November 28, 2022


Fight For Victims: The Results

Our project was about the dangers of sexual harassment and our overall goal was to inform people about sexual harassment and why it is a problem. In order for this to happen, we posted on our blog on wordpress, made a petition, and made various posts in social media. Our project was not extremely successful.

One of the reasons we didn’t do too well on our project was because we didn’t always post weekly on our blog and we didn’t make too many good quality posts. As a result, we didn’t get too many views and visitors. The highest number of views we had 10 views and although we did have many visitors, they never stayed due to the inconsistent blog posts. If we could change anything, we would post better blog posts. We also didn’t have too many views and visitors on our blog because we didn’t promote it on social media, where most people “live.” Although, we did occasionally did write about blog, we never described the type of work we actually did in our project. As a result, people did not know what our blog was about and they never got to visit it.

The second reason our blog post wasn’t very successful was because we didn’t get too many people to sign our petition. Once again, when we advertised our petition on our blog, we never explained all the things that would happen if we reached more than 50 signatures, which never really interested people to sign. Similar to the reason we didn’t get too many visitors and views, we always promoted our petition on social media, such as instagram and snapchat. However, once again, we never explained anything other than the fact that our petition was about sexual harassment. And obviously we never described what the outcomes of signing our petition would be. Another reason it wasn’t very successful was because many people does not use wordpress since it’s not very popular.

In conclusion, we didn’t get too many visitors and views. This is because we didn’t make good quality posts, we didn’t promote our blog and petition correctly on social media, and because not many people use wordpress so we didn’t get many visitors. There are many improvements we could have made if we decided to do this project again.  For example, if we actually explained our topic more than once, more people would be more interested. Another improvement we could have made is making better social media posts by explaining the post instead of just telling them to “follow our blog” or “sign our petition.” However, I had a very positive experience when doing this project and I am happy that I got to learn so much from it. Hopefully, someone else does a better job with a sexual harassment project.


Me, Lamiah, Karlotte and Ray started a project called Fight4Victims. The goal of our project was to raise awareness about sexual harassment through wordpress, social media, and Our project was somewhat successful even if it wasn’t as successful as other groups’ projects. Our project definitely could have been more successful by promoting it more.

Our blog had some followers and views because at least some people read our posts and probably learned something from them. We have had a total of 56 viewers in a span of 4 months. This may not be much, but those 56 people viewed a total of 152 posts, which shows they were interested in the content of our blogs to keep reading them. If we were able to reach more people, they could have also learned from our blog posts and we would have been more successful.

Furthermore, we also got 15 signatures on our petition so we convinced some people that this petition was important enough to sign. The petition could have been more successful if we promoted it to larger audiences, instead of promoting it to the same people over and over. If they didn’t sign it the first time they probably wouldn’t, even if we promoted it again. We also have around 50 followers on instagram, making it probably the most successful platform we posted on. Most were other tech accounts, so it doesn’t really show that we are successful because we didn’t reach different audiences.

We didn’t have a large audience, given that we probably reached around 120 people. Still, this is better than nothing and at least we made an impact on some people. To improve our project, we should have promoted it to a larger audience using social media with more followers. We could have asked other people to promote our petition and blog through their social media, which would probably have different audiences and would help increase the amount of signatures and visitors we would have.

This is the link to the blog:

Sexual Harassment in the Military

Our digital activism project is focused on sexual harassment. We are trying to raise awareness about this topic and how it affects people in all different areas of life and in all careers. We want everyone to be safe and to be aware of dangers so they can work towards eliminating them.

I made this presentation about the military because it’s not a common aspect in most people’s lives. It is more likely that they would not know what happens in the military, and this video would be able to bring awareness to this topic. Furthermore, this shows that sexual harassment can happen anywhere, and isn’t affected by the clothing that one might where, or what their job is. All people are in danger of being sexually harassed, and for people in the military, they are also in danger of being killed. They shouldn’t have to worry about being sexually harassed by people they may have to trust with their lives.

Check out our blog

Affect of Sexual harassment in Public Transport

I hope that this video would continue to raise awareness of the dangers people are facing outside, because of sexual harassment. It has become scary for a young woman to go outside alone, because of all the high rape and crime rates. And I’m sure many people could relate to this, since one in five women and one in 71 men will be raped at some point in their lives.(

Since sexual harassment is common in public transport, it’s hard to go alone without having any fear of being a victim of sexual assault. Rates of being harassed are only increasing, which is not good, and no one is doing anything. :(( It’s difficult to solve this problem; the only thing we can do is stand up to those who were harassed. People have started movements to fight for a stop to sexual harassment, so hopefully by continuing to raise more awareness of the issue, more people will join the fight.

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Sexual Harassment in Schools

In tech, we are doing a digital presentation project and the issue that me and my group chose was sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is a big problem that needs to be fixed because we believe everyone should be safe and feel comfortable with their surroundings. Recently, sexual harassment in society is increasing. One of the most common places where sexual harassment occurs is schools. Forms of sexual harassment in schools include peer sexual harassment and sexual harassment committed by teachers. I chose to do sexual harassment in schools because I am also a student, and to know that people my age get sexually harassed in school, makes me want to solve this conflict more. Additionally, school is supposed to be safe, which gives people more reason to stop this form of harassment as soon as possible.

Additionally, the fact that mostly teenagers are getting sexually harassed, can also lead them to not trusting anyone and getting scared at a very young age. Getting sexually harassed as a teenager will most likely cause problems later in life. The effects of sexual harassment are severe. As a result, please check out our video and blog if you want to help stop sexual harassment.


Sexual Harassment In The Media

In my school, we have a technology project in which we have to start a petition/movement. My group chose sexual harassment and rape. We chose this topic because it has and always will be an important and ongoing issue. Also, it is an issue that most, if not all, women and girls face. The problem of not being to go outside without getting at least 1 catcall is very serious. Not to mention the rape and sexual harassment rates are increasing every day. My group and I decided that this was a topic we could all relate to, so we decided to protest rape and sexual harassment/assault.

