November 29, 2022


What happens to children separated from their parents?

The articles I was reading were mostly about how separating children from their parents causes them to act out more in the future and hurt them and others.

Reading these articles has taught me why it’s important to keep families together and not separate them. Children from the ages 1-16 who get separated from their parents tend to become more violent and depressed.

They start to grow up with the mindset that their parents didn’t fight hard enough for them. This leads them to start to do violent acts to attract attention because they didn’t have their family around. 

Most of these kids when they get separated from their parents the government doesn’t even take good care of them. I was reading an article about one person who got separated from his family due to ICE and they said that the kids get treated like criminals.

Most of these kids aren’t being fed and most of these kids don’t even have a bed to sleep on and it’s hard enough for these kids because they don’t even have their family around them. In most of these detention facilities, they are very crowded and are getting more crowded daily.

This can lead to starvation and illness due to the lack of food and beds in these facilities?  

Check out my collection of resources: The Trauma of Separating Children at the Border

Abolish immigration detention centers

One of so many reasons to abolish immigration detention centers is because the people that are held don’t get medical care. Some of these people need medication that has been prescribed to them to keep them from getting ill or worse death. They say the people who work at the detention centers care about their health but when you read an article about someone’s death at a detention center, it’s mostly likely about the person telling them about their medical issues and no one caring for that person until their in critical condition. The songs zero tolerance says “not enough for you cause i know it’s tough there making you suffer” This is cruel and inhumane, which goes against our constitution. It’s  not right to put a young child behind bars or in a cage for no reason whatsoever, other than they are from another country. Children are the innocent victims in all of this. All that they did was follow their mother or father, who just wanted to find them a nice, peaceful and better place for their kids to grow up. In the song it says what they have to go through just to get here “Mommy and daddy you had to leave because of things where you lived the people wouldn’t believe I also understand you been traveling a long time crossed two borders and that train was a long ride you know its called the “ la bestia” that means the beast people travel it. To get to this country to find peace”. The world only sees stories about things in Mexico with all the cartels are getting out of hand but they don’t represent all or even a part of what Mexico is. They just get all of the media coverage. 

Another reason that immigration detention centers should be abolished is that being locked up in a cage, a prison, can have a huge impact on a child. The biggest impact is on their mental health. In the song it says “the man in the uniform closed the door and locked it now you’re standing there crying And you can’t stop it you’re terrified, traumatized with your hands in your pockets” a child being locked up at such a young age will have a big impact and in a negative way. In the song it says “some of em Can’t even talk yet or walk yet “ a mother had spoken to the press about losing her loved one, a twenty-month old baby to ICE. She wanted people to know and she wanted to show how these types of places are no good to kids mentalty or physically, The mother stated that she recalled seeing a number of sick children while she and her daughter were being held at a detention center and that her daughter began showing symptoms after entering the facility. After her getting checked out by the doctor and suffering from 104F fever, cough, congestion, diarrhea, vomiting, there was no mention of any of these things by medical staff on discharge forms. She did not receive treatment and  after being released from the center she only lasted six weeks in a hospital where she passed away. 

 I found a podcast from NPR and what they talk about is a very serious health concern to detention centers about how “We’re taking a largely unvaccinated population, concentrating them in a very high-risk setting where the people have active disease, and we’re going to see more and more outbreaks” and this just says it all about why these detention centers are not a good idea for the people or community and also this “Clearly by putting them in these facilities at risk for the spread of disease, we are putting them at risk for harm. And you’re going to get a lot more people with more serious disease” this just shows how centers arent up to standerds to be safe spot for people to be locked up and think its a good idea to put people’s health at risk and also  “About 80 immigrant detainees with mumps have exhibited the symptom. And there are worries mumps could spread to the general population. The outbreak has already infected 33 staff members at ICE facilities, and thousands of detainees have been quarantined in states like Louisiana, Texas and Colorado. But the outbreak is not just impacting health” this also shows its not good for the community because it says it could spread to the general population and that’s just putting other people’s health at risk and an unidentified person from an ICE detention center says “he’s not the same person since the experience. He’s more on guard now and afraid. I’m panicked, afraid” and with this it shows the mental health these places have on anyone and i think of this as torture because the unidentified person also adds on that he was stuck in a 5 by 5 feet cage and also freezing cold and he couldnt see his wife when she came to visit him even though they dont have the right to call off a visit unless he himself rejects the visit but if your in this situation no one in a detention center wouldnt call off a visit from a loved one. An article from 2019 from the New York Times says that there were multiple outbreaks of scabies, shingles, lice, mumps, chickenpox and flu logged this year and last and that they denied basic hygiene and health care. 

