the child’s life and causes them to miss out on a childhood that they should be living. They lose their innocence that they clearly should have at such a young age. Children are pressured to perform well, “…and the pressure to perform at an age where he’s just supposed to be a playful carefree kid, away from any kind of stress. We’re making little kids experience adult emotions and then wondering where their innocence has disappeared” (Tammy). It is important for children to just be kids for a while because once entering adulthood, being a child is gone. The idea of loss of innocence has been seen at early ages annually, it is heartbreaking to see the young children stripped of childhood things. It is due to parents, the pressure for their children to become an adult too fast really does alter the child’s innocence. 

It’s important to take a step back and look at where society is heading. The path right now does not look like it has a happy ending. Children are becoming adults at an earlier and earlier age and soon child innocence will be terminated. Parents should think next time before they pressure their child into success or teach their children adulthood too early in age. 

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Nature vs. Nurture: Personality Traits

The nature of genetics and nurture of daily environments shape people into who they are in their lives. Human personalities originate from genetics; however, through the exposure to the nurture of the environments encountered daily, personality traits can be altered and influenced by others. Many studies have shown that “personality traits are complex and research suggests that our traits are shaped by both inheritance and environmental factors”(Cherry).

However, according to researchers and genetic data, it has been concluded that the influence of the environment “accounts for approximately 50 of 70 percent” of individuals’ personalities (Leary). People can easily be influenced by the commonality of certain personality traits around them daily or they could fall into the trends of the media encountered within school and work environments or even what’s seen on television.

However, everyone encounters the traits that influence their personalities differently through their own personal life experiences. It has been discovered that “the environments that children from the same family share with each other exert a much weaker influence on their personalities than the environments that each child experiences individually” (Leary).

The more involved people are outside of their own families can result in new habits, new ways of learning, and new personality traits. Twins for example, are made of the same DNA. Studies have tested the aspects of personality among twins, one study suggesting “that some aspects of personality are influenced by genetics”, however the environment also plays a big “role in shaping personality” (Cherry).

Twins may be made of the same genetic makeup but due to the separate environments they experience, their personalities can be altered and become different from one another. Individuals who are adopted partially contradict the nature vs. nurture of people’s personalities. Their genetics have an affect on their personalities; however, since they are raised by non-biological parents, their personalities are essentially shaped through the nurture of their environments.

People can be influenced by the environments among their peers in either school, work, extracurricular activities, sports, or even others seen on social media. Personalities can be altered to fit a specific environment, like social media. People try to assimilate themselves to fit the aesthetic of Instagram, Snapchat, or even Facebook, to make themselves more appealing and likable. Social media has a major influence on the personalities of the younger generations.

There are two sides to the influence of nature and nurture. One side is positively affecting one’s life, allowing them to express their individuality by using what they encounter and learn outside of their own families, while the other side can become negative, as people begin to copy one another or try to be someone they’re not.

Personalities can be influenced positively and negatively, yet it is the individual’s choice to be original and shape themselves instead of taking the shape of others around them. In conclusion, the personality traits of each individual are shaped by both nature and nurture; however, the overall influence of the nurture of the encounters in each environment has a bigger impact on individuals’ personalities today.

Featured image by The Climate Coalition (UK)

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Throughout history cults have controlled a group in order to advance a governing body’s agenda by suppressing people’s freedom of speech, thought, and intellectual property. However, the title, cult, is just an umbrella term for many different kinds and the different actions they take to have their followers continue believing. In a New York Times article written by Glenn Collins, there is a quote that states, “Many cult groups have developed basically similar and quite compelling conversion techniques for exploiting the vulnerabilities of potential converts” says John G. Clark Jr. from Harvard University Medical School (Collins). Clark’s words demonstrate how cults that are completely different, all can have similar ways of drawing people in through their persuasive words and promises.

The leader of anything is always the one everyone listens to. In this case, cult leaders are the one that their followers listen to and whatever they say must be true, right? The members are desensitized to what is or was normal due to the leaders being master manipulators. Margaret T. Singer from the University of California Berkeley says, “The techniques of many cults fall under the general rubric of brainwashing” (Collins) highlighting how the leaders can manipulate and twist the way that new followers think in order to draw them into, what most would say, is a trap.

This trap can be seen in history when it comes to the political party of the Nazis. One of the most feared and destructive leaders in history. They brainwashed thousands of people to think that a religion was the cause of Germany’s downfall. However it wasn’t just those of Jewish faith, but many others. This belief led to the torture and loss of innocent lives. The Nazi party committed many crimes throughout their control, but one that is well known was their experimentation of twins. The twin experiments that took place were unnecessary, yet physician Josef Mengele was fascinated.

Mengele was a eugenicist, someone who advocates for improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits. In an article by Erin Blakemore it states, “They believed that selective breeding could be used to encourage acceptable behavior and wipe out undesirable traits” (Blakemore) proving that the Nazis wanted to find a way to make a society of people with traits just like them.

The Nazis, cults, and even the novel, Brave New World, possess leaders who want their followers to believe that what they think is right. The followers have no way of saying whether or not it is just because they are just as brainwashed as their leader.

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Digital Poison

Take a minute to stop scrolling, liking and posting on social media. Just be present. This is something society has forgotten how to do since the creation of social media. As social platforms have begun to grow in recent years, people have become conditioned to compare themselves to others. Humans lose their capability to explore their individualism by the constant presence of media, weakening their control to avoid social norms by becoming accustomed to the unrealistic expectations of social media. Media pressures people to oppress their individuality in hopes of protecting themselves from judgment and moving up on the social ladder. Our society has taken happiness out of how many likes and comments you get on a post which has taken a toll on how we view our personal worth. 

The pressure of social media causes “teenagers to believe that they need to fit this “perfect image,” that they can achieve online, even if that is not their true persona. They can be whoever they want to be behind a screen. This can become exasperating work; having to keep up with these different personalities.” (Heinlein). Mindsets like these pose a threat to young undeveloped minds. Rapidly developing technology is hurting the human psyche because we are not adapting to peer pressure as fast as technology is growing. “They think being different or unique might not be acceptable to everyone, which dulls people’s sense of their individuality.” (Heinlein). A survey by the Royal Society of Public Health found that people ranging from 14-24 years old, that are members of social media platforms, have been impacted by mental health issues. “The survey results found that Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have all led to increased feelings of loneliness, depression, anxiety, and poor body image.” (Rsph). 

“Children today are living in a society that has a social media presence in almost everything they see online. The influence that it has over their developing minds is not something to be taken lightly” (Zainal). If we really think about it, the media has an overpowering influence on our opinions. Unfortunately, creators never thought about the outcome of these new social forums. When hundreds of comments, ideas and opinions come together they create something called the “hive mindset”. “The hive mind is defined as “a collective consciousness, analogous to the behavior of social insects. Such a group mentality characterized by uncritical conformity and loss of a sense of individuality and personal accountability.” (Zainal). In other words, this information we are constantly being fed unconsciously persuades those users who are neutral but impressionable. 

Working to limit exposure time can lead to a significant change in the way social media controls our lives. Whether that be in our children’s lives, our lives or the lives of a friend, we are never truly free from the bondage of our internet communities. Social networking will always be one step ahead of us to create the most oppressing and addictive poison fed to us through a screen. 

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Tattoos and Their Controversies

Tattoos are fun, new, and exhilarating for an 18 year old, but with older age tattoos may not be worth it. Some may say tattoos are not classy and they don’t belong in the workplace. Many business owners have a strong feeling against tattoos, “It is very specifically stated that any visible tattoos have to be covered up when on the floor… We serve the public, and we want to make sure that we project a proper image” (“Controversy Over Workplace Tattoos”). One may agree that tattoos, especially a lot of them, is correct attire. Others, however, believe that some tattoos are meaningful, and show meaning towards one thing in particular because of the size, shape, and intensity it may have. 

Very many of us can see the physical side of a tattoo, but unless we directly ask the person, we would not know the emotional side of it. The psychological part can really make you dislike tattoos. Some say, “She’s definitely a party girl…” (Karim), showing that being called a party girl can be very downgrading. This starts the controversy on tattoos. The controversy that comes with tattoos are quite extreme, but the meanings in tattoos in a personal aspect is much stronger than others opinions. For example, when someone gets a semicolon tattoo it states a message of, “affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues” ( This one website, Project Semicolon, has also stated, “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you, and the sentence is your life” ( Project Semicolon made the reasoning behind such a simple tattoo so meaningful and that is because so many people in this world have had those dark thoughts or have known someone to have those thoughts. 