One of our tasks was to create a presentation about one aspect of our topic. I personally chose sexual harassment in the media because in the end, the media influences much of our daily lives. We look at the media either as inspiration or as something to make fun of. In general, everywhere we look there are ads and news about celebrities. I wanted to do a topic everyone would know about to further emphasize my point.

Please check out my presentation! I worked really hard on it and more knowledge of this issue will inspire more people to speak up about this issue. Also, check out my group’s blog to support our movement against rape and sexual harassment. Thank you!

Blog link:


Why do we rape?

In 2016 there were been 260 rapes reported that were unfounded of men and women who have been raped in Oakland. Also there was 11.2% causes of rape  in 2016 that have not been addressed or have been just pushed to the side because ¨it’s not as important¨ to our government and system. For those who are not as sure what rape is, it’s when men or women force someone to have sex without their permission. This blog is being written for two reason, one to empower women and for men to listen and make change.

Empowering Women


Firstly to empower women, women need to remember not to doubt themselves when it comes to rape and men need to recognize how they are impacting women and making them doubt themselves. An anonymous interviewee from Oakland who is female that was raped about 7 years ago stated, “Ever since it happen I always said ‘it was my fault’ ‘what if I wasn’t there’ ‘why did this happen to me’. I shouldn’t have done that because it put me in bad mood like i was rude as hell to people I loved and care about´(Anonymous Interviewer). This quote is showing how women doubt themselves and say that being raped is their fault. An important part of this statement is  ¨what if I wasn’t there¨, that sticks out because a person shouldn’t have to think “if I go to this place will I get raped.” Men should really pay attention to this because while a person is out there stereotyping women because they have “power”.


Secondly, women need to remember to speak out about their stories because so many are not addressed. When they speak out about their stories it would help others speak out about theirs and feel empowered. It might be scary at first but writing it out can be a healing process. Additionally, In the article ‘I was raped as a student – and I’m not the only one’ talks about how Hannah Price was raped in college but never talked about it until  she saw a post on social media which was three years later. Price confesses, ¨As a student journalist, I searched for a long time for a way to bring this issue of sexual assault and harassment on campus into the spotlight but, like me, no-one was comfortable enough to speak out publicly.After reading an article about two incredibly brave rape survivors in India who maintained their anonymity by using social media…¨ (Price). This quote is showing how that seeing other stories about being raped can encourage to speak out about your story. To show other people that they are not the only one who has been through this situation and can have other people to relate to.Women shouldn’t have to feel like they are alone is this because they aren’t, instead they should use their experiences to heal scars and empower themselves and other women .


Listen Up Men to Make Change

To my men out there this is where it is really  time to pay attention. to make a change. Beverly Velasco who is an Alternative in Actions employee and has been working for Life Academy after school for three years in Oakland   stated, “If I was raped I would feel like crap and ask why did this happen to me and would want to give revenge because if someone does something to me I would like them to feel my pain or make a movement” (Velasco). This shows how someone who has not been raped but are thinking about the chances of it happening and how it would impact them. This is important for people to notice and make a change because if this is not  stopped now rapes will continue and more people will feel how Beverly Velasco would feel if she was raped. Additionally, In a article titled, “Rape, the Most Intimate of Crimes” by Mary Dickson in 1996, though 22 years ago is relevant to rapes currently, Dickson speaks out, “Most women live in fear of incidents like this. We feel at risk because we are. We know the statistics. By some estimates one out of four women will be the victim of sexual assault in her lifetime”(Dickson). This shows how when a woman is raped the man leaves a big impact on the rest of their life but if rapes stop  people’s lives would include less trauma.This is why men should start to make a change because of the stories they hear from women who have been impacted and who hasn’t.

In conclusion, Rape is not talked about and  recognized as much as it should be and just pushed away as if it’s not important. This stigma is hurtful for everyone and because of it the problem does not go away. This blog is being written for two reason, one to empower women and for men to listen and make change.


Work Cited


Anonymous. “Interview on Rape.” 10 Dec. 2018. This person chose to be anonymous because of their experience they did not want others to ask questions and feel overwhelmed. This is credible source because they have an been impacted by this experience and can give advice on how to deal with going through this.


Dickson, Mary. “Rape, the Most Intimate of Crimes.” PBS, Public Broadcasting Service, 1996, Even though it was published in 1996, its still a credible source because Mary Dickson is be braving and talking out about her experience and how it impacted her. Its also credible because what happened to her 23 years ago its still happening in the future.

Price, Hannah. “’I Was Raped as a Student – and I’m Not the Only One’.” BBC News, BBC, 6 Mar. 2018, This is a credible source because Hannah spoke out about her story from hearing someone else story after some years after her being raped. She also helped other speak out anonymously about their stories.


Velasco, Beverly. “Interview On Rape.” 13 Dec. 2018. This interview was about rape. This person is a credible source because she knows someone who has had this experience and had knowledge on how people who have been through this.

Sexual Assault and the Supreme Court

Accusations of sexual assault have been prevalent for the news over the past few years. Recently, an accusation about Judge Brett Kavanaugh made headlines as he was in the process of being confirmed to the Supreme Court. The country sat on edge wondering whether or not he would be confirmed and what his confirmation (or lack thereof) said about American values. It appears that many Americans are no longer upset about sexual assaults. This was shown by the election of President Trump and then the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh. It is time that we stop condoning sexual assault and giving offenders power.

The testimonies of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Mr. Kavanaugh were highly analyzed in the media and were the hot topic of discussion in the news. The small details were scrutinized regarding both the senate judiciary committee and the people testifying. This article from Time Magazine discusses how the female Democratic senators were not being allowed to speak to Mr. Kavanaugh. The decision as to who gets to speak lies with Senator Chuck Grassley, the chairman of the senate judiciary committee. One example of this is, “Women Senators spoke out of turn: “Mr. Chairman, I’d like to be recognized,” pleaded Democrat Kamala Harris of California, to no avail.” The Chairman refusing to recognize the female Senators is a big problem. Sexual assault is something that directly involves women and to not allow women to speak about it only perpetuates the issues.