The main reason that immigration detention centers should be abolished is because we are all human and humans who do the right thing should be treated with dignity and respect. These centers are treated like prisons but they are dirtier and less structured. They have less resources than prison. Prisons have blankets and pillows and beds. These detention centers only have the hard ground and some metallic covers. People in these detention centers have little resources such as food and clean water. They are ignored, separated by their families, refused medical treatment, and at times, they leave them to die…just because they are from another country wanting a better life for themselves and their families..and in the song it says ”your hungry and it’s cold too” and “it’s like a nightmare it doesn’t seem real you came from your country cause people Where getting killed it’s crazy how you thought you were supposed to feel safe In the land of the free and the home of the brave” this is how they fell Does this seem right to you? It doesn’t to me.

Stop the Violence

Opening my eyes up every day once again
another one of my loved ones getting killed. 
Listening to the news, seeing these video clips of  
violence being a “cool image”
We shoot, and We kill
Wanting a name the name at the top of the hill  
Not only is it our own society, but those who are 
supposed to keep us safe.
There’s plenty of proof in archives 
Now it’s in my back don’t run  
When I shoot my gun
Don’t run 
What are you doing when the gun aims 
Just to be playing games 
All these dissidents 
Causing these deaths in an instant from a distant 
Innocent peopling living in hell  
Just to end up in a cell
Blaming it on a race  
Every day another race pleading  to another case 
What is the problem? What is the solution? 
What is the glorification?
Society is so dubiety 
Life taken away from society by authorities
What is this glory?
We’re living in the days where wrong is right 
We live in a society were white is bright 
So we can have a gunfight  
So don’t get hit with every bit 
But knowing is knowledge and knowledge is power, so get with it. 
Let’s resume 
These are not costumes 
They know how to shoot guns, rap, and using their words 
What is the glorification
“Black lives matter“
“But no one is impressed “
Let’s lay down in our sheets 
Failing each other on repeat
Desensitized people, glorification
This is not love, it’s evil 
I hope these visuals being used are not  
Let’s not let our lives loan into the gun, 
Not only for you but for everybody 
What is not in commonplace 
Coming together for the positives 
Let’s stop acting so transparent, and let’s see what the potential is 
Let’s not revoke 
But let’s provoke 
The type of influence is very commanding 
What’s being overlooked? what are we dominating?  
All the gruesome will now be in strife of cancelation. 
What is your role as a whole? 
We are in control of our goal  

Coronavirus Outbreak

The new type of coronavirus 2019 refers to the first outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Wuhan, China in 2019, including deaths caused by symptoms such as fever and pneumonia.

The outbreak was initially thought to have occurred in the South China Seafood Market in Wuhan, China, and not all of the first and early cases were found here. The source of the virus has not been found, and the transmission route and extent of spread are not clear. Experts from the World Health Organization believed in the middle and late January that the virus can be transmitted from person to person and is contagious during the incubation period.

Coronaviruses are usually transmitted from person to person through coughing and sneezing, in close contact with infected persons, or on infected surfaces, followed by mouth, nose, or eyes. To prevent new coronavirus infections, we need hygienic habits, such as washing hands frequently, keeping the body hydrated, covering mouth and nose with hands or paper towels when coughing, and staying home when sick.

Open Letter for Women’s Rights

To Whom it Should Concern:

Why do people have to have so many expectations for women? 