Tattoos have an abundance of meanings, whether or not one asks, there’s always a meaning behind them, and it is consciously or subconsciously known. Even though business owners oftentimes do not hire those who have tattoos, or ask them to be covered, the tattoos of meaning are still there for us. To some, tattoos are a perfect way to express oneself, but to others it is taken as a defiance. With ones so little as a semicolon to larger ones as a music verse, tattoos are a great way to show what you like. Tattoos are a message about yourself without the need to say a single word.

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Redheads vs. The Sun

All over tropical vacation spots, redheads are applying their one hundred sunblock, though this is true, scientists have researched why redheads burn easily and it is all because of their genetic makeup. Vacationing is meant for  enjoyment and good memories, but due to natural redheads, it is a little more difficult. When advocating about this topic, it is important to understand the genetic makeup and ways to prevent harsh burns. 

Each and everyone’s body wants to protect itself from any harmful factors that people encounter on a day to day basis and the UV sun rays are one of them. What the body does to protect from the sun is producing eumelanin. The process of eumelanin when the sun hits the body is to turn the skin darker in an attempt to defend it from harmful factors (Ginger Parrot). Having the capability to perform this defense mechanism is what reduces sunburn on others skins, except for redheads. With that being said, researchers have proved that redheads have “low eumelanin and high pheomelanin,” indicating that redheads do not have the same protection as other natural hair colors (Ginger Parrot). Having this disadvantage creates more difficult tasks they will have to face on a warm climate vacation. The website Sunsense wrote an article that states; “scientists have found that people with the gene for red hair are less able to protect themselves against the sun’s UV rays…. Showing additional sun damage equivalent to spending an extra twenty-one years in the sun compared to people with the gene,” demonstrating how harshly an impact this mutation has on a person’s skin and health. By simply having a more rare hair color than others, it causes extravagant consequences to the skin. This vital information has informed many redheads across the world to know why they are burning quicker than others and how it can truly impact their quality of life. 

Using this information about the low eumelanin in the body, steps can be done to easily reduce the amount of burn a red haired person could obtain. Choosing sunscreen, covering up, reapplication, and shade are all examples of steps towards successfully lowering the probability of getting burnt. Choosing the right sunscreen is vital to each redhead, and the two factors that make up a good sunscreen are “an appropriately high sun protection factor” and “it provides broad spectrum cover,” explaining that without these factors, the sunblock will not be protective (Sunsense). The sun will always find a way to burn a redhead, so if sunscreen is applied regularly and abundantly, it is more likely to not get burned or obtain a skin problem in the future. According to the Skin Care foundation; “We [redheads] are more than one and a half times as likely to develop basal cell carcinomas, the most common form of skin cancer,” acknowledging the extreme effects the mutation has on individuals with red hair. Having the slightest difference in DNA make up or anything in the body causes a whirlwind of dangerous possibilities. Different forms of skin cancer or other diseases are harmful and easily contractible to people with this mutation. Knowing how to prevent a sunburn is very important, especially to a redhead due to all the harmful effects the sun can cause if the skin is not cared for.

Genetics are different in every human and create unique qualities in them. Learning about what is going on in our bodies can lead us to want to know more to get rid of any possible preventable diseases in the future. Redheads have a genetic mutation that does cause them to be susceptible to sunburn faster than brunettes because of the amount of eumelanin in their bodies. Though this is proved, there are ways to still enjoy outdoor adventures, just with extra steps. As said before, warm climate vacations are all about enjoying the nice weather with ones each person cares about, but one must always stay protected from the sun no matter what hair color they may have. 

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Moral Development: A Social Domain Theory

Moral development has changed the way that people have interpreted certain things. An example of this development would be logical reasoning and understanding in dealing with circumstances, whether that be physically, mentally, or emotionally and how that has affected your development. As the role of parents in moral development has become more known, there is a social domain theory analysis including morality as different from other social ideas. Throughout adolescence, nurture drives people’s moral foundations through parental interaction and experiences. 

There are many factors that influence the role of parents in moral development. The main topic discussed in this article is the social domain theory analysis of the role of parents in moral development, which describes morality as distinct from other social concepts. Despite the fact that profound quality is built from equal social communications, both emotional and intellectual parts of parents’ interactions with their children may work with their moral development. One important aspect revealed by parents through this process is that they provide “specific feedback about the nature of children’s moral interactions and are proposed to provide a cognitive mechanism for facilitating moral development” (Smetana). Parents providing specific feedback is a very important aspect in the nature of children’s proper interconnections for our upbringing. 

Parents are the foundation from which we learn and grow in our moral developments through our interactions and experiences. An example would be parents guiding and sharing their knowledge with us as we navigate the process of college. Similarly, moral development has caused parents to encourage moral understanding of children by imparting descriptions and practical reasoning about the kid’s social world, “which may stimulate the development of more mature moral thought” (Smetana). In our social world, moral development plays a role in how we reason our way through things and encourages parents to convey these descriptions and critical reasoning through their children’s lives. Further, the conversations we have with our parents may impact how we emotionally act towards them. This is revealed by how “the affective context of the relationship may influence children’s motivation to listen to and respond to parents (Smetana). Children may feel overlooked by their parents if they feel ignored or not understood, so they change their whole attitude towards them. 

Moral development has played a significant role in forming our nuture through parental interactions and shaping the lives of many adolescents through personal experiences. The social domain theory analyzes morality as different from other social concepts. Throughout our youth, parental care drives individuals’ ethical establishments through parental association and encounters. 


Smetana, Judith. (1999). The Role of Parents in Moral Development: A Social Domain Analysis. Journal of Moral Education. 28. 311-321. 10.1080/030572499103106. (link)

Perfect is Overrated

In recent years, tech companies that run popular social media platforms have found ways to manipulate and control what people think by brainwashing their mostly teenage users through misinformation, peer pressure tactics, and harmful academic pressures. Society is like your toxic ex boyfriend. They won’t leave you alone no matter how many times you ask them to leave and they hover over you like a bee attracted to your perfume. Teenagers and Society go hand in hand. If you are a teenager in our world today there is a huge amount of societal pressure that is put on your shoulders. This feeling tends to make teenagers feel that they have “grown up” even though their brain is still developing (Scripps).

Social Media is partly to thank for this, it has a huge impact on its users, especially its young audience who are easier to manipulate. On social media there is this stigma where everything you post has to look perfect and you have to fit the mold that society wants you in. “We see perfection as a goal to strive towards, however many doctors and psychologists see it as a disease” (“Pressure to be Perfect”). Social Media has the ability to create a false reality which can lead to a toxic mindset.

Perfectionism radiates off of social media and academic pressures. This is a rapidly growing concern in today’s society. A perfectionist is “anyone who sets excessively high unrealistic goals” (“Pressure to be Perfect”). In school, there is pressure to do good and get acceptable grades. Some students push themselves to get only 100% on everything which is usually very hard to do. When those perfectionists do not meet their goal they feel as if their life is ruined and they have failed at everything. This can create severe anxiety and depression for many. Especially when applying to college, high school students think that they have to have the perfect resume to apply: Outstanding Grades and impressive extracurricular activities. This anxiety causing mindset continues while in college. There is a stereotype that you need to get all A’s in order to enter the real-world and experience a true job in your major. This is a circle that just keeps going around and around until the person is extremely worn out and doesn’t have the energy or motivation to complete school.

Peer Pressure also relates to perfectionism and the social pressure to fit in. As a teen, you experience peer pressure all the time. Teens’ brains are still developing and one of the imitate functions of this is judgement (Scripps). There is positive and negative peer pressure. Positive Peer pressure can help teens develop skills that can help them cope while going into adulthood. It could also encourage teens to participate in sports and avoid harmful behavior. On the flip side, negative peer pressure can lead teens into harmful behavior that can ruin their life especially going into college. It could introduce them to drugs, alcohol and skipping school. Just because you see all of your friends doing it does not necessarily mean that you should too.