After the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, 302 women were held by the police for protesting the confirmation at a Senate Office Building. They were arrested because it was deemed that they were “unlawfully demonstrating.”  Women proved that they could not be shut down. The sadness and anger that many women were feeling bubbled over into rage once the committee voted on his confirmation. Many women have to face the fact that politicians are telling us that they don’t care about us. That is scary to hear as a young woman. It is scary to know that we live in a world where our safety isn’t as important as power.

I annotated my research articles on:

Photo by Mobilus In Mobili

Abuse of our elderly

          Abuse in old homes is a problem that has been around for much too long. Anyone and everyone should be trying to help this issue because of how unethical and demeaning it is to the people that came before us. I did not know much before starting this project other than the fact that it was going on and happening in many places. After doing this project I realize that there is a difference in the abuse of both men and women and that women get targeted more easily.

Today: SEXtrade

I decided to make an informative video about sex trafficking because I felt that the issue needed to be more known to the public, in the rawest way possible. It is crucial that everyone is aware and alert about this crime, because sex trafficking can really happen to anyone. I felt even more passionate towards this topic because it was one I was really unaware of. As a matter of fact, I had only once heard about sex trafficking for the first time in 9th grade during a debate. Growing up in a very conservative family, I felt that I was never really exposed to the dirty secrets of my environment. Coming upon sex trafficking as a topic to research, both allowed me to realize the secrets I was hidden from, and entice an encouragement in myself to do something about it.
Like I mentioned before, I basically new NOTHING about sex trafficking; the only thing I was really aware of was that it had to do with sex. As I worked on this project both in class and out, I started to ask myself and others alot of questions. Although I probably annoyed my Technology teacher and my tablemates, the answers were what allowed me to start off my research and argument. It was then when I realized the true brutality and disgust of sex trafficking. Now, after being done with the project, I learned the basics of sex trafficking; what it is, the victims, statistics, opposers, and possible solutions. To be honest, the basics were really all I could include within the 2 minute time range, but within that time, I hope that I was able to open up a new perspective on the issue. If you are ever bored, check out some interviews with sex trafficking victims and their testimonies; you’ll want to do something.

Middle East: The Opression of its Women

The issue that is discussed in the video is the oppression of women residing in the Middle East. I’m passionate about this issue because in western countries, such as America or the United Kingdom’s have made great strides changing age old laws to help women and have helped women achieve the same opportunities that men have. However, it’s infuriating to see that women aren’t treated as equals or even as human beings in Middle Eastern countries. That whole region is living in the dark ages. Many people usually ignore the serious injustices happening over in the Middle East, but it’s time to shine light on a problem that is only making small improvements.

      I knew about many of the horrible laws women in the Middle East are subjected to by their government. Saudi Arabia is notorious for keeping their women chained up and more or less as property. By law, women in Saudi Arabia must wear a burqa and hijab outside, they must be accompanied by their husbands or male relatives when outside, they aren’t allowed to own property by themselves, they must have permission from their ex-husbands if they want to marry again, when divorced they have no ownership of their kids, etc. If any of this happened in America, riots would be happening everyday. After I did my research and made that video, I learned how the oppression of women came to be so severe in the Middle East. I learned about how politics were the reason that the Middle East is in the state it is in today. The research opened my eyes to the many ways women are starting to fight back against their oppressors and what change they’ve been able to obtain so far.

Unit 3 Project Submission (Mar 27, 2018 at 9_15 PM) (1)

Who Should Change?

        “Everyone is created equally”, is a quote that is dead in today’s world. Women in our world are treated like a doormat. They are used for one thing until they can’t be used again, and that is to pleasure a man. Why does our world think like that? Isn’t everyone created equally? They don’t even get the same pay men do and it’s 2018. This is obscured. “We live in a society that teaches don’t get raped, not don’t rape”.

         Why do men think that women need to change their ways for them? Maybe men could change their ways for women, or maybe men could have a little self control? Women are a gift, a beautiful gift. Men have no reason to take advantage of any woman in this world. It doesn’t matter if she’s sober or not. Leave her alone. If she’s passed out, maybe call an ambulance to help. Don’t call your buddy to help you rape her.

Let women dress how they want to dress. If they show a little cleavage or some extra leg or shoulder, who cares? It’s just another human being. They weren’t asking for it by how they dressed or how they looked. Women should be able to go out in public without being shamed, harassed, or raped by a so called man who doesn’t have self control. Women are not here to serve a man, they are here the same reason a man is here. To live life with happiness not fear and hatred. If you have ever verbally harassed, assaulted, sexually assaulted, raped or anything that is hurtful or harmful to a woman, then you don’t deserve to be living in this world. Let women live life to the fullest and anyone that doesn’t let them do that, let them rot in hell.

Oh, White Light

This piece was inspired by our study of the #MeToo movement. This is based on actual events. The hope is that others that have experienced this could learn something from this choreopoem. While the ones that didn’t could learn to understand the impact of sexual assault through this piece.

Oh white light, grampa is drinking again.

Filling a cup then another one.

I can see his mind is not right.

Inviting me to come to the dark.

As he fulfills his needs and wants in life.


Oh white light, I am scared for my life.

I am eight and I cannot understand what is happening.

Is this normal?

Confusion and disgust filled my thoughts.

Because I realized that this is sexual assault.

Oh white light, Wherever we go, he brings up another excuse to take me from my childhood.

The life of a child is not what I am living.

Hiding smiles and staying quiet because I know he is family.

Family is everything or so I believe.

Because it is always what they say to me.


Oh white light, please help me realize that I have to step up.

My mom found out from my slip of tongue.

Now I’m in church with people trying to find the truth.

As he is here so that they can find out if he should be sent to court.


Oh white light, I keep laughing.

I cannot help it because I am so nervous and scared.

They do not believe me, I really just want to live in peace.

By now They come out and tell my mom that I lied.


Nobody believes me.

They think I lied.

That’s all I have thought about since those nights.


Oh white light, I am fourteen, two years have passed

I’m not alright,

now it is time to say goodbye.

I grab some pills and drink it all.

As I lay on the floor wishing I hurry up and die.


Oh white light, my mom comes down and finds me out.