We are told growing up we have to look a certain way act a certain way and can’t do things men do because we are women and not able to or if we do we are too manly. According to society we are meant for cooking and cleaning and listening to the men in our lives and doing things for them. This makes boys think they can treat us bad and that they can tell us what to do when it shouldn’t be like that, we should be able to be independent and we are able to do jobs just as good as men and we aren’t weak just because we are girls. Many girls feel insecure or are too afraid to be the way they want to be because they will be judged.

Another big issue is everyone thinking that because a girl dresses more revealing that she doesn’t respect herself or that she wants guys to look at her or get at her. Women don’t dress for other people it is because we feel confident and pretty and we shouldn’t have to feel scared that dressing the way we want will attract men and will make them think we are asking for it because it is not consent just by a girl being confident in her body. There are many times where I have seen online people saying that girls ask for whatever happens to them just because they dress more revealing, we should not be blamed for what a guy does without consent. I have even seen girls put down other girls saying it is their fault too and a girl to another girl should be more understanding. Many women are fighting for us to get the rights we deserve and not being blamed for another mans actions and us girls need to work together and not put each other down like some girls do because it can happen to any of us and we need to all work together so it can stop. We should not have to worry about what will happen if we walk out the house in the clothes we feel good in. We need to work all work together so this can stop and teach all the kids now how to treat women and that we are not just objects so that in the future this is not an issue. 

Another thing is women being judged and called murderers for getting an abortion. There are a lot of people who protest in front of abortion clinics screaming at the women going in and it is wrong a women should not be attacked because she chooses to not have a baby. Some women don’t have money and can not provide for a baby or they know they are not mentally stable and will not take good care of a baby so they choose to get an abortion and it is a good thing that can help many kids from being in bad homes. Many people argue that it is wrong and murder and that they should just put the baby for adoption but there are already a lot of kids in the system and there are a lot of foster parents who abuse the kids and a lot of them live bad lives going from home to home. Women should not be told they are wrong because of what they choose not everyone is ready for a baby. Another reason a women might want to get an abortion is because they get pregnant from rape and recently there were a lot of protests about women being in the wrong for getting an abortion after rape no matter the age. It is wrong and a women does not want to have a baby that was made from rape because it can remind them about what happened and it can be very tramatizing. In some places it became illegal for it and a lot of the government was on all the rapists sides and not sending them to jail but sending the girl to jail if she tries to get an abortion in another state or if she tries to do it herself. It is very sad that the government would rather send the victim to jail and not the person who was actually in the wrong. Other men should not have the right to tell us what to do with our bodies.

I hope that in the future we get to do what we want with ourselves and our bodies without being judged or told we are horrible people because what we choose to do. We need to teach the kids now what is wrong and how to treat other people so in the future no women or even men have to feel like what they chose to do with themselves is not right. We also need to teach the little boys that it is okay to be nice to women and to show feelings because there are a lot of men with toxic masculinity and it makes them think they can be the way that they are to women.

Neighborhood Effects

The main question in the article I read was, ” Do the geographic concentrations of race and poverty observed today play a role in maintaining racial inequality?”. The simple answer is yes, but the more complex answer is more complicated than that.

Aan experimental program called Moving to Opportunity (MTO) housing mobility program is used to address the mentioned question and test the strength of the neighborhood effects. But the results had little effect on answering the question and determining the main problems, such as educational achievement.

There are two explanations when determining whether or not a neighborhood affects an individual, the cause explanation, and the consequence explanation. The cause explanation is saying that a person will have different employment, attainment, or poverty outcomes depending on where they live. So, if an individual lives in an impoverished neighborhood, they will have access to low-quality schools, violence, etc. If that individual lives in a richer neighboorhood, they will have access to high-quality schools and higher chances of getting a job. On the other hand, the consequence cause says that o matter where a person grows up, he or she will have the same level of education, employment, and poverty.

“Neighborhood Effects” refers to ways a place impacts the people living there. These effects take action through two interactions, physical and social. Physical environment/ interaction is when living in a poor neighborhood result in negative influences such as violence, low-quality schools, etc. Social interactions when living in impoverished neighborhoods results in fewer social connections leading to a job, and higher chronic conditions that lead to toxic stress.