In conclusion, the social pressure to be perfect is growing everyday. We as a population need to come together and change this toxic environment that is growing in our own heads. We can do so by staying off of social media more than we already do and being there for each other when someone is having a bad day. Societal pressures have a way of manipulating us and the people around us but we can be the ones to put a stop to this trap that society has us in.

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Space Travel Is Useless!

In the article, “YOU DECIDE Civilian Space Travel” (BTW) I learned that space travel is becoming more commercialized than ever before; the targeted group is civilians. Almost any civilian can travel to space. Space travel was only limited to astronauts; astronauts are highly educated individuals who are specially trained to travel into outer space. Only a few people are fortunate enough to become astronauts. Nowadays, a civilian with wealth & power can purchase a two-way ticket to space. The money spent on space travel could be used to solve lots of problems that are occurring here on earth, for example, starvation & helping countries adapt to climate change. Space travel can also provide an incomparable human experience; space is mesmerizing, it could change your life for the better, making you more appreciative of what you have. 

If you had the opportunity to travel to space, meaning you are wealthy, would you funnel your money (you have lots of money) toward space travel and adventure, or to being a decent human being and helping the earth by putting money toward it’s ongoing issues that we created?

I think that space travel is useless. There are many problems occurring here on earth that must be solved. It seems that we are giving up on earth. We are shifting our focus to space and the other planets when in reality, we didn’t come from space, we came from the earth; we are specifically designed to live on earth. Our earth needs help, and instead of funding space travel, or even allowing this to happen, we must fund or put this money toward these ongoing issues. We as the human race must stop being ignorant or we will pay for it, if not us, the posterity. 

Decrease in Human Population: Good or Bad?

In the article, “Where are the people?” (The New York Times, Upfront) I learned about the decrease in world population and the implications it will have on society. Even in China, which is known to be a very populous country, ghost cities are showing up because very few people are living there anymore. The explanation for this decrease in the human population could be due to the increase in deaths and the decrease in births, which means that fewer women are having less (or none) children. The Pros of this decrease in population are that there would be less need for more resources like energy and food and the impacts of climate change would not increase as rapidly. However, this decrease can also have negative outcomes because the fewer young people on the planet mean that the elderly have fewer people to depend on to help pay for their services through taxes and labor.

What do you think? Will the decrease of the human population benefit us or burden us?

I think that this sudden shift might be challenging for us, however, I think that we as a society can adapt to it. Fewer people are deciding to have lots of children, with the average dropping to two children, and this can spur more achievement for individuals who have personal goals. This is not to say that having a family and having children is a burden, because likewise, this could look like fulfillment for many individuals. However, trends in the human population demonstrate that fewer people are going in that direction.


Subscription required.

Food Advertisements

Eight teenagers had gone to a restaurant and were given a menu of 50 different items to choose from with an envelope. This was part of a filmed social experiment and they were asked to order one item.  After they each ordered the same thing, “triple dipped chicken,” they opened the envelope with these words written on them. The producer had predicted this because of the amount of advertisements there was. Even though these teens say they didn’t notice, it was obvious that the marketing had influenced their decision making. 

<meta charset=”utf-8″>In what way has advertisements influenced your decision making?

In my opinion I believe that these advertisements really make a huge impact on how much people will buy. Especially if these foods are new because many would want to try it out. This not only makes people get hungry but it also helps them decide where and what they want to eat. 


“Do Junk Food Ads Make You Hungry?” The New York Times Upfront,

Brazil’s Dance With the Devil

I chose this book for two very different reasons. One, because I was curious about what the title meant: “Brazil’s Dance with the Devil, The World Cup, The Olympics, and the Fight for Democracy” by Dave Zirin. And two, because of the inscription my dad’s friend had written on the inside cover saying, “This book will make you look smart when you are the ‘sports guy’ in liberal academic circles.”

As incredible and surprising as this book is, I would not recommend it to just anyone. To enjoy this book, you have to want to know what is going on outside your world and be interested in the truth of politics. It is not for the light hearted.

This is the story of the lengths Brazil went to be tried as a first world country in a changing world. It is about what it took for Brazil to host both the Olympics and the World Cup just two years apart. It discusses the corruption and unjust actions of the government and the relationship between the law makers and the poor in this country.

The book is very factual and tries to avoid much of a bias but you can tell who the author thinks is at fault. The author uses real stories to prove his point and separating chapters five and six, Zirin includes some of the pictures he took during his research trip to Brazil.

From the rundown favelas to the huge stadiums in mid-construction, the shots do a powerful job of showing, not telling what life in Brazil is like. The best quote to introduce this book is “Brazil is not for beginners.” This is seen through the violence and gap between the rich and the working class. And as vague as this is, I won’t elaborate on what this means because reading it through Dave Zirin’s words will be so much better.

What is the Dyatlov Pass?

62 years ago, in January of 1959 nine hikers ventured into the Russian mountains for a ski trip but were never seen alive since, causing speculation as to how they mysteriously died. This tragedy became one of the greatest mysteries of Soviet history known as the Dyatlov Pass incident. 

The story started when  experienced hikers/cross country skiers set off on a 14-day expedition to the Gora Otorten Mountain in North Russia. It was at this time of year that the mountain was considered the most dangerous with temperatures reaching -22 F. But when the groups’ expected return date came and a rescue team was sent out for them, what they found was shocking. 

About ¾ up the mountain, rescuers found the group’s tent badly damaged and all the group’s belongings left behind, including their shoes. As the rescuers continued further down the mountain they discovered the first two bodies clad only in socks and underwear next to an old cedar tree. Three other bodies were then found between the tree and tent site. Rescuers started to speculate that these hikers had succumbed to hypothermia. But it wasn’t until two months later that the remaining four bodies were found in a ravine under a thick layer of snow. These bodies were in much worse shape with serious injuries which could only be caused by extreme forces. Some of the bodies were found to be in a baffling state of undress; some of their skulls and chests had been smashed open; others had eyes missing, and one lacked a tongue. But even stranger, all the bodies found in the ravine had traces of radiation on them. 

“Each body is a piece of a very grim puzzle, of which no pieces seemed to fit together.”  At the time of the investigation all these hikers’ deaths were blamed on an “unknown compelling natural force”  and the Soviet Union kept the case quiet, closing it not a month after. These bizarre deaths have inspired countless conspiracy theories, including yetis, avalanches, the Soviet bureaucracy, and secret military tests.  Hundreds of articles, podcasts, and books  have been written about this incident all in speculation as to what happened. As new research comes out, new theories are being formed and scientists are getting closer and closer to answers.  But will we ever know what is the true cause behind this event?  Was it as simple as an avalanche, or as eerie as the soviet union?

Helping the community

In the article, “Feeding the Community” (upfront) I learned that a school in Sanger, Texas has found a way to fight food insecurity. This is very helpful because not very many people are able to afford food in these tough times.  Linda Tutt High School recently opened a student-run grocery store that carries everything from produce and canned goods to dish soap and shampoo. This helps students because they are able to get some of the necessities they need and bring them home for their family to use as well. The project is especially important right now, as Feeding America predicts that the Covid-19 pandemic will leave 50 million Americans struggling with food insecurity. 

What do you think the government should do to improve the ability of all family’s to have food on their table?

I think what is happening around the world with this pandemic is causing a huge crisis.  It’s especially horrible that some people are getting more affected than others.  It’s hard to imagine not having enough food at home or supplies. Students can also receive extra points by points for doing good deeds, whether it’s excelling in the classroom, helping other students, or working an on-campus job. People who go to this school are lucky to be able to receive all these items for free.

Source: (Subscription required)

New State Voting Laws

In the article, “States Attempt New Voting Rights Laws” (McGraw Hill) I learned that to be eligible to vote, you must first become a registered voter. Along with this, depending on the state, you must either register yourself several weeks or days before an election, turn up at polls with your ID, or vote from home. In Texas, they have set voting restrictions such as eliminating drive-thru voting and overnight early voting hours. Apart from this, limitations were also set on who could and could not assist voters along with establishing ID requirements when voting by mail. Some say this helps prevent voter fraud but others say that it would make it harder for African Americans and Latino Americans to vote because of the voting methods. In North Carolina, they require a photo ID to vote. Although this could help prevent voter fraud, it also discriminates against voters of color because they are less likely to have a photo ID. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., Congress is trying to pass a new law that would give the federal government increased control over elections.