Rushing me to the hospital.

As I layout, I say I love them,

But now I really don’t want to die.

Oh white light, let me survive.


Oh white light, you survived.

But I now have to spend the night,

I can’t go home and I can’t stay here,

but now I have to go to a mental institute.


Oh white light, I am going crazy as I feel my life got worse.

They keep looking at me for everything thing I do.

They found out!

Now I am at court.

Now I hide my feelings so that I won’t laugh out of nervousness.


Oh white light, I finally won from this court.

They know I am not lying,

They know what happened.

But wait!!

This is not justice!!!

He is only going to be registered as a pedaphile.


Oh white light, where is the justice

Why is he not in jail?

Why is he still living with grandma?

Why can’t I visit grandma?


Oh white light, I am not free

Should I give up or should I keep living

I wake up with panic attacks

I still feel his touches.

Oh I feel like I am drowning.


(wake up, you are going to be alright.

And soon everything will turn bright.

Please keep going and don’t give up

Because at first it’s rough)


Oh white light, am I not alone?

What I went through did I go through alone?

What you’re saying is it true?

Can I be free and live happily?


(Yes dear child, please get up,

You will find people who are alike.

I know you don’t see but I will shine the light on you.

Oh dear child, please wake up.

Wake up from this darkness.

Because you are already in the light

Because you are me and I am you)


Yes that is right!!

I am asleep,

What I am speaking about is my past.

Because I am happy at last.

I woke up cause I was in my head.

Telling my story for those who have went through the same thing…..

Because I am…..I am the white light.

Post #8 (Third Blog Post)

I read three articles: The End of Corporate Imperialism, Corporate Imperialism for the Poor, and Policy Entrepreneurs and the Origins of the Regulatory Welfare State: Child Labor Reform in Nineteenth-Century Europe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to get the annotation website, working with the articles I wanted to summarize, but I can still provide the summaries for the articles I am to use.

The End of Corporate Imperialism talked mostly about how companies strategically plant markets in countries they know will pay them full price for their goods. It spoke of the model for the middle class and how corporations are feeding off the middle class, and moving to other places maximizes profit. But expectations are changing now for consumers and it is sometimes hard for companies to keep up with the changing taste. As people become more educated, they begin to be more thoughtful about their choices and can have more options when it comes to what they will pay for.

Corporate Imperialism for the Poor was interesting, because it linked the topic to another unethical occurrence. It spoke of how this corporate imperialism in earlier times is what has caused so much fo the discrimination against people based mostly on race, but also on religion, gender, and sexuality. This is actually what I was going to do in my paper. I was going to find and compare the parallels of modern society and corporate imperialism to the history of colonialism and how that has played a part in shaping the messed up things in our world today (and back then as well). Various peoples have been very suppressed throughout the ages, and today, while things may seem to be moving forward in some instances, corporations are subtly placing their marketing and manufacturing in other countries to make the most amount of money while taking advantage of the poverty in those places and the need for any money no matter how little.

Policy Entrepreneurs and the Origins of the Regulatory Welfare State: Child Labor Reform in Nineteenth-Century Europe was a very interesting article for me to read, because it connected 19th century Europe and the labor there to human trafficking and child labor in modern times. Both racism and human trafficking are problems to be addressed in this argument that corporate imperialism is only a subtle continuation of past times where the two were solidified by settlement.

The point of this argumentative essay, however, is to offer solutions to this very present problem. And while it seems like by this time we should have already moved past all of this, people have found ways to still take advantage of people and to mess with the system. This paper will consist of ways to avoid that all together and arguments for why it is such a hard reality for so many people.


Prahalad, C. K. “The End of Corporate Imperialism.” EBSCO Host,


Cloward, Richard A., and Frances Fox Piven. “Corporate Imperialism for the Poor.” EBSCO Host,


Anderson, Elisabeth. “Policy Entrepreneurs and the Origins of the Regulatory Welfare State: Child Labor Reform in Nineteenth-Century Europe.” EBSCO Host,


Image result for sexual assaultIn recent months, sexual assault has become a great epidemic in our country. The biggest platform for this has been Hollywood. There have been numerous accounts in the last few months of Hollywood celebrities being involved in sexual assault cases for upwards of years. As one woman came forward to speak against her abuser, more and more were able to gain the confidence to come out of the shadows and reveal their stories as well–celebrities and the general public alike. This has prompted the emergence of the #MeToo campaign.

This campaign is meant to help women–and men–who have been victims of sexual assault at any point in their lifetime but felt they could not come forward with their story. The society of America today treats victims of sexual assault as the one responsible for the crime. Women are asked what they were wearing at the time of the attack or if they were under the influence of any substances. This has also prompted a campaign in the past called the No Means No campaign. This campaign attempted to bring attention to the public that despite a victims clothes or actions, when someone says NO it means NO.

Back to the #MeToo campaign, this has created a lasting affect on the internet and across television platforms. There have been peaceful protests and online media platforms to help people share their stories. This has done a great deal to help other victims of assault know that they aren’t alone.

NE OH Takes on the Women’s March on Washington (updated with videos I shot that day)

Hi, Youth Voices! My name is Abby Henry, and I am a Senior at Jackson High School in Massillon, Ohio (1 hour South of Cleveland). I went to the Women’s March on Washington and I would like to share about my experience.

I worked on the Hillary Clinton Campaign for the Ohio Democratic Party for about 11 months. Everything you could imagine a campaign doing, I did it! I phone banked (calling supporters to get them to vote/volunteer and calling undecided voters to share why I was supporting Hillary), I canvassed (going door to door to supporter and undecided voters’ homes to make sure they voted), I registered thousands of voters, I organized a fellow team of students in my area, I housed a Regional Organizer of the Campaign (who became like my brother), and I worked on social media outreach. I tirelessly dedicated hours upon hours to the campaign, so naturally, it was devastating when we didn’t win the electoral college. Being a woman (sex-wise), a girl (gender-wise), an animal rights advocate, an environmentalist, and an ally for those of different sexualities, nationalities, races, and religious backgrounds I knew I had to continue being heard. About a week after the election, I participated in a local #NotMyPresident March and felt empowered. Thus, when I heard about the women’s March I jumped on the opportunity.