Do you agree or disagree sith these new voting laws? Would these new laws affect your eligibility to vote?

I think that with the implementation of these new voting laws, voting fraud would be able to be prevented, but at the same time, I also believe that they should inform and assist voters who may not be aware of these new requirements. The main reason why someone doesn’t vote especially when it comes to those of color is that they don’t know how or where to register and vote. For this reason, the state needs to have some sort of control over the elections as they are the ones who are more familiar with who vote and who don’t.

Hispanic Heritage Month

In the article “Hispanic Heritage Month” (btw) I learned that Hispanic heritage month is from september 15 to october 15 and its days were hispanics could celebrate and recognize the contributions, cultures, and traditions of Hispanic Americans. We could recognize hispanic heroes. The date begins in the 15 because it is Independence Day for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. September 16 is Mexican Independence Day, and Chile celebrates its independence on September 18. So as you can see all the days are very close showing us the importance of this month. Hispanics are a big majority of people now living in america and because we have contributed a lot to this country may it be financially through taxes or even through our culture or food america wouldn’t be where it is today without hispanics.

Do you believe Hispanic Heritage Month should be celebrated?

I believe Hispanic heritage Month is a month that should be celebrated with pride amongst our communities because its a month were we could be recognized for the greatness of our people.

How Did COVID Affect Children’s Hospitals?

In the article, “Children’s Hospitals in Crisis” (McGrill) it’s informing people that COVID didn’t just affect adults, business, schools, but it also affected the hospitals for children. People know that hospitals were affected the most but they don’t know how badly the children hospitals were afffected. The situation was bad to the point were 220 hospitals had to send a letter to the administration of Biden about funding. Especially now that there’s the delta variant, those who are in great danger are the older people and the younger ones. The COVID vaccine is only allowed for those who are 12 years old and older. Not only are these children in danger but they are unprotected from COVID.

Why is it that a health care institution for children wasn’t given the financial help from the government? Would the hospitals that wrote these letters be given that financial support?

It’s important for people to know these types of information. A lot of things were affected by COVID and many of those things got financial help from the government. The fact that hospitals had to send a letter to the administration is upsetting especially if it’s a hospitial for kids. To me this just shows how little the government pays attention to facilities that they fund.

Backwards Benefit

Humankind is inherently corrupt as one can interpret as a witness of this world’s wicked society containing people that choose to benefit themselves instead of the common good. Even in Catholicism, Adam and Eve, the first two humans, partook in a scandal with the devil that they believed would benefit them rather than having perfect communion with God. The Fall archetype was then born highlighting humankind’s common desire for personal gain through disruption of the common good. Nowadays the world runs on money, consequently, humans are so easily swayed by its presence. Corruption is inevitable when it comes into play because money always makes a financially-positive effect in one’s life.

With that in mind, the common swindling and money-grabbing within politics is a perfect example of people doing anything for money, even though they already have much more than the average individual. President Ulysses S. Grant is part of this continuous performance of manipulation. He already had money and power as the President of the United States of America, however this power opened up more criminal opportunities that Grant was able to benefit financially from. He did not participate in only one disgraceful event but a multitude. Consequently, his presidential term came to be known as “Grantism” (Cohn 18). President Grant’s most notorious scandal was the whiskey ring he ran from 1871 to 1875. He profited approximately $3 million, which is worth $63.7 million today (Cohn 17).

Not long ago, “Oscar Wilde once said: ‘Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing’” (Jeffries 12). Corruption has always and will always be present in the world. Society right now values money more than anything. It is sad that one cannot make it big without money. Stuart Jeffries commented on money’s effect on corruption stating, “Money has become for us what beer was for Homer Simpson – the cause of and solution to all of our problems. Can we make it just the solution? It seems unlikely,” emphasizing the control and total influence money has over all of society (Jeffries). In addition, once one makes it big they gradually become greedier and further tempted by all the opportunities to make more money whether or not it is legal. Money means power and power means more money which creates a never ending staircase of corruption that requires sacrifice of one’s morals and dignity just to go up one more step.

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Children Hospitals Need Help!

The article “Children Hospitals in Crisis” ( Mcgraw hill) I learned that children hospitals are asking President Biden for more funding to help them keep running. More than 220 children hospitals have sent a letter to the Biden Administration seeking support due to the covid 19 pandemic. Many children hospitals are running out of space for beds to place patients. It is sad to say that nearly 94,000 children were diagnosed with COVID and as more children are being infected and hospitalized they fall in danger since children under the age of 12 still cannot get vaccinated. This horrible situation has been caused by the fact that many business were closed down at the start of the pandemic in March 2019 so many hospitals lost money. During the pandemic many patients families suffered economically because of the shutdown. They were not able to pay their medical bills, and this has hurt hospitals finances as well. The hospitals hope that financial help from the White House can improve the hospital’s budget problems and allow them to treat the patients with better care.

What are your thoughts on this?

I find it really heartbreaking that children hospitals are financially struggling to treat patients who desperately need treatment. It’s hard to imagine what families are going through , I hope that children hospitals begin to receive the help that they need. Kids who have life threatening illnesses need help so please support children’s hospitals.

The End of the World, When Will it Happen?

A scary yet vague question, I know, but is there a specific time in which we suspect the world will actually end? Most of us know about Mayan Civilizations prediction of the end of the world, but obviously that never came true.

Before researching this, I was expecting more of a concise, to the point answer. But that is not the case, as it is impossible to predict exactly when it will happen. The best guess is many many many centuries from now, if it even happens, as in whether or not it continues to expand. One day it will be stretched so far, that it may just curl into itself, effectively killing itself.

Before researching this, I was expecting more of a concise, to the point answer. But that is not the case, as it is impossible to predict exactly when it will happen. The best guess is many many many centuries from now, if it even happens, as in whether or not it continues to expand. One day it will be stretched so far, that it may just curl into itself, effectively killing itself.


In the article “Remembering 9/11, Twenty Years Later”(McGraw). I learned that that morning fourteen members of the terrorist group al-Qaeda hijacked four passenger jets. In result created a horrific event that would scar United States of America. The terrorists on purpose crashed a plane crashed into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Also crashed two of the planes into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City causing the buildings to collapse. On the fourth plane, passengers fought back. They diverted the plane from its Washington, D.C., destination and caused the plane to crash in a field in Pennsylvania. These attacks lead many people to their deaths in results in over 3,000 deaths. These events led the Bush administration to begin the War on Terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

What are your thoughts on the September 11 attack?

I think with what happened with September 11 attack was a crisis. Those who planned and implemented the horrendous attacks of 9/11 could not have imagined all the ways that their attempt to sow chaos would change the world. Nor could the leaders and policymakers who reacted to the events of that horrible day. Both were out to change the world. And they did. But not always in the ways they intended to or imagined. Such are the ways of history.The events of 9/11 not only reshaped the global response to terrorism, but raised new and troubling questions about security, privacy, and treatment of prisoners. It reshaped US immigration policies and led to a surge in discrimination, racial profiling, and hate crimes.

Finding and Recognizing Our Forces

We need to find the force to fight ourselves when we say ” I can’t do it”. Persisting is not an easy process that as a human being we need to use it. I can see myself doing the same thing couple of years ago. changing my carrier from being a lawyer was not an easy decision. When I started taking a science course, sometimes I felt exhausted and I want it to drop the course. it was not an easy process to talk to myself and find a solution, I saw that are many different ways to solve this problem, and asking for help is a way that I do not feel uncomfortable anymore. I start to build plan B or C, in case my plan A does not work. I was not seeing that as a failure but as a way to persist in my success.

I have used habits of mind, without knowing that. I found myself in most of those habits, and I like to practice as much as I can, questioning myself while taking an action, or saying anything, before saying something to someone or giving an opinion. We need to take into consideration other people’s ideas, opinions, and feelings. We are not all the same, but using the habits of minds we can create a positive environment and a healthy relationship with others.

It seems easy to say that I want to listen to others before saying anything or acting, but it is a hard process that we incorporate our brain with our vulnerability to talk before listening. I was doing Yoga for a while, and as a person that I react very quickly, it helps me to talk before with my own self before jumping to conclusions. When we process our own thinking the changes to her someone are very rare. 

A Better Life for the Invisible Man

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellision is a book that I particularly like because it shows social discrimination, racism, looking for a new face of society, many aspects of our society and those are really good points in my opinion because I’m interested in how young people like me can tell the truth these days.

Chapters 11 – 15 of Invisible Man might leave a reader feeling emotional because the narrator got nostalgic about the south. An example of this is chapter 13: 

“Then far down at the corner I saw an old man warming his hands against the sides of an odd-looking wagon, from which a stovepipe reeled off a thin spiral of smoke that drifted the odor of baking yams slowly to me, bringing a stab of swift nostalgia. I stopped as though struck by a shot, deeply inhaling, remembering, my mind surging back, back.” 

This is really sad because the narrator was really feeling nostalgic about his native land that he left away and sees some aspects of the south in some places or situations that makes him really sad of being so far away from his native land.

A reader’s questions might start in Chapter 14  where it says: 

“Why hadn’t I noticed? She’d been too kind, never dunning me, and I lay there hearing her, ‘Don’t come bothering me with your little troubles, boy. You’ll git something bye and bye’ — when I would try to apologize for not paying my rent and board. Perhaps another roomer had moved, or lost his job. What were Mary’s problems anyway; who ‘articulated her grievances,’ as the redheaded man had put it? She had kept me going for months, yet I had no idea. What kind of man was I becoming? I had taken her so much for granted that I hadn’t even thought of my debt when I refused the job. Nor had I considered the embarrassment I might have caused her should the police come to her home to arrest me for making that wild speech. Suddenly I felt an urge to go look at her, perhaps I had really never seen her. I had been acting like a child, not a man.” 

This is important because in general the narrator doesn’t really trust people because he has been betrayed in the past, but now he is finding that he can trust Mary because she is kind. The author seems to be making the point that sometimes you have to forget the past and learn how to trust someone because this makes you feel better and be more kind with others.

After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because they will want to see the consequences of his trustfulness and whether or not Mary will betray him in the end. What’s probably going to happen next is Mary will stay kind and will help him get a better life in New York City.

Harry Potter Response

The second chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K Rowling might leave a reader feeling excited because Harry gets a Hogwarts letter. An example of this is on page 31. “Scuse me, but is one of you Mr. H Potter? Only I got about a hundred of these at the front desk.” This is exciting because it’s a letter to Hogwarts where Harry belongs.

A reader’s questions might start on page 35 where it says: “An’ there’s Harry said the giant.” This is important because at the beginning of the story he is known as Hagrid from Hogwarts. 

After this part of the book most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because they would want to find out about Harry and the letters and who the giant who came through the hotel door was.

Ocean the Kid: “One of Us is Next” by Karen M. McManus

There is a person that’s mimicking  Simon Keller. Simon Keller made an app where he would tell everyone in Bayview Highs secrets, but after he died, A new person does the same thing, but it’s not on a app, he or she  is making people play games and if they do not, the impostor is going to reveal some characters deepest darkest secret.

The middle chapters of One of Us is next by  Karen Mcmanus might leave a reader feeling curious because the readers can be extremely zealous for her to reveal the imposter. An example of this is on page 33.  “You get 24 hours  to text your choice back, Pick Truth and I will reveal one of your secrets. Pick Dare and I’ll give you a challenge.  ” This is that readers are curious  because they want to know who sent that message. 

A reader’s questions might start on page 39 where it says: “I can go back to what I was doing on my phone in the first place checking to see if there’s another text from whoever sent the truth or dare rules yesterday  .” This is important because this shows how the imposter is playing games with the students of Bayview. This conflict is surprising because why aren’t the kids that are getting these messages telling teachers, do they want the same outcome as last time.  The author seems to be making the point that the teachers really don’t care.

After this part of the One of us is next most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this One of us is next because we want to know who is the imposter. People are going to play the game and end up facing consequences.

The Mystery Of Margo

Quentin and Margo used to be really close best friends, one day when they were younger they were on their way to the park when suddenly they found a dead man on their way.

The first three chapters of “Paper Towns” by John Green  might leave a reader feeling a bit confused because Quentin and Margo were really close friends and now they dont hang out as much and suddenly Margo climbs through his window wanting him to go with her somewhere. An example of this is on page 25.  “To what do I owe the pleasure? I asked. Margo and I were still friendly, I guess, but  we weren’t-meet-in-the-dead-of-night-wearing-black-face-paint- friendly. She had friends for that, I’m sure. I just wasn’t among them. I need your car, she explained.” This is related because  It shows how they were nice to each other but not close friends like before and it’s a bit confusing because if she has friends for that why not go to them.     

A reader’s questions might start on page 26 where it says: “So like I said, I need a car. Also, I need you to drive it, because I have to do eleven things tonight, and at least five of them involve a getaway man .” This is important because it’s weird why ask someone who isn’t as close to you anymore why doesn’t Margo ask her boyfriend? Or even her friends?  The author seems to be making the point that maybe Margo trust Quentin more since she has known him longer or even she didn’t have much time so she went to the person closest to her 

After this part of the book, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because we don’t know what Margo is planning and why she needs a getaway man there is so much we don’t know and want to figure out. What’s probably going to happen next is we find out what Margo is doing and see if Quentin goes through with it.

The Best For My Children

The Glass Menagerie play started with Tom’s narration. For what he described at the beginning of the play they lived in a poor neighborhood. Tom and her sister Laura personality it’s so different, I can say that when they are talking to their mother. Laura is more calm and she listens more to her mother Amanda. But Tom is always defending himself from what her mother says about him.

The first and second of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams” might leave a reader feeling intrigued because Amanda sees that she is too worried about her son Tom and her daughter Laura. She pays attention to every action of them. An example of this is in paragraph 32 “AMANDA [to her son]: Honey, don’t push with your fingers. If you have to push with something, the thing to push with is a crust of bread. And chew !chew! Animals have sections in their stomachs which enable them to digest food without mastication, but human beings are supposed to chew their food before they swallow it down. Eat food leisurely, son, and really enjoy it. A well-cooked meal has lots of delicate flavors that have to be held in the mouth for appreciation. So chew your food and give your salivary glands a chance to function!” This is uncomfortable because Amanda wants to show she wants the best for her son by controlling his actions. For example how he eats. Amanda exaggerates a little bit too much on checking on them.

A reader’s questions might start in paragraph #100 where it says: “AMANDA [faintly, almost inaudibly]: – No. – No. [Then more forcibly.] I did not have the strength – to go to the DAR. In fact, I did not have the courage! I wanted to find a hole in the ground and hide myself in it forever! [She crosses slowly to the wall and removes the diagram of the typewriter keyboard. She holds it in front of her for a second, staring at it sweetly and sorrowfully – then bites her lips and tears it into two pieces.] .” This is important because it shows Amanda ‘s character and personality. She likes to act as the victim because of her daughter’s actions. The author seems to be making the point that Amanda is so dramatic. She cares too much about what people think.

After this part of the play most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because they would like to know if Laura gets married with a nice man as Amanda wants. Or even if Laura does not want to marry Amanda will make her do it. What’s probably going to happen next is Amanda will force Laura to marry an old rich man.

Is Laura Hiding the Truth?

As I understand it, this play is about The events of the play are framed by the memory of narrator Tom, who plays a character in the play. He usually smokes and stands on the fire escape. Tom is the only person who works in their family and pays all the bills. Tom, his mother Amanda, and his sister Laura. Amanda wants her son and daughter to shine in their life and have bright futures. Laura is a very shy girl, not comfortable in front of people, and drop out of school. Therefore the mother wants her to get married to a good man who will take care of her. She does not want Laura to stay home and do nothing. This is why she always tells Laura to meet a boy and have a date, so she can overcome her nervousness and get along with people. Amanda’s husband has died a long time ago so she wants Tom to be more responsible for their family.

The third section of the paragraph (32) of the first and second scene of “The glass menagerie” by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling worsened about Tom. Because Amanda was ingroup tom when he was eating by telling him how to eat and talk about animals. Also, she compared her son to animals which are surprising to hear from a mother. Amanda is a loving mother, but her meddling and nagging are hard to live with for Tom, who is a grown man and who earns the wages that support the entire family. Due to the situation, Amanda should not compare Tom with animals. Every person is different and they have different habits. We can not judge them or compare them with animals.