On January 20, 2017, my Mom, Andi (my middle sister), Isaac, Ted, Tumas (my best friends), and I crammed ourselves into our car and road tripped 7 hours to Washington DC. After a quite uncomfortable car ride, being squished in the back seat with all of the luggage, we arrived in DC around 11 pm. We stayed with a student at the Catholic University of America, Meghan, who had taken a semester off of her studies to be an organizer for the Ohio Campaign. She lived with my Grandmother, and we worked endless hours together so we got pretty close. For the march the next day we all took the metro to Union Station, which was packed with clever signs and pink hats. My group attempted to meet up with the organizer of the campaign who lived with me but had no such luck. Still feeling inspired in the face of our defeat, we listened to speakers before the march. If you watch the videos below, you can tell that in the earlier videos we were farther away but we were able to keep creeping up closer to the stage. There were big names like Gloria Steinem, American Ferrera, Scarlett Johanson, Katy Perry, Michael Moore, etc. There were also many organizers speaking. My favorite was Ashley Judd’s powerful poem:

My favorite was Ashley Judd’s powerful poem:

and Sophie Cruz.

The speakers went a little longer than intended, so people were getting a little tired of standing and not marching. We personally stood for the speakers from 9 am ET to 2 pm ET, and we didn’t even hear all of them. At around 2 pm, we pushed out of the standing crowd to get to the marching crowd. The streets of DC were completely closed and filled with marchers, it was a truly amazing sight to see. My favorite chants were “this is what democracy looks like,” “this is what a feminist looks like,” and “welcome to your first day, we will not go away.” I was amazed at how peaceful the whole march was and a number of people that showed up, from everywhere. In addition to the DC March, there was at least 1 march in every US state and around 100 marches outside of the US. The world was united under one cause, I have never been more proud to be a part of something.

For those who don’t know, the pink hats you see are pussy hats. They are pink hats with cat ears on the top. The aim was to unite everyone, even if they couldn’t make it to the march and to send a message that rape culture will not be accepted.

I was personally marching because I did not agree with the rhetoric normalized by Donald Trump in the 2016 Election. My main motives were reproductive rights and equality for all people.

One thing about the march that I didn’t particularly enjoy was the lack of organization. A lot of the speakers felt repetitive and ineffective. During a lot of speeches, the people on the ground felt talked at and not with. A lot of the speakers were reiterating the same issues in society, but that’s precisely why we all showed up. Sometimes we felt belittled by the speakers. I feel as though when the march became massive, it almost became too commercialized. That’s not necessarily something the march organizers could have helped, but it was a bit frustrating.

Despite the negative of the march, it was a great cause and it mobilized so many people. My favorite thing about the march was how inclusionary it was, the march wasn’t just for women. Men were also showing up for their support of women’s rights. Additionally, the march wasn’t just for liberals or solely anti-trump people either. I was reading stories about people that voted for Trump showing up for the march. They liked Trump’s policies but wanted to let him know that his rhetoric wasn’t appreciated. The inclusion and acceptance were amazing.

March on!

Domestic Violence

When women or men suffer from domestic violence they usually don’t report it right away. One of the reasons why is because their attacker threatens to kill them and their family, so the woman or man has no choice but to stay with the abuser to keep everyone around them safe. By reading some stories online about women talking about their abuse and why they stayed, most of the reasons why was isolation, money, love, family shame and fear, a woman named Nicole claims “He warned me that If I left him, he would hunt me down. He was going to shoot me. He was going to paralyze me. He was going to throw acid on my face” (Huffingtonpost) this shows how horrifying it can be to make the choice to leave, with threats like these there isn’t a clue as to when the abuser could finally break and kill their victim. Domestic Violence is an issue everywhere in the world, but most of the time people don’t see the signs when it’s actually happening to someone they know.

In one of my interviews I asked my mother, who has been an Oakland resident for 29 years, about why she thinks domestic violence is an issue, and she said that if in the homes of the abuser the child sees what the father is doing to their mother they might copy the actions of the father and possibly hit someone at school or anywhere else. This leads to violence to schools also, the children can get into lots of fights in school which can lead to suspension. In another interview I did I also asked my neighbor, she has lived in Oakland for 30 years and she knows people who have been through domestic violence, she says that women should always report their case even if they love that person. If a man really loved his spouse then he wouldn’t hurt her in any way. It doesn’t always involve hitting it can also be being put down and screaming. Whether that’s telling a woman that she looks hideous in a dress to telling her that she’s useless and probably telling her to die that’s a few of the common signs that they’re going to be in a rough relationship.


When women or men suffer from domestic violence they usually don’t report it right away. One of the reasons why is because their attacker threatens to kill them and their family, so the woman or man has no choice but to stay with the abuser to keep everyone around them safe. By reading some stories online about women talking about their abuse and why they stayed, most of the reasons why was isolation, money, love, family shame and fear, a woman named Nicole claims “He warned me that If I left him, he would hunt me down. He was going to shoot me. He was going to paralyze me. He was going to throw acid on my face” (Huffingtonpost) this shows how horrifying it can be to make the choice to leave, with threats like these there isn’t a clue as to when the abuser could finally break and kill their victim. Domestic Violence is an issue everywhere in the world, but most of the time people don’t see the signs when it’s actually happening to someone they know.


In one of my interviews I asked my mother, who has been an Oakland resident for 29 years, about why she thinks domestic violence is an issue, and she said that if in the homes of the abuser the child sees what the father is doing to their mother they might copy the actions of the father and possibly hit someone at school or anywhere else. This leads to violence to schools also, the children can get into lots of fights in school which can lead to suspension. In another interview I did I also asked my neighbor, she has lived in Oakland for 30 years and she knows people who have been through domestic violence, she says that women should always report their case even if they love that person. If a man really loved his spouse then he wouldn’t hurt her in any way. It doesn’t always involve hitting it can also be being put down and screaming. Whether that’s telling a woman that she looks hideous in a dress to telling her that she’s useless and probably telling her to die that’s a few of the common signs that they’re going to be in a rough relationship.


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At least three fingers

at least three fingers

at least to your fingertips

at least you won’t get raped, right?


Young Women today, we have our body confidence put down

They tell us

our shoulders are a distraction

Our thighs will drive a man’s hormones raging

and insane

by telling us

by saying that the fact that you can see my shoulder

that I’m asking to be assaulted?


In kindergarten, they tell us to express ourselves

In middle school, we are told to

dress appropriately, question authority

In life, we are told to

cover yourself up or

you were asking for it

when we should really be telling guys to keep their thoughts to themselves, and it in their pants

still, instead we are asking

what were you wearing?

tell me that part about expressing ourselves again?

oh right


no shoulders

no cleavage

no knees
these are our bodies

this is how we’re made

this is our voice being ripped away and shushed

this is making a body part taboo

this is telling a girl with a dream and a voice that she is a slut and a hazard because her shorts

were 4 inches above her knees, not 3

this is telling a little girl that it’s her fault for getting drugged and raped because she has confidence in her body

Acting as if we don’t have breasts

sexistly sexualising our knee socks and tank tops

when it’s 90 degrees outside

we are asked to cover anything a man could possibly be turned on by


at least three fingers

at least to your fingertips

at least you won’t get raped, right?

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Rape Culture is Unacceptable

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Support in curating my sources: Domestic Violence Against Women

Dear Youth Voices Community,

My name is Gary Tuione.

The social inequity problem I am looking into is “Domestic Violence Against Women.” The demographic group I am most focused on for this inequity is women being violated by men because I hate the fact that women are being abused and can’t stop it on their own because of men having more advantages than women. The reason I feel this is an inequity is because women are being abused by men mentally, verbally, and physically. Therefore, I believe no women should be mistreated in any way for any reason whatsoever.

Right now, I believe a solution to this problem would be (Searching for solution)

Some might argue that women deserve to be abused or women are the main perpetrators of domestic violence, making my research focus debatable.

Fremont High School seniors are now curating sources to explain our inequity and its impact on society and to develop arguments for why and how this inequity needs to be addressed. If you have ideas for sources I should explore, please send me those ideas or links in the comment section. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and help.


Gary Tuione

Fremont High School

Asking for help Curating Soucres

Dear Youth Voices Community,

Hey, Youth Voices my name is Surako Follings I am a 17-year-old senior at Fremont high school located in Oakland California .

The social inequity problem I am looking into is Abusive Relationships. The demographic group I am most focused on for this inequity is Men and Woman. Abusive Relationship because I want to know more about how someone is being abused and how it is caused. The reason I feel this is an inequity is because a lot of people are not aware of what group of people is being abused so much.

Right now, I do not have a solution to this problem I am still searching for a possible solution.

Some might argue that abusive relationships do not matter because if a girl hits a guy then it’s okay or vice versa, which is backwards, making my research focus debatable.

Fremont High School seniors are now curating sources to explain our inequity and its impact on society and to develop arguments for why and how this inequity needs to be addressed. If you have ideas for sources I should explore, please send me those ideas or links in the comment section. I would greatly appreciate your feedback and help.

Surako Follings
Fremont High School

Where I’m From

I am from a used to be drug-abused, so now she needs the drug use

From an older brother who is angry, so he takes it out on me

Where the younger brother doesn’t know, so he listens to what he’s told

And the baby sister who was too small, for it to have an impact on her at all

I am from a depression, disorder and pills I won’t take

From the refusal of using medicine, to get rid of my pain

Where cuts are scars may not make it go away

But some things can change, so I try it anyway

I am from holding in anger for much too long

From abusing the siblings to make me feel strong

Where fighting and hitting at the time, didn’t feel wrong

But now here I am, feeling guilty and cutting my arm

I am from “She’s too dark to have a right to be loved”

From the color of my skin looking nasty and rough

Where being nice and pretty just wasn’t enough

And my momma ain’t raise no bitch, so I have to be tough

I am from rape on January 6th of 2016

From damage being done, that is slowly getting to me

Where I wrote it all down in my phone diary

But the phone is now broken, yet still full of bad memories


It’s okay. They’re married.

Gone With The Wind is one of the best books in American literature–that’s something that’s pretty much undisputed among avid readers in our country. And not only is it a great work of literature, many can remember falling in love with Vivian Lee during the movie version, with her green eyes and dark hair. Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara are one of the most prominent literary couples, right up there with Romeo and Juliet, Eleanor and Park, and Harry and Ginny.

However, even through their well-developed relationship, there is a darker underlying theme…it seems that Rhett’s not giving a damn goes just a little too far in their physical relationship. As it is seen multiple times during the movie and book, he is both physically and verbally abusive to Scarlett at many different points. And how are they possibly still so “perfect for one another?”

It’s certainly not because they’re married.

It’s certainly not because what he does is consensual based solely on the fact because they’re married.

Rape is an act of violence–not an act of love, sex, or desire. Unless, of course, that desire is to act violently. Consensual sex is something where both partners are alright with the act that is occurring–rape is when it is non-consensual. Rape can lead to sexual injuries and dangerous situations and is usually used as an act of dominance against another person.

Marital rape is something that is currently being debated in the United States–large numbers of people from all across the nation are debating on whether marital rape is really considered “rape”. Some believe that violent and non-consensual sex is alright once a couple is married. Personally, I find that it is still an act of violence and should therefore still be illegal. Is domestic violence okay? Is verbal abuse okay? I don’t think so. And if rape is an act of violence, even the marital kind should be illegal.

Here’s an interesting article.

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College Campuses Should be a Safe Place for Women

Sexual assault is a major issue in the United States and as the next President, I implore you to address it. Sexual assault happens much to frequently but possibly one of the most troubling aspects of this issue is the amount of sexual assaults happening on college campuses and the abysmal rate at which rapists are being convicted.