A reader’s questions might start in paragraph 129 where she says, “ I just went walking. I went to the art museum and the bird-houses at the Zoo. I visited the penguins every day! Sometimes I did without lunch and went to the movies. Lately, I’ve been spending most of my afternoons in the jewel-box, that big glass-house where they raise the tropical flowers”. This part really surprised me because as I know that Laura is a very shy girl, if she can not face her college student and the teacher then how come she feels comfortable going to the museum and zoo alone. Didn’t she see any other people in that place? isn’t it making her more nervous going there by herself? Last six month she did this by presenting going for class, which made me worried about her future. Because in order to get a better life, education is very important. I think it shows that

Missing class and staying outside of home make Laura happy. She might want to overcome her fear by going out and visiting these places.

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of the play to understand Laura’s character more. Also, she might find a boy and have a change in her life. The way her mother wants to see her as an independent woman. I think the next play will understand her mistake and overcome it by going back to college. Make her mother proud by doing great in college and having a good career.

Questioning and Speculating

The first and second scenes from  “The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams (1944) might leave a reader feeling doubts about the father of one of the characters that run away from his family; they only have a picture on the wall. “ This is our father who left us a long time ago. He was a telephone man who fell in love with long distances; he gave up his job with the telephone company and skipped the fantastic light out of town.”  This was surprising since his family always kept the photo even though he hurt his own family. That is why the author mentioned how memories affect the feelings.

Another feeling could be interest or curiosity because the author is talking about a last character who is described as the only normal person in the play.

A reader’s questions might start in the same play where it says: “ I know so well what becomes of unmarried women who aren’t prepared to occupy a position.” Amanda explains to Laura what happened to herself after being unprepared for life. The reader question could be why Amanda didn’t study ? Did she choose to marry someone who would care about her so studying would not be necessary for her ?This is important because the same thing is happening to Laura; she dropped out from her school without even trying. This creates a huge conflict with herself affecting her future. 

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because what is going to happen to Laura after introducing a last unknowing character is that person has something to do with Laura. What’s probably going to happen next would determine Tom and Laura’s future since Amanda is trying to influence their life. 

Family Perspective of “The Glass Menagerie”

This play is based on the memories of the narrator Tom Wingfield. He related part of his life in different scenes according to what he remembered. Also describe some specific issues that his family struggled with when he was young. The play has some strategies and literary techniques that each book has in different perspectives according to the readers.

The first scene of “The Glass Menagerie”by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling confused because it describes the setting of the scenes in the play where the protagonist is ready to start the show. Then the protagonists start with the dialogue that is family discussion. An example of this is in the first scene in line 27, where it says; “Amanda and Laura are seated at a drop-leaf table. Eating is indicated by gestures without food or utensils. Amanda faces the audience. Tom and Laura Seated is a profile.” This is mysterious because you try to understand that it happened to the protagonist and wait for more information and after they start to dialogue you can identify every protagonist in the play.

A reader’s questions might start in line 74 in the first scene where it says; “Amanda: No, dear, you go in front and study your typewriter chart. Or practice your shorthand a little. Stay fresh and pretty! It’s almost time for our gentlemen callers to start arriving. [She flounces girlishly toward the kitchenette.] How many do you suppose we’re going to entertain this afternoon?..” This is important because it describes the personality of Amanda that wants the best future for her sons. This part is confusing because all parents the best for her sons but she has a specific reason to manipulate her family on her way. The author seems to be making the point that Amanda is the first protagonist in this book because she gives some advice to her son’s, using some strategies and this make that the reader continue to read the play.

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because it explains the relationship that this family has and struggles that the mother (Amanda) tries to resolve in her future. What’s probably going to happen next is that the mother understands the struggle that her son’s have in their lives and she can give some advice but everyone decides different road takes in their life.

Question And Speculation

“The Glass Menagerie” emphasizes the value of family, but Tom and Laura do not have a good relationship with their mother. The mother wants to force her each of her kids to be someone they do not want to be. The first and the second sections of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling captive because the play makes you want to read more. It captures our attention and pushes you to read again and again even though some of it is harder English and difficult to understand. An example of this is in paragraphs 20-23. “This is our father who left us a long time ago. He was a telephone man who fell in love with long distances; he gave up his job with the telephone company and skipped the light fantastic out of town.The last we heard of him was a picture postcard from Mazatlan, on the Pacific coast of Mexico, containing a message of two words. Hello – Good-bye!’ and no address. Think the rest of the play will explain itself”. This is a clear introduction of the play because the author motivated the reader to continue to read.

A reader’s questions might start in paragraphs 58-60 where it says: “AMANDA: They knew how to entertain their gentlemen callers. It wasn’t enough for a girl to be possessed of a pretty face and a graceful figure although I wasn’t alighted in either respect. She also needed to have a nimble wit and a tongue to meet all occasions. TOM: What did you talk about? AMANDA: Things of importance going on in the world! Never anything coarse or common or vulgar”. This is important because you can know Amanda’s character without reading the entire play. She is demanding and very ambitious. However, her character is confusing because a reader might ask why she is doing that. 2The more you read it the more you will understand why she wanted this. The author seems to be making the point that this family is controlled by the mother. I guess she wants her kids to live as she wishes and wills them to. 

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because the reader might little be confused and hope that by reading the next scenes he or she will understand more. 3The reader might want to know why Amanda is obsessed with Laura to have a gentleman caller. What’s probably going to happen next is that the mother may understand her kids and allow them to live as they want. 

Only Your Characters Can Define you

This play is based on the memories of the narrator Tom Wingfield. He related part of his life in different scenes according to what he remembered. Also describe some specific issues that his family struggled with when he was young. The play has some strategies and literary techniques that each book has in different perspectives according to the readers.

The first scene of “The Glass Menagerie”by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling confused because it describes the setting of the scenes in the play where the protagonist is ready to start the show. Then the protagonists start with the dialogue that is family discussion. An example of this is in scene in line 27; where it says: “Amanda and Laura are seated at a drop-leaf table. Eating is indicated by gestures without food or utensils. Amanda faces the audience. Tom and Laura Seated is a profile.” This is mysterious because you try to understand that it happened to the protagonist and wait for more information and after they start to dialogue you can identify every protagonist in the play.

A reader’s questions might start in line 74 in the first scene where it says: “Amanda: No, dear, you go in front and study your typewriter chart. Or practice your shorthand a little. Stay fresh and pretty! It’s almost time for our gentlemen callers to start arriving. [She flounces girlishly toward the kitchenette.] How many do you suppose we’re going to entertain this afternoon?..” This is important because it describes the personality of Amanda that wants the best future for her sons. This part is confusing because all parents the best for her sons but she has a specific reason to manipulate her family on her way. The author seems to be making the point that Amanda is the first protagonist in this book because she gives some advice to her son’s, using some strategies and this make that the reader continue to read the play.

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because it explains the relationship that this family has and struggles that the mother (Amanda) tries to resolve in her future. What’s probably going to happen next is that the mother understands the struggle that her son’s have in their lives and she can give some advice but everyone decides different road takes in their life.

What a Mother wants for her Kids?

To begin with, writing has been something that has inspired me since I was a kid. I just like to express my feelings not with people but with my journal. When I was around 14-15, I always wanted to write books. I was so inspired with African books that I read in my country. When I am reading or learning the history of my country, I told myself that I can be like them. They way they write about my ancestors, all I wanted is just to start writing and let the world see what the youth are capable of.

The first and the second scenes of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling delighted because it is explaining a mother who wants the best for her children. She is teaching them how to act in their lives, and to show them how to really act when they are in different places. From what I understand, Amanda wants her children to have the best life, a life that she couldn’t have. An example of this is on line 32. “Honey, don’t push with your fingers. If you have to push with something, the thing to push with is a crust of bread. And chew !chew! Animals have sections in their stomachs which enable them to digest food without mastication, but human beings are supposed to chew their food before they swallow it down. Eat food leisurely, son, and really enjoy it. A well-cooked meal has lots of delicate flavors that have to be held in the mouth for appreciation. So chew your food and give your salivary glands a chance to function!” This is an interesting line because it is explaining a mother teaching her children to have manners. She is like a kind of mother who wants her kids to follow a good path, by being successful and be happy in their life.