A new survey by the Association of American Universities has shown that 23% of female college students have experienced some form of unwanted sexual contact (Wallace). These acts were carried out by force or while these women were incapacitated because of drugs or alcohol. Not only were these women sexually assaulted, but over 50% them were too scared to come forward because they felt embarrassed, ashamed, and thought that nothing would be done about it. According to the survey, some of them believed that their unwanted sexual encounter was not “serious enough” to be reported. Victims themselves are saying they are not worthy of justice, bringing into the light the utterly too real issue of sexual assaults on campuses and the victim blaming mentality which keeps women from reporting these crimes and seeking help.

Even when sexual assaults are reported, rapists often don’t face justice. Only fewer than 15% of rapists get convicted and many of them receive shortened sentences. This topic has recently received attention in the media due to the Brock Turner case. Turner, 21, was caught raping an unconscious 22-year-old woman behind a dumpster on January 18, 2015 at Stanford University. For this act he received a minuscule sentence of six months, but only served three months in jail due to “good behavior”. The reasoning behind this sentence was the Judge believed longer sentence would have “ a severe impact” and “adverse collateral consequences” on Turner. It is sickening to see that the justice system cares more about the well-being of the rapist than the victim, thereby influencing a mentality that shames the women who are raped yet accepts and supports that actions of the rapists, passing off their actions as “mistakes” or a “lapse in judgment”.

College should be a fun time for exploring and learning, not a time when women should be concerned and scared for their safety. The fact that approximately one in five female college students have experienced some type of sexual assault is troubling and frightening. Much more work needs to be put into protecting victims, increased education on the severity of sexual assault and the lasting damages caused. Something has to be done so rapists are treated as harshly under the law as they deserve for their crimes. Sexual assault is much too big an issue to keep ignoring so please Mr./Mrs. President, do something about it.

Wallace, Kelly. “Study: 23% of Women Report Sexual Assault in College.” CNN. Cable News Network, 23 Sept. 2015. Web. 22 Sept. 2016.

Calvin College openURL resolver

Rape Culture

Dear President,

I have decided to write you a letter on the rape culture in the US. This is a big problem and it is all over the country. It portrays itself in songs such as Blurred Lines which became very popular. There are numerous other songs about rape and it portrays itself in other media as well. Another large part of rape culture is that the punishment is less than the punishment for petty theft. For example Brock Turner who raped an unconscious girl only got 3 months in jail but you can get up to a year for petty theft. This is obviously a huge problem and I hope that you can do something to help with the issue.



Are we becoming desensitized to rape?

The number of sexual assault cases in the United States is increasingly rapidly, with a “25 percent increase in the reported incidence” in the last 2 years, according to Humans Rights Watch. The worldwide number is alarmingly higher. According to a report showcased in Frontpage Magazine, “In 2003, Sweden’s rape statistics were higher than average at 9.24, but in 2005 they shot up to 36.8 and by 2008 were up to 53.2.” With the growing frequency of these cases, is the sensitivity to them decreasing?
One Canadian Judge said to a woman in a rape case, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” The 64 year old judge then acquitted the rapist, and told him to tell his friends “that they have to be far more gentle with women. They have to be far more patient. And they have to be very careful. To protect themselves, they have to be very careful.” In the end, the verdict was overturned and a new trial is scheduled for November. According to CNN, the judge faced severe scrutiny and has since publicly apologized on multiple occasions. While this is only one example, it clearly demonstrates that the increasing frequency of rape cases is decreasing our sensitivity to it. That’s not to say all trials are under this bias, because many aren’t, but it is still something we as a public need to be aware of.

The Alarming Increase of Rape In Nigeria

In Nigeria, it has been difficult for the government to determine exactly how many women are raped annually because it is such a large country and some cases have not been reported to the police. On the contrary, there have been studies done by universities in Nigeria looking at specific rape crimes to try and determine the number of women experiencing sexual harassment in Nigeria. For example, a study done by Mary O. Esere, Adeyemi I. Idowu, Irene A. Durosaro and Joshua A. Omotosho at University of Ilorin in Nigeria on “Intimate Partner Rape and Violence,” found that “principal causes of Intimate Partner Rape/Violence were unequal power relations; alcohol and drug dependence and jealousy” (Esere, Journal of AIDS and HIV Research: Causes and consequences of intimate partner rape and violence: Experiences of victims in Lagos, Nigeria ). Violence is something that Nigerian women become accustomed because of the governmental neglect of the domestic violence they’ve been experiencing.

The self -reported consequences of this rape crime included physical injury (31.87%) , constant headaches (27.27%), sleep disturbances (18.18%), excessive fear and anxiety (9.09%), suicidal ideation (9.09%), and hatred for men (4.55%).The society in which this women live in also has an influence on the judgement of rape in Nigeria; in this society, women are seen inferior to men and they should be subject to men. This is not the case for all of Nigeria, but it is a view held in many areas of the country and the broader African continent as well. The government has acted poorly in establishing harsh laws against rape, and even members of the Nigerian law department feel this way. For example, in Edo, the Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, Henry Idahagbon, cited the current laws in the state as insufficient in tackling the epidemic saying “as the law stands now, there are lots of loopholes for offenders to escape convictions.” On the other hand, the government is trying to come up with laws to amend the situation and laws already existing in order to reduce rape in Nigeria. Rape is still on the rise in Nigeria, and new cases are reported daily. In 2012, Lagos State reported that 427 children had been raped that year, but there were more cases that were not reported to the government ( Ebhuomhan, Inside Nigeria’s growing rape epidemic). The people of Nigeria have begun to say that the rapist committing these crimes are acting of anger and a want for power and this is because of the weak government in place.


INVESTIGATION: Inside Nigeria’s growing rape epidemic

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Human Being

You can’t help but see something that isn’t so pretty

Standing in a one way reflection;

You can’t help but see yourself

As a disgusting object he made you become


Don’t try to make it your fault

For his sticky selfish hands touching

Questioning parts of your anatomy that you beg to be covered


Instead of holding you in his arms

When you were alone with him

His only intention was to find beauty behind the curtains.


While you tried to keep those closed

For only you and the one who deserves it

It was insane how you were so wrapped into his world.

You lost the beauty you had when you was fully covered.


The sparkle in your eye;

The true smile on your face

Dropped to the ground

With every piece of clothing.


You didn’t say no

Because, once upon a time, he was the only one listening

To your sad beating drums

As you once swayed to the music

You only heard in your head

As it slowly stopped


Now the intense throbbing of your heart

Takes over the screams you keep inside.


When you finally let go of his tight grip

Letting the blood rush to your cold untouched bits

Slowly falling into a pit of nothing

But worries and sadness


Then, when you least expect it,

Another light outshines through the pity in your eyes


See, this one holds you

Like you’re not an object

But a human being that deserves to be touched

In a way that leaves your body shining

with joy and wonders.

Him talking to you in a slurred tone

Makes your ears sing with enjoyment

Makes your lips curl a shape that only love does

The words he whispers

perfectly matching to the music that only plays in your head.


Let him dance by your side,

He’s not looking down

Just straight into your big sappy eyes

That once told a story of innocence.


But he’s not looking for that story

He’s passionately presses his warm lips upon yours

To heal the broken pieces

So you both can sway to the rhythm of happiness


He picks you up

Holds you there

So people can admire the true beauty

Of a human being.



Juvenile Justice


Dear President,


Congratulations on the election. We hope that you can pay attention and solve many of the problems we suffer from in our country. I’m a seventeen year old African-American female, from Oakland, California, who has been sexually abused at a young age and who’s witnessed, and suffered from racial profiling and discrimination.


When my brother was 15 years old, he got sentenced to 32 years in prison for slapping an old white women on camera. The video was posted on YouTube and it went viral across the United States. I researched another story where this caucasian 17 year old girl poisoned her parents every night at dinner, for 3 months until they died, and she was only sentenced to 5 years in prison.


We must remember that the ultimate goal of the juvenile system is not to punish, but to rehabilitate. These young adults, particularly African-Americans, are placed in the corrections facility for a long time, and treated like they’re nothing. They’re then thrown in their rooms, with no free time. They’re treated poorly, beaten, abused, sexually assaulted, etc. They think that jail is helping them, but it’s only destroying them more, causing them to lash out, which can cause more danger for themselves and others, than people think, especially if they’re being harmed in any physical way.


One issue we face as African-American youth incarcerated is sexual abuse. According to a survey from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 1 in 10, nearly 10% of youth in state juvenile corrections facilities report being victimized sexually. Georgia’s juvenile corrections facilities has the highest sexual abuse rates in the country, according to a 2013 federal study. That percentage has tripled in 2016 and no one has tried to stop it. The system is home to 140 unresolved cases of alleged sexual abuse and harassment.


Another issue we survive as colored youth incarcerated, is racial profiling and discrimination. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, one in three black men can expect to go to prison in their lifetime. Individuals of color have an unfair number of encounters with law enforcement, this leads me to conclude that racial profiling continues to be a problem. A report by the Department of Justice found that blacks and Hispanics were approximately three times more likely to be searched, during a traffic stop than white motorists. African Americans were twice as likely to be arrested and almost four times as likely to experience the use of force during encounters with the police. Students of color face severer punishments in school than their white peers resulting in a higher number of colored youth incarcerated. Black and Hispanic students represent more than 70 percent of those involved in school-related arrests or referrals to law enforcement. Currently, African Americans make up two-fifths and Hispanics one-fifth of confined youth today.


So we say the goal of incarceration is to rehabilitate , but are we really habilitating? The increased and unnecessary use of secure, strict detention exposes troubled young people to an environment that more closely resembles adult prisons and jails, than the kinds of community and family-based interventions proven to be most effective. Detained youth, who are often pre-sentenced and awaiting their court date, or sometimes waiting for their placement in another facility or community-based program, can spend anywhere from a few days to a few months locked in custody. Detained youth are physically and emotionally separated from the families who are the most invested in their recovery and success. Frequently, detained youth are housed in overcrowded, understaffed facilities, an environment that often breeds neglect and violence.


So here’s what we have to do. We have to stand up for our juveniles, and empower them in their time of need. We all make mistakes, but it’s not fair that when colored youth commit a crime, they get an unfair punishment or has to suffer more impenetrable than others. It’s not right that when someone gets sexually assaulted in jail it just goes by like a feather in the wind. They are people too and it’s imperative that we stop this from happening. It’s bad enough that we lash out because we are in prison. Let’s work together to stop the abuse and discrimination. We are one. We all bleed and hurt the same. So what makes us so different? The pigmentation in our skin? We are who we are, and that’s what scares people in society.





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Injustice of the Rape Culture

Dear President,

This country has an issue and that issue needs to be fixed immediately. I personally believe that all change starts with the criminal system involving the rape culture. Women should never ever be harassed or mistreated by anyone. In most rape cases, the police always asks women questions like:”What were you wearing?, was it provocative?, did you know the person?, are you sure that you weren’t looking for it? Were you under the influence?”. These types of questions make the individuals feel afraid. NO one should be afraid to walk down the street alone. NO woman should be disrespected by a man. The victims should not be afraid to speak up,empowerment is important. Violence against women is a world wide global issue that NEEDS to be fixed. 1 in 3 women across the world experience violence. 90% of women who are sexually assaulted in college know their attackers.  Rape culture shouldn’t even exist.  

I believe that justice should be made for all the women who are emotionally and physically hurt. Regardless of their actions no one deserves to be physically, verbally, or sexually abused. Women, like Brock Turner’s victim, deserve justice for what they had to endure. Turner was convicted in March of the intent to commit rape of an intoxicated/unconscious person, penetration of an intoxicated person and penetration of an unconscious person. He was given 6 months at a prison, after ruining that poor girl’s’ life. The judge that took this case was way too lenient to Brock Turner. Six months and probation is not enough time for him to pay for what he did to that poor girl. Something has to be done because justice for women who have endured rape does not happen too often. Out of every 1,000 rapes 994 perpetrators will walk free. These statistics are outrageous,something has to be done. So here I am writing you this letter so that when you take office, you will do something to lower these statistics and create justice to all the women who were sexually abused. Thank you for your time and I hope this letter inspires you to ‘make America great again’.


Cristina Ruiz