A reader’s questions might start on line 118 where it says: “Excuse me,’ she said. She took the attendance book out and there was your name, unmistakably printed, and all the dates you were absent until they decided that you had dropped out of school..” This is important because in this scene, I was not expecting this kind of conflict to happen to Amanda and her daughter, Laura. Her mother is so shocked to hear such a thing about her daughter. This conflict is surprising because a mother may think that their children are going to school, where they should because they leave the house everytime they have classes. So her mother will not believe that Laura was not going to school.

After all, they are paying for her education. She should complete all the tasks that are required for her. It does not make sense when you send your kids to go to school and they are not going. It’s just a waste of money and time. The author seems to be making the point that no matter what the truth will always come out. Later on, Amanda will know that Laura does not want to go to school, and she would like to make her own choices, rather than doing everything that her mother tells her. After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because people like me always want to know what will happen next. The more I read the play, the more I want to know more about this family and the sacrifices they will make in order to survive this hard time. I am also curious to know what measure Laura takes to not go to school. Why she decided to end her education. What’s probably going to happen next is that maybe their mother will pass away, and in that Laura and Tom will know the value of having a mother that was always in your ears. They will probably look to the bright side and try to make some changes. They will become responsible once and for all.

Family Relationships in ” The Glass Menagerie”

The Glass Menagerie by Tennesse Williams is the remembrance of the play, and its actions are from the memories of the author, Tom Wingfield. Tom is a character in the play and He is an aspiring poet who toils in a shoe warehouse to support his mother, Amanda, and sister, Laura.

The first and second scenes of “The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling perplexed because it shows the environment of the scenes in the play where the character is prepared to begin the show.  After that, the characters start with the conversation that their family is talking about.  An example of this is in lines 27- 28, it says: “Eating is indicated by gestures without food or utensils.  AMANDA faces the audience.  TOM and LAURA are Seated are profile.  The interior has lit up softly and through the scrim we see AMANDA and LAURA seated at the table in the upstage area].”  This is puzzling because you try to identify and comprehend what is happening to the characters and hope for more details after they begin the conversation you can recognize each character in the play. A reader’s questions might start on line 74 where it says: “Stay fresh and pretty! It’s almost time for our gentlemen callers to start arriving. [She flounces girlishly toward the kitchenette.] How many do you suppose we’re going to entertain this afternoon?” It is essential because it shows Amanda’s personality. She desires a good future for her daughter. This part is mixed up because all parents are the best for their daughter, but she has a particular reason to handle her family in her own way. This makes me think that the narrator is making the point that Amanda is the first character in this play.

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because it describes the relationship between this family and how they do not have a good life’s situation that their mother, Amanda tries to fix. I think what might happen following is that the mother comprehends the struggle her son, Tom faces in his life. And she can give some counselings, but sometimes people decide to take different ways in their life.

A poor family in the 1930s

According to my understanding, this play is about a family made up of a mother, a son, and a daughter. The mother wants her daughter to stay in school and she doesn’t want it. Therefore the mother wants her to get married if someone who will take care of her. She, the mother don’t want her daughter to stay home and doing nothing. As for the son, the mother wants him to be perfect. That means she wants him to be like the man in the past, at the time of the mother. But the son wants to be like the man of his generation.

The thirty-second paragraph of the first and second scene of “The glass menagerie” by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling pathetic because the mother is comparing the son an animal just because the son doesn’t behave the man at her time. As an example of this, it said “Honey, don’t push with your fingers. If you have to push with something, the thing to push with is a crust of bread. And chew !chew! Animals have sections in their stomachs which enable them to digest food without mastication, but human beings are supposed to chew their food before they swallow it down. Eat food leisurely, son, and really enjoy it. A well-cooked meal has lots of delicate flavors that have to be held in the mouth for appreciation. So chew your food and give your salivary glands a chance to function!” This is sad because nobody likes to be compared to an animal. 

A reader’s questions might start in paragraph 137 where it says: “I went into the art museum and the bird-houses at the Zoo. I visited the penguins every day! Sometimes I did without lunch and went to the movies. Lately, I’ve been spending most of my afternoons in the jewel-box, that big glass-house where they raise the tropical flowers.” This is important because  That cannot be possible. It may be possible in the spring, but during winter, it is impossible. Or the mother knew it before, or there is something that the author didn’t say in the play. The author wants to be making the readers read between the line and guess what really happened. 

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because they will check if they guess is correct or no. But unfortunately, the answer is not in this play. The author didn’t talk about it in the play. What’s probably going to happen next play is that the daughter was going to her boyfriend instead of going to the museum. She didn’t say anything to her mother because her mother wanted to get married to a man that will please her mother and someone that will please the daughter.

Family issue “Questioning and Speculating”

The Glass Menagerie is a family crisis where Amanda wants to have control over her children because she wants to capture her husband’s picture into Tom’s behavior. In addition, she wants Laura to get married and settle down. Tom is sufficient in this life where he does have the freedom and he is being manipulated by her mom. Mr. Wingfield was an absent figure for the family because from a long time ago, he fell in love with long-distance and ran off by the years. Since then he has not come back. Tom helps his family financially by working in a warehouse. In addition, Laura goes to business school because she wants to make her family rich.

The first and the second sections of The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling captive because the play grabs your attention. This play is full of surprises and raises a lot of questions. The mother who is teaching her children how to act and lives, where there is no answer I could find for her husband why he left? An example of this is on page <22 > “ This is our father who left us a long time ago. He was a telephone man who fell in love with long distances; he gave up his job with the telephone company and skipped the light fantastic out of town. The last we heard of him was a picture postcard from Mazatlan, on the Pacific coast of Mexico, containing a message of two words “. This emphasizes that there is no evidence of why he left. However, it makes the reader read more to know where the story ends. It is very interesting play

A reader’s questions might start on page <118> where it says: “’Excuse me,’ she said. She took the attendance book out and there was your name, unmistakably printed, and all the dates you were absent until they decided that you had dropped out of school..” This is important because of this mistake unexpectable. It is explained that Laura did not drop out of school. Just because of her too many absences, there are mistakes that convinced her that she dropped out of school. But, sometimes that reality is not true what we see and think.

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because it is so mysterious and there are a lot of things to learn. Did Tom get the freedom that he wants. How education plays a role in their life. Amanda ‘s husband will come back. So many things need to be known. What’s probably going to happen next is that the mother will eventually make Laura get married or continue to find someone for her.

Family Values in “The Glass Menagerie”

“The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams, is a play that describes all the actions of the memories of the main characters, and at the same time the narrator Tom Wingfield. The set took place in Saint Louis in 1937. Tom was the supporter of his family. His mother, Amanda, and his sister, Laura, did not work, and he had to work in a warehouse to support his family financially. In the play there is a portrait of a man in one of the walls of the house. That man is Mr Wingfield, Tom’s and Laura’s father. Mr Wingfield was an absent figure for the family because from a long time ago, he fell in love with long distance and ran off by the years. After that the family never heard back from him since he left. While the play is developing, Amanda the mother always triggers for her childrens to be the best. Amanda as a mother lives constantly disappointed in her only daughter Laura because Laura is painfully shy and does not attract many men as her mother Amanda did when she was at a younger age. Ms Wingfield ( Amanda) enrolled Laura into a business school with the hope that one day Laura would make the family rich. Tom, who detest his warehouse Job, finds relief in the alcohol movies because he could not resist the arguments with his annoying mother and the pressure of the Job. As a reader, questions wonder on my head while the play is running, and questions like why did Amanda never let Tom alone ? and Why exactly did the dad leave ? are constantly in my head.

The first pages of “The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams, might leave the reader with a feeling of interest because as the play is staring by describing the settings it intrigues the reader to think what is going to happen on this place, or why is this place so important for the narrator who is also the main character. An example of this can be seen on the first page, where it says “ The apartment faces an alley and is entered by a fire-escape, a structure whose name is a touch of accidental poetic truth, for all of these huge buildings are always burning with the slow and implacable fires of human desperation.  The fire-escape is included in the set – that is, the landing of it and steps descending from it.The scene is memory and is therefore non-realistic.  Memory takes a lot of poetic licence.  It omits some details; others are exaggerated, according to the emotional value of the articles it touches, for memory is seated predominantly in the heart.  The interior is therefore rather dim and poetic.” This is surprising because it’s expected for something to happen as it’s describing how the apartment was and what feelings develop inside of the narrator or the main character Tom by the reflections of his memories.

A reader’s questions might start on scene two, where it says: “AMANDA: I thought that you were an adult; it seems that I was mistaken. [She crosses slowly to the sofa and sinks down and stares at LAURA.] LAURA: Please don’t stare at me, Mother.” omit This is important because it shows that Amanda was not only having arguments with Tom or felt disappointed about him and his actions instead both of her children were disappointed for her. This is one of the biggest events for the play because it also shows a lot about Amanda’s character and the feelings about her kids. In particular this is unusual because parents tend to be disappointed or used about one of their kids actions but actually Amanda is disappointed about both of her kids which leads the readers to understand that Laura and Tom aren’t the problem, Amanda is the main problem in the whole house. The author seems to be making the point to make the readers speculate why the disappointment and the loss of faith in her own kids. A reader is left to think that this has to do with the disappearance of the dad. Or perhaps it is only that Amanda is a sad widow.

After this part of “The Glass Menagerie,” most readers will look forward to continuing reading the whole play because curiosity will kill the cat and as readers are curious about what would happen next, they would like to know exactly why the relationships in this family are so intense. What might happen next in the play is that Amanda would at least show an explanation of why it is never enough for her and we will see how the disappearance of the dad leads Tom and Laura to be so insecure about themselves

Let’s not try to create what we cannot bear in “The Glass Menagerie”

I’m starting to write about “The Glass Menagerie,” by Tennessee Williams. The thing that destroyed the whole world was a virus that no one can see. Then this thing kills each type of class. It does not care if you are rich or poor or black or white. Thus, the whole world has started to ask the questions how to get the drug for this disease. Since we are the same despite the color of the skin. we must love each other no one is stronger than the other we are all the same. And we are made with one greater belief or not God exists. What I have thought of the play since my last reading is that nothing is created, nothing is done, all this is transformed. Thanks to human behavior, they make or create stuff by not thinking about consequences that we will have in the long terme of the future. This is why now the whole world is suffering from someone or others behavior that is correct to do.

The scene in the first and second sections of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams might leave a reader feeling grateful because even if this scene is imagery some of it is to realist in the whole world since some of the people who live in the upper class think they are over than others who they see as poor. Since some of the people who live in the upper class think they are over than others who they see as poor. Instead of, life is not like that because we can be poor and have a blessed life that is easy. An example of this is at the beginning of the play where the narragtor describes where we are:”one of those vast hive-like conglomerations of cellular living-units that flower as warty growths in overcrowded urban centers of lower-middle-class population and are symptomatic of the impulse of this largest and fundamentally enslaved section of American society to avoid fluidity and differentiation and to exist and function as one interfused mass of automatism.” This is interesting because America is a place that has to much discrimination stuff thanks to segragation but at end of the day the realise this is not good for the population that fight to get the independence for their country. Since all of them are the same and they are doing their best to have a good type of life condition for they can survive in their place.

A reader’s questions might start on paragraphs 6-12 where it says:”In Spain there was revolution. Here there was only shouting and confusion.” This is important because the author is talking about the eSpain revolution instead of he is talking about American life conditions. This is surprising but at the same moment interesting because we can know and connect that all of the country is connected since if some country that is powerful others will get effects. That was the case of this crisis that was confusing people at that time because to find a job we need more companies that can help people to go work. The author seems to be making the point that sometimes using both imagination and memory is important when you are writing a play. We should describe everything that can help the reader to understand.

After this part of the play, most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because it is quite dramatic with a lot of thinking inside. I like the way the author is trying to convince a reader even if it is an imaginary story. The things that will happen next is the character who describes the scene, Tom will be a little selfish man. Then this play would be about class social. That is, one family who is inferior would try to force their daughter to get married to someone that is rich.

Be thankful in the social class that you are now in “The Glass Menagerie”

We live in a world where some person want to use others. And they call it superiority race. However they forget in this low world no one has the right to judge someone or even have a control to use some people. In addition humans don’t care about that. That is why we have a different class in the country today. For example poor class, low class and high class. Thanks to this mentality to superiority. Therefore, the thing I think about my play since reading that last time are some personalities that are selfish and ambitious like Tom and Amanda.

The Third and four sections of The Glass Menagerie. By Tennessee might leave a reader feeling interested because the scenario of these chapters make me think and feel like being a middle class or poor class is not good. We can look in front of us to change our life by using someone. Since you will like to have a good life that society is showing us. An example of this I’m one personage of this who is Amanda. Amanda is a mother who wants to know everything from her children but the one thing that she exaggerate is she wants her daughter Laura to fail love with someone who is rich and married. She wants to discuss that with Tom “ I know, but it’s not good for you. We have to do all that we can to build ourselves up. In these trying times we live in, all that we have to cling to is – each other. . . . That’s why it’s so important to – Tom, ! – I sent out your sister so I could discuss something with you. If you hadn’t spoken I would have spoken to you” this is to show us how I deserve to get my daughter married to someone who has a good class then us. Since I’m tired to still live in my conditions of life. Then I am a woman who cares about society thinking I like to compare myself.

A reader’s questions might start on page 166 to 170 “AMANDA: Most young men find adventure in their careers.

TOM: Then most young men are not employed in a warehouse.

AMANDA: The world is full of young men employed in warehouses and offices and factories.

TOM: Do all of them find adventure in their careers?

AMANDA : They do or they do without it!Not everybody has a craze for adventure.” This shows us how Amanda likes to have a man that is already working for her daughter . It is why he still bothers her to get a man who works or has a career that can help them to have a good life that she wants. And this is important to know because many mothers are like that they just want their daughter to get married. Since they think that can help them. The author seems to be making the point that sometimes making a guess is important when you are writing a play with much imagery . We should describe everything that can help the reader to understand.

After this part of the play , most readers probably will be looking forward to reading the rest of this play because it is too dramatize with a lot of thinking inside and I really like the way the author is trying to convince a reader even if it is an imaginary story. The things that will happen next is the character who describes the scene. It will be one of personage that is Tom and he will be a selfish man and ambitious like his mother Amanda . Then this play would be about class social marriage . That is, one family who is inferior would try to force their daughter to get married and fail love to someone that is rich.

Part Two Of The First Part Last

The First Part Last is a book that will change your opinion of having a baby at a young age and protect yourself from it. This boy named Bobby has a baby at the age of 16 named Feather. Before Feather Bobby used to escape from school and have fun with his friends K-Boy and J.L. They went to places like the Empire State building and did more things like playing basketball.       

Pages 26 – 49 of The First Part Last by Angela Johnson might leave a reader feeling bad  because he is just a kid that does whatever he wants to get out from school with his friend and he has a baby and it is hard for him to take care of her but the good thing is that he is doing his best to protect his baby. An example of this is on page 5. It says “skipped school with my running buddies, K-Boy and J.L., and went to Mineo’s for a couple of slices. Hit a matinee and threw as much popcorn at each other as we ate”. This is bad because Bobby needs to have a good future for himself to take care of his daughter Feather. Another example of what Bobby is doing is bad is that he needs to teach her right and wrong. 

A reader’s questions might start on page 8 where it says:  “Mary, my mom says I’m going to pay.” Put that baby down, Bobby. I swear she’s going to think the whole world your face”.” This is important because Bobby spends too much time with his daughter so that when he goes somewhere she is going to cry. Bobby’s mother can also help with Feather while he is in school too. The biggest conflict in the story so far is Bobby’s girlfriend. This event is important and confusing because Bobby never talks about his girlfriend until page 20 or 21. He only talks about his mom, daughter, and friends and not his girlfriend. The author seems to be making the point that he can take care of his daughter that he can do anything to be a good man.But in the other hand Bobby wants to be in the streets with his friend and skip class do what he wants.  

After this part of the book, most readers probably will understand more from the book because Bobby starts talking about more of his family and his girlfriend. I will be looking forward to reading the rest of this book because this book can change people’s thinking of having a baby. In page 51 it say “I was going to be late getting Feather to the sitter, I knocked on Coco’s door”. This sentence can show that some small things can slow your day more than you think. What’s probably going to happen next is that Bobby will leave his daughter Feather in the daycare and then go to school. Also this can affect how Bobby is doing in school because he was dropping his daughter in the daycare and will be late for school.